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Henry Bolton must resign by 6pm today, or be stripped of his UKIP membership.

Ed: we publish this press release in its original form, unredacted, as it came in to UKIP Daily a few moments ago:

PRESS RELEASE from UKIP Shadow Cabinet Culture & Arts Spokesman David Meacock:

UKIP Shadow Cabinet Culture & Arts Spokesman David Meacock has made a dramatic intervention in the ongoing UKIP Leadership saga by calling on Henry Bolton to resign by 6pm today, or be stripped of his UKIP membership.

Meacock refers to the UKIP Party Chairman’s generous proclamation on yesterday’s BBC’s Sunday Politics: that “I think it is very clear that Henry is increasingly in a position where he’s got some difficult decisions to make”, “Mr Bolton’s Edward VIII moment”: choose either his mistress or his crown.

Meacock explained: “I say ‘generous’ because in my view, however, this moment came as soon as the vile Social media posts exposed the type of person with whom Mr Bolton has voluntarily chosen to have a relationship, and so his Leadership of UKIP has been irretrievable for some days.  The claim that they weren’t intended to be public doesn’t to my way of thinking change what they reveal about the author.  I have stayed silent hoping that Mr Bolton could be persuaded by those closer to him than me to salvage a morsel of dignity by him deciding himself, in the words of others “to go quickly and quietly.”

But, last night Mr Bolton’s comments and actions at the Ashford railway station made it abundantly clear that without the actions I am calling for, this intolerable farce will continue for at least another week before the National Executive Committee meets on Sunday.

Further evidence of his complete lack of judgement is that incredulously Mr Bolton still thinks he can continue any association with Jo Marney, as Leader, despite her membership of UKIP having been suspended.  He appears oblivious to the fact that being associated not even just as a casual acquaintance, but “in a [self-proclaimed] new relationship”, and proposing (by only ending the romantic aspect) an ongoing association with such a person has brought UKIP and the position of Leader into utter disrepute on a daily basis for the past 10 days and will continue to do so.  Just as we were all beginning to recover from the horror of the revelation of one vile Jo Marney Social Media post, another even more poisonous has made further headlines: inhumane comments about the Grenfell Tower fire victims/survivors; then gross and physiologically inaccurate views on reproduction; followed by overtly racist and hurtful comments about Prince Harry’s fiancée Meghan Markle; and now, to cap it all, joking about the sexual abuse of babies.

This morning he has indicated that more is to be revealed about the context of these posts, so the saga will continue.  What next?

What was required was an assurance of complete disassociation henceforth, together with a sincerely contrite and fulsome apology to UKIP members for his misjudgement.

This has been and will continue to be so destructive to UKIP that if ever there was a time for the Chairman to exercise his UKIP Constitution Emergency powers – quoted below – this is now it.

I therefore call on Mr Bolton to resign by 6pm today, Monday 15 January 2018.  Should he fail to do so, the Chairman must invoke his Constitutional Emergency Powers and permanently expel both Mr Bolton and Jo Marney with immediate effect thereafter, as this drip-drip destruction of UKIP and our collective ability to hold the government’s feet to the fire as the only true Party of Brexit cannot be allowed to continue any longer.  It needs to be decisively finished, and fast.

As UKIP seeks to broaden its political agenda and appeal, standing for election at any level with Mr Bolton as Leader after all this would, as I cannot better the analogy, be ‘rather like sending your opening batsmen to the crease only for them to find, the moment the first balls are bowled, that their bats have been broken before the game by the team captain.’

Should Mr Bolton remain as Leader, I will be resigning my position as Culture & Arts Spokesman in due course as I will not wish to be associated with him after all this.

The time has come for others in the UKIP Shadow Cabinet who have, like me, so far been silent, to tell us their response: let voters see whether you’re principled (wo)men of steel willing to stand up and be counted, or feeble yes-(wo)men, blown about in the wind like straw.

Given the UKIP Constitution is silent on what happens if a Leader stands down within 6 months of election, I call on the NEC to follow the international precedent of the Olympic Committee  – who have passed medals down when a medal winner has been subsequently disqualified as a drugs cheat – and start a deep due diligence process with a view to then appointing a new Leader.  I would suggest David Kurten be given first refusal in this process, being the top contender in the recent Leadership election of those still in UKIP – especially as had Mr Bolton kept his Leadership Hustings promise, David Kurten would have already been appointed as Deputy Leader.  Whoever the NEC would appoint as Leader would have their leadership ratified by members voting in favour of the Constitution being retrospectively so amended at the September 2018 Annual Conference.  While no more ideal than an Olympic medallist receiving their medal on their door mat as opposed to basking in the glory of a public medal ceremony, this would be the fairest, quickest and least expensive pragmatic way of stabilising UKIP to once again fully focus on and participate in the debate about our country’s exciting future outside of the EU – particularly with talk in some quarters of the unthinkable: that Brexit could be reversed.”

UKIP Constitution Chairman’s Emergency powers:

11.9  In cases of exceptional gravity and urgency the Party Chairman may, of his own motion, exercise any of the powers set out in Article 11.5 except that under 11.5 (f) above [expel the Respondent Member from membership for a specified period or permanently] in respect of any member, with due regard to proportionality. The Party Chairman shall, within twenty-four hours of so acting, notify the Party Secretary of his action.

