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Henry on the telly, oh joy (or not)!

Kippers don’t live in caves, so we all know what has been going on at the top of our party since our Leader Henry Bolton informed us in a late-night letter of ‘a change in his relationship’ and that this would be reported in next day’s ‘Sun’.

Kippers watched aghast as the story unfolded across the Sunday papers these past two weekends.

Members have made their feelings known, members are resigning, branches are closing down. But according to Bolton (quoted in the DT), those who call for his resignation ‘are people who for some time have been trying to work to undermine the leadership of the party in any case’ – by leaving? By saying what they think?

Yesterday morning, Paul Oakden said on the ‘Sunday Politics Show’ that Bolton would make a decision by the evening, and that ‘he is focussed on this matter’. One might have thought that a statement to members, either by Mr Oakden or Mr Bolton, would therefore be forthcoming that evening – but no!

Instead, this morning we and indeed the whole Nation was treated to Henry Bolton on all Breakfast TV programmes, explaining, defending, and above all announcing that he has now ditched the new love of his life, Ms Jo Marney.

I watched the BBC interview, and according to what other members wrote, the others on the other national TV stations went more or less the same way. So, taking it from the top, here goes:

‘The romantic part of this relationship has ended’ – is that what it’s called nowadays? Nice euphemism!

Henry ‘will help her and her family to rebuild her life’ – but what about his family – do they not need their lives rebuilding?

‘She is utterly distraught’ – oh is she really! So is your family, your wife, so are your kids, Henry – and so are we members, especially  those of us who worked their socks off to get you elected.

‘There’s context to her remarks which in time will be revealed’ – in time? Why not now? Frankly, this is the usual weaselling-out approach taken by those who have something to hide: ‘context’ implying that we idiots don’t know anything so cannot possibly understand, should on no account judge and please go back to as we were before.

Henry then segues straight into his spiel about holding May’s feet to the fire on Brexit. But what has he done about that in the past three-and-a half months? Oh, there was one tweet about Nigel’s remark on a 2nd referendum. One tweet ain’t policy! The BBC presenter cuts him off and asks about his statement during the hustings that he was a family man with two small kids.

(Excursion: I never thought I’d say this about a BBC presenter, but this one is rather straightforward and asks his questions without being snide.)

So Henry spins the issue of his marriage and the hustings like a mini-Mandelson: he only said that he was married, nothing else, nothing about the state of his marriage – I bet members who saw and met him during the hustings saw and heard  things differently! Of course, he’s since told us that actually, his marriage was on the rocks even then … did  he think it would scupper his chances if he’d said so at the time? Well, now his goose is truly cooked as far as so many members are concerned who have left in the past two weeks: because they recognise that they were and are being lied to.

Next, the BBC presenter reads statements by Ben Walker, Bill Etheridge and Suzanne E (inevitably), calling for him to go. Henry brushes these aside saying that Walker and Etheridge were running against him in the leadership campaign, insinuating ‘sour grapes’, and that they should rather work towards delivering for the Party.  (Watch out, Ben and Bill – he’s coming for you!)

He then goes on to talk about reforming the Party – organisation, planning, funding … This might play for ordinary BBC watchers but we Kippers all know what he has achieved in this respect: sweet F.A.! When I wrote my first critical appraisal “One month and counting …” on Oct 31st 2017, we heard reassuring noises. Knowing the mess UKIP was in, we gave him the benefit of doubt – but what happened in November and December? Nothing, except some longwinded letter and one shadow Cabinet meeting (we’re still in the dark about the outcome of this). There was the launch of one campaign, ‘Save Our Services’ – and then what?

Where’s the audit he promised? Where’s a new chairman? Where is the new comms system? One man has been working on it, we’re told – one man! (Was he offered any help, were members with expertise asked to help in this endeavour? Not that I’m aware of …) What about the funding? Is Henry getting paid or not? Who pays?

Now the nation talks indeed about UKIP – in a bad way. Why should voters trust a party whose leader vanishes to ‘be involved romantically’ (modern speak for having “carnal knowledge”, but do insert your favourite four-letter word!) instead of doing what he was elected to do – lead?

