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Human Rights v Islam

Theresa May thinks that Islam is compatible with Human Rights – stated in her speech following the terrorist attack at London Bridge and Borough Market.  Read the transcript.

She criticises those who know they are incompatible, rejecting the clear evidence.  An important purpose of UKIP, beyond Brexit, is to force politicians to stop deceiving us regarding Islam.  Thus we must put in the effort to read the source material and collate the evidence.  Everyone in UKIP should read at least chapter 9 of the Koran, understand the terms “abrogation” and “taqiyya”, and watch the videos and read the writings of scholars such as Robert Spencer, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Douglas Murray.

Source documents are the Koran, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).  The Declaration and the Convention have a similar core set of Articles, however the ECHR addresses an apparent anomaly in the UDHR.  The ECHR has numerous Articles relating to the functioning of the European Court of Human Rights, which are irrelevant for us when we have our own Bill of Rights.  

The thirty clauses of the UDHR do embody what we should aspire to, for the whole world.  Below are examples where the Koran is incompatible with it.  This is not a complete list, however it does show the severity of the problem and that Theresa May is utterly mistaken.

UDHR Article 1 states that we should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.  Islam, when it can, subjugates non-believers as second class citizens, who exist in a state of Dhimmitude and pay the Jizya tax as a sign of inferiority.   Koran 9:29.

Article 2 states that everyone is entitled to these rights irrespective of who they are.  Under Islam women are regarded as the property of men, either her father or husband.  The husband determines what she does, and how many children she has.  Koran 2:223.

Article 3.  “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.”  Not in Islam.  Koran 9:5.

Article 4 opposes slavery.  Koran 4:24 allows a Muslim man to keep female captives as sex slaves.  ISIS does so.  Grooming gangs own girls by hooking them on drink and drugs.

Article 5 disallows cruel and inhuman punishment.  Koran 5:33 mandates cutting off hands and feet on opposite sides.

Article 6:  “Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.”  Under Sharia Law the testimony of women is half that of a man, with grave miscarriages of justice – a rapist can accuse his victim of seducing him, and he is let off while she may be stoned to death for adultery.

Article 7 states that all are equal before the law.  Sharia Law: the inheritance of a woman is half that of a man.  Koran 4:11  Sharia Councils in the UK have de facto jurisdiction regarding family matters and inheritance, in contravention of Human Rights. They must be abolished.

Article 16: marriage cannot be coercive.  In Muslim community there can be huge pressure to marry.  Marriage between first cousins is explicitly allowed, Koran 33:50, producing thirteen times the cases of recessive genetic disorders compared to the non-Muslim population.  Islam seriously harms Muslims themselves.  UKIP must campaign against this – Marriage between first cousins must be outlawed.

Article 18 states that there must be freedom of religion, and freedom to change religion.  Islam is incompatible, there is the death penalty for apostasy, Koran 4:89, Koran 9:11-12, etc..  A Saudi citizen has been sentenced to death for ripping up the Koran.

Article 19 states that we must have freedom of opinion, and freedom to express it.  Islam abjures freedom, witness the fatwa against Salman Rushdie.  Attacks on cartoonists have de facto created the death penalty for blasphemy.  The UK has prevented the scholar Robert Spencer from entering, breaching this Article.

There are numerous incompatibilities between Islam and Human Rights.  These few examples are sufficient to prove that politicians such as Theresa May are mistaken.  She must know this.  Why the attempt to deceive us?  We are not stupid!

The UDHR has a flaw – it tacitly assumes all Articles are of equal weight.  However the right to freedom of religion is incompatible with other rights, where that religion is Islam.

ECHR Article 9 recognises the problem:

“Freedom of thought, conscience and religion

  1. Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance.
  2. Freedom to manifest one’s religion or beliefs shall be subject only to such limitations as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of public safety, for the protection of public order, health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.”

Islam is incompatible with democratic societies – laws of Allah are regarded as superior to man-made laws.  Islam is contrary to public safety – killing infidels is mandated in the Koran.  It contravenes public order – Muslims carrying placards inciting murder are not arrested.  Islam is contrary to health – marriage between first cousins is allowed in the Koran.  Islam is contrary to morals – it is immoral to slit the throat of an animal without pre-stunning.  Islam will utterly destroy our rights and freedoms when it can do so, in the latter half of this century if demographic trends continue.

