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“The Hegira or Hijrah (Arabic: هِجْرَة‎‎) is the migration or journey of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Yathrib, later renamed by him to Medina, in the year 622.[1] In June 622, after being warned of a plot to assassinate him, Muhammad secretly left his home in Mecca to emigrate to Yathrib, 320 km (200 mi) north of Mecca, along with his companion Abu Bakr.[6] Yathrib was soon renamed Madīnat an-Nabī (Arabic: مَـديـنـة الـنّـبي‎‎, literally “City of the Prophet”), but an-Nabī was soon dropped, so its name is “Medina”, meaning “the city”.[7] The Hijrah is also often identified erroneously with the start of the Islamic calendar, which was set to Julian 16 July 622.” (Wikipedia)

The story of the Hijrah provides an explanation of how Islam spread from being a small group of believers and followers to spread initially the Arabian Peninsula and then to vast areas of the world. These places that have been invaded by Hijrah are now undoubtedly dominated by Islam and it illustrates how the Islamic modus operandi of Hijrah has been a form of conquest.

There are numerous texts available that describe Hijrah and its use as a form of conquest. I’ve chosen to quote from the following text, because while it may not be the most academically rigorous of sources, it simply and clearly describes the four stages of Islamic conquest and is in-line with other sources. (4 Stages of Islamic Conquest by: Civilus Defendus). These facts can be checked against more recognised sources, but more importantly, you can easily see how this is playing out all around us. I’ll talk about my own interpretation of these four stages of Hijra:

Stage 1- Infiltration

We’re all well aware of the Muslim infiltration stage by now, for decades we’ve had ever increasing waves of politically sanctioned Islamic immigration, not to mention the huge reproduction rates of Muslims: the demographic projections are frightening. Appeals for tolerance from their host society, attempts to portray Islam as a religion of peace – this would be laughable if the situation weren’t so serious. Islam is a religion that isn’t at peace with itself, the different Muslim factions are very adept at killing each other: how can anybody seriously expect Muslims to live at peace on the same soil with us. Lies! Please refer to my original article for UKIP Daily: The Zombie Apocalypse .

“Quran (3:54) – “And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them): and Allah is the best of schemers.” The Arabic word used here for scheme (or plot) is makara, which literally means ‘deceit’. If Allah is supremely deceitful toward unbelievers, then there is little basis for denying that Muslims are allowed to do the same.” (What makes Islam so different)

There are many references to the use of deception and lying (taqiyya) by Muslims as a weapon against their enemies; they are masters of this. Islam has had a profound influence on our way of life and our culture, we’ve lost many of our long established and taken-for-granted rights, particularly freedom of speech and expression. We can’t even objectively discuss Islam or even mention our own religion without being accused of racism and Islamophobia. We can even be fined or imprisoned for ‘hate speech’, for having such thoughts.

Stage 2-Consolidation of Power

We’re well into this stage now, I’ve already written about this in a previous article: De-facto Islamic Rule. Please again refer to this article, it saves space here.

We’ve seen in our schools how political correctness and Islam is rammed down the throats of our children. As time goes on the Muslim population has sought to increase its political influence, all the time becoming less tolerant of criticism. Our capital city already has a Muslim Mayor.

On a larger scale, it’s frightening just how successful this consolidation of power has been. Our government, law (both Executive and Judiciary), banking system, education system, entertainment industry and mainstream media are all being used against us.

During this stage, Islam will recruit allies who share the same goals: globalists. It has not escaped my notice (I speculate here), how the European Union was formed by lies, stealth and insidious subterfuge: very similar to the taqiyya techniques used by Islam. It is perhaps no coincidence that Angela Merkel has been guilty of the treason of allowing millions of Muslims to invade Europe.

The United Nations is another example of a supranational organisation where Islam has a strong influence and is over-represented. Whether Islam is being used as a tool of globalisation or is the driving force behind it in the pursuit of Hijrah, is for now a moot point. I firmly believe (again I speculate), that the trillions of dollars that The West has paid to the Islamic world in return for oil is being used as a weapon against us, to fund a Hijrah on steroids.