11.10  Upon being so notified the Party Secretary shall convene as soon as possible an Emergency Disciplinary Panel composed of himself (or an independent chairman appointed in accordance with the rules made under Article 11.7 and 11.8) and not more than two voting members of the NEC.


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About David G. Meacock (9 Articles)
David G. Meacock – recently resigned UKIP Culture and Arts Spokesman, professional musician and inventor of a leaflet delivery aid which won the Bucks Best New SME Business of the Year Award.

125 Comments on Henry Bolton must resign by 6pm today, or be stripped of his UKIP membership.

  1. I am not surprised to read this today. Didn’t Bolton say that he had secured the party finances?

    Of course these are the accounts before the election last year but the waste of money has been staggering, leaflets and correx boards with the new, unregistered, logo sitting in a warehouse in Newton Abbot. Then of course thousands of members have resigned and the New Year Raffle with it’s main prize has become a joke.

    The solution is simple as has been discussed here, once HB goes and we have a new Leader we can trust, plus the savings identified by Stuart and Bill and other measures, things will change.

    • On the subject of the Party’s finances : would it be THAT hard on them for MEPs ( each on more than 3 x the national average wage, plus massive expenses ), all of them put in their sinecure, overpaid, part time positions by US, to chip in £10,000 each ?

      On the Daily Mail’s figures that would halve the Party’s current deficit ‘just like that’ .

  2. So now it seems that he was lying about not knowing about Marney’s views!!! Why is he still in his job?

  3. Surely this has to be the end for Bolton when one of Fleet Streets finest cartoonists produces this.

    • Brilliant,
      But isn`t it all publicity?

    • Shame MAC forgot to show one of the women nursing two pre school children – that aspect is really the most despicable part of his behaviour as far as I am concerned.
      Then on top of , and mixed up with, despicable is just incredibly awful judgment !

      to even think he has a chance with a woman younger than his daughter, and to have shacked up with her ( and announced it ) before he had even had time to find out the most basic basic things about her.

      The man is virtually brain dead ( apart from the mini brain between his legs which appears to be the one he takes orders from ).
      But then his total invisibility during his 4 months prior to the shenanigans also was evidence of that.
      Ay ay ay !

  4. If Bolton does not go then the party will be severly damaged. For me the choice for leader would be Gerrard Batten, with whom I sat on the very first UKIP NEC and who has never wavered from his devotion to the cause. If there is another leadership election the ridiculous costs for candidates should be dropped, as good people cannot necessarily afford to lose what might amount to thousands of pounds.

    As far as the film “Darkest Hour” is concerned I saw it on Friday and it is excellent. We know that ignorant revisionists seek to undermine Churchill’s reputation but no amount of revisionism can obscure the fact that, had Halifax, rather than Churchill, become PM in 1940, Britain would have concluded a shameful peace with Hitler, who would then have gone on, unhindered by British action, to conquer Russia and the Middle East. Armed with all the naval fleets and industrial might of Eurasia he would then have turned on the USA and completed his conquest of the world.

    Humanity owes Churchill an enormous debt, for without him whole races would have been exterminated and civilisation itself destroyed.

    • Colin,

      I agree ‘Darkest Hour’ is a suburb film, to start with I had my doubts about Gary Oldman being able to carry it off at first but he certainly grew into the part. And I cannot help but compare the dire straits we were in then to what we are in now, and once more it is the Germans calling the shots along with a few other nations.

      I also agree that Gerald would make an excellent leader but for some reason he never throws his hat into the ring, I often wonder why. Could it be he sees to many dangers ahead and feels he can achieve more by staying where he is? As I see it ‘cometh the hour cometh the man’ Gerald needs to take the bull by the horns, the country needs him and we do too.

      • DD I can forgive “suburb” as a typo,
        but wasn`t Gerald(o) a band leader rather than a possible party leader?

        • Roger,

          Thanks for that I did actually spell check it believe it or not, yes, you have a point and that is probably why he has never stood, but the fact remains that he would have down a much better job than the last lot of goons IMHO.

  5. I see Ben Walker has put together a curious band of merry men (see his facebook page) to form an ‘interim committee’ or something to supervise the NEC (how wonderful, get to boss people around with none of the liability!). I recall Ben having basically the same pitch as Henry in the leadership election, that it was all about internal management reform, blah blah blah. In their statement they pledge ‘radical action’ on finances which is probably the least radical plan I have ever seen, it is very conventional in fact because it only considers cutting costs (apart from Oakden’s salary, I don’t believe there are lots more costs that can be cut, having the treasurer and a donor on the NEC and having the NEC liable for wrongful trading does focus minds rather on how money is spent). What would be radical is for people to think about increasing REVENUE by having an inspiring vision, policies to fulfil that vision and clear communication of it with a compelling messenger. Whoever won votes by saying ‘vote for us, we are renegotiating the lease on our rented premises’??? The quest for vision really is not that difficult, COPY WHAT NIGEL SAYS until you have developed your own unique character. Why do we have so many people who think internal management is a vote-winner? As someone else pointed out, it never bothered Nigel.

