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We received multiple emails with the link to Henry Bolton’s Facebook page containing his press release.

We did not receive the release in a publishable form, so have to make do with this image:

We would like to point out that this press release does not make clear which rules have been breached by this NEC decision – something, I’m sure, we’d all like to know.

We are also a bit puzzled as to the timing of this challenge – after all, the NEC decision was made two weeks ago today.

We apologise to our readers for not being able to give you more information – Henry Bolton (or indeed his press officer) has not answered our repeated approaches to him, offering UKIP Daily to publish his statement for our members and readers.

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  1. Clearly Henry Bolton needs to be sacked. He has no place in UKIP or any other party which respects democracy.

  2. In politics it’s often said that he who wields the knife often never gains personally from doing so, so if this is about trying to knock out opposition, then wrong tactic mate! Talk about showing lack of political experience and judgement so early on – in my opinion.

    Look, for all it’s faults – let he who is without sin throw the first stone – the NEC has been elected to govern the party, and so it is reasonable to expect all candidates to respect the ruling of the NEC, particularly this long after it, just as in sport you have to accept the rulings, including the close-call ones, of the referee/umpire on the basis that yes when technology looks at it a million times afterwards it will sometimes be found that there will have been the occasional wrong decision.

    So I say to everyone, as a matter of principle, whoever be your current favoured candidate, respect the rulings of the NEC and Returning Officer. Let everyone continue to stand who has been accepted by the NEC and have faith that democracy will determine the right outcome.

  3. I hear that Bolton withdrew his complaint.


    WE WON. 🙂

    Thanks to all here!

    • Is this based on the video posted by JRE on his Facebook page, which he put up well before 2 p.m., the time the NEC was going to take the vote?

      • Certainly not.

        It was based on negotiations that reached fruition by 1:20 pm, and both sides were being reasonable.

        I did hold off from pouring oil on the waters round these troubled parts until the official channels got cranking, but when I observed it had leaked elsewhere just before 2pm (you’ve mentioned one of two places I saw), I did the reasonable thing.

        I held off from a fuller email broadcast till our excellent Returning Officer did his bit at 2:34 pm and people had time to mull over things.

        Again, well done all! A vote for common sense.

  5. I have already made it abundantly clear that if Anne Marie is not allowed to stand as leader I will not only resign my membership from UKIP forthwith but will actively campaign against the party going forward.

    This completely fantasist, selfish and ignorant move by Henry Bolton is extremely ugly and he must resign from the candidacy for it now.

    • Alex, I also will resign and ask Anne Marie and Stuart if they would like to form a new party.
      This is NO LONGER the UKIP I thought I joined 7 years ago.
      By the by – how come UKIP is a limited company, unlike all the other national parties?? Anyone know?

  6. My comment at this time is; why this and why now? Lots of speculation as to the motives and as with JFK, many seem to have an ability to read shadows. The reality is – should the NEC take this opportunity to remove AMW from the ballot then then they will not be doing us or the party any favours.

    • John R-E did a poll a couple of days ago – with only about 135 respondents, but AMW came out well in the Lead. Panic ensued. UKIP might be a hugely successful Party! A home for the disenfranchised. Skeletons might even fall out of cupboards.

      Your last sentence, Andy, is why now. For heavens sake, people, join the dots.

    Well we all know now what plan X is – a stalking horse blocks the racetrack to stop the favourite IrishLassie from winning; in the hope that PuffingPeter can make it to the tape.
    I do not know what Plan Y will be but I am pretty certain there is a Plan Z (and it seems S Evans does too). If everything else fails the bunkerboys (bickley/crowther/flynn/oakden/oakley/whittle/et al) will do a “gordonbrown”
    whereby all the money in the bank accounts is spent, no effort to keep the party solvent and due to an artificial lack of donors leave a note for the new leader saying “sorry no money left” and a stack of unpaid bills.
    Even this will not work as crowdfunding for the new leader would raise £100K within 12 hours – I kid you not!
    Sorry lads but you are not going to stop IrishLassie on the straight.

    • Unfortunately, they are. A vote is scheduled for 2pm today but unlike last time they will not see how each other voted or be able to see the votes being counted.

      Transparency and ensuring confidence in the process are missing from Plan X all the way through to plan Z and beyond.

      • As if on a bank holiday weekend anyone really believes a dozen people are actually in a room discussing this. I don’t think so. The whole thing stinks to high heaven. However people forget, UKIP is a company as well as a political party. The NEC are all directors and the arts and mems (see Companies House ) define he NEC’s powers, NOT the rank and file. They can do what they want and because of the extremely small personal liability ( £1 each ) the lenders and donors can see their cash going up in smoke. So FINANCIAL pressure from those agents will decide not only who goes on the ballot, but who finally ‘ahem’ wins. Follow the money and never forget….

        “No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?”
        ― George Orwell, Animal Farm

  8. This is not complicated. I want a proper Brexit and for UKIP to be a viable alternative to the old parties, selecting policies based on common sense, irrespective of left or right ideology.
    This should give us controlled borders, a flexible points based immigration system and a plan to gently help existing legal migrants integrate. It should also address the huge and widening gap between rich and poor and much more.
    I don’t see an obsession with Islam as a way to deliver these things, so I will not be voting for AMW. In addition her history will be used against us heavily by every media outlet going, by the time they have finished she’s going to look like Attila the Hun.
    There is some risk in criticising any leadership candidate but this is our very last chance to get it right, we may as well let it all hang out now. Elect the wrong person and we are dead in the water. I believe we need a safe pair of hands whilst we rebuild, not a crusader on a personal mission.
    I’m a councillor and a branch chairman and if I go post election it will be to the independents. I have no connection with or desire to be part of the party “management” but I do know that if AMW wins my branch is likely to swiftly collapse and I suspect neighbouring ones will too.
    In my area we worked for and got a huge Leave vote. If UKIP fade the local Tories will have just about eliminated any organised opposition, a very frightening prospect.