Translations of the Koran into English are freely available online.   Read verses in the context of the verses around them.  All should understand Islam.  There is no excuse not to – the Koran is freely available, as are the websites and videos of established scholars.  Tackling Islam is the next challenge.

If UKIP is to have a meaningful future beyond Brexit  it cannot behave as other parties do.  It must be honest, decent, and bold.  The freedoms we have inherited are easily lost.  It is our duty to pass these on to the next generation.  We cannot abandon them into a condition of Dhimmitude.

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49 Comments on Human Rights v Islam

  1. Islam’s contribution to human rights is best appreciated when viewed against the backdrop of world history as well as the realities of modern times. Social, racial, gender, and religious inequities continue to exist.

    • Islam may well have been an improvement on the existing culture when it was first created in the 7th century. Infanticide was a common practice then, and Islam put a stop to that. So yes, “against the backdrop of world history” you can see it in the context of its time.

      Islam today is a serious drag on human progress – moral, social, legal, and scientific. The fact that the death penalty exists for apostates, as stated in the Koran, shows that Islam is a death cult. It is incapable of reform because nobody has the authority to remove the numerous violent hate-filled verses which exist within the Koran, and which are as relevant today as they were fourteen centuries ago.

  2. I agree that the Muslim religion is anti democratic and anti women. I visited a Mosque last month, the people I met were very nice and hospitable. I asked how a religion that in many ways mirrors Christianity that preaches peace and forgiveness treats it`s followers who want to leave the Islamic faith with such wrath. The reply from one of the more senior members(age) was thus; those who wish to leave Islam are regarded as a virus that must be cut out to protect the other members from contamination. Yes, if a follower wishes to leave Islam they must be cast out from the Mosque and all who knew them before must shut them out from their lives for ever, with no distinction between friend or family member.
    I do not want to live under such a religious dogma, but how in a democratic society do you stop 50,000 British from converting to the Islamic religion every year without breaking their human right to practice the religion of their choice?
    No, we cannot ban the Islamic religion because it is here and now. However, we can ban Sharia Law which is an affront to equal rights and a democratic society. We must rigorously enforce the one law for all rule, no exceptions, no special rights for different groups.
    However, every government over the last 35 years has given special right to every different group in the land so no one has any idea which law to obey.
    I can only conclude that there has been an establishment conspiracy to destroy the English way of life. Every country of UK has it`s on legislator
    except England. Any one, who like me advocates an English Parliament and the defending of our English way of life is immediately labeled a “Nationalist, a right wing bigot and worse, yet, Welsh, Scottish and Irish nationalists are lauded and feted for their devotion to preserving `their nationalist way of life`. Rant over, except to say I will carry on with my belief that we must protect our English way of life and the protection of the right to free speech and if that upsets any one then they can go to a country that is more in keeping with their beliefs.

    • Well said, Paul.
      If we lose free speech, and it is under serious attack, then we can kiss goodbye to democracy and western civilisation.

  3. A very knowledgeable and balanced article.

    However, Hugo is probably more analytical about Islam than are (making up the following statistic, something I do only 0.14% of the time) **95+% of people** who self-describe as being Muslim.

    Most just use the bits of Islam they like, try to ignore the rest, and get on with their day to day lives. Human nature remains the same.

    We’re having “interesting times” in London, alas, so I can’t do this justice.

    Space reserved below for the usual suspects to assert I am a “dhimmi”, gullible etc.

    • Thankyou Freddy for the encouraging comment.

      I think that you and I are broadly in agreement, although you are more optimistic than I am.

      Good luck trying to sort things out in London!

  4. This is an excellent article but it has overlooked one key ruling by the ECHR, summarised by the President of the court at the time which says: “sharia law is incompatible with democracy and human rights”

    Source: “Annual Report 2003 of the European Court of Human Rights, Council of Europe”

    Noting that the Welfare Party had pledged to set up a regime based on sharia law, the Court found that sharia was incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy as set forth in the Convention. It considered that “sharia, which faithfully reflects the dogmas and divine rules laid down by religion, is stable and invariable. Principles such as pluralism in the political sphere or the constant evolution of public freedoms have no place in it”. According to the Court, it was difficult to declare one’s respect for democracy and human rights while at the same time supporting a regime based on sharia, which clearly diverged from Convention values, particularly with regard to its criminal law and criminal procedure, its rules on the legal status of women and the way it intervened in all spheres of private and public life in accordance with religious precepts.
    Copy of the report from the ECHR website:

    The Council of Europe are now looking at:
    “Compatibility of Sharia law with the European Convention on
    Human Rights: can States Parties to the Convention be
    signatories of the ‘Cairo Declaration’?”

