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Henry Bolton announces his new team – UPDATE

- - - - - U P D A T E ON D A V I D K U R T E N - - - - -

Henry Bolton

—–  U P D A T E —–


Henry Bolton sent this statement (received yesterday at 22.30 p.m.):

I have a great deal of respect for David Kurten. I believe he has a great deal to offer our party and I was looking forward to working with him as Deputy Leader.

On 5th October David and I met to discuss his possible appointment. During our conversation it became disappointingly clear that making him my Deputy would be an error. It was with heavy heart, but with the interests of the party in mind, that I therefore made the decision not to make the appointment.
I asked David to continue his excellent work as our Education Spokesman but he declined. Nonetheless, I held back from announcing that appointment in the hope he might reconsider. He has not done so. I shall therefore make an announcement regarding that post in the coming days.
To address the speculation arising from this decision, at no point has any person or group lobbied me against David.
Henry Bolton 

David Kurten tweeted his statement last evening, here is the full text:

Statement on UKIP Appointments
It is now three weeks since the results of the UKIP leadership election were announced, and Henry Bolton has been the leader since then. It is good that he has taken time to find out how the party works and to consider the decisions he needs to make without being too hasty.
During the leadership election, he stated on a number of occasions that he would appoint me as the Deputy Leader of the party if he were to win. This includes the official hustings in Birmingham and to my understanding, branch meetings in Wales and Salisbury. This pledge was also repeated in an online blog report.
It is of course disappointing that he has changed his mind and decided to appoint a different person. However, I will continue to support the party in my role as a member of the London Assembly, and in fighting for a full, clean Brexit. I wish the new team well.
It was a pleasure also to have served the party as Education and Apprenticeships Spokesman over the last year. I was offered this post again, but I have decided to step away from this role for now given the circumstances.
Once again, I would like to extend a huge thank you to all the people who supported me financially and otherwise. I would not have been able to stand in the leadership contest without you.
I also believe that UKIP must be the party which stands up for our history and heritage, and fights the cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt School and Common Purpose which so pervades our country and our institutions. Particularly damaging at the moment is the drive from the ‘Conservative’ party to push sex education and confusing genderqueer ideology onto the youngest of children in primary schools. If UKIP does not speak out against this, nobody else will and a whole generation of our children will be damaged in ways it is difficult to imagine.
I did not envisage the circumstances I currently find myself in, but it presents an opportunity to create a new venture to educate people about cultural Marxism, its quite deliberately disastrous and corrosive effects on our civilization and how to combat it, particularly in our education system. I am planning to tour around the country over the next few months to speak about these issues and help gather together the ‘forces of conservatism’ to restore and rebuild the nation.
I will post more details on my website – – as this venture takes shape.
David KurtenUKIP London Assembly Member

~ ~ ~ ~ ~  o o o o o  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Henry Bolton has announced his team to take UKIP forward. Included is be a leadership group of Margot Parker MEP, as Deputy leader and Jim Carver and Mike Hookem MEPs as assistant Deputies.

He said “I am pleased to announce appointments to my Cabinet.

“UKIP has a moral obligation to hold the government to account for taking us out of the European Union. Clear and decisive leadership is crucial and we shall deliver it. Together, my team and I will now commence the urgent work of projecting our party firmly and decisively into British politics with the purpose of securing our nation’s interests through Brexit and beyond.”

Margot Parker MEP the new Deputy leader said,
“I was both delighted and honoured to be asked by Henry to become the party’s deputy leader. It is time for everyone in UKIP to pull together and drive the party forward over the next few years. I will continue my work as an MEP to ensure a clean Brexit and to fight for what is best for the country. I will also be working closely with our new leader and his team over the next 18 months or so – a crucial period which will help shape the future of the UK.”

Jim Carver MEP said,
“I am delighted to accept the post of assistant deputy leader of my party, working alongside Henry, Margot and Mike in preparing UKIP for the challenges ahead.
We will strive to ensure the party continues to have Brexit at its heart and also broad and appealing domestic policies that the branches and membership can focus on in readiness for next year’s local elections.”

Mike Hookem MEP commented,
“I believe Henry Bolton has the necessary skills as UKIP leader to take this party forward and I am pleased and honoured that he has chosen me to be part of his management team. As the Conservative’s backslide and Labour continue to dither on Brexit, the role of UKIP in British politics will continue to grow, and I look forward to playing a full part in taking the party forward.”

The appointments are as follows,

POSITION                                            APPOINTEE

Deputy Leader                                     Margot Parker MEP
Asst Deputy Leader                              Jim Carver MEP
Asst Deputy Leader                              Mike Hookem MEP
Interim Chairman                                 Paul Oakden
Political Adviser                                    Jonathan Arnott MEP
Leader of UKIP in Wales                        Neil Hamilton AM
Leader of UKIP in Scotland                    David Coburn MEP
Spokesman for UKIP in London              Peter Whittle AM
MEP Delegation Leader                          Ray Finch MEP
Home Affairs/Police & Fire                     Jane Collins MEP
Justice                                                 Peter Jewell
Immigration & Integration                     John Bickley
Cyber & Terrorism                                Richard Bingley
Treasury                                              Jonathan Arnott MEP
Aid and Intl Development                      Margot Parker MEP
Business                                              Christopher Mills
Small Business                                     Ernie Warrender
Trade & Industry                                  William Dartmouth MEP
Employment                                         Andrew Charalambous
Transport & Infrastructure                     Jill Seymour MEP
Energy                                                 Jonathan Bullock MEP
Agriculture                                           Stuart Agnew MEP
Fisheries                                              Mike Hookem MEP
Environment                                        Dr Julia Reid MEP
Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs            Ray Finch MEP
Defence                                               Henry Bolton
Veterans                                              Mike Hookem MEP
Health                                                 Dr Julia Reid MEP
Culture & Arts                                      David Meacock
Communities & Local Government         Tim Aker MEP
Equalities & Disabilities                         Cllr Star Anderton
Exiting the European Union/BREXIT       Gerard Batten MEP
Electoral Reform                                  David Allen
Sport                                                  Bill Etheridge MEP


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146 Comments on Henry Bolton announces his new team – UPDATE

  1. All this navel gazing will not achieve anything. Our greatest strength as a party is our membership and we need to engage them and encourage their continued membership. Under the new rules we have to hold constituency AGMs in the next few weeks and we need some details on what we are doing about Brexit. Our new campaigning slogan, ‘OUT NOW’, could not be better in the current situation and a coordinated countrywide action before the Christmas period would hopefully get some media attention. We need fliers, banners, badges etc. to strike while the negotiations are concentrating under the threat of a UK walk out. We need to show that this has backing from the population. Of course the party needs to keep members informed – as a constituency secretary I have not received personally HB’s letter of appointments. Of course there is no media coverage of it either, as UKIP is now perceived to be irrelevant. So please let’s get cracking with some action! Otherwise more members will melt away.
    OUT NOW! must be the cry.