Concluding the interview Henry says he’s ‘worked hard’ to turn things around, and that ‘we’ll see things emerge in the next two months’ … funny that none of us grassroots have seen or heard any sign about this turn-around so far! One might expect to see the odd, tiny, little green shoot by now! And: two more months? That’s mid-March, six weeks before the Local Elections … weren’t we going to have everything in place to win seats then?

Off Henry goes then into ‘someone must hold the government to account’ – regurgitating phrases from his statements made before he was elected. That’s old stuff now, no relation to what has been happening in the meantime! Does Henry not read the papers?

Coming to the end, finally, he throws Jo under the bus again. Asked if there’s a way back for her, Henry describes the disciplinary process, says that it’s got nothing to do with him and that he’ll support their decision whichever way it goes. Reassuring, isn’t it …

He’s spouted this and variations thereof all over the national TV stations this morning. Should Nigel or anyone else come out describing these interviews as fantastic propaganda for UKIP, they need their heads examined.

I have bad news for them: as far as the Nation is concerned, UKIP is toast.

Thanks a bundle, Henry!


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71 Comments on Henry on the telly, oh joy (or not)!

  1. Forgetting Henry. One way or another he’s toast.

    I’m totally staggered by all these revelations, Previously unheard.
    Is it normal, as with Nuttall and Bolton, not to check CV,s.
    Even now, No-one of responsibility, has confirmed or denied anything about his claims to have been improving, repairing communications or anything else. Is this hoo haa an opportunity of avoiding responsibility or blame.Hoping no-one would notice.
    If it had actually been done, it would have been invaluabl,and a feather in his cap.

    I have been posting on an almost daily basis about his obviously non existant “organisation”.
    As I’ve said over and over again, appointing 27 spokespersons and a cabinet is the sort of organising you’d expect from a cleaner in Microsoft.

    Again, as i’ve said before. If he had had a clear viable hard nosed plan with estimates and timing, such as a practical old fashioned bank manager would expect.
    Then, again as I’ve said before, Money would be forthcoming to do the job. Donations, not loans
    Unfortunately UKIP now has nothing not even another proto-Nigel. Although there’s probable hundreds. but probably not talking all the time.

  2. Bernard from Bucks. // January 15, 2018 at 5:26 pm // Reply

    Sweet, Fanny, Adams,
    Voted for UKIP in May.
    Then she carved her name,
    On the trunk of an oak tree,
    One fine day.
    A woodpecker soon got busy,
    And pecked all those letters away.
    Now all that is left of Fanny and UKIP,
    Is Sweet FA.

    Original was sung on an LP by Paddy Roberts.
    I’m very sad to see UKIP go down this way.
    I had so many good friends there. {gloom}

  3. During his candidacy he demonstrated lack of foresight by reversing his decision to oppose AMW’s candidacy.

    Then he demonstrated his complete lack of public relations ability by comparing UKIP to national socialists.

    He wasted his first press conference.

    Then non-event radio & TV, always missing opportunities.

    Tried to dump AMW, dumped wife (wives) and dumped girlfriend

    Gives in to media pressure, claims girlfriend is actually good egg, but dumps her anyway to save own job.

    Demonstrates lack of loyalty & lack of backbone (giving in to media).

    I thought he would just fade and take UKIP down gently, but the irony is that his “safe pair of hands” seems to have had the effect that his supporters feared from AMW.

    • Yes indeed. After the Torquay conference, Nigel’s Telegraph article was headlined “Racists nearly destroyed UKIP. Now with Bolton there is hope”. How bitterly ironic.

      Oh and by the way, shouldn’t there be an apology due to Ms Meghan Markle, and indeed the whole Royal Family?

      • Sad disappointment in Nigel.

        Just as the remainiacs conflate “Europe” and the “EU”, there are those who conflate “Muslim” with “Islam”, and then it is just a short step to say criticising Islam is being racist.

        Of course Islam is not a race, however the truth is the first casualty.