    • These are excellent points. The word count limit for articles is strict, and it was a challenge to shrink it down to the required size without losing coherence.

      Discussing the Cairo Declaration, United Nations, and attempts at introducing worldwide anti-blasphemy laws would easily fill an article. Are you able to give it a go?

  5. GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // August 9, 2017 at 1:23 am // Reply
    Hugo to see how much hate these vile inhuman scum have for all animals,we must get our people to see the suffering that these poor unfortunate and peaceful animals have to endure,at the hands of the most vilest and cruelest of all people’s on God’s Earth.Everyone see the video of that poor and peaceful little dog be injected with Acid in Iran,see and hear it die in excruciating pain,as their internal organs and tissues are chemically burned with acid,hear it scream in agony as those evil bas**d
    Muslims laugh at its suffering.See poor dogs being crucified,while the evil Muslims
    laugh while they begin to torture it.We can not shy away from their cruelty of animals any longer.For over 30 years I have tried to make people aware of these most vilest and horrible of people,how they are allowed to make animals suffer the most terrible pain imaginable when those scum slit their throats,and then shackle them upside down,it is heartbreaking to see them all from little lambs to large cows while still alive choke themselves to death on their own life blood.Remember Nutall and his dullard advisors appeasement and pro bloody Halal leaflet,seen first at Stoke.
    It is sickening that the very people who were complicit with that absurd policy,which was the defining moment in the collapse of support for UKIP throughout the country,and has seen our membership decline by over 20% are still controlling us.
    These are the very same failures that stopped the wonderful,Brave and courageous
    Anne Marie Waters standing for us in the General Election at Lewisham East,her
    crime was that she called. Islam evil,which was truth.The UKIP hierachy and others on the NEC who all voted against Anne Marie standing are now help run the leadership election,if Anne Marie is prevented from standing UKIP is finished,as is our Country,as is everything we hold dear.

    • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // August 9, 2017 at 3:00 am // Reply
      Hugo more Muslim extreme cruelty to Animals.
      It takes nothing away from a Human to be kind to an animal,Joaquin Phoenix.
      The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil,is for good men to do nothing.
      If we don’t rise up against these most vile and cruel and hateful people very soon,it really will be too late,because in a short time those Muslims will be in the majority,at present they are outbreeding us by 9 to 1.The don’t work are violent in the extreme
      their whole aim in life is to smash us and our children and grandchildren into the ground.Those of you who are still not convinced,just see how Sweden has almost been overrun by the Muslim Hordes,who are murdering,raping women and girls,and now petrol bombing the police and firemen,who are trying to put out the many cars and buildings which they the Muslim Invaders have deliberately set on fire or petrol bombed.Sweden’s police are resigning on average 3 a day,Sweeden has overtaken Capetown and has now become the rape capital of the World.Sweden blonde girls are dying their hair black,it is no longer safe for girls to venture out on their own anymore,even in daylight,as the Muslim Rape Gangs roam the streets looking for girls and women.To all of you who say that could never hsppen in Britain,for God’s sake wake up and wise up,it is already happening.

    • Islam is evil and it inspires evil deeds such as this.

      Geoffrey you are correct about the errors at the top of the party. UKIP lost its moral compass when it listened to a few influential religious lobbyists at the top, rather than listen to the unanimous wishes of decent grassroots members.

      If UKIP could base its policies on decency and good moral principles – to ban the cruel treatment of animals by religions – then it would become far more successful. I am convinced of it.

      Mahatma Gandhi once said:
      “The greatness of a nation and its moral compass are judged by the way it treats its animals.”

    • Geoffrey

      These videos are atrocious. I don’t think I will ever be able to walk past another muslim without wanting to do the same to them.

      They are vermin who should all be exterminated.

      Sorry, I have just run out of words and am in tears now.


  6. Islamists treatment of their own women in particular.

    Just been watching an item on Al Jazeera and it got round to talking of levels of disposable income among various types of immigrant communities – I imagine compared with white working class communities.
    It particularly mentioned Brick Lane and the Bangladeshi community being 34% less and I also think they were referring to the older West Indian community as being 22% less.
    The conclusion was that many less of their women went out to work (presumably because of their culture/religion and were not allowed to work)

    If not already used I would consider this aspect of (presumably) “independently researched quantifiable” damning information would form a basic additional part of the UKIP narrative in our Islamic policy.