  2. Thinnish Free-Thinker // October 21, 2017 at 3:39 pm // Reply

    Bolton promised to make Kurten Deputy Leader. Then, on 5th October, they had a meeting and “it became disappointingly clear that making him my Deputy would be an error.” What does that say about Bolton? That he promised a senior position to someone he barely knew? That he acted in haste and repented at leisure? Or that he never intended to make Kurten his Deputy but pretended he would during the election process to take some of the sting out of Kurten’s challenge? If so, what a hypocrite! Nothing in the above points to a suitable, reliable, honourable Leader.

  3. Thinnish Free-Thinker // October 21, 2017 at 12:31 pm // Reply

    Bolton says, in his explanation for not appointing David Kurten as UKIP Deputy Leader, that “at no point has any person or group lobbied me against David”.

    Lobbied, of course not. He was ORDERED by socialist lib dem central not to appoint anyone opposed to Cultural Marxism, Common Purpose and their continued wrecking of British institutions and the effectiveness of the UK as a nation state.

  4. Thinnish Free-Thinker // October 21, 2017 at 12:24 pm // Reply

    Ah, yes, David Kurten, no military background. Refuses to take orders, you see. Prefers to observe, analyse and think for himself. No place for someone like that in boring, boring Henry’s cabinet.

  5. Thinnish Free-Thinker // October 21, 2017 at 12:20 pm // Reply

    The UKIP Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire Regional Committee has resigned en masse and Party Chairman, Paul Oakden has taken the decision to dissolve the regional committee, even its existence, full stop.

    He is, of course, looking for members who might support his place-men with the aim of holding an EGM by the end of February (Four months. Why the delay?) in order to restore a renewed committee for Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire to take the Region into the future. (Ho! Ho! Ho! We’d all like to know about UKIP’s future, wouldn’t we?)

    Oakden views this as an opportunity to re-energise and re-enthuse members behind UKIP’s new Leader and his team. I wonder what de-energised and de-enthused them in the first place!

    But never fear, “Henry Bolton is building in the present and planning for the future and under his Leadership UKIP will become a driving force in British politics again”. Where to? The graveyard?

  6. It takes real courage to make the right decision in the full glare of publicity and in the face of expected and co-ordinated opposition. The easy option is just that, and people who take that route always make poor leaders.

    • This is not a justification for breaking a promise. With this logic it will be alright to overturn the Brexit result. “It takes real courage to make the right decision and keep the UK in the EU”. You can hear the venal politicians with their weasel words as they explain their reasons for going against a solemn promise. Our leader and the people in our party need to uphold decency and that means keeping promises.

  7. I supported and voted for Henry Bolton but am disappointed if it is true that he has broken a promise to David Kurten to appoint him to a deputy position. Maybe he knows something we do not but David would be a great face for the party. Is the Chairmanship potentially available to him ?

  8. Note Bolton’s appointments also ignore the overwhelming conference vote for a Family and Childrens’ spokesman (to oppose cultural Marxism in the classroom etc.).
    It’s impossible not to see Bolton’s actions a s a capitulation to cultural Marxism.

  9. So it turns out that we appear “not to do God” also.
    Well personally I have from nearly the start of my prolonged existence been a “weddings and funerals” man, but here near the final whistle I have virtually come to the conclusion there is nothing there at all, not even ghosties or spirits or parallel universe – or anything else unnatural that makes things go bump in the night- I`m pretty sure there is nothing there.
    However there is the big bang theory, so I always ask myself who or what was there before that event.
    However also I consider I was born into a Christian society, at least that`s what it`s monarch and parliament officially tell me it is.
    From there emanate all our laws and the rules providing a basis of what we call civilised life, all mainly based on a Judeo/Christian foundation
    So I am church of England and what`s more in the present circumstances, if it hadn`t existed we should certainly have needed to invent it.
    In my view, it is correct then, for the British to insist that all other faiths and groupings must conform to the laws of our parliament and Magna Carta and customs derived therefrom.
    Regarding this supposed sin of “confrontation”, I have never heard such tripe in all my life and particularly within UKIP where we have always had this mantra of telling the truth and shaming the devil – and IMHO some characteristics of Islam and the EU are evil and even if they are less than evil they do not excuse or exonerate the shameful manner in which many Muslims and their religion treat their own women and make second class citizens of the..
    If you like to like at it that practice is a form of “grooming” from birth

    • You are correct Roger when dealing with Islam there is no other option than “head on” and laying down the law. All other approaches historically have ended in failure.

      Bill Warner puts it best with his American football analogy.

      There are two teams on the field.

      One is playing to win.
      One is playing to draw.

      What do you think the outcome will be?

    • The Anti-radicalisation ‘Prevent’ programme is very poor value for money. Those who read and believe what the Koran teaches are surely radicalised by it. That then is a book that surely should be banned. Sikhs and Hindus, say, in the UK follow the teachings of their elders but none it seems are radicalised by doing so.
      Also, how can anyone who dislikes Islam be guilty of any offence. The Government have enacted legislation which makes FGM – a tenet of Islam – unlawful, yet circumcision is still permitted. So the Government can dislike a faith to such a degree that it can proscribe parts of it but permits unwanted similar bodily injury on children of another faith. Discrimination ? Meanwhile in Scotland today, the moderate correction of a child by it’s parents (i.e. smacking) is expected to be made unlawful. This is being hailed as a triumph of liberalism. Would any member of Parliament like to explain this situation to anyone possessed of common sense. It’s like trying to explain the laws of cricket to a resident of North America – or the Yanks there anyway.