Stage 3-Open War with Leadership and Culture

We are approaching this violent third stage faster than anyone seems to realise, it is baked into the pie of Hijrah, it will happen as surely as night follows day. The battle lines are becoming increasingly obvious. In the United States the attacks on a popular democratic president are increasing daily, the contempt for democracy is palpable. Here and in the US, the judiciary has become weaponised against us, for example by overturning Trump’s Executive Orders and trying to subvert Brexit here.

Our politicians are guilty of the greatest acts of betrayal and treason in human history. Behind our politicians’ smiles and reassurances they are complicit in a plot to destroy us and our way of life. We will fight the next world war on our streets, for the first time in history without political leadership or standing armies. It has to be realised that the Muslims have already been more successful than Kaiser Wilhelm or Adolf Hitler, we’ve already been invaded and it continues at a rapid pace. It is no coincidence that millions of Muslim reinforcements, including probably hundreds of thousands of jihadis, have been let into Europe.

Stage 4- Totalitarian Islamic “Theocracy”

What I’ve written here may shock many of you, those of you that believe in the law and political process, but it is the reality and it will catch up with you. Soon enough you must face this. We have been left defenceless in the face of the Islamic onslaught.

We can learn from the enemy however. We’ve seen how in the Middle East they’ve become so proficient at guerrilla warfare, improvising weapons and explosives. Perhaps we should take note.

Many normal people would be so proud to have a granddaughter – how would you feel if she was raised in a hostile, misogynistic, alien world, a victim of Female Genital Mutilation and slave to a totalitarian evil regime? This is the price of failure: these invaders never have been and never will be our friends.

Hijrah is not a conspiracy theory, it is the reason for continuing Islamic global expansion and it has been happening incrementally for centuries.

Photo by Andrew E. Larsen

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I'm not living in the UK at the moment, and I'm an ex university lecturer in IT and MBA. I don't belong to any political party but if I was in the UK I'd be with UKIP.

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  1. First time commenter, please be gentle!

    I have been a UKIP voter since 2006, member since June 2016. Female, early 30s, lifelong disabled. I joined the party as a protest, of sorts, because I strongly disagreed with what was being said and done at the time, in the run-up to the EU referendum, by others close to my own age (often referred to by the MSM as ‘Millenials’).

    I live in East Anglia, in a traditionally working-class area. The town I live in, and especially the area of that town where I live, is, to put it not too bluntly I hope, chock-full of Muslims. The very street I live on is full of them. It is a busy main road, packed with Muslim-owned takeaways and halal food shops (I went to church on Christmas morning for the service, and was shocked to see all of these shops open). There has been, since 2013, a mosque open in a former pub barely two minutes away from my home.

    I can no longer walk down this street, where I have lived for seven years, without being verbally harrassed and physically groped at by gangs of young Muslim men, who gather all day and late into the evening, on the pavements outside these various Muslim-owned businesses. As a young woman with disabilities, this is especially frightening for me.

    I have tried to explain how I feel about this and how it affects me on other forums, and I have been called a ‘racist’ and an ‘Islamaphobe’ (but Islam is not a race; it’s barely even a religion, at least not in the way I have always understood religion to operate; and what is wrong with being afraid of something which threatens you with harm on a daily basis?) I hope to move away from my town as soon as I am financially able, but in the meantime, thanks to our politicians and the leftist-dominated MSM, I have to endure daily assaults on my person committed by these vile people, and can say nothing about it.

    UKIP needs to stand up to Islam. If not us, then who?

    • It makes my blood boil to read this, you can certainly talk about it here. I haven’t been to the UK for many years, reading comments like this makes me wonder what it must be like living there now, it sounds awful. What you’re going through is a bloody disgrace, when I think how I loved my beautiful country when I was young, I get really upset when I realise what its become. I never thought years ago that one day in England, a disabled woman wouldn’t be able to walk the streets safely, I’m ashamed.

      Good luck,I hope you manage to move away soon.

    • Dear CLB,

      TQ very much for sharing. Very sorry to hear ….. Hope you manage to move away soon. Myself can’t believe that parts of East Anglia would now be overrun by Mussies.

      Take care and hope the local parish and the churches are sympathetic and empathetic to your situation.

    • Dear CLB, you are welcome here. It is not racist to want to feel safe in your own community, not to be groped or physically abused. I am so ashamed of both this country and, at present, UKIP, both of which have let you down when we should have been protecting you.
      Rest assured that we are fighting our hardest to see that this issue gets to the top of the UKIP agenda – frankly, I am disgusted with our leadership that you should even have to ask, if not us, then who.