  7. As an ex UKIP member and donater (left after the SW debacle) I have been extremely heartened by many of the comments I’ve read here over the last few weeks, in particular this article struck a chord that I have long been following and taking an interest in, if UKIP selects a leader such as AMW or someone else genuinely willing to stick their neck out and tell the truth about Islam then myself and I suspect many well informed others would be back in a flash. Also just to say thanks for some great interesting articles and at times extremely lively comment….cheers.

    • Martin, thankyou for the encouragement. The difficulty is condensing the key points to fit within the word limit.
      Decent people have left the party due to problems at the top. With the right leadership direction they would return.

  8. Many thanks for all the kind and thoughtful comments.

    We are facing really the most ferocious enemy since 1939-45. In some respects it is even more difficult to deal with since we are beset by those who are assisting the destroyers of civilisation, who hold key positions.

    I cannot see that UKIP has any choice but to address this challenge. If not it will become as pointless as the Lib Dems! One good point is that there are some concerned members of other parties. This is too huge a task for petty party politics to get in the way. During the EU referendum campaign we worked alongside Eurosceptic members of other parties. UKIP can be the catalyst again. It requires that the new leader will understand this historically significant role for the party. We really cannot afford to mess this up. Our descendants would never forgive us.

    • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // August 8, 2017 at 10:16 am // Reply
      Dear Hugo,and many thanks for all your hard work.Muslims should never ever have been invited into our country.They are the greatest threat that we have ever faced,
      they hate us and seek and celebrate our death and destruction,they have no love or mercy,or Human kindness,they are violent in the extreme,do not be fooled by their
      moderates.We have so called leaders past and present who have bent over backwards to Muslims,and allowed them to practice each and everyone of their vile customs which that most peverted of religions demands.We even have the so called leaders of UKIP bowing down to Islam.Today I once again call them out as,cowards and traitors,who will not address the elephant in the room-Islam.What started with that despicable change of policy,when they reversed the long standing one of
      wanting to ban that most cruel and disgusting and vile bloody Halal,culminating in that absurd Muslim Appeasing pro Halal leaflet,first seen at Stoke,which was first brought to my attention by my dear friend,colleague and fellow activist,Dee.This
      had been a most worthy policy,and was in fact one of the reasons that I joined UKIP,
      all those years ago,and which had widespread support throughout our country.I knew then that this absurd pro Halal policy would cause use to loose us members,and support from the general public,our members are still leaving,and can anyone blame them? Many of you know that I kept asking for answers from both Nutall,and his dullard advisors,and to date I stilll have received none,just a wall of silence.The self same people who sanctioned that stupid bloody pro Muslim pro Halal leaflet are still embedded within the hierarchy of UKIP today.They no longer represent us,no one will vote UKIP until we get rid of them.We even have them now writing here on UKIP DAILY,they denigrate us,call us out and in general attack us,when it us who are being honest and truthful.These people hate the wonderful Anne Marie Waters,and if they stop her from standing as our new leader,we are finished,as is our Country.
      I know I am using this a lot,but this describes them so aptly,UKIP has become the useful Idiot of Islam.Click my link,this is so depressing.

    • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT // August 8, 2017 at 11:18 am // Reply

      Non nobis solum nati sumus.

      (Not for ourselves alone are we born.)
      Marcus Tullius Cicero

      Tags: duty, helping-others, latin, self
      A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot surviv
      e treason from within. An enemy

      at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.
      This great quote from the great Roman Politician and Lawyer,Tulius Cicero,which was so relevant then,so aptly describes today the present dangers which we all face from the death cult Islsmists.

    • Hugo,
      I’m pleased that you agree with my earlier point: UKIP needs to ally with like-minded members of other parties to combat the denial and lies about the danger of islam put out by the government, lib/leftards and MSM. It is more likely that those allies (as with Brexit) will be Conservatives than members of other parties, but all that matters is that they perceive the danger, are unafraid to warn of it publicly, and are prepared to exert relentless pressure on the government to bring about change.

      The first change MUST be the abolition and outlawing of sharia law, sharia councils and sharia courts: measures that will weaken the source of patriarchal islamic power.