    • I have found so many “coincidences” in my time e.g.
      • Chap in office next door to me in Munich had oarents in same street in Edinburgh
      • Chap I knew 20 years before at ESA Darmstadt was 20 years later next door to me in Frankkfurt, and in mean time had lived in Zurich
      • Indian colleague in Zurich for first week I took to car boot sale recognised fellow Indian he had worked with last year

      That I am convinced that God is not so much a dice player (Einstein) as a Seinfeld scriptwriter ?

    • Sorry for my persistence re the non-existence of God, but I have had some overnight thoughts.

      Perhaps I should have said “Gods” as if you think about it, all gods have been “invented” by man (Oh` well woman as well) having nurtured their precious babies by grooming adherents to have blind faith in their ethereal existence (it`sobligatory that they cannot be seen- ever!) then when challenged openly or by apostates who desert the fold, they conspire with other faiths, who are peddling the same nonsense and they particularly pursue of trading on peoples`s fear of the unknown.
      UKIP`s role must be to expose this conspiracy which I`m afraid covers all faiths which are invented by man.

      • I hope you include atheism in conspiracies to be exposed. Can’t make any exceptions you know!

        • Good one Farranger!
          You are right I hadn`t, in fact I could have been said to have conspired myself this morning, straight after posting, because I discussed what I had written with my golf partner and he agreed with me, only differing with my description of “grooming” he used the word “brainwashing” (didn`t know he knew words of over 10 letters)

      • Roger, There are no atheists on a battlefield. Perhaps you are not trying hard enough ?

        • I don`t quite know how to take that Jonathan, never having been on the battlefield.
          I do “believe” if there is a god, it is most likely to be unitary, particularly after early civilisations (Empires) seem to have come to the conclusion multiplicity is confusing and overegging the cake.
          Anyway it is interesting how most leaders urge their troops with the phrase “for monarch (king/queen) and country” and point out it is all done in the name of their god who so conveniently approves; seems strange that where that god turns out to belong to each protagonist. (you couldn`t make it up – oh sorry, that`s circular? – there`s me going on about making god(s) up anyway )
          I first came up with atheism at about the age age of 20 when I sailed with a shipmate, much longer in the tooth than me,he was an atheist and lamented constantly the fact that he was so – I think he felt he didn`t have the comfort that believers felt so safe with.
          Personally, I don`t feel this need, but I don`t think it is fair of me to destroy people`s heart felt illusions, but when it comes to Christianity versus Islam, I find it so boring and frustrating that I `know` they are actually spilling each others blood with such abandon and no hope of heavenly reward (if you can call it that).
          and missing so much of the fun and not so fun of `real` life

      • Roger Turner – fear not, the Lord is very much alive and kicking – the same now, ever and always.

        Don’t make the mistake of conflating worldly religions with the person of God.

        They are not one and the same, and indeed, are diametrically opposed to each other’s agenda.

        Worldly religions do not necessarily represent the Lord – even if they say they do.

        So keep yourself distanced from the world but draw closer to God – and you’ll do just fine.

  10. You can take the man out of the Lib Dems but you can’t take the Lib Dem out of the man.

    If it was a choice between DK and LGBT then he made the wrong choice.

  11. It is now nearly three weeks since Torquay Conference.what do I know about the future of UKIP:
    1. It is being deradicalised,seemingly
    2. Two of the biggest threats are going to get scant attention or any meaningful truth expressed
    a) Islamisation of Britain and Europe and,
    b) LGBTXYZ and cultural Marxism has been relegated to a “lone wolf” initiative by a member not even on a lack-lustre “cabinet” of mostly ghosts
    3. The proclaimed issue of Brexit has so far lost it, too. Has anyone heard what is happening to the OUT NOW Campaign launched with leaflets at Torquay? I haven’t.
    I was hoping at least I could forget the unpleasantness of the leadership stuff by getting stuck into an essential campaign. No such luck.
    After 45 years an activist, I left the Conservatives because they no longer wish to conserve anything. Now UKIP seems likely to go the same way. So sad!

  12. With Henry Bolton in charge, I won’t be renewing my membership. Islam has absolutely nothing to offer the West. Never has, never will. Only by reversing Islam in Britain will things stand a chance of getting better. Henry Bolton does not have a grasp on theology, history or philosophy. Whatever Islam is, it is never peaceful.

      • Rob if you really want to get up to date on Quranic textual criticism and the origins of Islam then the following will be of interest.

        I went to your article and it started off saying the Islamic era started at 622 with the Hijra. Islamic armies then conquered this that and the other. Arabic armies may have done this but Islam had nothing to do with this because Islam didn’t exist. In case you were unaware the case that Muhammad, if he even existed, having nothing at all to do with Islam is getting stronger year on year.

        Currently we have several sets of carbon dating results that place manuscripts, that later ended up in what we today refer to as the Quran, as in being from the 500s. Predating Muhammad’s mission if not his birth.

        In the many years I have had a passing interest in Islam and engaging with Muslims I can honestly say that I am at the stage now I just don’t believe anything that is written in support of Islam and its achievements. It’s almost always lies and distortions. That goes for the Islamic Golden Age and scientific advancements from the medieval age. In almost all cases the ‘achievements’ were made by Chrsitians living under Islamic rule.

        Here is the first in a recent debunking series

        • Well said Sean. This is a fascinating area and I’m surprised so few people are aware of it.

          What we ‘know’ about Muhammad and the first four rightly guided Caliphs comes solely from the Sira and official Islamic history that only started being written down six generations after he supposedly died. He and his companions left no physical traces at all: no coins, no inscriptions, no mention in Byzantine histories. Mecca has no archaeological history before 900AD and appears on no maps before then.

          The stories we have about Muhammad are about as reliable as the stories we have about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

          The best introduction to this area I have read is Robert Spencer’s “Did Muhammad Exist?”

        • Thank you so much, Rob, for posting your first YouTube link which I viewed last night with utter fascination.
          Strongly recommended.
          It makes a good case for vehement debunking if ever I saw one.

      • Which Muslim majority country are you recommending to us?

      • Codswallop. So you should ban Christianity in the USA because of the Klu Klux Klan ?

    • I think he means “but trouble” Spon

  13. I voted for David Kurten and am sorry to see him sidelined, presumably because of his stance on LGBTetc issues.

    The second-, third- and fourth-place candidates in the leadership election (AMW, DK and JRE) – all the candidates with any kind of flair, and together mustering 53.9% of the vote, have now either left the party or been sidelined.

