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Since the 7/7 attacks in July 2005, the number of islam-inspired terrorist attacks in the UK have steadily increased. The potential for even greater casualties remains a real threat. It is not enough to demand that we “have difficult conversations”.  As a party and as a country, we must move on from the rhetoric. We must insist that the problem and its causes are acknowledged for what they are and must start to offer meaningful, practical solutions.

Much like political parties, terrorist organisations have to demonstrate activity and success in order to attract financial sponsors and recruits. Islamic State (IS) is under massive military pressure in Syria and Iraq and, to balance their setbacks, they can be expected to initiate further attacks across Europe and the UK. To do so they may well mobilise some of the thousands of people who have returned to Europe, having fought with IS. These people have now military experience.

There are additional risk factors:

– Many young Muslim men, here and abroad, are particularly vulnerable to extremist messaging, having grown up against the backdrop of the wars against Al Qaeda and Islamic State and against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. They have had comprehensive exposure through the internet to islamic propaganda by home-grown and foreign fundamentalist preachers. They also have had access to information on how to carry out terrorist attacks.

– Foreign funding of Independent Schools and the occasional use of Saudi Arabian and Arabic language textbooks isolates Muslim children from British society as a whole and encourages a sense that Muslim communities in the UK stand separately to British society.

– Ever larger Muslim communities create significant governance and policing challenges. These communities are often relatively closed and resistant to British laws and rules. Cuts to policing and public services exacerbate the problem.

– The integration and assimilation of immigrant communities in the UK was, up until the turn of the century, just about manageable. The rate of immigration over the last two decades has changed the situation. We simply can no longer expect a natural process of assimilation to occur. The numbers make that impossible. Cuts to local government budgets and a failure to acknowledge the problem have contributed to a now unsustainable situation.

As a result of multiculturalism, the coherence and stability of indigenous British society has been undermined and in some areas displaced. We also now live in an age in which the meaning of ‘British Identity’ and culture have been eroded by the EU and the liberal-left.

So what is to be done?

At a minimum, the following steps should be taken:

1) Cuts to policing must be reversed. An additional 20,000 police and staff should be recruited. The pool of intelligence analysts, severely reduced over the past 7 years, must be re-built as a matter of urgency. In practice, it takes two years to train such people. We must start now.

2) UK Border Force has been cut by around 32%. Border Force is responsible for the checking and control of people and goods crossing UK borders. Border Force cuts must be reversed.

3) The UK must, as a matter of urgency, develop a national border strategy to ensure coordination and coherence amongst all the agencies working on our borders and to strengthen the detection and interdiction rates of illegal attempts to cross our land, sea and air borders.

4) It is an offence to view, download or disseminate extremist material on the internet. This legislation must be rigidly and robustly enforced and internet providers must be made accountable for allowing their platforms to be used for the dissemination of extremist propaganda as well as information encouraging terrorist attacks or useful in their preparation and execution.

5) The Treason Act must be taken back out of the Public Order Act (where Tony Blair put it) and made fit for purpose. The new Act should include provisions against the planning, preparing, assisting or collecting information on how to commit a terrorist act, as well the committing or attempt to commit a terrorist act, with the purpose of undermining UK state institutions, the economy or social cohesion. It should constitute an aggravating offence to that of terrorism and should apply to all UK citizens.

6) Individuals who go abroad to fight for terrorist organisations must be punishable under the new treason act. Imagine someone going to fight for Germany or Japan in World War II and then coming back saying “sorry”!

7) Non-British citizens guilty of terrorism, condoning terrorism or in any way supportive of terrorism, or of terrorist acts, or of inciting others to condone or participate in a terrorist act, must be detained and deported as a priority.

8) All funding from abroad, of independent schools, except where specific provision is made under law in specific cases, must cease.

9) Religious education must be taught in all schools and must commence with an introduction to Christianity as the basis for the British Constitution and Law.

10) The national curriculum must be a truly national curriculum. Variations applied by academies and other independent schools must be strictly limited and monitored.

11) The use of foreign, islamic text books in UK schools must cease.

12) Within a reasonable period of time, all imams preaching in British mosques must be British citizens, trained in the UK and funded from UK sources. Visiting imams must be vetted by the Home Office and granted a licence for specific purposes and a brief and limited period only, on passing the vetting. The Home Office must have absolute authority to deny such licences.

13) The UK should not accept asylum applications from people who have transited another country of safety prior to reaching British borders.

14) Immigration from Muslim communities must be curtailed. We must allow the security and law enforcement agencies to get on top of the situation, rather than confront them with ever increasing numbers of immigrants who cannot be vetted.

15) The UK must leave the Dublin 3 agreement at the earliest possible opportunity. This agreement makes it, in practical terms, extremely difficult for the UK to deny entry to non-EU citizen immigrants entering the UK illegally from an EU member state, or to deport them.

16) Sharia courts are incompatible with Human Rights and have no place in British society. It would be difficult to enforce a law banning Sharia courts, but they must not be condoned and the police and Home Office must be robust in insisting that there is only one law in the UK: that is the law enacted in Parliament. Sharia law and courts hold no lawful authority and the government should embark on a public awareness campaign to that effect. Legislation must be enacted to make the public enforcement of Sharia law or the activities of so called ‘Sharia Police’ illegal (a criminal act).