    • It’s interesting that Ben Walker prefers to publish his stuff on his Facebook page but does not submit it to the wider audience here on UKIP Daily.
      Facebook and twitter are not substitutes for policy debates amongst members: people simply do not have the time to check out each and every twitter and Facebook account of every prominent member every day. It would be simple courtesy to members to ask for simultaneous publication on here …

      • Thanks Viv, to my knowledge I do not have a facebook or twitter account and rarely access either platform. These lesser known UKIP politicos do not have the pull (interest) of Donald Trump or even Ann Marie Waters to make it worthwhile accessing their feeds. To be honest many of the people within the structure of UKIP are pretty much nobodies. I have heard of a few of them over the years and out of them Mike Hookem is probably the only one I bother to read.
        In terms of You Tube, Nigel Farage is the only UKIP style person I bother to watch. out on the right there are plenty of other interesting (and entertaining) individuals to watch like Luke Nash-Jones. The UKIP website is in completion with the Communist Party for being the most boring of portals.

        You Viv and Debbie with your dedication, calm simplicity, have created something which lives and is well worth visiting. You two could easily run UKIP better than the incumbent crew. Not that you would ever wish or that.

        • Chris,

          Right on, I nominate Viv as leader and Debbie as Deputy, and we could all be the spokespersons, what a great team we would all make.

          I think I would get rid of some of the useless MEP’s as well just sitting there on the gravy train and saying very little. I have been fed up of these ‘hangers on’ for a long time now, we have needed total commitment for some time now.

    • Graham,

      You are so right, these people start chirping up as if they have had a eureka moment and know how to solve all ours ills, it was the same during the leadership election. Funny thing is that AMW was not that bothered about restructuring the party she said it would sort itself out as we attracted more people to the cause. As you say just like Nigel was she is a force to be reckoned with even if you do not agree with all her views, you cannot deny she is passionate about them, perhaps she was right after all, just saying.

    • 100% correct.
      Nigel was always badmouthing the NEC but they never got in the way of his dominating political discussion in the UK between 2013 and 2016.

      Reorganizing to make the Leadership more aware of and more responsive to the membership needn’t be THAT complicated, and it needs doing, but of itself it would not have stopped HB from getting out there and providing leadership with ideas , policies, attacks on the Quislings filling the HoC and so on ~but the problem is he obviously never had any appetite for any of that………hence the 4 months spent on secretive deckchair rearranging ( tho even the details of that have not, apparently, been communicated to the NEC, much less the membership ).

      An organization worth watching ( and JOINing come to that ) is MVM ~MakeVotesMatter.
      Their budget is tiny tiny tiny, with three quasi volunteer staff………..

      yet they have achieved an incredible amount already , debate in Parliament, getting more Lab MPs on board and vocal about wanting PR to become Lab Party policy and so on.
      They were at UKIP’s Conference in September and other Parties’ annual Conferences as well, so they told me.

      They show what you can do with ideas and commitment.
      Btw, I think it would be great if loads of UKIPpers posting here could start now setting up local branches of MVM.
      Just a letter in your local newspaper inviting people of all parties / none to a first meeting should get it going.
      It is open to ppl of all parties and none who espouse Proportional Rep. for the Commons and local government.
      ~I am thinking about doing it in County Durham.
      rhys burriss

  6. Well he didn`t go before 6pm
    Will they now cancel HS2?
    Oh I`m talking about getting out dodgy news while all the papers are full of nice juicy UKIP scandal – the hoo -ha looks set to go on for weeks.

  7. Regional Chairman meeting tomorrow in London. These Chairman will be representing us and I expect they will all be calling for HB to resign with immediate effect. Once this is communicated to HB he surely will finally be aware that he has no party to lead. Once he goes all his shadow cabinet will no longer have appointments. I suggest that Interim and Deputy Leaders be appointed immediately, Gerard Batten and David Kurten would be my preferred team.

    • Thank you Alec. That’s the best thing I have heard for a while.

      Batten and Kurten sound like a good team. They both have political nous, something glaringly missing in our last four leaders.
      !Viva la revolucion!

    • When is “tomorrow”?
      Is that today?
      Your comment was timed 11.55pm 15th January

    • I had no idea Regional Chairs ( from the whole country ? ) had a Mtg arranged.

      If I had been a Regional Chair I would have invited all members in my Region with email addresses to send me their views on HB’s continuance or otherwise.

      Absent such polling then the only Forum where members have been able to express themselves is this one ~which is running at over 99% in favour of him slinging his hook, pronto.

      Note to Ed: would it be an idea,dear Ed, for you to obtain email addresses of all Regional Chairs and at least ensure they are aware of the existence of ?
      The absence of any regular postings on here from people such as MEPs / NEC members ( barring rare hon. exceptions ) etc. does strike me as symptomatic of one of UKIP’s problems ~lack of dialogue between the general membership and the hierarchy.

      • Oh, they do know, and some do even publish on here – but yes, I think a comms strategy for inner-party communication is sorely needed. Not that Bolton even acknowledged receipt of the proposals I sent him …

        • Thanks Vivian for UKIP Daily which is the only site for national UKIP news and a forum for members. The three websites in the SW, UKIP Devon, Cornwall and SW now carry a link on their front pages direct to your homepage.

      • Our Regional Chairman, Tony McIntyre is at today’s meeting and is fully briefed on what members in the SW feel. Like me they want Bolton gone asap.

  8. Didnt Etheridge (recently sacked by Bolton) also leave his own (disabled) wife? He’s hardly in a position to criticise.