    Nevertheless I am sticking with UKIP for now. There is, at the moment, no other credible alternative to the LibLabCon Uniparty.

    If, as seems likely, the Conservatives renege on delivering a real Brexit, the protest vote is going to need another genuinely pro-Brexit party to turn to at the 2022 General Election – for the moment the obvious choice for that alternative party is UKIP.

    HB’s performance on the Jo Coburn show was unimpressive. It seems he knows little about Islam or Islamism and the possible difference between them. Worse was his fawning to Nick Clegg’s wife – seemingly delighted at receiving her approval. He should have knocked her back by quoting Nigel Farage – UKIP is a radical party – a radical anti-immigration party.

    Although I didn’t support AMW as leader I wish her well in her new party. My disagreement with her was more about means than ends. I am not sure her approach will win over voters.

    It will be informative if before 2022 a by-election arises in a Brexit-supporting constituency – ideally in the North or the Midlands – where Anne Marie can stand for her new party “For Britain” and we can see how well she does against UKIP.

    If in a straight fight in a by-election in a Brexit-friendly constituency Anne Marie outperforms UKIP – particularly if HB is the UKIP candidate in that by-election– then I may well reconsider my decision to stick with UKIP.

  14. Are we allowed to ask what rendered DK unsuitable for the position of Deputy, particularly after having apparently been scheduled for that office during hustings.
    It cannot have been Education policy – or could it? Seeing as DK is continuing this on his own, what is it that is in this policy that HB finds so unacceptable in product UKIP?
    It begins to look to me as though UKIP has been completely captured by the “Establishment”, i.e. we cannot be seen to have any aspect of a “crusading” import.
    If this is an effort to divorce us from the grass roots rabble who brought this plague of Brexit on our nation.
    I was watching Quentin Letts on RT yesterday who was pointing out the dangers of the rising effect of Technocracy i.e.the new “brainy” masterclass who have now taken over from the previous nobs and upper class from whom does not only emerge PC but integrated world domination, certainly not the Nation States that these grass roots movements in France Germany, Spain, Austria,Netherlands, the UK. and probably a host of other nations who are uniting left and right and fighting for that “awful” goal of NATIONHOOD.
    I do hope we haven`t jumped out of the frying pan into the fire.
    It cannot be some minor irritation that has brought about HB`s volte face, in fact he is presiding over an utter farce.

    • I would guess – can only guess- that it was to pre-empt a reaction from LGBT activists . This is nuts of course as 3 out of the 11 candidates were LGBT and Kurten works with Whittle – also LGBT, in the GLA.
      As for the other guess- that it was to pre-empt a reaction from anti -Christian activists who don’t like Kurten’s resolute support for the nuclear family, common-sense speaking and the non-sexualisation of young children, then thats also nuts, as its what the core of UKIP support.
      I’ve heard guff regarding Alan Craig too. I met him on the GE campaign trail in London. A thoroughly decent man, very intelligent and charming. So, he and Kurten are committed Christians, I say so what? What’s wrong with that? Now IF, and it’s a big if, Kurten has been knocked off for being a Christian, then Bolton has a problem even bigger than the one he has had in the last 24 hours.
      What, exactly, was the reason for Kurten being rejected. I want to know…. Do you ???

    • Agree with your questions, Roger. HB says this — “During our conversation it became disappointingly clear that making him my Deputy would be an error.” So what was it that was “so clear”?

    • Roger, I too would like to know the actual reason that HB considers appointing DK an “error”. HB had enough chance to observe DK on the hustings circuit, what has changed since?

      There is a difference here between two men; and we are told by HB to accept HB’s word on the sole merit of it being HB’s word. That’s not good enough.

  15. I’ve considered the position. I’ve enjoyed the bits about Bill Etheridge, who I admire,without wholly agreeing. I had given HB 4 weeks to show the way he’s going. According to my reading he’s still in the panic stage so too much should not be read into this,except for character,. I think he’s buying time. Smoothing feathers, following a well known path. By following in the footssteps of Paul Nuttall, he is calming the frightened. Maybe the DK thing is a ploy.
    He,s cleverer than this. I trust. It is clearly a good safe holding position, while he thinks about things.

    DK ( plus in a different way AMW )is the only person who gave value for money in depth for everyone on any subject, and gave pointers for the future of UKIP. HB clearly knows this and they must have cooked up something. I know I would have.By my book he’s still got another week. Any longer, and Brexit problems are growing. UKIP is needed again.

    • I admire your optimism but this could be more simple: HB see DK as a threat and he doesn’t like his views on PC and cultural Marxism. I want a full and proper explanation as to why a promise has been broken.

  16. There is nothing to stop members from trying to influence policy and there are, even now, several methods to do so.
    Vote for NEC members who share your point of view.
    Lobby MEPs.
    Propose branch motions supporting your position.
    Write to area chairmen.
    No doubt Henry will have other ways in mind.
    Just don’t start shredding our own leadership anywhere public..

    • or shredding members in public, a point for Etheridge, Carver, Coburn and even Nigel. When the establishment stops publicly dissing ordinary members we’ll stop criticising the leadership.

      Looking forward to the branch motions about that.

      • Stout. A perfectly fair point. I agree that some of the “management” were as much at fault as members. That has too change. Please however remember that all the shouting by AMW type people did nothing to improve our position.
        It’s going to take Henry and his team several months to make much difference. We will know if they are getting anywhere simply by looking at vote shares in local by elections, there is at least one nearly every week but it will be some 6 months before the trend becomes clear. That is the only test that matters in the real world.

        • AMW was never going to win but she became a cause célèbre when the “management” went public with its misjudged paranoia. Had they just ignored her, letting her stand in the GE 2016 election just as they had in 2015, if they had not taken to press articles and twitter, if, in short, they had not shown lamentable political judgement we would not now be examining Henry for signs that his political judgement is as bad.

          It ought to be obvious that simply saying I’ve changed my mind about a popular candidate will disappoint many including some who did not vote for DK as leader but nonetheless wanted to see him in a prominent role.

          For the moment he has reneged on a promise for reasons that he cannot or will not explain. Not the greatest start. We are left speculating, not unreasonably, that DK v LGBT had something to do with it. That was known about by most if us before the election so it still needs to be explained why it only became significant for HB after the election.