17) The ‘Prevent’ programme must be reviewed to reflect lessons learned. That review must take account of the many arguments that it isolates communities and must incorporate the threat from left-wing as well as religious and right-wing extremism. We must not forget that it was left- wing terror groups such as the Red Army Faction that dominated headlines in Europe in the 1970’s, and that some of the activities of ‘Antifa’ and others clearly intimidate the public and approach the definition of terrorism.

18) A comprehensive national strategy for the assimilation of all immigrants to the UK must be developed, properly resourced, applied and monitored. It must include greater emphasis on the English language, on British values and British identity. Presently UK citizenship tests emphasise that Britain is an open multi-cultural society, open to all cultures. It does nothing to specify that immigrants must respect British culture, British society and the British way of life and are expected to assimilate. It does almost nothing to promote or protect our own society and culture.

I have frequently stated that the core task of UKIP is the delivery of BREXIT in such a way as to propel our country on the path of prosperity, security and optimism, to provide our people with a voice in how their communities are shaped.

Countering terrorism and the negative impact of immigration are therefore key aspects of what must be a broad and comprehensive UKIP programme. If elected leader, I shall appoint a Counter Terrorism spokesman and add the assimilation of immigrants into British society to the party’s Immigration portfolio.

Our party cannot simply demand that we acknowledge the threat. We must contribute concrete solutions based upon the framework I described above. Our role, in this respect, is to lead the national debate with authority: objectively, constructively and fairly, but to do so as part of a wider platform of domestic policies that can together deliver the prosperity, security and optimism that the British people deserve.

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Henry Bolton OBE is the Leader of UKIP


  1. Well, Mr Bolton, I am glad to have come across this – your programme sounds fine and reassuring.
    You see that the problem of Islam and the creeping Islamisation of Britain exists and needs to be tackled with robust, indeed stern, policies. Maybe some could be tweaked here and there, but I agree with the general drift.

    However please can you now explain exactly what are the profound and radical differences between what you propose here, and what Anne-Marie Waters would have done if she had been elected leader?
    They must be so profound and radical that they made you say, after you were elected, that if she had been elected the Party would have gone down a road to being “National Socialist”, ie Nazi? What was so dastardly in her approach to the Islam problem to merit this dreadful label? Please tell us, we need to know.

    It is customary in political parties, at least in Britain, after a leadership election for the winner to hold out an olive branch to the runner-up, maybe by offering them a position in their “shadow cabinet”. This serves to preserve and rebuild Party unity.

    Yet instead you chose to hand out to your rival the worst possible insult in the British political vocabulary, not only to Anne-Marie herself, but also by implication to her policies of opposing Islamisation and to the 21% of active Party members who supported and support her and them.

    By casting this odious “Nazi” slur on them you are actually allowing the “antifa” crowd who were baying outside the conference and waving a portrait of Nigel with a Hitler moustache to now taunt him by saying that the Party that he built up over twenty years has over one fifth Nazi sympathisers?
    Nigel himself by the way denies that he ever called her a Nazi, just “utterly unsuitable” to be the leader.

    So, unless you can come up with hard evidence to justify your harsh judgement on Anne-Marie and on her policies, do you not think that the statesmanlike thing to do, now you have won, rather than “excommunicate” her in a King-of-Spain manner, would be to hold out an olive branch, apologise for that frankly excessive remark, have a good long chat with her over strategies for opposing Islamisation, and maybe offer her a spokesman position in your “cabinet”?

    If you continue to cast her and her followers out into the outer darkness, you will split the movement and the party will be badly divided against itself. It may not even survive.

    This will not be much use in “holding Mrs May’s feet to the fire”, and making sure that Brexit really does mean Exit.

  2. 16) Sharia courts
    A) Cannot use the word ‘Court’ as it is actually an arbitration service.
    B) Within the arbitration rooms there must be a sign stating:
    “This is not a Court. If you do not wish to be here you may leave. If you are here against your will you have the legal right to refuse the service and you can have the matter handled by a British Law Court subject to British Law. If anyone forces you to obey please contact the police.”

    • B) won’t work, Liberas, because Muslim women must obey their husbands or face a beating.

      “Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand.”

  3. UKIP need a unifying figure to lead us forward. AMW may be vocal in her dislike of Islam but the MSM will tear her to bits. Where will UKIP be then?
    I’ve voted for Peter Whittle so the party can become as professional and media savvy as possible. The issue of Islam, in our historically Christian country, will become the defining issue in the 21st century. It may be too late to reverse this hideous decline into Islamic appeasement but I don’t think Peter Whittle will shy away from what needs to be done.

    • Peter Whittle has said that he won’t work with Anne Marie Waters.
      Although I’m writing as a JRE supporter, I call that ‘shying away from what needs to be done’.

    • I don’t see PW being forceful enough. He refused to call Islam evil on Newsnight. He also alienated a lot of potential UKIP voters. He may be media savvy whatever that means but he doesn’t have the cojones to face the biggest threat to the UK since WWII.

      • It’s the biggest threat to the English since the Danes, Sean.

        The Norwegians, Normans, Spanish, French and Germans wanted to rule over us. Only the Danes almost replaced us. Islam wants to do that too.