    • PurplePottymouth // January 16, 2018 at 8:27 am // Reply

      Indeed! And ex wife, the wonderful and hardworking Cllr Star Anderton so empathised with Bonkin’s spurned wife and family she resigned as disability spokesman -by text message- long before the worst of Marney’s uttering emerged

  9. A Mirror article was published this afternoon which seems to give conflicting information, if I’ve read it correctly. It claims that two NEC members claim they expect to have the nine votes needed to pass a preliminary no confidence motion on Sunday.

    Further down it says that a senior UKIP source insisted it was unlikely a no confidence motion would pass.

    There is also a bit about how many ordinary members needed to attend an EGM and vote to get him out.

    He’s making life more and more difficult for the decent grsssroots people who want this resolved.

  10. Ive had enough of all this , the party has had enough time to re-group after the farage era and has failed miserably to even appoint a leader worthy of the name after numerous attempts .
    There is no way I will be renewing my now expired membership , lets just hope all the years of hard work by all the members is not for nothing

  11. This article has the galvanising PC theme right through it. Candidates to join forces with the if I show enough PC distain and shock those affected will be bullied into apologising / resigning and no longer a problem.

    Our country comes first, everything we know is under attack our independence, freedoms and the future for our children is at stake. We need to unite, show grow a pair resilience and fight back to win.

    Even if you are disillusioned with Henry he will be replaced eventually, we must not let the British public people down by resigning and squabbling amongst ourselves We are the countries only hope.

  12. Beverley Roberts // January 15, 2018 at 7:03 pm // Reply

    Dear David,
    Well done for saying that you will be resigning your position as Culture & Arts Spokesman in due course, if Henry Bolton remains as Leader. I will be resigning as Secretary of the Berkshire County Committee, for the same reasons. Activists throughout UKIP will remain in touch with each other. We have formed networks which the upper echelons of management are totally unaware of. When we have a Leader we can respect and admire, we will be back.

    • Purple Potty Mouth // January 15, 2018 at 10:16 pm // Reply

      Surrey is, I hope, on the warpath – peasants revolt, storm the citadel. If we want to take back control of GB from the corrupt EU we, the grassroots activists, have to take back control of UKIP and fast.Are you with us? You have my email address I believe.

      • Members won’t get any official news of what is happening, who is available, or what options are possible, until after the NEC meeting on Sunday, and this for an event that escalated just after Boxing Day, and has its roots going back to September, longer if you include the general disatisfaction with the ‘central party’.
        I can’t see how we, as members, can make any comment about the future until then, at the earliest, while we are getting the news from the MSM.

        Oh the irony! 🙂

        • Well said Grimsby heritage.

          Sometimes I wonder whether UKIP would function better without its HQ, with all resources being retained locally, all candidates selected locally. A new looser organisational structure possibly along the lines of the Sicilian Cosa Nostra or the ‘Ndrangheta might work better.

          Whatever options are considered, it is clear that the top down centralised, authoritarian cabal style of UKIP is not functioning with elegance, beauty or effectiveness.

      • I am indeed with you.

  13. I have been out all day in Newcastle ( wonderful city ~all must visit ! ) inter alia to see the wonderful ( albeit flawed ) film Darkest Hour

    Difficult not to weep when you contemplate what our country was capable of just seventy something years ago compared with what the Great British Establishment over the last forty years ( NO! I DON’t exempt Thatcher ! ) has reduced us to.
    77 years ago the country managed to stand united in defiance against an all conquering all powerful all evil Dictator in possession of the mightiest army in the world. ( And on a winning streak.)
    Today we can’t even say a collective ‘Up Yours’ to a Committee of Brussels Based Danegelt Extorters ( who don’t even threaten anything much ! )

    Thing is ~ I was certain that by the time I got home ( 6 pm ish ) the news would be that the Mountebank had resigned or been pushed and there would be lively discussion going on here about succession.

    Am I dreaming ? He is still SO delusional that he clings to the ridiculous title of ‘Leader’ ?

    ANd the NEC have not risen up as one to call on him to GO !
    Nor the MEPs neither ? ( Sorry ~i forgot ~they’re too busy planning their financial arrangements for post March 2019.)
    rhys burriss

    • I’m seeing it Wednesday. Marks out of 10?

      • I think 8.

        But anyway it is a film that must be seen ~ so kind of rare and old fashioned – a bio~historico film about this country alone in 1940 against evil personified ( and apparently winning ~ the evil, that is, not us. ).

        The period details and atmosphere are wonderful / seductive.
        There is some silliness and exaggeration : eg a fantasy scene of Churchill on the underground being egged on by the common plebs to refuse to enter negotiations with the Italian Ambassador.

        And then the final scene in the Commons where he makes the ‘We shall fight them………..We shall NEVER surrender ‘ speech to my mind is marred by the intrusive swelling music which accompanies it; also a sort of snowfall of order papers from the roof of the Commons : I just think it would have been more effective if it had just been Churchill’s unadorned speech.

        SO………..flawed……….but essential viewing.
        rhys burriss

        • Isn’t this simply a film about pale, male and stale types so derided and lampooned by liberals? ‘The Gathering Storm’ is another excellent film about Churchill, the war and his association with a foreign office operative named Ralph Wigram. It concerns a rarely discussed episode prior to the conflict which had a substantial and important effect on the outcome. As an aside, I never thought that as a mere grammar school boy of little achievement I would be standing outside his house at the moment he died.

