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Internal Party War Scandal – The Country needs UKIP

I have used the word ‘scandal’ to describe what is happening within the Ukip party at present because that is what it has become. Everyone thinks they have something to say and whilst I am not suggesting that people are not entitled to their opinions the length to which some have stooped to air their grivances is deplorable.Stop this war now as another day will cause very serious damage to the loyalty of the electorate many of whom may have changed their votes of a lifetime to a major party in favour of Ukip. It is not just party members who are smeared by the mud slinging as another contributor has suggested it is all the electorate who put their trust in Ukip. People  in the area I live provided a really good turnout to vote and are still in abject misery at the result of the election. For most of them a vote for Ukip represented hope for the future so concerned were they to see the back of the vile Tories with their promises of massive cuts to the Welfare system.

Conspiracy theories surrounding the election result are rife but local people are dumbfounded that Conservatives won votes in an ex mining community where families still bear the scars of Thatcher‘s rule. Likewise similar theories regarding the vote at South Thanet are still being talked about but one thing is certain in my mind and that is that Ukip troubles have now usurped the media attention and they won’t be letting go in a hurry. The Tories are loving this parading themselves in the media as the chosen ones. Whether by some form of jiggery pokery the country is faced with them having seen off Labour who might take a further ten years to rise again and the Lib Dems are not even on the radar anymore. What a coup it would be if they could also see off Farage. Already there seems to be some sort of a ‘mystery’ surrounding Chukka Ummuna’s instant decision to quit running for the Labour leadership. It is my opinion that dirty tricks are involved in this so called ‘mystery’ as broadcasters have been naming him as the ‘person most feared’ by the Tories. Is it possible that dirty tricks are behind disloyal members or ‘enemies’ of Ukip? Certainly there seems to have been a good deal of backstabbing and some of it very nasty indeed.

Whoever is responsible is not just betraying their party but 4 million Ukip voters. If party members cannot countenance their leader staying on then maybe they should consider resigning immediately if they cannot back the party one hundred per cent. However it is my opinion that this ‘war’ is more about certain members who are seeking self glory. Try as hard as you might you cannot be Farage. He has proved time and time again that he is a strong, charismatic leader who can take on both the EU and the Tories. The party need him now more than ever and so does the country so my message to you all is this. Work honestly with your leader and give us all a fighting chance to stop the Tories inflicting their savage cuts and taking away our human rights. The country needs Ukip more than ever so stop the war now or face the prospect of fading into oblivion like Labour and the Liberals.

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About Jean Crane (1 Articles)
Jean is 73, married with three grown up children. She is a retired teacher of English and was also a faculty leader for Citizenship at a city academy in Nottingham.

18 Comments on Internal Party War Scandal – The Country needs UKIP

  1. We need to remember the media is always looking to make a “good” story even if none exists – it is their livelihood! Good news does not sell newspapers or TV programmes (except perhaps royal babies!) the reporters want shock/horror/strife/mud-slinging/hurt/ how does that make you feel?
    The point that nobody has yet made yet (as far as I have seen) is that political leadership elections are highly divisive because of course nobody likes losing. The loser (assuming they were a credible contender) feels personally let down and alienated and so a strong performer is often lost to the party and the commitment and loyalty to the party of all those who supported the loser is also likely to be diminished.
    The point is well made above – we have a mountain to climb to persuade business and the voters that leaving the EU will change Britain and its economy enormously for the better and we need every competent communicator and thinker to be pulling together to achieve the aim.
    We can also be absolutely sure that the Conservatives and opposition parties and the EU will not fight this campaign fairly. The voters roll will be packed with people who are not British; the question may well be slanted and the money spent by the Europhiles will be disproportionate and of course morally illegitimate if any of it comes from the EU. Although by some sleight of hand I am sure foreign money trying to influence our politics will be ruled legal by this Government.
    We need all the help we can get to achieve BREXIT and now is not the time for internal bickering within UKIP which risks losing some of our best communicators and clearest thinkers.

    • pamela preedy // May 19, 2015 at 12:43 pm //

      Deutsche Bank today ‘pondering on strategy’ should the UK leave the EU. In other words, implying that they’ll go if it happens with 9000 jobs. There’s a lot more of this stuff to come. Congratulations to JCB who came out and said we should leave.

      • Cairo Cobra // May 19, 2015 at 1:48 pm //

        Deutsche Bank has its HQ in Frankfurt and branches all over the world. It has recently been heavily fined for manipulation of the Libor and Euribor inter-bank rates. Why one wonders did it locate in UK in the first place and how will its business model change when UK leaves the EU? It already has branches in many other euro countries as well as countries outside it.

        Does the bank hope it will be differently regulated in Europe or does it fear that it will lose its UK-based accounts and customers? If so, to which UK bank will those customers move?

        Some of Deutsch bank staff might presumably relocate/ go home if the bank were to relocate but many British employees will wish to stay and find alternative jobs in the UK banking sector freed from the threat of EU control.
        It would be a poor business manager of any industry which does business with Europe who does not commission a proper study to identify the risks and opportunities offered to their business by BREXIT. The implied threat to 9000 jobs in UK is mere media hype!