    • CLB, the people who have called you racist and islamophobic are dopes and dhimmis with very low IQs. Ignore them and treat them with the contempt they deserve.

      Have you been to the police? Have you complained to your ward councillor or written to your MP? The police have to investigate a complaint when it is made, but don’t hold out too much hope for a thorough investigation because they’re terrified of being called ‘racist’ and turn a blind eye to so many things.
      Begin documenting every incident: place, date, time, appearance and create a log. muslim men are bullies, sexual bullies, misogynistic, taught that they are superior, believe that they’re entitled to behave as they please. Please don’t let them get away with it: that just feeds their monstrous arrogance.

  2. GEOFFRY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // March 19, 2017 at 5:35 am // Reply
    The greatest threat we and our beautiful pets face today iin Britain are from Muslims.They hate us with a vengeance,they seek and celebrate our death and
    destruction,they hate our dogs even more,and wherever they are they torture them,cut off their ears,nose and tails,and have now they have started to poison dogs.
    All over Britain,they are now poisoning our lovely dogs,they started in Cardiff last year, just last week where we live,12 miles away from Cardiff,3 of our people’s poor pet dogs had been found to be poisoned.There is a huge amount of info.available online about the cruelty that those hateful Muslims torture and abuse all animals.
    They are now crucifying dogs and cats in mainland Europe.They take great delight in torturing Donkeys,who are one of the most docile of all animals,I rember well,happier times,as a young boy having a donkey ride at the seaside.Moslems favourite way of killing those poor peaceful Donkeys,is by pushing them off cliffs,afterwards they are beside themselves,deriliously laughing uncontrollably.Muslims are the most vile and violent,and despicable people on God’s Earth.I hate,loathe,detest and despise them,as I hate the bloody traitors who have imported this scum into my once safe,
    peaceful and once happy and proud country.
    I also hate the leader of my party,Paul Nutall,his pandering and Cow towing,and appeasement to the Muslims of Stoke,i find unforgivable,and I feel bitterly betrayed.
    And he and his dullard advisors to want to allow the blood-lust that is Halal not to be banned,just shows how low they have all become.Worse still those scum hid it all from us,it was only when we saw that bloody Leaflet,was the horror revealed.
    Since then we have had a wall of silence,that confirms they are as guilty as hell.
    Now I have heard on here,UKIP DAILY,that we now have members who,still want to
    support Nutall.Belive me the longer Nutall & Co remain within UKIP,the sooner will be our demise.Nutall has disgraced himself,he has discredited and brought shame on UKIP,and he is just not a fit person to remain the leader of UKIP.
    Please please,can some of my fellow activists help start a petition,or vote of no confidence,or anything to get Nutall either to stand down,or be booted out.

  3. Flyer, Thanks, somehow we have to get the message out to the unseeing (without getting arrested of course).

  4. “We’re all well aware of the Muslim infiltration stage by now…”

    Certainly those of us who contribute here are but many have not been affected yet and, unless they travel to the infected areas, will remain ignorant. Sadly there are many others in the infected areas that refuse to open their eyes or are afraid to speak out for fear of being branded “racist” or “Islamaphobic”.
    You are not being speculative in suggesting a practical alliance between Islam and the globalists; whether they are true allies or Islam is a convenient tool is a moot point.
    An interesting book that I have read recently:
    “Your Children’s Future in Islamic Britain” by David Vincent.
    And another which is enlightening on the globalist movement among other things:
    “Spyhunter: the Secret History of German Intelligence” by Michael Shrimpton.

    • I agree, I try and be objective when I write articles, even though sometimes I’d like to say more.

      I would go further to say, that I’ve long suspected that both the European Union and United Nations, have become fronts for Islam. Maybe they always were from inception, bought about by a conspiracy between globalists and Muslims. Something like that anyway, there’s a lot more to this than meets the eye.

  5. Coulter on Refugees in Europe: ‘What Other Immigrant Group Could Not Stop Themselves From Raping Women?’

  6. As were going we’ll see more of this in the future, it will be our future.

  7. There’s no doubt in the reading the comments and of the experience of members on UKIP Daily that Paul and his cohorts want to appear mainstream when it comes to the Party’s image amongst Muslim voters …… UKIP doesn’t need to de-toxify its image amongst Mohamedan voters(!)