      It is essential that we target and weaken the islamic power base in this country: the men. You seemed to object when I suggested this on another page, but I am not being sexist, merely stating facts. It is the male muslims who are empowered by being allowed to practise sharia law in the UK, not the women and children. The men were the imams, the elders, the community leaders, the fathers, the husbands, the patriarchs, even before sharia was allowed by law (Blair) and funded by the government (Cameron & May). Blair and T May doubled and redoubled the men’s authority, thereby delivering the women, children and gay muslims into the hands of koran-addled misogynists, homophobics, and FGM-enthusiasts.
      This is what comes of muddled thinking, of lumping all muslims together and seeing them as united members of one faith, happy, equal, a brotherhood and sisterhood, all grateful to be ruled by religious law. This crass mistake comes from total ignorance of the koran, and idiotic PC cultural relativism which regards all cultures as equal and equally good.
      They’re not, which is why we KNOW that many women, children and gay muslims are suffering every day under a monstrous cult, while many muslim men are plotting various ways to take over our country and its people.

      • Panmelia, you are correct that Islam is patriarchal, and benefits men. And that tackling Muslim men is key.

        What I am trying to say is that Muslim men are dehumanised by Islam. Islam holds back their entire society. Their men are mentally blinkered and cannot make their society proceed, in any area, whether scientific, technical, legal, moral, or philosophical etc.

        They believe in a magical flying horse. It is no wonder that the aeroplane was not invented in an Islamic country. Infidel technology is vastly superior to Islamic technology. Cars, planes, computers etc are all embodied thoughts. You have no capacity to think them up if you are filling your head with memorising the Koran and banging your head on the ground five times per day.

        • Hugo, what you say is true, but we cannot fight islam by saying ‘Oh, the poor men, they’ve been dehumanised and are victims too.’ Sympathy for the enemy is not a luxury one can afford if everything you value, such as your freedom, and hold dear, such as your country, is at stake.
          If we had taken that approach in the past, depending on how far back you want to go, we’d all be speaking German (WW1&2) or French (Bonaparte).
          My sympathy is reserved for the women, children and gay victims of inhumane islamic ideology. We must remove or reform their victimisers.

          • Cum dilectione hominum et odio vitiorum: “With love for mankind and hatred of sins.”

            I make a point of being friendly to the Muslims who I meet. The Koran teaches them not to take Jews and Christians for their friends. Who knows, maybe by being friendly it puts a seed of doubt into their mind regarding the veracity of the Koran?

            Being friendly does not mean being soft (like Cameron) or daft (like Blair and May).

            Ultimately Muslims must dismantle Islam themselves.

            If some men have several wives, what happens to the men with none? They are probably going to turn to blowing themselves up, or just walking away from it entirely.

            Why is it that more women convert to Islam than men? If it was so wonderful for men you would expect more men than women converting, surely?

  9. I fell into the trap created by the mainstream media, that because Tommy Robinson was the leader of the EDL, that he was a ‘nasty racist bigot’.
    I’ve seen some of his video clips recently, and by actually taking the time to listen to what he has to say, I’ve found my opinion of him has greatly changed. I have purchased his book Enemy Of The State, and it is loaded on my Kindle ready to begin reading when I get some free time.
    The more I learn and understand about Islam, the more concerned I get about the future of this country, let alone the future of Europe.
    The current narrative needs to be questioned and challenged. UKIP’s mission is no longer about ‘independence from Europe’, but ‘independence from Islam’.

    • There is an extraordinary level of propaganda against those who stand up and tell the awful truth about Islam.

      I have colleagues who really think that Tommy Robinson is as bad as the Islamic terrorists! It is hard work arguing with such brainwashed individuals. They prefer comfortable lies about Islam rather than the painful truth. I cannot see what will make them snap out of their stupor.

  10. Great article.

    The people were never asked whether they wanted this vile ideology imported into the country. We were never asked because the political class knew the answer would be “NO (expletive) WAY”!

    Whilst AMW is the most vocal critic of islam out of all the leadership candidates, she has not committed to offering a referendum on the matter. Indeed, I have mentioned in another article here that I’m very surprised that no leadership candidate at all has committed to offering a referendum on the biggest issues damaging this country.

    In my view the biggest issues with the most immediate threat to the UK are:
    1) Islam
    2) Unlimited low skilled immigration (immigration issue is bigger than this segment but we have to start somewhere)
    3) Multiculturalism

    I would also like to see a referendum on:
    4) Marxism (yes, marxism encompasses items 1 to 3, but I believe it would be useful to get the British people to make it clear they reject Marxist policies and want to reverse the spread of Marxism).