  2. Chris Dickenson // May 19, 2015 at 10:52 am //

    UKIP is the party of the future. No doubt about it. The vote for UKIP was not what was expected but now is the time to build on what we have learned. With Nigel Farage as leader and a 100% support from UKIP members, the party can tackle issues head on. Stop worrying about what the media is trying to do to kill off the party and do nothing to let them in the door. Focus on the In/Out Referendum vote and prepare all the reasons why the UK should stay out then persuade the voting public that what UKIP is saying has the support of big business and the voting public at large. Cameron will fight like a rabid dog to stay in and may well allow immigrants from other EU States to vote with the British public as well, knowing they would vote to stay in.

  3. Savage cuts? That sounds like Labour talking, or the BBC. Our welfare bill is unsustainable and something far more radical than that achieved in the last parliament needs to be done. Talk about cuts yes, but savage is emotive and sounds very UN-ukip to me.

    • The expectations of people thinking they should receive money, off the magic money tree, when they haven’t put anything in to feed that money tree, has got to stop. Children need to be taught at a very young age, that you get nothing, unless you have earned it.

      • Personal responsibility for your actions appears to be an alien concept to many in this country, that needs to change.

    • pamela preedy // May 19, 2015 at 1:04 pm //

      Well said. The problem in this country is that too much has been given to too many people who take it for granted and whine if their ‘rights’ and ‘entitlements’ are challenged. The rest of us pay for it. In 1978 as a mother with three young children and a husband who went abroad rather than help to support them, I had no choice but to rely on Social Security for a while. But I never regarded it as a long term meal ticket. As soon as I received a student grant to go into full-time education, I was off SS like a shot. Years later, in full-time teaching, I repaid that public money in my taxes.
      The fact that many people have stopped claiming benefit following the tightening of the rules and reduction in the maximum allowed, demonstrates that change was certainly justified.

      • My background is similar however, there is a distinct lack of aspiration these days where young women can’t think much further than becoming a beauty consultant or a nail technician.

    • Phil O'Sophical // May 19, 2015 at 11:02 pm //

      Quite so. Recently the Mail reprinted part of its edition from May 2nd 1945, relaying Hitler’s death. But a small para caught my eye. Simply:

      “A special issue of concentrated orange juice is to be made between next Monday and June 30 for children aged 5-10 years holding the junior ration book. A bottle will be available every 14 days at 5d.”

      All those crying austerity and poverty these days haven’t a clue, or should thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

  4. I thoroughly agree, things should never have been said publicly, very unprofessional. I have my own opinion as to why I think this has been happening and all I would urge, is for Nigel to watch his back, as there still appears to be a “clique” amongst certain members!!!!! You only have to look at certain members Twitter pages to see who is backing whom!!!! NIGEL, KEEP ALERT!

  5. burberryblue // May 19, 2015 at 6:35 am //

    I thought that this spat was already over.
    Is it lingering still?

  6. Thank you Jean, this needed to be said. Those who seek to reinforce their arguments by making them public are not fit to be in the party and should be sent packing.

    Either they are complete idiots or they are the enemy within. Hard decisions need to be made.

  7. Only one thing matters at the moment: the referendum. Until that has been held the leadership should keep their disagreements under wraps and devote all their energies to getting a vote to leave the EU. That means getting behind the general policy which Nigel Farage has so successfully developed. The idea that Ukip should be spending its valuable pre-referendum time deciding whether it is a left, right or centrist party is just mad.

  8. You speak for very many of us, Jane!
    It is perhaps time that we, the ordinary members, reminded the leaders that it’s not about them, but about us and about the near four million voters who gave UKIP their votes and trust. And they might also reflect upon the fact that the coming battle an that EU Referendum cannot be won if they weaken the one person who’s done more to even get us this far, Nigel Farage.
    It is beyond silly to help the establishment play their game of ‘get Nigel’ with their own antics.
    I do hope calmer heads will now prevail and that we can get back to business. Time presses!

  9. pamela preedy // May 18, 2015 at 1:30 pm //

    I think the worst is over, but I’m looking forward to the next UKIP members’ magazine in which I hope there is a full explanation about what went on, how things stand now, and what the plans are for the Brexit campaign. Our Branch has its monthly meeting on Thursday and we’re already planning a recruitment drive to involve more voters and promote the strongest possible anti-EU campaign in our area. We need encouragement and support from people at the top who are loyal to Nigel and focused on winning the OUT argument.

  10. I have a cunning plan!
    Why don’t all the “UKIP leaders” take a well earned holiday away from the media attention, and let the LibLabSnpCon have some of their own ‘well earned’ media attention? Maybe then the great British Public will have a chance to ‘enjoy’ the reality Politics, without the distraction stories!
    Have a nice time everybody.

  11. Quite right Jean. Let’s not get distracted by the prize at hand – getting out of the EU. As a party we must believe in Britain and stay united. Any division will simply weaken our argument/case.

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