  4. Well done to the editor-in-Chief for another forensic article on the unsavory events leading up to today’s truly ghastly culmination.
    I take no pleasure, I am not gleeful or crowing about any of this, for the simple reason that since the referendum events, whether managed or accidentally, have gone from farce to even greater farce and the point is it’s not just a tragedy for UKIP, but for our country too. Not only have all Leavers now been left without even a tattered remnant of a flag to rally behind, but as the face of Leave, successive UKIP Leaders have looked by turns ludicrous (Nuttall) and lacking in common decency or any kind of moral fiber (Bolton) – which gives Remainers license to take the high ground in both these departments – which is grossly unfair to the millions of decent people who believe in Leave and voted for it. I’m sorry but it’s how I see things.

    I am under no illusions that things would have been any better under Anne Marie Waters however – because the same destructive forces that saw off Raheem would have swung into action had she won. They would have destroyed her.

    The only two really radical prospective Leaders (Raheem’s manifesto was extremely good) were briefed against – and as many pointed out, UKIP is nothing if not radical. So now it is nothing.

    Maybe UKIP members weren’t brave enough – maybe they had had enough of being smeared and were desperate to prove their respectability – maybe they were too busy looking backwards to look forward – but it’s too late now. The biggest loser in all this is our country and our young people, who will only discover just how much they have lost when it’s far too late to do anything about it.

    Here is a man, reviled by many, and probably some of you, who knew what the EU was, and what folly the UK was embarking on – it’s worth listening to, and wondering what it’s always so fashionable to shoot the messenger.

    • Dee, thanks for the link. He was certainly spot on with what he said. If we don’t pull ourselves towards ourselves at UKIP and put ourselves in a position to finish the job we started I foresee a time when he will be proven correct yet again in that other speech of his that caused such an uproar at the time.

      We should learn from this.

      The louder the uproar the nearer we are to achieving what’s best for Britain.

      We need to squeeze the pips until they squeak.

    • Listening to him is always time exceedingly well spent.
      I like especially how he never speaks down to his listeners, cheapening his language. He takes their intelligence for granted. Compare him to today’s pygmies …

      And isn’t it sickening how every word he says applies today, in spades.

      • Viv, I couldn’t agree more. It’s so sickening that we have no-one today of any caliber who is allowed anywhere near the seat of actual power. Mind you, neither was Enoch. Was it all signed and sealed, even back then?

        • There are very many who think it was.
          IMHO, even Jacob Rees-Mogg doesn’t come near, and that even though he is heads and shoulders above the rest of the MPs on both sides of the House.
          Interesting though, isn’t it that both such great minds and Parliamentarians as Enoch and Rees-Mog are the best and staunchest defenders of our country against the EU.

        • Ted Heath received the C-kalergi prize in 1963. (And Churchill in 1960 but as a very old man who’s views on Europe were well known.)

          Signed and sealed? Yes I think so. But it’s taken us about 50 years to realise it !

    • Dee,

      Did you see my comment to you on the Halal/Kosher article 13th Jan?

  5. As Treasurer, chair of the ‘finance & remuneration committee’ and member of the NEC I’m still waiting for Bolton’s grand plan. I might see it this week. In the three months he’s been leader nothing of a material nature has happened and no sense of his grand plan for the party has been shared with the NEC

    I’ve stated elsewhere on this forum that the party is led, driven & organised by the Leader and their appointed Chairman. It’s almost impossible for the NEC or ‘normal’ staff to run the party if the Leader is inactive, distracted or incompetent. A massive disaster if all three!!

    Once the Leader is on the political football pitch scoring lots of goals the rest of the team comes on song and the members and voters return to fill the stadium. There’s no evidence that’s a feasible proposition.

    UKIP is at last receiving masses of media coverage, however for all the wrong reasons. If this carries on we’re dead men walking.

    • Hmmm, sounds like I may have put John’s tick in the wrong column…. I kind of guessed as much as Henry dumped his immigration plan which was a good plan and John spoke well at his GE17 press launch. Good to see some independent thought.

    • You’re also my boss as guv’nor of the Tec sub-committee, John! ?

    • Can you advise us if Bolton is being paid and what expenses he has claimed during the fiasco of the last 4 weeks? He’s not getting cash out of thin air and London hotels are not free.