  4. Interesting article which is an intelligent, considered view of the problem. I enjoy looking at some of the comments too.
    I’m far too aware of the problems that are coming our way, from discussing the Yugoslav war with my wife’s family who are Bosnian Serbs. And their warning is stark, this is what is coming to you – the people who have now taken over our homeland came here as refugee’s.
    But, the strident nature of some of the comments do more harm than good, it turns people off from the argument you are making. Yes, it’s great to have people who are making a big issue of the problem, it needs to happen, but, NOT as a party leader!
    As I say, this should not be one of the big issues for someone standing as leader, their job is to lead and develop the party into a real forceful political party from what has been a pressure group, and that leadership needs to be all encompassing, not simply focussing on one big issue.
    I would however add in an extra element, we must enforce british law and values – especially in the areas of FGM and Polygamous marriages, and we must stop paying child benefit to anyone having more than 2 children. add this to the need to not pay an benefits to anyone who is not UK citizen, and you will start to get on top of some of the problems!

  5. In castigating Henry Bolton because he stood as a LibDem candidate in a General Election twelve years ago yet, AMW’s supporters merely point up how recently she left Labour, which was only four years ago. She wasn’t merely a Labour voter or card-carrying member: immediately she joined Labour in the early 2000s, she apparently became involved, and was very active, spending endless hours campaigning, and holding posts at various levels in her branch and at constituency level, for ten years. No doubt she’d been told that was the way to get a Parliamentary seat but she was to be disappointed.

    I believe it is equal rights which most motivates her and I can find no trace of her fighting, as a member of the Labour Party, to promote her concern for the abuse of white girls or FGM etc, although there were people in the Labour party who spoke out about it. Notable among them was Lord Ahmed who spoke publicly of his concern about forced, not merely arranged, marriage, importing spouses (often cousins) which had become so much easier after Labour repealed the Primary Purpose Act only a month after taking office in 1997 and which became law in 1998.

    All of the following, and very many more appeared in the press in the years before AMW left Labour in a strop, fighting a London council seat for UKIP only six months later, as she continued her quest for a political platform. They are all important, if only as straws in the wind, and I was certainly aware of them, and I am merely a political nerd who was never been aligned with any party before UKIP:

    1999 –

    1999 –

    2008 -

    2009 –

    2010 –

    2011 –

    2011 –

    • Dig up whatever you like about AMW’s background. The MSM will do far worse. It’s the strategy of the desperate, when the argument cannot be won on the issues of the day.

      AMW is the woman of the moment, and by God we need her.

      Tony Woodcock put it well: “we have create a tsunami of voter disgust and insurrection to either scare the pants off the establishment parties, or better still, carry us into parliament.”

      The signs are all around us now. This tsunami is building, and not a moment too soon.

    • Marie your question is very pertinent. As a matter of fact I have asked this question of AMW in person.I was satisfied with her answer in fact delighted for her conversion to ‘common sense’. I will not go through the details here as I am not AMW’s spokesman. She is quite capable of answering your concerns and has responded to many Daily Ukip readers directly.
      I have never met Henry Bolton. He has not responded to my question below today; I do not expect him to because it is not his style to be demotic. I think he has a lot to explain about his libdem involvement though I am more than happy that his is a genuine and total conversion as it was for AMW.
      AMW has totally and utterly walked away from lab politics and does not hold them in any high regard whatsoever.It would be nice to hear that from mister bolton – if he is the new leader the MSM will make a feast of it.

      • I’ve never met Henry Bolton although unlike you, I did receive a reply to a question I asked.
        I wouldn’t hold the fact of someone’s change in political allegiance against them, indeed on the whole it would be of no interest but in this instance, there was sniping at Henry Bolton, while Anne Marie got a free pass on much more recent involvement in Labour, despite an almost seamless move from one to the other. I felt there was a whiff of hypocrisy about it all.
        HBs copped flak for other shortcomings too but, for some reason, I have the impression he’s only very recently back after his contract in Brussels came to an end, although I may be wrong.

  6. It is good to have Henry Obe’s suggestions for an approach to Islam in the UKIP playbook, but Julian Flood @8.55am got it spot on. Before we consider solutions , which we cannot implement from outside government, we have create a tsunami of voter disgust and insurrection to either scare the pants off the establishment parties, or better still, carry us into parliament.
    It is the LibLabCon that has handed us over on a plate with a pound of tea to the EU and to this alien culture. They must be blamed.
    Who best to do that? I have already decided. Henry is far, far too late on this one, driven at last no doubt by the pressure put on by the original I voted for. Beware of imitations says Eliza. Absolutely!

  7. purple blood in my veins // September 19, 2017 at 1:37 pm // Reply

    Henry this is all great stuff but too little too late, I fear, as most of the votes will have been cast by now. With regard to education, as an atheist who considers all religions (yes, sorry, but even Christianity) to be primitive superstitions which restrict scientific advancement and social equality, I would prefer to see the banning of all religious education in schools except in the context of the British History/Civics classes. I voted for you because I think you are the best “all rounder” candidate to be Leader and/or Chairman. The sentiments and objectives you express above are fine but, given that Islam will be the dominant religion in the UK within a very few years, I suggest you need to get tougher – and very quickly, or your local church is likely to be converted into your local mosque within your lifetime (certainly within the lifetime of your children), and your grandchildren will be wearing the hijab for fear of otherwise being stoned, by the time they are your age.