    UKIP should make no apologies, offer no expression of regret whatsoever for speaking up against Sharia and of Sharia courts in the UK …..

    The leadership must not make the error of treating Muslims as a separate, distinct category of voters — that would only be to play the game that Islamists want …. sooner or later, unwittingly and inevitably Paul will start to really pander to the Muslim vote and that’s completely wrong, unacceptable and a horrible thing to do for obvious reasons …..

    Moslem voters should be treated as ethnic minority voters like any other ethnic minority voters without some special treatment ….. immigrant or 2nd, 3rd generation from the ex-colonies ….. that UKIP wishes for ties to become stronger post-Brexit (minus the immigration of course) ……

  8. TQ very much for this article!

  9. Flyer, as usual, a brilliantly knowledgeable article that tells it as it is.
    All over Europe, because the elite are now afraid of the rise of populist parties, lip service is at least beginning to be paid to ‘safeguarding culture’ and ‘tough penalties’ and so on.

    There’s no need to do that in Britain, because UKIP’s ability to be that voice has been masterfully neutered by our current Leader and his clueless cabal, who have, at a stroke, with that infamous Stoke leaflet, destroyed (was it on purpose?) UKIP’s credibility. Under the current Leader, it will never return.

    Many UKIP members are so frustrated that the one thing that UKIP could have done for the country is speak out, as they did for years about Europe, and in fact getting out of the EU was just one step towards fighting the Islam/Globalist takeover, a very small first step at that, and UKIP has now been neutered. Our work had hardly begun, certainly not been finished, and yet the Leadership is determined we shall not be allowed to continue.

    Winning seats in Council elections will not be enough to slow the downfall of Britain, we needed the big ambition of turning back the enemy both at the gates and within our country – under Nuttall, I’m afraid UKIP has been tested, and we all know what happened when he was.

  10. Yes. It’s very effective. Not least because it works again and again, and having modern high tech expensive weapons is no defense against it. In fact our benefit system makes us more vulnerable to it than the Byzantine Empire which is now, long since defeated by it, of course.

  11. Flyer, thanks for this 4-stages of hijrah which chillingly formulates what we can see happening around us but, apparently, the people in charge cannot see, or pretend not to see, or are too caffy-hearted to do anything about.

    I hope you are wrong about lack of support from our Army because they’re about the only ones allowed to have guns, plus their experience in fighting a musim enemy; and I believe I know whose side they would be on. The Thought Police would probably still be licking their pencils and taking notes on whether accusing muslims of a jihadi takeover was ‘hate speech’, while bullets whistled round their heads.

    As for our wonderful politicians who created this mess in the first place by their criminal stupidity. they’d all be safely hunkered down in their underground shelters refining their dhimmihood status just in case they couldn’t flee abroad.

    • Panmelia,

      The Police are of the people but no longer on the side of the People. I entertain the hope that the guys in the army, being also of the People, will support us when it all kicks off. I think Cameron feared that possibility when he reduced their numbers.

      An interesting comparison:

      Thailand population: 68m.
      UK population: 63m+.
      So comparable in that respect although the population density of the UK is around double that of Thailand.

      UK active military:144,000
      Thailand active front-line military: 310,000; active reserve 245,000.

      Thailand has conscription so theoretical fit for service personnel is said to be 27.5m!

      No wonder they have been able to mount serial coups to deal with corrupt governments. In my experience under military government life goes on as normal.