    • ‘If this carries on we’re dead men walking’ – understatement, that’s been the case for a long time. I’m amazed how a group of individuals, allegedly leading a political party cannot, amongst themselves, at the VERY MOST BASIC LEVEL, stay in touch with the membership by sending a weekly email, even if the ‘leader’ is busy chasing bimbos. Surely ONE person could write a decent email about Brexit, even if you had to copy it from those clever people at Brexit Central who produce a DAILY update on Blair’s speeches/bowel movements/same thing. WTF do the MEPs do all day? Too busy at their tailors or wandering around car showrooms? Meanwhile, what little money we have is spent on the ridiculously expensive ‘Independence Magazine’, a fortune to print, a fortune to post, out of date the day it arrives, it only needs to go to the tiny number of non-email members. And for goodness sake get some people with talent on the ‘tec sub-committee’ – UKIP’s presence online has always been as visually exciting as pub carpet. It’s time to dump the perpetual low achievers and serial bunglers. The May are elections are going to be here very soon, ignore the damn rules, put David Kurten in as Interim Leader, he’s good, refreshingly honest and already stress tested by the media. Have a vote after a few months, I’ll bet good money he’ll win the hearts of most members. And the public. Stop faffing UKIP, get on with it.

  6. When one of my branch members emailed me a link to the first press exposé, I read it and responded that we should expect more and so it has proved. I’m uninterested in hearing the promised ‘context’ because nothing can explain away even those comments which have come to light so far, and I expect there will be steady stream of it until both Bolton and Marney are ejected from the party.
    And to think I voted for him. Mea culpa!

    • There’s definitely more to this than meets the eye, and unless I’ve missed something in further news reports, I’m intrigued to learn more about this supposed ‘friend’ that Ms Marney sent these private text messages to, and how they ended up with a Mail On Sunday journalist.
      Both Ms Marney and Mr Bolton have mentioned a further ‘context’, so the only way I can see Henry saving himself is if this ‘context’ results in some massive expose that rips the Establishment to shreds.
      However, I feel I’m going to end up massively disappointed, and the ‘context’ will just end up being ‘setting up a lying journalist’. Not worth getting the popcorn ready.

  7. Is this not a case of cock-up rather than conspiracy!!!!!!!

  8. When this story of Jo Marney first broke I said on here that Henry wouldn’t resign because to do so would mean he would have to admit that he had behaved badly and had shown poor judgement but that would go against the image that he has of himself in his own mind. The truth is he is incapable of this as I said before because he is a narcissistic fantasist and with no self-awareness as Graham pointed out.

    He will not resign. He needs to be pushed.

    All in all though it is a bit of bad luck on UKIP’s part because narcissists are like land mines. Now and then you come across one and all they do is cause nothing but damage and leave others to clean up the mess. In this case this narcissist was handed a position of power and a media presence.

  9. UKIP is the LAST party that Bolton should be the leader of. He has both the looks and personality of a paving stone.

  10. I can’t help thinking there’s more to this than meets the eye. It seems … staged. Staged to be another chapter in the deliberate destruction of UKIP from the centre.

    • I’ve started thinking along these lines as well, very cautiously …

      • No. There’s no conspiracy !
        Meanwhile Bolton had a very bad interview with Julia Hartley Brewer where he states that Jo Marney is ” close to suicide ” . Whether true or not I’m backing away from this debate now as a human life is more important than a political head.

  11. Seem to recall you were quite keen on Henry once, Viv.
    Your greater ire should be reserved for the ‘respectable’ establishment that voted for him.

    • Yes, Quercus – lets all blame ourselves first and castigate ourselves for having voted for Henry or even prompted him, before we dare raise our voices against him, right? And never mind that never in the history of mankind has anybody ever been taken in by a plausible liar!
      Perhaps it might help you to think about this: so many of us who voted for him were fully aware of the dire situation UKIP was in. His proposals for reform made sense, nothing similar was coming from the other candidates. That’s why he got our votes.

      • ‘Reform’ was an empty slogan, Viv – a substitute for any sort of policy vision to become an electoral force and save our country.

        And you all fell for it. Wrong analysis, wrong prescription.

        • Ah. If only others had your exceptional insight. Is that what you are trying to say?