        • Good review Rhys, I agree entirely. The Tube train scene was absurd of course, it did not happen, it was patronising and I thought the black boyfriend in the Zoot suit was tokenism at its worst. The audience laughed. However that aside, brilliant acting. Halifax looked like Halifax, the actor playing The King was brilliant too ( I don’t know his name ) . As for Oldman, surely this as they say, will be his finest hour. Time for his Oscar.

    • I watched it too.
      Appeasement does not work.
      It did not stop the Nazis. It is not stopping Islam today.

  14. If Nigel Farage doesn’t want to lead UKIP and have real political power, then he should be kicked out of the party.

    • Why should Nigel be kicked out after all he’s done for us?

      • He’s turned into an establishment figure, the epitome of what he claims to despise.
        As for safe guarding a proper Brexit, leading a political party that can put pressure on the other parties would be so much wiser than cranking up the rhetoric from behind his MSM microphone.

        • ‘He’s [NF] turned into an establishment figure’

          I don’t think the Establishment think so!

          Farage is recognised, internationally, and does not need a ‘positon’ to get his message across. And the message does need to be delivered, internationally: the opposition are international in nature. However, each country needs to have its own message, it’s what sovereignty is all about.

      • He did what he did for Brexit and I am deeply grateful but were were simply a tool he put down fast once we had outlived our usefulness. In proportion, very many Ukipers worked equally hard at the lower levels and have now seen their party destroyed by inept management and failures at the top.
        There is litte reason to believe it will improve with or without Henry.
        As memberships expires we will dwindle further. The old parties have big pools of senior members, we have a very small one and we’ve tried and discarded ( or they have discarded us) most of them.
        In politics it’s necessary to plan ahead and react quickly and correctly to any sudden crisis, we have never managed either and I’m thoroughly sick of crisis.
        Time to do my own planning.

  15. Henry has exceeded my expectations.

    I thought him tactless, lacking foresight and hopeless on PR, but I hoped he might be a dull administrator who worked in the background to quietly reform the party.

    I underestimated his incompetence.

  16. If the “romantic element” has now gone from their relationship, does that mean it is just sex now?

  17. There have been a couple of mentions on this thread of a new Mail Online article in which Bolton’s wife hits back. Sadly, there is rather more contained within that article which isn’t helping UKIP.

    Little wonder members are so upset and angry. It’s the members who will be taking the flak for a situation not of their making.

  18. Purple Potty Mouth // January 15, 2018 at 4:17 pm // Reply

    I should point out to Bav that David Kurten is single, so a little publicity seeker posing on his knee before we knew what we now know about her is immaterial. I have a couple of delightful photographs of myself with David & Beverley Turner ditto at the Surrey dinner, all looking very loving, but they are just that, us posing for a pic with a senior Kipper for whom we have the utmost respect – and we’re very respectably dressed BTW
    As for the fight Henry must have had when he tried to sort out UKIP’s internal problems -I can imagine. Remember, leader Nr1 backed out at the first hurdle, he’s soldiered on (forgive the pun) in the teeth of no doubt much resistance, so no wonder he’s currently refusing to fall on his sword. There are people there who really really don’t like being rumbled and go on the attack when their noses are put out of joint by someone trying to put our administrative house in order. Happened to Roger Bird, we even got a membership list with him down as an ex-member before he was due to renew his membership back in 2015, little attempt scotched by our sharp eyed membership secretary.

    • Rodger Bird. He of Bolter-fame?

      • Now rumoured to be a Tory.

      • Purple Potty Mouth // January 15, 2018 at 4:59 pm // Reply

        Indeed, another one who put his member before his brain – little miss Walter Mitty pulled the wool over his eyes, despite being a genuine Oxford PPE graduate he even believed that lie. Of course all the time she was s-ing Soutter (married)
        Yes,went back to the Bluebottles last October taking his wife, a former UKIP Portsmouth town Cllr with him. Ran into him campaigning for them in a by-election weeks later and chose not to mention that one of our activists had been bitten by a dog in the patch they were heading for.

    • I am making no aspersions about David Kurten whatsoever.

    • Let me make it clear the NEC and staff are waiting with bated breath for the leader’s plans for the party. After 3+ months we have no idea what he wishes to do with staff and the organisational structure. Without a sense of direction & vision from the Leader it’s difficult for the ‘central party’ to run the basic operation and seek to implement the Leader’s which first has to be approved by your elected members on the NEC

      • Very good points John. When HB came to Tiverton a month ago he emphasised that he was tackling the organisational structure of the party. All he seems to have done is to concentrate on playing away!

        • It is not the job of the leader to reorganise the office for that is the job of the chairman, secretary and treasurer. Bolton’s job has been to represent the party in the media with sound and sensible utterances about current situations in the political world and formulate party policy with others. On that score he has been hopeless and every interview he has given today is plastered with “um’s”.
          He blames everyone but himself for this ghastly situation and then blames the media for outing his bed warmer whilst trying to say that is all this is about. He is the problem and not Ben Walker or Bill Etheridge. His romantic relationship is over but he still intends to support her whatever that means. Meanwhile she will find another bed warmer and I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be him when the MSM have flushed him out again.

          • Dear Geoffrey, Bolton has sidelined the chairman to take control of the reorganisation but no one’s seen his grand plan yet.