    Whilst we won the EU referendum, the unintended consequence was that UKIP was made “irrelevant” thereafter because labour and tories then mimicked UKIP’s stance on the EU. i.e. they supported taking the UK out of the EU and all its structures. Hence 2015 UKIP voters flocked back to their “traditional” parties and UKIP’s share of the vote plummeted in the 2017 GE.

    For UKIP to win parliamentary seats and eventually win a GE I believe we need policies which are very popular nationally, yet which are impossible for the other parties to mimic. If we have policies which LibLabCon can easily mimic we will always be “irrelevant”.

    Regarding the above 4 items, UKIP would be the only party offering the British people the chance to make their voice heard on these critical matters. It would attract huge voter support and force the ruling party to offer a referendum. I believe UKIP would win all 4 referendums with ease. The LibLabcon would not be able to mimic our position on any of them and they would be exposed as the enemies of the British people they have always been.

    This is a huge open goal for us. Does anyone know why none of the leadership contenders have committed to offering referenda on the above issues?

    • Wellios. Excellent post. A policy of offering the people referendums would get strong support from the voters. Energise the party. Unsettle the mainstream parties. Direct democracy for the voters. I like this idea.
      We will have to ask the candidates whether they will adopt this policy. Any candidate having this policy would probably become the frontrunner.

      • Indeed, and I would be ready to go out on another leaflet delivery run for a referendum on any of these!

      • Offering referendums on major decisions for the country was a UKIP policy for many years, along with a moratorium on all immigration for 5 years not sure if it still is.

    • On Marxism, as an activist over the subject of postmodernist-Marxism I believe this is a subject of great interest to many who hate this ideology. UKIPDaily published an article on this:

      • Liberas – off topic, I do apologize, I only read your message today, about following me on Twitter ….@trotman_deirdre is where you’ll find me! You may wish you hadn’t ! But you are most welcome (there are often dogs wanting homes involved, among other topics!)

        • Dee
          Also a bit off topic. I’m not on twitter but do look at your twitter feed. I noted this morning that on a recent tweet you say you are lucky to have a local butcher and a Waitrose.

          Please note that Waitrose also sells unlabelled meat from halal slaughterhouses as, indeed, does M&S. You might want to look at the website ‘Boycott Halal’ as there is plenty of information there.

          I am lucky in that I live 20 minutes drive from a farm butcher who has his own licensed slaughterhouse so he can assure me that all his produce is humanely killed. He is the only butcher I trust now.

          Red Tractor or British meat is not a guarantee that it didn’t come from a halal abbatoir. The Boycott Halal website has, I believe, an article about this.


          • Thanks Brenda – I buy Aberdeen Angus meat in Waitrose, but never thought to check about Halal – assumed it was slaughtered in Scotland. I never buy lamb, but I know their NZ lamb is Halal. However, I have checked their chocolate isn’t!!

  11. Did David Cameron want an EU referendum? NO. Why did we get one, then? Because anti-EU members of his own party and the whole of UKIP put relentless pressure on him to promise one. From January 2013 to June 2016 – three and a half years – is how long it took between the promise and the Referendum taking place. For 3 and a half years the debate about whether we should be in or out continued, peaking to a frenzy in the months after the Referendum date was announced (which is why dumb Remainer arguments about people not understanding what they were voting for are so contemptible).

    We need a national debate of the same magnitude on islam in this country, but efforts to have one are demonised and stifled by Lib/Leftards, Westminster and the MSM. There is no excuse for their ignorant PC virtue-signalling; it has to be overcome.

    UKIP has to be prepared to ally itself with any Conservative MPs who agree about islam being a threat to our future, and together apply the same unrelenting pressure on the government as we did about the EU. Theresa May won’t listen – she’s either very stupid or acting under instructions from bigger cheeses, as ChrisK suggests. Perhaps this influence comes from the same forces that persistently conspire to bring President Trump down for his attempts to control immigration from muslim countries. Whatever the source of resistance to the truth, it has to be combated by presenting the facts to everyone in the country; many people are already aware and alert, but the task is to engage and inform the overwhelming majority.

    Sharia May needs to be ousted by a leader who is not in denial of the threat; one who will use British laws to reverse the inroads that islam has been allowed to make in our society, culture and democracy.