          • I’m not TRYING to say anything.
            Your own posts don’t seem to show much self-doubt either.
            The difference perhaps is that mine are free of Tory complacency.

        • I thought he was the best of a very bad bunch. That means the rest of the original bunch are worse.
          New blood needed.

        • Quercus when we buy a product we expect it to do what it said on the tin because usually it does. Mr. Bolton made all the correct noises and had a CV that indicated he would be more than capable of doing what he said he would do. IF HE WANTED TO.

          Trouble is he was, err how shall I put this, shall we say, too busy?

          As things stood at the time if some clairvoyant had stood up and told us what was about to transpire, most would have laughed it all off as a conspiracy theory.

          Of course, we now know there were a couple THAT DID KNOW.

        • *cough* – Stout – but I still love you!

  12. I attended a forward- thinking and inspiring UKIP conference last September. A party that can do that should never be ‘toast’.

    • A lot of our branch didn’t attend the conference because of FEAR that AMW would win.

      • As it turns out, the mayhem that would have ensued from an AMW victory would have been less harmful than what we have now. Many would have resigned then, but we would have had a proper leader, and she would have have had a structure, albeit battered, to operate with. We would have started from a lower point, but she would at least have attracted a lot of younger members. Instead of which we tried to play a respectable, establishment game, using a probable plant set up by a probable EU stoolpigeon and, bob’s your uncle, we’re burnt toast. Again, but this time for good.

    • i was there also.
      Might have been useful if there had been any Members’ Forum type meetings where we could have discussed policy positions with MEPs / NEC s ?

      PS: I though HB made a good speech at the Conference. Though I voted for Peter W. I was quite hopeful that we had someone who would make an impact.
      His utter media invisibility ( until the shenanigans ) already made me realise we were landed with a dud.

  13. As an ordinary member, one of the “troops” who has been repeatedly dragged out from under a stone to “bang on doors” at the behest of “the Management” (anyone remember Hale And Pace), I feel yet again let down and betrayed by the so called leadership. My views and opinions are ignored, and I am put back under my stone, until the next time I am needed to “bang on doors”.
    I find myself donating time and money to the Labour Leave campaign, as at least they are actively pursuing Brexit, and have been for the past year, while we have been navel gazing, selecting and deselecting leaders, (looks no change there then).

  14. Henry is a dead duck, an embarrassment, clearly useless before this latest bimbo stupidity. The press won’t ever leave him alone, just look at the cartoon in today’s Times. So, stuff the rules, just install David Kurten as interim leader until people are used to him, he’s been tested by in office as an AM and the press. He’s exceptionally good and can’t hide the fact that he’s a decent man with principles.

    If UKIP doesn’t act right now, we’ll be wiped out in the May elections.

    We need to get on and tackle these traitors…

  15. It was Henry Bolton’s Edward VIII moment!

    But, unlike the King who chose to give up his throne for the woman he loved, Bolton had no such romantic ideal.

    I agree with the article. UKIP’s new leader has, unfortunately, made the party more of a laughing stock than it was under Nuttall. I have left UKIP after 3 years, many others that I know also have.

    Sad times. In a wider context, it also leaves the UK without a genuine third party of weight; a position once occupied by the SDP/Liberals, then the LD, then UKIP. Now, Britain’s third party (the LDs) is polling a measly 6/7%.

  16. Viv – when I think about this time last year and how hopeful and enthusiastic we all were it’s just too depressing for words.

    Then what happened: nothing! Paul Nutall was elected: nothing! Bolton, after a too long and lengthy process was elected: still nothing!

    Bolton, I detect something rather nasty about the man, I won’t comment further, he’s not worth it. Hopefully Bolton will be gone soon, I don’t care how, resign or dismissed, it’s all good.

    With all that’s going on with Brexit UKIP needs to be on the attack and not taking prisoners. I can’t see much happening wit UKIP unless the right leader emerges from God knows where.

    When I look at the articles here on UKIP Daily, so many authors have provided really good ammunition, there is no excuse for this constant silence, there is so much that could be said and done.

    We can’t afford this silence, its taken many decades to win a Brexit referendum, if Brexit fails, I’m sure the EU and what remains of our totally obsolete government will make sure that we never have another chance.