  19. Being as I am a mere humble leafleteer I wouldn’t even think of sticking my neck out on any of this. I don’t know any of those involved and don’t have much of a clue when it comes to the rules of this game of snakes and daggers.

    However, I will say this. If Mr. Bolton goes, what happens next? Who will we get to lead us out of this mess?

    In my view it’s not just the future of UKIP but the very future of our country that’s at stake.

    With regards to who I trust and who I don’t, I put my trust in Jesus, everyone else pays cash.

    (Yes, I know that line’s been used before. Didn’t like the original, so I’ve changed it. Hope nobody minds.)

  20. It also seems to me that the Chairman has far too much personal power if he can unilaterally chuck out the Leader and replace him with the man or woman of his choice. Who is the captain of this ship? Oakden apparently. It seems to be the airline pilot who was never even elected and cannot be removed!

    • No. The chairman can’t expel Bolton, and, if, following an EGM of the members, Henry falls, it will be the membership elected NEC who choose any interim leader.

      • Is that really the case? Surely the stalwart Crowther route is the most sensible thing to do right now? I know Steve isn’t flavour of the month with a lot of people but he’s got the experience. Isn’t survival more important than infighting??

      • But the Chairman is part of that Committee and has the deciding vote in the event of a tie doesn`t he?

        • True, but ties are very unlikely, and most casting votes are traditionally to keep the status quo – i.e. retain rather than expel Henry!

      • …and the second part of Rabbits statement?
        The unelected airline pilot?
        He does seem bulletproof!

  21. Wait for the NECs ruling, if not acceptable see what Gerard Batten has to say, unless his knee has been
    contaminated also.

    • What the hell do you mean by that remark?
      Anyway I don`t agree with you, Oakden will be guilty of dereliction of duty if he doesn`t grasp the nettle and get rid of the bounder now.
      Whether it all happened before he met this woman is immaterial, it might not be fair but from now on whenever he speaks or represents UKIP listeners will always be reminded of his liaison with a person who expressed such views, which I would be surprised if the authorities don`t investigate (apparently she admits to being a racist – if I am reading the DM report referred to by Brenda Rattle 4.24pm)
      Even less serious attention would be paid to UKIP, in effect we would be laughed out of court

      I agree Gerard Batten should be appointed interim leader forthwith

      • Pay attention, please: Paul CAN’T get rid io him – but Henry could get rid of Paul! ?

      • Paul is appointed BY Bolton, so the chance of him firing his own boss is zero

      • Well said Roger.

        Either the sound and solid, tried and tested, founder member Gerard Batten takes the reins, or it is Game Over, not only for UKIP, but for the UK too.

        The Remoaners have a majority in Parliament and are far from beaten. If they present the country with a new referendum on a question like: “Leave, on the miserable terms negotiated with Barnier” or “Remain as full members”, it’ll be “Heads they win, Tails we lose”.

        The situation is incredibly precarious. Decisive leadership is needed, and I can see no one else but Gerard able to provide it.

  22. Although Henry said he effectively split with his wife in the summer, he was still pictured wearing his wedding ring right up to Christmas, so I’m not sure how genuine that split was. He reminds me of a chap I had a blind date with once, who told me he had separated from his wife and was getting a divorce. When i asked where he was living he admitted eventually that it was in the marital home, which made me wonder whether the wife herself actually knew anything about this “separation “ that the man seemed to believe/fabricate in his own mind, without any independent evidence of it. From what Mrs Bolton has said to the press, SHE knew nothing about Henry’s split from her either.
    What you have to remember about our Henry is tgat he has spent the last approx 25 years working as a professional negotiator / diplomat, so of course his natural inclination now is to negotiate a solution whereby he can have his cake and eat it. ie He sees a future whereby if he employs clever weasel words he can keep his job AND keep Jo in his life. Not seeing her romantically just means, to me, that he will carry on just as beforr but not publicly. “Supporting her family” means, to me, that he will visit her at her family home.
    If he had run off with a woman of his own class and age and intellect, I could just about, if pushed, understand it, but he seems to have no insight whatsoever into how badly he has treated his family and how ridiculous he looks snuggling up to a relative child who has never had a proper job in her life and still lives with mummy and daddy.
    Viv has called for Henry to apologise. I note she is still waiting, as is Mrs Bolton.

    • Purple Potty Mouth // January 15, 2018 at 5:03 pm // Reply

      Indeed, another one who put his member before his brain – little miss Walter Mitty pulled the wool over his eyes, despite being a genuine Oxford PPE graduate he even believed that lie. Of course all the time she was s-ing Soutter (married)
      Yes,went back to the Bluebottles last October taking his wife, a former UKIP Portsmouth town Cllr with him. Ran into him campaigning for them in a by-election weeks later and chose not to mention that one of our activists had been bitten by a dog in the patch they were heading for.

      • Not quite with you? Are you talking about Soutter, Bolter and the Hotel-Gate ‘ f*** me for a tick for a candidates place’ scandal. She wasn’t the only one….

    • He keeps contradicting himself about when his ‘marriage was finished’.

      As recently as October he was forsaying that his wife was on board with the idea of possibly having to sell the marital abode to help fund his UKIP activities.

      Sounded unlikely in the first place, but just impossible to credit if she had been told in July that they were over as a married couple.