          • I think you are quite right in that disallowing AMW to stand in the GE was a huge error, then compounded by ignoring the rules to allow her to stand in the leadership election. AMW has a wholly yet unsubstantiated belief that her form of messaging would cause people to flock in their tens of thousands to vote for her. The 2017 GE would have pricked that particular balloon very effectively.

    • “Propose branch motions supporting your position.
      Write to area chairmen”?! You’re joking, aren’t you?

      The people clustered around the party leader couldn’t care less what people at branch level think. The local groups and regional committees can make resolutions until they’re blue in the face. Water off a duck’s back as far as the central party is concerned.

      That’s why we had the policy on halal slaughter changed overnight with no consultation, and why we (or at least those who attended Conference) were offered Hobson’s choice on the new logo.

      • “Trying to influence party policy” is as far as it gets. Which are the most important member’s policy suggestions that have been adopted (or even discussed by HO) ? Anyone help?

  17. Henry Bolton has some good qualities but his political nous is not one of them.
    UKIP continues to be run by an out of touch elite that considers itself the beesknees. HB has stressed continuity and the removal of radical right elements. An endorsement by arch libdem Miriam Gonzalez (Clegg) is the kiss of death.
    Sorry to be so negative but I have been a member twice as long as HB and I wonder if his knowledge of the party is that good. It would be a miracle if MEP Jim Carver started to actually earn his fantastic €urosalary by making his presence felt nationally as Deputy Leader.
    Worse than the system of ukase that HB advocates is simply the utter mediocrity of most of the spokesmen chosen by HB.
    On a positive note any UKIP is (regretably) better than no UKIP
    The national political elite esp the libdems and labour are fully committed to RemaininEU by stealth and treachery.Things are going to get very unpleasant and the battleground will be immigration.

  18. I have to say that David Kurton’s response to Henry Bolton’s announcement, only confirmed to me that the wrong man is now leading UKIP.
    Yes i did vote for David Kurton in the leadership election, but the fact that he impressed me more then, is now only confirmed.
    I wish the UKIP well, but fear that the people with real talent and drive, are now on the fringes of the party or have left it all together.
    Mr Agnew’s confused state over the issue of non stun slaughter of animals, only confirms my feelings.

  19. Disappointing news, but Henry’s decision, I guess. I do wonder though whether the LGBT brigade influenced this.

  20. What a useless statement from Bolton. It explains nothing and is just a prolix way of saying that he did indeed renege on his promise. We still do not know why, in HB’s revised opinion, he now regards David Kurten as unfit to be deputy leader or why, in his previous view, David Kurten was fit to be (promised) deputy leader.

    As to no person or group lobbying him I do not believe him. What emerged on 5th Oct that was unknown before then? What question did Bolton ask that he failed to before the election? What new fact about David did he learn on 5th Oct? The wording “I met to discuss his possible appointment” gives the game away.

    Bolton has joined the old guard UKIP establishment.

    • Stout. We did not elect David as deputy leader, I have no idea why Henry made the decision, he did offer the education job. I do know from experience that prolonged conversations with prospective employees often reveal more about them that first or second interviews. Perhaps David expected to have more influence over policy than was wise and since he considered it a done deal, he went over the top. Maybe he did not like the idea of assistant deputy leaders. I doubt he will admit to any mistakes made during that private conversation.
      I do not think Henry is saying anything but the simple truth, he did it in the best interests of the party.
      I badly want all our leaders to do just that.
      Get over this “old guard establishment thing” , the only Establishment that matter right now is the national one. We are where we are, there can be no more changes or manoeuvring for power by any internal pressure group. We are not the Tories or Labour.

      • I take your point about no more changes or manoeuvring for power. I’m just trying to work our whether to continue supporting the party at all.

        Etheridge told the world in a DT article that UKIP had neo-Nazis among its membership – without saying how many exactly – but is now in Henry’s cabinet.

        The criteria for who is suitable or unsuitable needs explicating.

    • You are right. It’s a shifty explanation from HB. He has proved his ability to be disingenuous and break promises. A great shame, however DK is now outside the tent pissing in. He is in touch with many members’ opinions and can be an influence There is not a single syllable in DKs analysis that I disagree with. HB thinks he has lanced a boil but in fact by not adhering to his promise he has made a poor decision.

  21. Henry clearly means business and is prepared to take hard decisions so if an extended face to face discussion led him to rethink appointing DK, that’s fine with me. David was offered the Education job but I understand why he turned it down. I’m pleased he at least decided to remain in the party.

    I do wish some members would grasp that the rest of us fully understand the problems with political correctness in general and with some Muslims failing to integrate, something that stems from the attitude of hard line leaders. We believe there is a better way forward than confrontation, which inevitably leads to hatred and worse from both sides. We also want better border control, which will reduce the problem, since it would allow us to insist that new migrants agree to follow our cultural norms. There is much we can do within existing law and by greater funding of the security services.

    We have been “taken over” by Romans, Normans, Vikings and various religious sects, we are still here though in fact we are more a secular nation than a Christian one these days, which is part of our problem, alien religions love to fill a vacuum.

    There are no easy or quick solutions to many of our problems and the best way to resolve them is to apply pressure to the Establishment. Only an electorally viable party, able to appeal to a large number of voters, can do that. That requires compromise, it’s the British way. We need to accept that or we’ll sink into the same oblivion where the two new parties are headed and where we too would have swiftly ended up if we had voted in a “hot head”. Now is the time for calm, considered planning and action, not for running round shouting or knocking our own leadership long before they have had chance to make a difference.

    • Icini – there are not many decent people who want confrontation or believe running around shouting is the best way to change politics in the UK. But meekly accepting criticism from the likes of the BBC and Sky interviewers isn’t going to help UKIP gain support from the unrepresented or stop the liberal elite continuing to suppress free speech and the onward march of PC.

      • We need to win back our freedoms one at a time, it can’t happen at the stroke of a pen. The majority of the public are far too indoctrinated for that. To do anything new that’s useful we must be a viable political force. Right now we are more of a laughing stock. Like him or not, Henry is our last chance to regain ground, I will be off at the first sign of a new leadership struggle, because that will be the end of us. The only way to survive and perhaps prosper is to get behind the new team, whoever they are.
        I will try to influence policy privately, whatever way is available but in public I’m 100% behind Henry. There is no choice.