    • This country has been built on Christian values,our laws and out institutions founded often on Christian ideals. Turning our back on Christianity is half the problem. Turkey became secular less than 100 years ago and now its sliding back into Islamic hands. All religions are not equal. Secularism appears to be part of the problem. Time will tell.

  8. Henry an excellent article. As I see it you have successfully balanced the need to tell us how you would proceed as leader without giving away too much detail, detail that our political opponents would immediately purloin or twist and use against us. I too realise that the answer to the ‘how do you solve a problem like sharia’ question is with finesse. We need to cut the ground from beneath them using the death-by-a-thousand-cuts approach so beloved of the left. The full-throated, banners waving, direct frontal attack approach may well appeal to those who lack military experience but would, if it fails, and I believe it would, only make them stronger as our political opponents rushed to their aid, called as names and frightened away our much-needed support.

    I particularly like your point 9. I strongly disagree with those who clamour for all religious education to be removed from schools. I see this as a bad idea, in every sense of the word, as it would provide an open goal to those that seek to blow us all to bits. If we drop our swords will they drop theirs? I think not. I see re-establishing our Christian culture as a priority for it provides us with a peaceful, powerful way to fight back. How much Islamic terror is there in Poland right now?

    To those that think all this is a bridge too far I say this. First Henry needs to be elected as leader. Then we need to get into parliament. Finally, we need to win an election.

    Can’t be done?

    We kept the Pound. We got Brexit. We are UKIP.

    • We kept the pound and won the referendum largely because we had a charismatic leader who called a spade a spade. He has now gone. We have NOT got Brexit, a massive counter attack is being fought to water it down and UKIP are nowhere to be seen. But on the Islamification of Europe, this is a far, far greater problem, they’re on the offensive, they have told us what their plan is, they are far more focused, hugely backed and financed and every now and again, some of their keener members give the game away. And still we want to fiddle at the edges. You have no idea what’s coming.

      • …steady on Russell 🙂 you will scare the nicey nicey softly softly natives. The truth often hurts you know.

        But fortunately I believe the tide is turning, I believe there is big and growing support for the sort of words you use here as opposed to those belatedly used by Henry Bolton.

      • Russell having lived in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and South Africa where I was a part-time soldier I know exactly what’s coming. I’ve been in a church when a man dressed in pyjamas with a silly nightcap on his head lunged at our pastor with a huge ornamental dagger blathering the usual nonsense used on these occasions. (The good Christian brothers laid hands on him to good effect).

        Yes, I’ve seen the movie more than once. However, we need to box clever on this one. Brexit is on track. With May and the cons running it it’ll definitely need some fixing once done and that’s where we will come in. Should they attempt to derail it completely, well, it won’t be pretty!

        Until then we must bide our time and ready ourselves for what comes.

        So let’s keep the upper lip stiff and remember, we don’t shoot till we see the whites of their eyes.

    • I’ve been agonising over who to support; yes, there are still votes available out there! I entirely concur with MKs first paragraph and all 18 points. Henry is now going to get my vote.

  9. Well, if that is Henry’s best response to his supposedly core area of expertise, then I think we can safely say he was long since mentally captured by the liberal elite, and that for all his experience in this area, there is really nothing new in his plan that hasn’t been proposed by other less experienced minds. His basic paradigm is that Islam is OK, its just a minority that are the problem. There are so many errors in this piece I struggle to know where to start whilst staying within the 400 word rule. But to start with one, ‘the use of foreign, islamic text books must cease’. So British islamic text books are OK, and what about the Koran itself which is a foreign islamic book! Mind you, the official UKIP response on from Jane Collins is far worse, she shows her lack of focus by blaming this on so-called hate preachers (actually they are normally just stating what is in the koran) when the point is that the bomber is a foreign (syrian) refugee, and the point is that british citizens are being attacked by people our own feckless government imports into our country at great cost and at huge risk to the domestic population, and for what benefit to us? Where is the link to hate preachers? Frankly I don’t think either she or Henry get it.

  10. Well, that’s a start, Henry.

    But why did your leadership manifesto focus entirely on internal reorganisation?

  11. Identity. It arouses deep passions. Look at how we indigenous British are increasingly feeling, and increasingly vocalising, about the threat to our identity from an alien culture, the culture and politics of Islam.

    Now imagine how Muslims, the millions living here, will react to an attack on their identity.

    Nigel has been fervently anti-Anne Marie because of her “Islam is evil” tweet. He believes that will be read as `Muslims are evil’, an attack on identity, and provoke a Holy War. He is entitled to his opinion.

    Mr Bolton has outlined some practical steps that are very necessary. It is not offered as a comprehensive solution on integration or assimilation and treating it like that is a misreading.

    There are two ways of dealing with the broader cultural problem, direct and indirect. Attack and criticise the other culture directly, no matter that it was invited in and encouraged, or assert the superiority of our own ending the lie of moral equivalence that underpins multiculturalism.