      The only pleasure we can take from all this is that the Wife will certainly get 100% control of, if not ownership of, the marital flat and he will have nowhere to live, save his ex GF’s parents’ living room sofa . So there will be some comeuppance for his grotesque betrayals and stupidities all round.

      V v difficult to imagine anyone giving him a job of any description ~would you trust him to stack shelves if you were a supermarket manager ? or work on the checkouts ?
      The dolequeue / street corner begging beckon ( Big Issue selling has been taken over by Eastern Europeans so no chance there I’m afraid ).
      SAD ! BIGLY !

      • I can confirm that all Big Issue positions have been filled.

      • Indeed, the quote from him re; his wife (although to be fair he didn’t specify which one) was that she was ‘nervous and supportive’. Indeed she was “supportive”, in fact she was the breadwinner for him to go on his flight of fantasy, racking up Travelodge loyalty points impressing the people of Little Codswallop and Superior Peeover with his tales of derring-do, yellow trousers blazing, standing tall in his cuban heel boots. “Nervous”, well perhaps she knew his trouser snake was growing restive, and seeing as she had lured him out of one marriage (failed for several years already, no doubt) then she knew only too well what his untamed libido was capable of…… (that’s enough of this Mills & Bown rubbish, Ed)

    • I don’t want him to apologise. I just want him to f v c k off.

  23. Toby Micklethwait // January 15, 2018 at 3:31 pm // Reply

    Dear David (Meacock),

    You write “The Chairman must invoke his Constitutional Emergency Powers and permanently expel both Mr Bolton and Jo Marney”.

    You also quote the relevant rules, including:
    “11.9 In cases of exceptional gravity and urgency …”

    The question arises whether Henry’s and Jo’s conduct is sufficiently grave and serious to justify the use of Emergency powers.

    I suggest NOT.

    Even if you feel that the conduct of HB and JM is sufficiently serious, then the question arises whether the use of Emergency powers would be a good idea.

    If the chairman does NOT use his emergency powers then the matter will be dealt with by the whole NEC on 21.1.2018, only 6 days away.

    If the chairman were to use his emergency powers then there would be a need for an Emergency Panel. This would include “not more than 2 voting members of the NEC”. Those two would have to be chosen by the Party Secretary. The Party Secretary may know how NEC members plan to vote on Sunday 21st. Thus the choice of which 2 members could be critical.

    It could therefore be alleged that the Party Secretary, in choosing the NEC members, was biased. That allegation could lead to a legal action, which could take a month or two.

    The use of the Emergency Powers could take longer and cost more than simply waiting until the NEC meeting on Sunday 21st January 2018.

    For all these reasons I recommend to the chairman: do NOT use your emergency powers. Instead wait for the Sunday 21 January 2018 NEC meeting.

    Regards, Toby, 01932-873557

    • Toby is right. We need more meetings, much more. Also can we go through the rule book in finer detail as well. Then another vote, independent verification, a count then another committee meeting.
      We should be down to 2 members by then and they should both be happy!

    • Dear Toby,

      Expulsion is not an emergency power (it’s specifically exempted),so the issue doesn’t arise.

      Best wishes, Rob

  24. So Mr Meacock you are going to resign from being culture & Arts spokesman. I have no idea who you are and have never heard of you. I especially have never heard you speak about Culture and Art. Bill Etheridge resigns as spokesman for Sports. Never heard Bill say anything either. He does seem to talk a lot about Indigo and not UKIP.

    The only spokesmen I have heard speak is Gerard Battern and Mike Hookem. The rest up load reports or retweet others words.

    I cannot support Henry for his terrible judgement with Jo Marney and he needs to break all ties with her before I can consider to back him.

    Since Henry got elected and found out some truely challenging promblems at the top of the party he has tried to set things in place. He has had no real help and has endured continuous abuse since getting elected leader, and thats only the ones from members. People noses are being put out of joint and they do not like it.

    Henry has been relentless in changing and restructuring the party. He has been travelling the length and breadth of the country as he said he would, and working punishing hours. I personally feel Henry is suffering a form of PTSD.

    His terrible judgement in his private life has been a car crash and I myself made comments on this behaviour. However the relentless abuse against Henry has been deliberate and calculating by a certain element.

    In my eyes the senior team did nothing to protect Henry or the party. The senior team needs to get behind Henry, if he has severed all ties with Jo Marney, and help UKIP Get back on course. Time for you all at the top to get down and dirty on the door step with these local elections and get our existing councillors and canidates elected. The British people need us.

    • The policy vacuum is a problem. Mischief and navel gazing fills the vacuum. We still don’t really know what UKIP is for – something about Brexit perhaps. Without clear policies, something we stand for, the party is like a ship without a bridge or wheelhouse. Re-arranging the deckchairs is all that is available to do.

      A party leader is for providing political leadership. He is doing the chairman’s job instead.

    • PTSD! ffs
      Can’t imagine bolton going over the top himself. Would be great at delegation and coming up with a grand plan, but never implement it himself

    • Toby Micklethwait // January 15, 2018 at 3:59 pm // Reply

      Dear Muddyb,

      You say “He has had no real help”.

      Who has NOT helped?

      Surrey has been trying to help, but offers have NOT been accepted.

      Just before the leadership election I wrote at length on this website about all the actions that a leader might like to consider. A longer and franker version of my report went confidentially to each leadership candidate. My report contained numerous recommendations. Henry has been observed reading my report and highlighting key points.