    Unless UKIP elects a leader prepared to fight as hard on the islam issue as Nigel Farage fought for Brexit, it won’t be the party I will look to for our national salvation.

  12. Also, the ECHR has openly declared Sharia incompatible with human rights in the case of Refah Partisi v Turkey as long ago as 2003. As the Court later stated in its Annual Report, the Court…” carried out a thorough examination of the relationship between the Convention, democracy, political parties and religion, and found that a sharia-based regime was incompatible with the Convention, in particular, as regards the rules of criminal law and procedure, the place given to women in the legal order and its interference in all spheres of private and public life in accordance with religious precepts”

  13. An inspiring article, thank you. Also a very good, concise cut out and keep ready guide to use against the Pavlovian responses of the human rights brigade whenever the subject is raised.

    There is no excuse for any UKIP member not to arm themselves with the most basic information about Islam and they can make a start with the references above.
    I have no sympathy with anyone who does not.
    In my eyes it has become a civic duty, and any member aspiring to office should have their knowledge of Islam assessed since year on year we see its incremental domination.

    Instead of dismissing out of hand as ‘racists’ those within UKIP who are trying to draw attention to the dangers of ignoring the dangers inherent in Islam, why do not detractors, showing they have the same information as the rest of us, produce irrefutable arguments against the above. They can tell us why UKIP should not produce a rational ‘de-Islamising’ policy based on those UDHR Articles and our very own existing laws.

    The best argument they will muster is that we will lose Party members, swathes of potential electorate and be called the ‘racist’ party again.
    Actually, in the great scheme of things none of this matters, none of it. Goodness and truth should be made to prevail no matter what and UKIP should work towards that with an honest heart and give a voice to all our truly British citizens who are worried sick for their children’s future. Many, many will support us if support for non-MSM is anything to go by.

    By the way, for Mr. Bickley’s information, I am a relatively recent Member who joined before the leadership election was called.
    The name under which I post was a sometime nickname for me by my mother who taught me my deep sense of patriotism and the importance of the values fought for in the Second World War. As far as I am aware they did not include the values of Islam or Cultural Marxism.

    • Eliza, I so agree, you have put it perfectly!
      It is rediculous that people are trying to dismiss Anne Marie, who has studied Sharia in detail and has the ability to stand our corner on the topic – indeed has undertaken hostile questioning at the Oxford Union and other places, in favor of others who, while not being afraid to mention various topics like banning the burka for instance, have no idea, when questioned, of the real significance of the garment and resort to ‘terrorism’ or even worse I think I heard health hazards touted somewhere!

      UKIP needs to be the Party unafraid to take this subject on! Listening to the very good interviews given by people on the Veterans Against Terrorism March last Saturday, they are no longer afraid to say they are standing up for the country to retain it’s values, standing peacefully against the increasing Islamization of Britain – they are Veterans, they have seen life both in divided societies and in Muslim countries and they want to prevent that happening here. And yet! They have no Political Party to vote for!
      The Veterans want to join with the Football Lads Alliance, and a Sikh organization whose name I have temporarily forgotten and end up with a huge peaceful movement that forces the Government, whatever Government, to listen. And yet! They have no Political Party to vote for! UKIP hierarchy is way behind the curve, many members aren’t. Why are we having to fight every step of the way, against MEP’s and others in our own Party? We need to ask them. We need to provide that Party.

      • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT // August 8, 2017 at 9:38 pm // Reply
        Dear Dee ,thanks for all of the wonderful work that you do for us in UKIP.
        I’m glad that you mentioned Veterens against Terrorism,this reminded me of a comment I made before the referendum.’Politicians have betrayed men who fought for Britain’ by 97 year old Colin Ashford,was part of the Veterns for Britain group.My main comment is second from last.This is something which is very close to my heart,as I and countless others lost our Brave and Courageous Ancestors in Two World Wars,when they made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our freedoms,only for the vile verminous so called leaders give everything away to the death cult Islamists.Just recently I was discussing with my 91 year old cousin Meg,who lives in Cardiff and is 17 years older than me,how our Aunt heard of the news,that one of her sons had been killed in Crete,and his brother was declared missing in action,with tears streaming down her face she told me.Of course I had heard this story before,as my late mother had told us so many times.I have their photos upstairs,and some when they were in their uniforms,they looked so smart and handsome,I feel so proud of them,I just wish I had known them.On a lighter note,can you guess who said this:i object that you are using a pseudonym,especially as this is a UKIP controlled site,so what is your real name,and are you a UKIP member? as I believe you could be a Labour Momentum activist,and out to destroy UKIP.Oh no kind Sir, I am not out to destroy UKIP,I don’t need to,as you and the rest of you dullards are in fact doing such a splendid job in that department.Dee,what a numpty!