    A genuine debate needs to be held about these two approaches. We have been betrayed and misled by the Blair-Cameron governments. Our bitterness about that should be resisted when debating among ourselves.

    The England and culture I was raised in included lampooning religion. I cannot do that over Islam. That is a huge part of the problem. We need to remove Islam’s special privileges (achieved by its undercurrent of violence if it does not get its way), end religious schooling (or indoctrination to give it its proper name) and a host of other things. I am allowed to discriminate against someone who appears naked in public (an offence) but not someone who hides their face in public (offensive though that is). These two extremes should be treated as equal. We need a strategy that is both political and cultural. It is huge task. Let us collect all practical suggestions.

    • Good response Stout. Particularly regarding the lampooning of religion and a political AND cultural strategy. Henry, I’m sure that with your military/diplomatic background the efficacy of a ‘hearts and minds’ approach has not escaped you. Hearts and minds backed up with authority and force if necessary.
      The problem of radical Islam will not go away without that dual pronged approach and nor will UKIP be taken seriously unless, as Stout suggests, practical suggestions are collected, debated and finally presented as a coherent domestic policy which will be accepted by the vast majority of the law abiding -and largely sensible and tolerant- public.

    • Simon Platt, It didn’t and doesn’t. See my videos on Facebook.

      • Dear Henry,

        I don’t use Facebook, so referring me to videos there is useless. I did visit your website. I refer particularly to your piece in Independence magazine, which was what convinced me definitively not to vote for you. I thought “I’ve no idea what this fellow stands for” and “he sounds as though he wants to be chairman, not leader”. I am aware, also, that you declined to answer at least one request for policy details from at least one source within UKIP.

        I’m afraid you don’t have what it takes to lead a political party, which is a disappointment as leadership seemed to be your main selling point.


    • S Y
      I especially like your last three sentences and do wish that whoever is elected will take up your suggestion of collecting suggestions. In conjunction with all the liberal/PC ills etc that have their place in this ‘huge task’ , we also have a very complex task.

    • Stout – Muslims are supposedly some 5% of the population.
      And yet – we can’t draw cartoons of the prophet, never mind write a book like the Satanic Verses. Piers Morgan became literally hysterical when Tommy picked up a Koran on air – you go to prison for burning a Koran and putting bacon on a mosque door. We are not allowed to criticize Islam – or go on a march against terrorism without, as one dinner lady found to her cost, losing her job.

      Christians are, whatever percentage, larger than the Muslim population. We have the much loved Life of Brian, which is almost an English Classic. We can pick up a Bible during a discussion on air, we can even burn a Bible – indeed, I believe a UKIP member once did so. You can put whatever you like on a Church door without anything but a possible annoyed exclamation from the cleaner. You can criticize Christianity as much as you like – didn’t Richard Dawkins become famous for it?

      We British people have to look the other way when Muslims spit at the mothers of Soldiers who are welcoming their sons home. We have to look the other way when Muslims burn poppies. We have to look the other way when Muslims march waving placards saying they intend to enforce Shria Law, and conquer the World. We have to look the other way when Halal, which was supposed to be only for sale to Muslims, is on sale, mostly un-labeled so we can’t avoid it. We have to look the other way when our children are taught that Mohammed is so peaceful that every time his name is uttered they must say ‘Peace be upon him’. We have looked the other way for years when vulnerable children have been raped and enslaved. We have looked the other way when our taxes are used to support multiple wives and their offspring. We have looked the other way while Christmas has been turned into Winterval – and carols banned for fear of giving offense. We have looked the other way as our cities have been turned from vibrant centers into somewhere resembling anywhere in the Middle East.

      How much longer must we look the other way for fear of offending? How much longer must we be afraid to tell the truth for fear of offending? Islam is evil. Because of the Koran. And because of Sharia Law, and the practices it insists on.

      • Dee. Christmas is not cancelled, banned or renamed Winterval. Burning poppies in public is an offence under section 5 of the Public Order Act if it is likely to cause “harassment, harm or distress” to those who witnessed it. There have been convictions. The only time Christmas carols were banned was by Oliver Cromwell. Kids are not forced to say PBAH, however in polite Muslim company its a cultural convention. London does not resemble Damascus. You have a valid point about Halal meat.

        • Mr Bav – you are being disingenuous – you know that many of our towns and cities do not resemble anything other than places with a preponderance of Islamic dress. You also know that it is quite hard to buy a properly Christian Christmas card now. Happy Holiday, Hapoy Winterval and many others abound – happy Christmas, few and far between. And maybe you haven’t kept up with the primary school syllabus – children do have to do and say that, and are taught, aged 6 that Mohammed was a brave and persecuted man. I have seen the syllabus – not in all schools, but in many, not just Muslim schools. Many parents are deeply unhappy about it.
          Christians have moved on from celebrating Abraham’s sons deliverance by slitting live animals throats – but I don’t recall Theresa May wishing England “Happy St. George’s Day” – all he ever killed was a Dragon. Christmas Carols were banned in Birmingham market.

      • I did say we need to remove the special privileges that Muslims have obtained for themselves courtesy of our appeasing governments. I say this for all the reasons implied by the examples you list and much more. I really do not need a lecture on this.