    I’ve long suspected something sinister is happening against UKIP.

  17. Suzanne Evans on Daily Politics…..

    “He’s brought the party into disrepute / shown astonishing lack of judgement/ left his wife for a woman younger than his youngest daughter/ the mind boggles/ its deeply upsetting/ Farage has had far too much influence on failed candidates/ Farage might well stand again as his losing money as an MEP but he’s got his media career to consider”

    For once I agree with her

  18. Thank You Vivian–at last.

  19. Good points well made.
    I’d say that the condemnation for Bolton on this site is as near to unanimity as I’ve ever seen within UKIP, But the spin-doctor within me would have to claim that this just proves Henry has a unique ability to bring people together.
    His jilted child-genius model, with 4 A – levels by age 15 (unconfirmed) -and a first class degree- albeit from a Uni ranked 101 out of 119, again unconfirmed, suggests a man confident enough to date someone far more intelligent and attractive than himself. A true feminist in fact. Admirable for a rightist political leader.
    His selfless support for Jilted Jo’s family at their hour of need displays admirable altruism too. Hell, he’s even sacrificed his own suckling babe on their behalf. What a guy! And his wives, who have all gone back to Russia to start a collective farm together to make ends meet, all agree….

  20. Thanks Viv, you’ve nailed it with this article,

    I agree with you, that he has indeed thrown her under the bus. Despicable.

  21. I thought that at the last NEC meeting it was agreed that no one, including the leader, would give any media interviews before the next meeting, now scheduled for this coming Sunday. Bolton has broken this agreement in spades and should be summarily dismissed TODAY.

    • But … some animals are more equal than others! Surely we all know that by now.

    • Earlier I asked the question as to who authorised (sanctioned?) these media interviews with Henry Bolton speaking all over the place.

      It is clear that broadly UKIP leadership is not fit for purpose. If it cannot control or even limit the media narrative during this turbulence.

      • Gawain Towler is Bolton’s media-minder, and he’s fully paid. Towler is a decent bloke and popular within the media world. He’s just doing his job. However he is employed by UKIP so ultimately Oakden.

        • Mr Bav,I did not know about this media person. It explains a little of the vitriol from Susie govett who thought she was Henrys media G/friday.

        • Thanks Mr Bav for the information. I agree with you that the media advisors are not responsible for this mess.

          I was thinking that after this story first broke the NEC or wherever the Governance power lies, would have instructed Henry Bolton – no media interviews – until at least after the meetings have been held. To allow him to go out and about as UKIP leader giving unscripted interviews over the past 48 hours is not in UKIP’s best interest.

          • He has been with Towler during this process. Towler is paid by UKIP and Oakden is Chairman with Bickley is Treasurer. The money for Bolton comes from somewhere but until John Bickley can answer whether its from UKIP then ‘where’ is just speculation. Marney has had advice from Towler ( I have seen her deleted Tweets ). She has also received c £3000 of Apple ‘presents’ from someone. Marney and Bolton have shared hotels . We do not yet know whether ‘presents’ dinners, hotels and travel have come out of members funds…. Yet.

      • Just to reiterate on that. Gawain Towler is a legitimate and accredited journalist who abides by a code of conduct. He would have sources/ correct errors/ keep confidences in a professional manner. He is clean. His client ( UKIP/Bolton ) do not necessarily have to take that advice on board. He can’t be blamed if that happens.

  22. A significant number of members, mainly activists without whom there is no party, have lost any confidence they had in the leader. Losing confidence is not “undermining”. But he stays either unaware (surely not) or indifferent to (more likely) the views of ordinary members.

    That Jo and her family, after a relationship measured in weeks, merits his gallant and noble support but not the family he abandoned at Christmas attests to his character that now repels us all.

    With each dissembling utterance, with each display of jaw dropping lack of awareness, he makes things worse. Putting Jo over his young children this morning exposed him glaringly and he is blithely unaware of how he comes over. Delusional.

    That UKIP’s death spiral’s final twist, which is what his staying on will be, is that it was ended by a former Lib Dem is extraordinary. Many thought it was red v blue in UKIP that would tear it apart. Instead the members chose a former Lib Dem to do it. What an ending!

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