      Since then I have been waiting for Henry to phone, to ask me to help him get things sorted.

      Other Surrey members have offered help with UKIP newspapers and websites (and nobody wants payment for their time).

      None of these offers has been accepted.

      The Surrey committee is scheduled to meet Henry on 27 January 2018 and no doubt we shall renew our offers at that meeting.

      Regards, Toby, 01932-873557

    • The problem is he hasn’t had the faintest idea what to do with the Leadership.
      he has certainly not been putting himself about on tv and radio arguing the principled case for strong / full / WTO terms Brexit, much less the much needed Complete Moratorium on all New Immigration which 85% of the country would have thanked him for doing.

      His policy on immigration is much the same as Mrs May’s.
      No wonder he had time to abandon his pre school age children /wife / flat / family income and dally with a would be StarF****r.
      Now he’s not even loyal to HER ! ??

  25. Yet someone else who can’t follow the constitutution! ?

    11.5(f), summary expulstion, is specifically EXCLUDED from the chairman’s emergency powers. He can only suspend membership, and, given the NEC are already meeting on Sunday, and the party secretary would need to call an emergency disciplinary, I don’t see this going anywhere before then…

    • “Time for you all at the top to get down and dirty on the door step with these local elections and get our existing councillors and canidates elected.”

      Great idea. Go out and campaign, with the giant millstone of Henry Bolton OBE’s tattered reputation round your neck.

      Good luck with that one.

  26. I’d love to see the photo of jm on kurtens knee if you would care to publish it here, Viv..
    Kurten and Bolton are bessie mates so you wont see any criticism from David.
    If Henry is forced out, isnt Margot Deputy Leader? If so, wouldnt she automatically inherit the crown?

    • I wish I could, Rabbit – but Ms Jo Marney’s twitter account was ‘cleaned’ the same day I started a little write-up: saw it in the morning, didn’t take a screenshot, by afternoon it and other photos, e.g. with Bill Etheridge, had been ‘vanished’.
      And indeed, Margot is deputy leader, so should be the one to step up should Henry be made to go.

    • Sorry, the deputy leader falls with the leader unless the replacement leader chooses to retain him or her.

    • I’ve got it.

    • I must add that the picture of Marney with Kurten looks innocent enough to me (on his behalf). Just flirting. The photo with Etheridge implies nothing. The photo of her with Farage junior is when they were an item. The photo with Andy Wigmore, also quite innocent. Te photo with various NEC members? I can only identify 5 of them. The photo of the signed book to the ‘Bad Girl of Brexit from A Bad Boy… Who knows, I can’t identify the handwriting. I do hope Henry does the decent thing before 18.00 today.

    • Picture you want is at mailonline, 3rd January 2018, posted by John Stevens at 22:32and updated at 15:25. It’s at the bottom of the page, above Andy Wigmore’s.

  27. Well done David G Meacock, couldn’t agree more with most of what you say. Dare we hope for more support from past and present leaders and the NEC to realise that many, many of us are about to leave a sinking ship if the current captain stays in control. His pathetic performance on the radio this morning really does prove beyond doubt he must go – today if possible. So very sorry for all the hard working members to have been let down so badly.

  28. The wife has hit back.

    “His estranged wife Tatiana Smurova hit out at her husband’s hypocrisy today, saying he only left her to save his political career and not because of the ‘hurt and devastation’ he has caused his family.
    The 42-year-old said Bolton had been in a ‘damaging relationship’ that had left her concerned for the safety of her two young children.

    Russian-born Tatiana told MailOnline: ‘I must say I was quite relieved because I was extremely worried for my children being in contact with their father in the future whilst he is in that damaging relationship.”

    ‘Not only was he unloyal, he was also dishonest about how it all happened. I am still deeply hurt and believe a sincere apology should have come from him.’

    Mr Bolton today complained that Jo Marney had been ‘thrown to the wolves’ after he bowed to an ultimatum to dump the 25-year-old or quit. He said the outrageous texts did not represent Miss Marney’s ‘core beliefs’, and vowed to stand by her even though their relationship was over.

    Hmm. Standing by his wife and kids not an option, obviously.

    And still he hangs on.


    Bill Etheridge gone – make of the manner of his going what you will …

  30. Still no senior people coming out and demanding he step down. Not Farage. Not Crowther. Not Oakden. Not Whittle. Not Kurten. Anyone know where Margot Parker is? All have been found wanting. Sorry folks, until senior people take a stand you are stuck with this guy because he has the votes on the NEC. Disappearing membership means even less income and even more chance of insolvency. The end is nigh.

  31. Pomposity in the form of ‘The Shadow Cabinet’.

    There’s no need for a lynch mob.

  32. Bolton won’t resign. Kippers need to come to terms with what/who they are dealing with.

  33. Wow. Etheridge resigns but is told by Bolton he’d already been sacked. Suzanne Evans sticking the boot into Nigel (see Breitbart). Perhaps to raise cash for UKIP they should all write a book. “How To Destroy Your Own Political Party while sticking two fingers up to your members in one easy lesson”

  34. You do know, don’ t you David that there is an extant photograph of a lightly clad Jo Marney sitting on David Kurten’s knee?

    I can give it to Viv if she wants it.

    Out of the frying pan?

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