        I wrote an article some months ago in support of Anne Marie for which I received a personal thank you from her. My own anti-Islam credentials may not be displayed as puritanically as some would wish but I am more concerned with an end result – not yet described by her or anyone – and so how to get there effectively and I’m less concerned with virtue signalling support for Saint Anne Marie who is perfect, infallible, and beyond criticism apparently.

    • SY. Don’t know about you but I still think there’s something far bigger missing in this debate, that the Islamic invasion is deliberate and part of a far larger strategy engulfing Europe and us in the UK.

      The only issue where I think Nigel is wrong (though by no means alone) is fearing the racist attacks that will come his & AMW’s way if he aligns with her and apparently not realising that the rebuttal lies in exposing rank treachery, in all the existing Parties, that has brought us to this state of events.

      I heard no one at his level talk about coudenhove kalergi, bilderberg, EU foundations, any of it. Why not?

      I’ve been engaged with ukip and these pages long enough to know some people certainly get it. But there seems to be far too many still who don’t.

      • Dear Alan,

        Yes. It is hijrah. It is a very serious threat to our future.

        • Had to google that.

          Question remains, why are so many who have come to ukip so unaware of the wider picture, EU roots and purpose, Barcelona declaration, etc. Etc etc

          Had a few days away recently with old chums who know I’m into ukip.

          One says, I think multiculturalism has generally been quite successful…!!

          I didn’t bite.

          But yet another confirmation that We have no chance of breaking the the electorate’s tribal thinking without employing incendiary tactics that rattles their cages.

          1. Treachery on a scale, to be explained

          2. Islamic invasion – part of a much bigger plan

          IMHO- shame NF won’t get involved.

      • I’m aware of the Kalergi plan and of Soros and the UN and ….

        A necessary step in fighting back is obviously getting out of the EU and controlling our borders. How we proceed form there needs considerable thought and debate and that’s why I was deeply disappointed in the hustings. There was no real thinking.

        • SY. I so agree. Which is why I voted for AMW. She at least firmly targets the 2nd priority on my list but no one has no.1 in their sites yet.

          In hoping if she wins that JRE will get onside because there is much to be done to make Ukip function and he’s very up on that. But she’s the only one I’ve seen with a mission.

          PS. I’ve met them both.

      • Alan,
        How to weave the whole fantastical picture together without being carted off metaphorically by men in white coats?
        But ultimately it must be done.

  12. I agree with Henry but unfortunately it’s all going to be too little too late, this should all have been done many years ago, it’s no use fooling ourselves that measures like these are going to help us now.

    All these will achieve is to try and keep a lid on an overheating pressure cooker, it may help for a while but eventually the lid will blow off.

    From Northern Ireland, Israel and many other places around the world where incompatible cultures are forced to mix, the troubles go on for sometimes centuries. We haven’t heard the last of it in Northern Ireland yet and there’s no end in sight to this in Israel.

    Islam and us Brits living happily ever after, no chance.

    The more extreme we allow problems to become the more extreme are the solutions and I don’t think any of us (myself included) want to face up to where this is heading.

  13. I’ve tried to come to as informed and rational a decision as I am able about my choice in this election and have had doubts of one kind or another about all the candidates, not least about Henry Bolton. This policy document has, however, dispelled any lingering doubts and is what I believe was needed.

    I’m done with hand-wringing about the world-wide problem of islam and its attendant ills, especially in islamic countries. I’d far rather the UK began to put its own house in order and, hopefully, provided a beacon of hope and an example, at least for the Western World which, largely, is woefully bereft of effective leadership.

    I believe Henry Bolton could draw many new members to the Party, both from across the political spectrum and the uncommitted, which we did in the referendum. I have voted for him, but now wish I hadn’t – today I could have given him a positive vote rather than one which was what I saw as my least, worst option.

    • I imagine that most of us who interact on UKIPD have already voted, but I find it interesting that there has been very little comment, whether positive or negative, about Peter Whittle. After all, he was until recently the favourite and now sits in second place to AMW.

      My guess is that most of his votes will come from the less-engaged members of UKIP, but how many of them will bother to vote at all is probably the key aspect of his chances.

      We are all assuming that this vote-counting will be fair and honest, right?

  14. 18 points on how to deal with the symptoms and nothing about the root cause.

    Britain’s Muslims are doubling in number every 12 years:

    They will become a majority here some time between 2040 and 2060:

    52% of them think homosexuality should be illegal
    39% of them think wives should always obey their husbands
    23% want Sharia law
    3% somewhat sympathise with suicide bombers
    1% sympathise completely with suicide bombers:

    While Henry Bolton’s proposals may nibble at the edges of their views, it won’t change the basic demographics: this won’t be our country by the middle of the century unless policies change radically. Then they can reverse Henry’s 18 measures as much as they want.

    • Keith,

      The figures you quote, horrifying as they are, must be taken with a pinch of salt. The real figures would be much worse.

      Muslims are taught that lying to further their cause is to be encouraged. When “moderates” are asked if they sympathise with suicide bombers (for example), what is the answer most likely to put at rest the minds of those who question their place in this country?

      I believe the number who “somewhat” sympathise with those who choose a guaranteed place in paradise is far, far higher than 3%.