      • I was on the recent FLA march of over 70,000 through our capital City – an event which our national broadcasters were ordered to ignore. I believe that the people I marched with – including UK armed forces veterans – whilst not blazer wearers, were ‘decent’ voters from the length and breadth of the UK. The marchers were requested by the organisers to refrain from chanting for the duration of the event. As far as I am aware that request was observed. The BBC, who had reporters and film crews there, did not capture any scenes that could have been questioned by the PTB so no footage of the march was shown. The silence on the matter by the BBC was, in my book, an object lesson in ‘fake news’ and they should have been taken to task for it. Are we to believe that any current UKIP policy would motivate 20,000 – much less 70,000 – UK voters to take to the streets on a Saturday afternoon? Is it UKIP policy to support voters, who seem to be part of the target voter for the party, when they attempt to influence Government policies? They are “running around shouting” because there are no main stream politicians who are prepared to do it for them.

    • The Romans, Normans, Spanish, French and Germans wanted to invade us and rule over us. Only the Danes tried to replace us. On current policies, within a generation Islam will have achieved what the Danes didn’t.

      We won’t be “still here” in the second half of this century because this will be a Muslim majority UK in a majority Muslim western Europe. That is a demographic certainty unless policies change radically and soon to stop it happening. And you and the UKIP leadership won’t even talk about it.

    • The Romans Normans Vikings arrived in minute numbera icini. Your complacency about population replacement is stunning. No comparison with the past.

    • The hard decision would have been keeping his promise in the face of opposition from Whittle & co. He didn’t take it.

      Instead, he continues the party establishment’s stifling orthodoxy.

      As to “some Muslims failing to integrate” that depends on your view of gender segregated mosques. If such gender segregation as regarded as acceptable then the “some” in your view are a minority. If it is not compatible with British values then the “some” is a majority.

      I should agree a confrontational approach of the “Islam is evil” type would be counter-productive. But we should be allowed to debate whether Islam is compatible with British culture. There should be no special privilege for Islam. We mocked Christianity for decades – see BBC programmes from 1975 onwards – so can we continue our cultural tradition and do the same to Islam?

      Those of us who do not share your Panglossian view of HB are not “running round shouting” but expressing our very real disappointment at the exclusion of David Kurten for reasons that are unexplained by HB. We are left to speculate – and we will.

    • It’s not a “hard decision” it’s a poor decision.

  22. kenneth james ogilvie // October 19, 2017 at 5:57 am // Reply

    I realise he is quite limited as to who he can select but it appears to me as same old same old. I would imagine that the NEC is still going to be dominant UKIP will continue to get my vote as there isn’t an alternative as far as I am concerned but I will not be re joining

    • So you think that the party can run on air and that a few pounds is too much to ensure there is at least an alternative to the old parties, even if you believe it is flawed.
      In my Branch roughly 12% of members are activists and help. The rest are content to let a few others do all the work. To get change we all have to do our bit, if we don’t the other side wins. It really is that simple.

      • UKIP would not need to ‘run on air’ if the majority of MEP’s did what they promised and gave half(?) their salaries over to party coffers. This ‘pledge’ was either not worth the paper it was written on or is not being enforced. Will HB insist on this? I trust you will recognise a rhetorical question.

  23. I think Margot Parker is a sensible and capable person and should do a reasonable job. But the Question is where is David Kurten? He was ukip’s best hope in my opinion. I am not one to walk out just because my candidate didn’t win. Along with others I was prepared to give Henry a go despite my strong misgivings about the man.
    The list that is supposed to take the party forward is actually a recipe for stagnation. It shows political incompetence.
    Let’s hope David Kurten stays with the party as the next leadership election may not be far away.

  24. I have been quite impressed by HBs ruthlessness, but fear it is unsustainable. In retrospect, he fought the best campaign by (a) getting the only endorsement that mattered, Nigel, and (b) setting AMW up as a Corbyn-like bogeywiman and positioning himself as the one who could save UKIP (hence the futile legal challenge, a mere stunt) and (c) knock out his emerging rival DK by cleverly saying he could be his deputy, thereby undermining David’s potential to be leader (when I saw that my initial reaction was to wonder if David had dropped out like Ben Walker and teamed up with Henry, and David lost my vote there and then). Clever psychology. You have to hand it to him.

    • Graham normally you’re completely spot on but here I think you’re giving HB far too much credit. It was the older generation among the UKIP members playing it safe that voted him in. Nothing more. From the hustings videos I watched I didn’t sense a master tactician at work. (b) The legal challenge was a ploy but he bottled it within 24 hours if I remember correctly. With regards to DK I had a feeling that was going to happen. DK was my next choice after AMW. Anyway from what I’ve seen on this website there are people here that actually believe UKIP could make some headway with regard to MPs. Some even fantasize about UKIP being a potential government. I suspect the appointment has gone to HB’s head and some of those more fervent kippers I speak of might be whispering in his ear about future political success. That I believe is the motivation for his ruthless behaviour. It’s all misplaced ego in my opinion and as for UKIP right now it is looking like the LibDems but with Brexit bolted on the side.

  25. The dignity of DK’s Twitter response seems to me typical of what I have seen on YouTube hustings and articles I have read. What a great loss to the UKIP leadership team. He seems an intelligent, knowledgeable, courteous, committed politician who is prepared to say what he truly believes and sticks to it. I believe there ain’t too many like him around. Gerard Batten appears to be of a similar disposition.

    I hoped I could apply to rejoin UKIP, but to me the problems our country faces needs a party with strong leadership who are prepared to face up to the establishment politicians and media. After watching HB virtually grovelling to Coburn in the BBC Daily Politics interview 12/10/17 (, I felt sick. Miriam Gonzales (the wife of Nick Clegg) who was with Coburn that day did appreciate what HB was saying though. She stated “…can see the effort to de-radicalise the party that you are making”. What an endorsement! Personally I felt doubly sick.
    Though I still held out a hope even after the next tame interview with Sky, he would show strength, but he’s dumped DK, that’s the last hope for me at present. Well I hope you Kippers are happy with your new leader and his “new” team. Just don’t say anything too radical. Perhaps when the party is de-radicalised enough, Ms. Gonzales might ask Cleggy to recommend Cable to make you an offer of a new party LibDemKip, IMO HB’s half way there already.