  14. I am presently reading ‘Mohammed’s koran’ why Muslim’s kill for Islam by Peter McLoughlin and Tommy Robinson. Available now from Amazon. I would recommend this book for its introduction and for reorganising the chapters of the koran into their correct order so that it becomes possible to see that the later verses, written after mohammeds flight to Medina are violent, and replace the more peaceful verses written earlier in Mecca.
    Islam is clearly the religion of war and slavery and our recent political attempt to re-brand it as ‘the religion of peace’ betrays us all.

  15. Islam is a clear and present threat to our very existence as the country that Cromwell and our recent forebears fought wars for.

    It needs to be outlawed and those who insist on following it removed. Live in our country live by our rules.

    Some hope that the present crop of carpetbaggers in government will do the necessary. For a start we should boycott all the businesses of the invader.

    • Small point but we all do business with “the invader” when we buy from any halal-accredited business. (Here I could do with a Robert Kimbell to list them all. But there are many)

  16. Hugo, thank you.

  17. And how precisely do “human rights” differ from political correctness? Prior to Tony Blair’s Human Rights Act 1998 there was no protection of “human rights” in English law and England then was a freer, safer and kinder place than it is today.

    The “human rights” lobby is no enemy of militant Islam – on the contrary, by, among other things, making deportation almost impossible, it has proved more an ally than enemy of militant Islam.

    Th last word on “natural rights” (the precursor of “human rights”) was provided by Jeremy Bentham over 200 years ago: “simple nonsense: natural and imprescriptible rights, rhetorical nonsense, – nonsense upon stilts.” Hear, hear!

    • Richard, the lawyers do seem over zealous on occasion, which brings the system of Human Rights into disrepute.

      I would be interested in your thoughts specifically on the UDHR: are there any Articles which you disagree with?

      • More or less all of them, Hugo. The whole of the UDHR, like most of these “human rights” documents, is insufferably pompous cant from start to finish. Please don’t take my word for it – you can read it for yourself – if you can bear to.

        There is something much, much more important than “human rights”. And what is that? It is this – justice. And what does justice require? Well – that depends on your politics – but as I am a patriotic populist I believe justice requires two things: first, that the will of each and every ancient people should prevail in its own traditional homeland and, secondly, it requires that the will of each and every ancient people should be expressed through simple majority vote unrestricted by powerful minorites such as judges supposedly enforcing “human rights” while in fact pursuing the interests of powerful elites and the deep state.

        Hugo, our disagreement is over means not ends. I take it we both wish to see a stop to the Islamisation of England, and indeed the whole of western Europe. But unlike you I do not think that the “human rights” brigade (to borrow a phrase used by a previous poster) is going to be of any assistance. On the contrary the human rights brigade is more an ally of Islamisation than its enemy.

        If Islamisation is to be stopped it will be through the kind of populist politics that we saw last summer in the Brexit referendum campaign.

        This is not the place to try to explain the alliance between political correctness (i.e. the “human rights brigade”) and Islam but a useful start to analysing this is provided by Paul Joseph Watson here :

        • Richard, if I am understanding you correctly – if democracy was working as it should then these Human Rights would be superfluous. Any legislation which was to the detriment of the voters would, in time, be changed to be more beneficial.

          However our democracy has been undermined by Brussels and by having parallel legal systems such as Sharia (and Beth Din). Pragmatically we must use whatever tools are available to us today, if we wait for the ideal conditions we could be waiting a long time.

  18. Good article.

  19. I imagine Theresa May must be being paid some handsome incomes to declare such idiotic ideas as islam being compatible with human rights. It puzzles me how she can possibly have this on her conscience, since she claims to be Christian. Thus she must be acting under instructions from string-pullers higher up the chain.

    • You might like to search and read

      “Down the memory hole goes the truth.”

      • Liz, I have done some research, but cannot find, nor prepared to pay the magic 1,300 uS dollars bandied about.
        I think I have found a Jerman version. Needs a member of the family to confirm.
        So do tell, where can I get a copy at sensible cost?
        Or has it gone down the me . . . ?

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