    • 23% want Sharia Law
      What percentage of Imams want Sharia Law?
      What percentage of Muslims refuse to accept Sharia Law when it is thrust upon them?
      What percentage of Muslims aren`t fellow travellers – just keeping their heads down, accepting all the “gains”, but equally vociferously yelling “we are the religion of peace and Oh! we condemn violence wherever it occurs”
      “Oh! and we HATE Islamophobics and racist agnostics and they should be wiped off the face of the earth”
      (only they don`t say that)
      I don`t accuse all of them, but how do we know which is which or who is who?
      But whatever anybody says or thinks you are never going to get past the 1995 Barcelona Declaration nor any of our docile government`s slavish hiding behind its subsequent derivations,
      (Will our adherence automatically cease on Brexit?????)

  15. Many of the article ‘solutions’ employ a great deal of subjectiveness presumably by Big Brother. For example:

    4) It is an offence to view, download or disseminate extremist material on the internet

    Says who? You have a big nose – I was brought to tears by this hateful and offensive comment – What is the number of the thought police = opinion.
    Thought Police – very serious crime – put that rape case to one side while we deal with this Internet abuse = fact.

    I am of an age and education to remember the pass laws.
    You are an Iman – no I’m not – Big Brother has decided you are not allowed to do this that or the next thing.

    Henry, Nanny knows best and suggests you go away and think before giving away more of our dwindling civil liberties.

  16. A very good article Mister Bolton esp as it is your first contribution to Daily Ukip. I am sure that UKIP will benefit from your interventions and your candidacy as leader of the party is to be applauded in the name of democracy and free speech. However as a member of 8 years in UKIP I have a question for you.
    What took you so long? To join the party; to abandon libdemism,to awaken to the nightmare terror of islam, to challenge the MSM narratives that keep the country in thrall to liblabcon idiocy.
    I have not voted for you but I have come to respect you a lot more than I thought possible. If you win I consider it vital for the party that you include AMW and JRE in discussions to bring all the party together in a crusade for Britain.

    • Biscotte, you ask who says that it is an offence to view, download or disseminate extremist material on the internet.

      Answer: The Metropolitan Police Service Counter Terrorism Command (SO15)

      “We would like to remind the public that viewing, downloading or disseminating extremist material within the UK may constitute an offence under terrorism legislation.”

      • …which begs the question Henry what is the legal definition of extremist material?
        Does it include paedophilia; sex slavery; promotion of the killing of ‘unbelievers’?
        In that case why is not the Hadith ( and other books)that promote all the above banned and the publishers imprisoned?

        • I think you will find that, rather than being used against Islamist extremist materials, these laws are being used against ‘far right’ materials instead. It is a little bit like them saying that our schools must teach British values – but what they actually teach as a british value is ‘tolerance’, i.e. restriction of freedom of speech and not being allowed to criticise religion.

  17. Anne Marie Waters has already done a fantastic job.

    In the latter stage of the campaign an ‘establishment’ UKIP candidate has produced an 18 point plan to disperse the negative fall out from years of thoughtless (or thoughtful) immigration of a culture diametrically opposed to our own.

    Another candidate has, I believe recently, released a second manifesto directed at the same subject.

    The topic which has been timidly nibbled at by politicians and has scared the pants off everyone including Party members with threats of resignation has at last become acceptable.

    At this point it may be fair to say, beware imitations.

    • Well said.

      Perhaps now, some of the detractors who are scared to death of Anne Marie’s approach, will at last get why so many of us think she is the only hope for UKIP, and by extension this country.

  18. jumping on another bandwagon.? tried to stop AMW ,now embraces what she has warned of.

  19. I realize that it is only natural that we care about us – and our children being blown up, and our own security. But I would ask every single one of you to listen to this video – which details what is happening to children – in this case in Iran, but all over the World where Sharia is being applied – it’s not just our children that are being maimed and killed. The Koran is being taught by Imams – is what they teach really compatible with British values? M103 by the way would, if implemented, forbid criticism of the Koran in Canada. This is a real life testimony from someone whose Mother taught the Koran to other women, and whose Father was one rank above an Imam – and who lived under the ‘domestic Koranic Law’ we allow in Britain.
    Terrorism isn’t killing children in moderate Iran – Sharia is

    • Dee,

      I have watched this link twice (well done you for doing it!), but it brings me to tears just hearing her story, how can any parent allow this to happen to their child I do not know.

      But here is the problem I was working with a male British born Pakistani today who I get along with well, and I asked him about Sharia and my concerns as a woman on what it enforces. He had a wry smile and said I had been taken in by all the hype and that it was really good for women! He said they usually come off better in any family disputes and that his wife can do anything she likes, such as not wear a head scarf if she did not want to. Whoopee, I thought to myself she must have a great time, I must add he does seem very fond of his wife and children and he is very much a modern man.

      But I remember asking him sometime ago about his daughter and whether she will be able to go without having to wear a headscarf, he said then that he was not sure because there would be a lot of pressure from his family. And, I guess this is the problem for many, it is the pressure applied and not wanting to be shunned by the family or bring them into disrepute. These are the massive obstacles in our way, and they have to be dismantled one by one IMO.