    • John there is a place for you. The following video was uploaded just over an hour ago and it already has over 5000 views.

      • Sean, I do admire AMWs courage, but my heart is still in UKIP. When I first joined 2004, I was so impressed by the other members that I met. They may have moaned a lot esp about high salaried MEPs not contributing enough (some things don’t change), and perhaps didn’t share my concerns with the effects of immigration at that time, but they were dedicated people who seemed to care so much for their country, and little for personal gain from membership. I still feel there is that dedication with nearly all who comment on here, even icini who I often disagree with obviously cares about UKIP and our country. I regret that Panmelia, Dee and perhaps Anthony Nailor and some others may have gone elsewhere as I haven’t seen comments from them lately. But with the likes of Batten and DK still in the party I wait in hope.

        • I don’t doubt that the majority of Kippers are good hearted people but I personally don’t see UKIP going anywhere anytime soon. I would just hate to see all that effort from decent people wasted on what looks like a party with nothing to offer.

          I believe it was Eliza on this forum that pointed to an excellent article by Douglas Murray on the point of UKIP and the direction it could take. That article was posted a day or so before the election results. I would urge everyone on here to read it and subsequently get behind AMW if they no longer believe UKIP is tackling the issue of the day.

        • Dee has definitely gone with AMW. Here is the link to her twitter feed….

          Panmelia was a very staunch supporter of AMW so she is likely to have gone with her although that is just a calculated guess on my part.

          I don’t know what Anthony Nailer’s position is.


    No it hasn’t – at least not by email, to either of the email addresses head office has for me.

    • Correction: I have had the email referred to, and I see that it arrived at my mail server before my complaint. So I was wrong. Not for the first time today.

      I wouldn’t hog the thread but an apology is merited. I don’t know what the mistake was but I’m sure it must have been mine. I know that head office have had problems with mailing lists recently but I also know they’re trying to fix those problems and I was premature and frankly wrong to complain. Sorry.

      • Simon, I received a copy of the HB letter from elsewhere but have not received one from HQ. This is not unusual, despite me being a branch officer for almost five years and receiving post and email in respect of that, as well as appeals for funds.
        I did, however, receive my election ballot and copy of Independence promptly.

        • Toby Micklethwait // October 19, 2017 at 9:11 am // Reply

          Dear Marie,

          I also have NOT received the latest report from Newton Abbot.

          A friend sent me Henry’s first report and it contains (at the foot) the words “Created with NationBuilder, the essential toolkit for leaders”.

          Our membership database uses “Subscriber” and the list of addresses used (for the leadership election) by ERS (Electoral Reform Services) probably came direct from Subscriber.

          Rob (Spon) may wish to tell us why NationBuilder is involved and whether that might be causing a problem

          Regards, Toby, 01932-873557.

          • Nationbuilder was recommended by Sam Frost, when he was appointed to work on technology and the website in HQ by Patrick O’Flynn.

            As usual, website discussions had dragged on, and something was needed that could be up and running quickly.

            Sam, to be fair, made an impressive pitch, but I haven’t been involved with NB since then.

            The whole issue of websites etc. needs a thourough review; the tech will be meeting shortly after Henry has bedded in.

  27. Macron.Dacron,Rayon whatever, has said today that French emergency measures introduced by the previous government and in force for 4 years have failed, apparently there have been 44 terrorist incidents since their inception.

    New laws are to be introduced in France in November, all designed to root out Islamic sympathy, but the one that particularly caught my attention was the closure of Mosques which preached unacceptable Islam and advocated terrorism.
    Isn`t it pathetic that UKIP (in the form of HB and now his yesmen) have deliberately chosen the cowardly policy of not telling the truth – oh how we have descended into the pit.
    I don`t say the French are any great shakes in handling their Muslim supremacy problem, but they certainly are better at it than us at least they appear to be aware there is a problem and TRYING. Bring back AMW!!!!!!!

    • After the beach attack in Tunisia the government immediately closed 80 mosques known to be radical.

      MI5 know there are radical mosques and hate preaching immams but we do nothing but `monitor’.

      Hate laws do not apply to imams and radical mosques in the UK.

  28. Big, big mistake from Bolton. He needed Kurten as a media-friendly popular figure who is well respected ( as we can see here ) and liked by a very large proportion of the party. Instead he’s gone for an unknown 74 year old with no media savvy and no kerb appeal at all. I have personally never even heard of her. Oh– plus another two sidekicks for good measure . As I said to Raheem Kassam earlier, three deputies is a posse ….
    Also, he broke a promise made at 3 separate hustings. I believe many people who voted Bolton did so with the understanding that Kurten would be deputy. I supported Bolton for that reason (amongst others) . His appointments look so old-hat. The same old faces and the same lack of charisma. Its not how you win over the public. UKIP needs some oomph! Did Kurten fall BECAUSE he had charisma? Was this killing off someone Bolton was scared of in the popularity stakes? Not wise. All that aside Kurten’s Twitter response was dignified and strong. I now fear that this could all go horribly wrong. Fast.

    • I agree with you. I voted Bolton but am starting to regret it. Seems like he’s driving the party along the wrong side of a dual carriageway.


    • And ‘Lone Flyer’ remains as Chairman…..

      Acta non verba

    • I admire DK, but a lot of people are blowing hard about HB’s alleged shafting of him without knowing the full details of their not-so-cosy-chat. I don’t either, but it seems to me DK must have placed one or two conditions on the position which HB suddenly found he couldn’t give in to..

      • or a post promise condition DK could not accept. HB and DK had ample opportunity to clarify things during the election campaign. That HB discovers something after he is elected is not very credible.

  29. Not even Henry can please all the Ukipers, all the time.
    It’s up to you guys, we have one last chance to revive our fortunes and not much time to do it. The alternative is back to the status quo of “LabaTory and the odd Lib. Some may be cross their candidate did not win or is not in the team but it’s time to stop moaning and get realistic, Henry et al are what we have now, further change will utterly and swiftly destroy us. So far I believe he’s done well.
    We can either get behind whatever team emerges or kiss goodbye to a meaningful alternative party.

    • Right behind you on that one icini123. If this is the team Henry thinks will work best together to take our Party forward then we should all pull together and give it our all.

  30. Like other commenters here I am mystified by the omission of the impressive and popular David Kurten from Henry’s team.