  12. GEOFFRY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // March 18, 2017 at 1:14 pm // Reply
    flyer when I clicked on that last link,and saw that picture of The Razor Sharia May
    wearing that absurd damn headscarf,I almost choked on my baked beans(and poached egg on toast) that I had just stared eating.Really you should have issued a health warning,as many of us oldies have health issues,I myself have a Heart condition,
    Stents in ny major Arteries,and to top it all off,bloody Unstable Angina,which my wife of over 52 years takes a great delight in telling everyone just about sums me up.
    I have previously seen a photo of Sharia May wearing a headscarf,but not this one.
    I was not expecting to see that most vile Verminous,remainiac Traitor,
    and Muslim Appeasing Enemy of the state Sharia May.To see her pandering to those
    two damn Muslims,fills me with disgust and loathing,for crying out loud Woman,you are supposed to be the Prime Minister of Britain.Have you no self respect,it shows you up to be a weak,toothless,spineless,pathetic person who is intent on giving away everything we all so worked so very hard for..Brave men fought and died for Britain,and you are hell bent in giving our country to those very people of that most peverted religion and all mof it’s cruel and vile customs.You are indeed stupid in the
    extreme,and seriously deluded if you cannot see the horror story unfolding throughout
    mainland Europe,but especially in Sweden,France and Germany.If you can’t see that you are doing your damndest into turning our country into a full Muslim Embracing State,you are as deluded as Mad Cow Merkel the Mother of All Migrants.
    Click the link and you will all see how appropriate is her nickname-SHARIA

  13. GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // March 18, 2017 at 9:41 am // Reply
    flyer many thanks for taking the time to writing “Hijrah”
    Everyone clink the link,and there you can see my main comment,which I am quite
    proud of,I posted iit on the 13 TH of October at 10:58 PM
    See also my 3 replies,and of course everyone else’s.
    To deny a problem just encourages it to exist.Islam is just not compatible with our Western Society.I’m sick to death with the hateful and bloody racist Immigrunt
    Muslims,who hate us,the indigenous British.Thse are the very people who are our sworn enemies,and our scum leaders are the Traitors who invited our enemies into our once proud,peaceful,and once great and former Christian country..Britain under
    useless Sharia May continues to invite Muslims in,even though we are bursting at the seams,our little country is stuffed full of Muslims whom we have no work for,they are all on Jihad Benefits,their huge families are already bleeding us dry.
    I make no apologies for again mentioning the truly great quote from TULIUS CICERO,which what he says is so very relevant today,
    Apart from the past and present traitors who still govern us,we now have within UKIP
    our very own traitor,no other than the leader of UKIP Paul Nutall,now known as the
    “POACHER”,whose stupidity of siding and pandering to the death-cult Islamists of Stoke,,hie and his advisors who are all still embedded within UKIP,all happy and
    laughing as if nothing untoward has happened,lost us huge support from within UKIP
    as our members are leaving en masse,but complete loss of support throughout
    Britain,Nutall and his dullards have set us back years,they have done so very much damage,to our cause,UKIP may not ever recover fromjI do know this the longer Nutall & Co remain in UKIP,the sooner will be our demise.
    Thank you,Geoff.Elliott,UKIP RCT Branch,Pontypridd.

  14. Thank you Flyer a brilliantly written article.
    Just a couple of questions.
    Spain was once overrun by Muslims, I assume by the methods you have described. – how were they pushed back? and is there an old quiescent residual Muslim culture left there?
    I hear about the immigrant flow from North Africa mostly ending up at Greece and Italy, but the shortest route is across the Straits of Gibraltar – is there a flow into Spain?
    You have included FGM in your narrative, having sailed to West Africa(1950/60s) and through various TV travel programmes I have heard of the practice, generally I understood it was confined to more local tribal sources. From your commentary it appears it is an endemic Muslim tenet or practice of faith, such as Jewish Male mutilation.Is that so?

    • Roger, thank you for your questions. This article has covered a lot of ground, constrained buy a very short word limit. If anybody would like me to expand on some of the points I’ve raised, please let me know and I’ll write an article to cover it.
      As to your first question: refer to Martel and The Battle of Tours. ( However the answer to the question is a little more complicated as it’s an ongoing conflict that’s been going on for centuries. We could do with Martel back though.

      Probably there is a migrant flow into Spain, but possibly their border is better protected. However, Migrants set out across the med in brand new inflatable dinghies and out board motors, knowing they only have to make it a mile or two from the African coast to be picked up by European Navies and ferried to Europe. Distance doesn’t matter. Who is paying for these expensive boats?

      Circumcision, while I wouldn’t fancy it myself, is nowhere near as serious Female Genital Mutilation, which involves having the clitoris cut out with probably something like an old razor blade, without anesthetic. Surely the ultimate in misogyny. According to an article on Breitbart and many others, there were 5000 cases of Female Genital Mutilation in the UK in 2016.

    • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // March 18, 2017 at 10:25 am // Reply
      Roger and everyone please take time to see and hear Bill’.
      As Bill says “why we are afraid”,and we should be afraid,we in UKIP should have been
      shouting from the rafters not pathetically pandering to Muslims,as absurd Paul Nutall did.He has indeed shown himself to be a ridiculous figure of fun,whose firstly lies and then his despicable appeasement of the death-cult Islamists,have destroyed almost any chance of success in the May Council elections,and also lost us support not only from within our party,but from the majority of the General Public throughout Britain,
      but more importantly we have lost support in my own area,RCT,which voted in favour of Brexit,and where people who have always voted Labour,had voted with us for Brexit,and had began to hate the Labour,many have now told me that they will never again Vote UKIP,as we are no different to the test,they will in future not vote for anyone,that is the extent of the damage that Paul Nutall and his dullard advisors have done to my beloved party UKIP.

      • Then Geof, would an open letter with straw poll online results showing lack of confidence in some members of the UKIP hierarchy if organised be of use, a least a positive move I would say.

      • Geoff,

        First posted over 4 years ago and still many have not woken up to it. Clearly there is much to do yet all we get from UKIP is appeasement – Nuttall must be the Chamberlain of UKIP.

    • Roger, yes it is so. FGM is specifically sanctioned in islamic law: “Circumcision is a law for men and a preservation of honour for women.” You see, if a woman remains uncircumcised and still has a clitoris, which is the organ of sexual enjoyment and orgasm, she automatically turns into a slut, a trollop, and a raving nymphomaniac according to the ignorant barbarians. Therefore, she must be deprived of any sexual enjoyment to ‘preserve her honour’, which really means the honour of her menfolk who are excused from the charge of murder in islamic countries if they commit an ‘honour’ killing to regain the ‘honour’ they never possessed in the first place. What honour is there in being a brute of a woman-batterer and mutilator and murderer? But islamic zombies believe there is. That’s why they have no place here.
      FGM was originally practised by Arabian slavers on female slaves for added value to male purchasers and then spread into islamicised countries.
      As if removing the clitoris is not a bad enough sexual assault on a child or woman, there is an option of further mutilation in the form of cutting away all vulval flesh, plus infibulation (tightly sewing up) of the vaginal opening. All of the women so horribly abused suffer lifelong excruciating pain, disease, problems with urination, menstruation and childbirth, which is what one would expect after such an obscene sexual assault and battery on their bodies.
      Do I sound angrier and more disgusted than usual? Well, I am, for the following reason.
      News from Jihadwatch 16/3/17:”Georgia [USA} – muslim used scissors to perform FGM on his 2-year-old daughter.
      “An Ethiopian man was deported after 10 years in prison for sexual assault and battery on his daughter.”
      Apparently, this happened in 2001 and his wife reported him in 2006, he was convicted and imprisoned in 2007 and now he’s been chucked out of America to return to his islamic hell-hole. Let’s hope our stupid government doesn’t let him come here but, hell, would you be surprised if they did?

      FGM is a federal crime (and now it’s a State crime in Georgia), but this was the FIRST criminal conviction for it in the USA. They’re still doing better than we are though, aren’t they?

      • Panmelia – I have difficulty even writing about Female Genital Mutilation, it makes me feel sick. I find it unbelievable that this is going on in our once beautiful and civilised country along with the brutal gang rapes of women and our children being groomed for sexual exploitation. Our politicians have the sheer audacity, in the face of all of this, to keep preaching the mantra that “Islam is a religion of peace.” Whatever Islam is, there must be something sick and depraved about it to sanction these practices.

        The sight of our (so called) Prime Minister, pleading with Muslims, while wearing that ridiculous headscarf is pathetic, sickening and nauseating.

        It is a disgrace too that May can’t quite bring herself to invoke article 50. After all of the recent attempts to undermine Brexit, it is madness not to invoke Article 50 immediately. Don’t you just know there will be another attempt to thwart Article 50, I’m starting to think that is what May is hoping for.

        Our Prime Ministers just keep getting worse don’t they. I was glad to see the back of Blair, only for him to be replaced by Brown. I thought I couldn’t dislike anyone more than Blair and Brown, then along came Cameron and now May. Where is this going to end, a Caliphate perhaps?

      • I’ve read of the cuts being made with a piece of broken glass and normally being done by particular women in the community. So why haven’t they been rooted out and dealt with? Surely our existing law is sufficient?