      • Thank you DD – I am proud of my linking! The point is, that your friend allows his wife not to do this stuff – but when, if Sharia is the law he will have to comply with the ‘pressure’ – they all will. Stopping Sharia is as important for his daughter as for our daughters – remember, the moderate majority has, throughout history, been irrelevant. At the moment, he can only let his wife do as she wants because he is in Britain – it wouldn’t work in Iran, or anywhere else except Syria under Assad, which is why his people love him so much. Please don’t ever believe the ‘Sharia is good for women’ stuff, read the 127 verses in the Koran that Anni was told to read by her Father. That is the Koran, God’s Law, which is above all other Laws.

  20. It is not enough to advance solutions, vital though that is, we also need to allocate blame. Otherwise the legacy parties will just move on. The individuals responsible for the situation we are in should be named, isolated, pointed to and forced to explain themselves. Their political parties are guilty as a group and don’t care, having neither a bottom to kick nor a conscience to prick, but May (an incompetent Home Secretary who presided over huge immigration) and Blair (who has rubbed the nose of the UK in diversity and has bragged of that fact), to name but two of those who got us into this situation, are culpable and vulnerable, and through their disgrace we might encourage the UK to seek new solutions.

    In our patch I look at the erstwhile Minister for Energy who presided over energy policies which, in a hard winter, will lead to thousands of premature deaths. Other failures, Left and Right, are out there: these people are ripe for shaming and, through them, their parties.


    • Not a bad message Julian, perhaps you can add that neither Labour nor the Conservative parties have some sort of divine right to rule Britain in perpetuity and they’re days should be numbered.

  21. This – actual policy proposals – is exactly what I’ve been missing in the debate, and it’s why I wrote my letter.
    Especially the points about border force/police cuts are very useful to clobber the Tory government with, something more easily to promote to voters than “holding the government’s feet to the fire”.

  22. Not even close, another daft ex-Liberal who thinks that one wing of Islam can be isolated and dealt with separately…and that only terrorism is the problem. They hate us, they hate our values and way of life, they hate women’s rights, dogs, democracy, charity fun runs, our churches, music, gay nightclubs, bikinis but they love our welfare, health care, tolerance of multiple wives and huge families. Mr Bolton, you aren’t UKIP, go back to the Liberal party where you belong, one of the parties that got us into this mess. As for saying everything was OK up to 2000 and it’s just the last twenty years, just about the silliest thing I’ve heard this year.

  23. Fascinating article. I’m excited at the prospect of having someone so knowledgeable and experienced leading our party. UKIP would be well and truly back on the pitch as a credible and authorititave party when we address the issues of today with such expertise. Henry has my vote.

  24. There are some good measures here. I would like to add one if I may. I believe the International Aid budget should be spent on building internment camps and prisons in deprived predominantly Christian African countries to house our jihadis prior to deportation.

  25. At last, a potential leader who doesn’t just point out the problems but has the solutions. This article balances the British (UKIP) way of life, sense of fair play and makes integration for all who live here a necessity. I only hope the politics of the main parties over the last 20/30 years has not left this too late.

  26. In general I agree but your policy on Imams is far too soft.

    We need rid of them and their mosques; no exceptions.

  27. Apologies if I missed it, but I don’t think Henry once mentioned that philosophical manual that muslims read every day. You know, the… oh, its name slips my mind again.

    Still, Henry has lots of “priorities” and things to be done “as a matter of urgency”. And, since we as a Party have no representation or power, it’s reassuring to learn that he plans to appoint a Counter Terrorism spokesman (presumably as a matter of urgency) to tackle the problem.

    All sounds like guarded rhetoric to me, as might be expected from an experienced bureaucrat.

    We need a leader who can actually DO something that will inspire the people who have almost given up hope in politicians, then swell our membership numbers and increase our influence. Otherwise we are destined to remain mere commentators.

    • Grummy, I so agree, and people fall for it! Not a word about how Mr Bolton is going to deal with the howls of protest from the permanently offended!
      I’m afraid this all sounds wonderful, and in a reasonable world it would be – but how is all this going to be done? So much to criticize.

      The Prevent programme is run by someone who I heard on LBC describing the Koran as the most beautiful book in the world – we had read it all wrong! Oh yes? I refer you to my link today. Prevent is pretense – it won’t and can’t work because of ‘the book’. Religion is being taught in schools, only Mohammed is being taught as the equivalent of Jesus. How are you going to make Imams British Citizens? And what difference would it make – I refer you again to my link.

      I don’t know how we are going to deal with what our Government have got us into – but until we face the fact that it is the Koran that is incompatible with our values, and say so, we haven’t a hope. Fair play, playing the game and all that stuff is, I’m afraid, a way of life that belongs in the past. We are in a dirty war against an ideology contained in a book – that book contains a political system that Muslims consider to be the Law of God, passed down by his messenger. The Law is Sharia. It supersedes British Law, as far as those who follow the Koran are concerned.
      Mr Bolton seems to have forgotten that fact.
      We have to start from the other end – get rid of Sharia, Halal, Polygamy and all the rest before anything else – all the building blocks to Islamization. Unless we do that we are finished.

    • Seconded, Grummy.

    • Well said Grummy, especially the “guarded rhetoric” sentence, which is absolutely what we must move away from.

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