    Also, Henry appears to think that UKIP’s internal and external communications are so good that he doesn’t need to appoint a Head Of Media to his cabinet?

    So we have a small army of spokesmen, but no-one in charge of organising, coordinating, focusing and directing the output?


    • I wondered about this omission (‘communications manager’ or summink) as well. It could be that HB sees this job as part of the management team (which he has not changed yet, but seeing the Oakden still is only interim’, I assume changes will come). OTOH, other roles are also not filled yet, so there may well be more to come.

      • Hilarious isn’t it ? They never learn. I also note with amusement that Bill Etheridge is the
        Sports spokesman……. Darts I assume…

        • I looked up Bill Etheridge on this subject. He doesn’t look the least bit sporty – too much lard. Apparently though, according to a local newspaper article, he is training to compete in a boxing match!

          My mind is well and truly boggled!

        • Sports spokesman? Why the devil do we need a sports spokesman?

          That, and the fact that we apparently don’t need an education spokesman, and the fact that this message hasn’t gone out to members by email (yet again) leads me to believe that there are some mistakes.

          • That last paragraph of mine was precipitous, and a warning to me against precipitation.

            It’s clear from comments elsewhere in the thread, and from David Kurten’s twittering, what really happened about the education spokesmanship. I should have read further.

            I still haven’t had that email,though.

          • To police the rules for badger hunting season, and ensure they have been pre-stunned before being strangled ?

    • Agreed. Internal comms are non-existent.

      I wrote to Ray Finch (as Housing Spokesman) and his assistant twice last week concerning the governments housing consultation, and no reply either time.

      I wrote to Oakden yesterday morning, no reply. I guess he has been busy, but not even an auto-reply acknowledgement?

      The contempt for ordinary members is almost paplable.

    • “Small army of spokesmen”? Not that small.

  31. OMG Agnew for agriculture? The man who clearly stated at conference he is in favour of halal slaughterhouses? If he is in charge of policy and ukip is therefore now pro those torture chambers, I’m leaving and will encourage everyone who has a shred of empathy for other sentient beings to do likewise. Obviously Mr Agnew has none.

    • I agree entirely about Agnew. The way things are going I won’t be renewing next year.

    • Stuart Agnew has been UKIP’s agriculture spokesman for several years.
      Being a farmer, he’s both knowlegeable and rather suitable for the post.

    • Rabbit Why be so hasty to leave? If you feel so strongly about something don’t throw your toys out of the pram – work to change things in the Party, you may be surprised what you can achieve if you persist on this issue.

  32. Well I guess all the radicalism has now been drained out of UKIP. Jonathan Arnott as political adviser! To think we used to have Nigel advised by Raheem. All the ideas people are gone. Every serious leadership contender gone, between AMW, DK, JRE , PW they got 2x HBs vote. The Evans/O’Flynn team gone. Not sure this is of interest to me any more. I was inspired by the fight for a referendum and renewed by Trump…. I don’t see that spirit in this team.

  33. I’m reasonably happy with the line-up, although, inevitably, there are one or two I’ve never heard of, one or two I’m underwhelmed by etc, but on the whole I’m fairly satisfied.
    Obviously, as several people have pointed out, we’re still missing a spokesman on Education, while David Kurten, who would seem the obvious choice, is not included in the list of spokesmen so far. I assume the two matters are linked but the decision is Henry Bolton’s to make and no doubt he will inform us what he has decided in due course.
    During the hustings, I was bemused by the question put to candidates on several occasions about them working together afterwards, because I failed to see why somebody should be offered a post, albeit unpaid, merely because they stood for election, especially if there are better qualified individuals within the Party.

  34. The omission of David Kurten in this team is not going down at all well with many.

    In a statement from him, seen by Breitbart London, DK has apparently said he will still support the Party but will ‘now use his time to bring attention to the spread of cultural Marxism in education, and work on “gathering the forces of conservatism around the country”‘.

    False allegation by implication, public about turns on a key policy, reneging on a pledge or promise and apparent pandering to a fashionable minority within the party?
    Not a leader I feel inclined to follow. We have too many like that already.

    You win some, you lose some, Mr Bolton.

    Go on, now heap on the opprobrium about unity etc.

  35. What has Jim Carver ever done (effectively)??
    Readers will probably remember I have a “bee in my bonnet” regarding the Commonwealth and in particular I have had articles written on this subject printed on UKIP Daily.
    When Mr. Carver was appointed Foreign and Commonwealth spokesman, I forwarded a copy of what I had written, asking for his comments and support.
    To date I have heard nothing from Mr. Carver and I do not recall hearing or seeing of any action or even policy regarding what I believe is a vital part of the UKIP Brexit narrative and the key to our Nation`s re-entry on the world stage.
    Am I the only one who is concerned about the need to re-engage with the Commonwealth??????????

    For me to have the least vestige of faith in UKIP; David Kurten will have to re-appear pronto – in an authoritative position

  36. Oh dear – what a disappointment. Not a mention of David Kurten.
    I wish Henry well, but he hasn’t started very well, in my opinion.

  37. There are still carpetbaggers in that list who are not fit to hold office. Some hope of UKIP becoming democratic and effective.

  38. “Something nasty in the woodshed”: Cold Comfort, folks?

  39. Several posts not yet filled, I would have liked to see David in the lineup but I can live with this quite happily. We elect the leader, not his team and don’t know the pressures for or against each candidate. Margot is my MEP, I have met her several times, she will do a good job.

  40. Where is David Kurten???
    How can a party with no MP’s warrant no less than 3 deputy leaders ?
    Who is Margot Parker ? I’ve never heard of her .

  41. Apparently there is an imminent announcement on that John

  42. Not only has David Kurten’s name been left out, “Education” seems to be missing from the list of responsibilities.

  43. Perhaps I have missed something.

    No spokesman for education?
    No inclusion of David Kurten?

    Part of the root cause of our western woes not being addressed then?

    Please, someone, correct me if I am wrong.

  44. Why has David Kurten been left out. He is surely a “big hitter” and came third in the leadership contest. There is something nasty in the woodshed.

  45. Where is David Kurten? No education spokesperson listed.

    In view of Alan Craig’s letter urging Bolton not to break his promise to David the omission may be because of uncertainty over what David will do now. Thus far, he appears to have been royally shafted.

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