  15. And yet it is supposedly “Islamophobic” to point any of this out.

    It should be compulsory for all candidates (local and Westminster and assemblies / Scottish parliament) to read the Koran, with an exam to check that they have done so.

    • Hugo, the candidates probably wouldn’t understand a lot of the koran, taken ‘neat’, because it’s assembled out of chronological order and highly allusive to other parts which may come later in the text. One needs a scholar of islam, such as Robert Spencer, who has studied it for 30 years, to explain and interpret the koran along with the haditha (the sayings of mohammad). He quotes extensively from the koran and haditha to support his arguments, as well as documenting the teachings of today’s imams and relating them to the instructions in the koran. There are many others who have written books about islam (beware the dhimmi apologists), but Spencer is the best in my view. Needless to say, he has to live with his family at a secret location in America with round-the-clock security. Robert Spencer also comments on the daily world news published on the online site ‘Jihadwatch’.

      I’ve read Spencer’s “The Truth about Mohammad”, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to islam and the Crusades”, and I’m about to read “Did Mohammad Exist?”. Other reading includes Ed Husain’s “The Islamist: why I joined radical islam in Britain, what I saw inside and why I left” (bone-chilling) and “Teach Yourself islam” by a devout chap called Maqsood, who gives us a jaw-droppingly long list of just SOME of the ‘hundreds of muslim organisations’ in the UK, all promoting islam as ‘a good thing’ and many receiving government funding from British taxpayers to do it!

      I dislike, distrust and fear islam, to put it mildly, in just the same way I would regard a highly venomous snake that was sneaking up on me. Perhaps I’m an ‘islamophobe’ in the same way I’m a ‘snakevenomophobe’ – with very good reason!

      • Panmelia, you are absolutely correct.

        I was in a rush this morning and so my comment was brief.

        Yes, Robert Spencer certainly knows this subject.

        It astonishes me just how ignorant politicians generally are, like Clegg in his speech after the murder of Lee Rigby. If he had actually read the Koran, with even the slightest understanding of abrogation, he would not have quoted the section, which goes on to justify the very act he was speaking about.

        UKIP could show the way, with the requirement that all candidates have a fairly good understanding of Islam. Of course it would take years to reach the standard of Robert Spencer, not realistic to expect that level of knowledge.

        I generally recommend “Islam: What the West needs to know”:

      • Lots of venomous snakes here; hardly ever see one. Walk the streets in any northern town in the UK and the enemy is to be seen everywhere. Far more dangerous.

  16. UPDATE – I’ve woken up this morning to find the following stories in the media.

    ‘You Are Europe’s Future’: Erdogan Tells Turks in Europe Have Five Kids, Not Three

    Erdogan: European Headscarf Ban ‘Started a Clash Between the Cross and the Crescent’

    Europe is heading towards ‘wars of religion’ warns Turkey’s foreign minister, as he claims Geert Wilders’ Dutch election rivals share his anti-Islamic views

    The frightening thing is, these statements aren’t even threats, they’re a statement of fact. Anybody with half an ounce of sense could see where we are headed. Our politicians can’t afford to ever admit to our dire situation as they would be admitting to the decades of treason and betrayal that has bought us to this point.

    And finally, the picture that says it all about our present, desperate situation.

    • Aargghh!! THat photo has just sent my blood pressure mounting. Theresa May (CofE vicar’s daughter) is undoubtedly a dhimmi. Look at the stupid head covering – WHO is making her wear that? Nobody, she’s put it on as a ridiculous sign of ‘respect’ for a ‘religion’ that shows no respect for anyone except their own male adherents. A ‘religion’ that reviles and despises her as a woman; those two bearded whatevers are fantasising about the day they can ensure that NO WOMAN is ever anything but a slave, a sexual object, a breeder and a prisoner in her father’s or husband’s home. They would love to see her thrown down from her position as PM and put in her proper woman’s place.
      May’s facial and body language says it all: supplicant, pleading, hands outstretched as if to beg understanding, or maybe apologising for some ‘insult’ to their disgusting beliefs. She can handle Corbyn and his Labour drones in the House of Commons, but apparently she can’t see that kowtowing to muslims is vile betrayal of Britain and its real people.

      Wake up, May!!

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