    • Icini. If we have the working assumption that Brexit does happen, then what is the purpose of UKIP beyond that? Anything? What?

      • How about a decent opposition, electoral and democratic reform, local government funding, free from dictats by Westminster, (something dear to the hearts of the councillors we have left), education, defence, justice, agriculture, energy, housing, the failure of multinationals to pay their fair share of tax, decent pensions for ordinary people, vanity project for the rich, like HS2, foreign aid. Need I go on ? We need to decide if we are a political party or a protest group and the election will do that.

    • Icini, you write very eloquently usually, but with all due respect you are one of millions of dangerously naive people.
      Implying Muslims will integrate assumes the bulk of their moral makeup to be similar to ours. This is not the case. In order to integrate, immigrants from Islamic countries would effectively have to give up their religion. Anyone who tries that gets death threats. Please try and understand the danger Britain faces, and why so many of us are deathly worried for the future of our country.

      • Rob, well said.

        Islam has declared itself to be our enemy, whether we like it or not.

        Some “useful idiots” pretend otherwise. They will be forced into dhimmitude too. No amount of appeasement, or nice words will avert this.

      • Rob, I have visited several Muslim countries a number of times. Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Turkey and spoken to the people. A number are highly religious, the rest are mildly so and some are only nominally. The better educated they are the more likely to be “flexible”. Generally Islam is imposed from the top down, it keeps the plebs in order. We need to reach the point where those here realise they have escaped and that implies better control of their local leaderships. It does not signify that they are oblivious to reason.
        My daughter live in Leeds, I am familiar with the problems, they are not as serious as you believe, except maybe in some few inner city areas.

        • Icini, thank you for replying.
          I think one of the main reasons people such as myself worry is that Islam tends to indoctrinate its subjects. They have no concept of individual thought processes, they are brainwashed from birth by their religio-political culture.
          I wish you were right and we only could convince them they are free. But you would then have to convince the male members of their family, who tend to be the ones with most to lose, and whose initial reaction would be to, shall we say, not treat the offending apostate very well. So you would have a tough time convincing any “ex” moslim that they had truly escaped. If they were lucky, it would be just with their life, but their entire family would cut them off.
          I repeat, I only wish what you suggest were practical and possible.
          What worries me intensely is that many of my fellow Brits would accept Sharia, if it would only happen gradually and within a generation only old people would remember when we had a passably free country with free speech. By comparison, if all the restrictions currently by being in the EU were imposed suddenly the day we joined in 73, all hell would have been let loose.
          I am quite sure citizens of Morocco and other Arab states are content, they after all have no history of free speech and thought so can hardly miss what they never had.
          We are very, very lucky to have our British culture and I think it’s worth fighting to keep. Literally, if necessary. Especially for our kids, I have one 13 and one 14.

    • Icini. Just wondering. Was Nigel Farage obsessed and a crusader on a mission over the EU ?
      Being obsessed and having missionary zeal makes someone more effective. But is the mission the right mission ?
      We are in a battle for Europe. Our opponents are Europes ruling classes plus others – their mission is to dismantle the ancient nation states and our make our democratic governments ineffective. And that is not the half of it. To counter will need a passionate obsessive ideological belief that the freedom & justice of the peoples of Europe is best served by a Europe of independent nation states. AMW is on this mission. It is not just Islam in the UK. She thinks on a European scale. The issue with Islam is the uneven law enforcement. AMW makes no exception for Islam. Others prefer to look away or compromise when Islam is involved. AMW says deal with this issue now. Others prefer to continue as we have been doing.

    • I wouldn’t worry too much, Icini, Arron, I believe, will be starting a new Party in the Autumn. With ‘independent’ candidates, he has said in the past.

  9. I was shocked AMW got through as I suspect many did. I’m surprised none of the candidates protested before but then when you consider it probably took a week to consider the legal implications and then another week waiting for a response from the NEC, who probably haven’t done anyway. I was waiting for a challenge from the start but nobody else had the tenacity or courage. This is a truly daring challenge in my opinion and the stuff of leaders. The rules of procedure are clear. If you read rules I.8 & O.5 you can clearly see that the NEC haven’t applied them correctly and the only people to blame for this is in fact the NEC. You wanted someone to stand up to them but what I see here is that when someone does what you all wanted, you stab them in the back. If someone has clearly broken the rules am I to understand you would just ignore it. 9 other candidates have, only one is standing up and showing his true British lionheartedness.

      Lionheart?!! You have got to be joking sunshine.
      This appeal is the work of a worm. If AMW is not allowed to stand as a candidate for leader then probably AMW could appeal against that ruling in the High Court with good cause. AMW is legally trained unlike your cartoon hero; the result of all this is that UKIP is probably close to at best a major schism or at worst it will not exist by Christmas.

  10. There are four types of compromised member. In order of seriousness of offence: expelled, disciplined, suspended, and merely `not in good standing’, the allegation against Anne Marie because she was blocked as a candidate at the GE (in a seat she stood in at the previous GE).

    It is the NEC that giveth and taketh away the most junior of the compromised member statuses. `not in good standing’ is not a life sentence. The NEC when it vetted and approved her candidacy in effect rescinded its earlier judgement. She became of good standing.

    Bolton has no case and should be told so. Do you really think Bolton’s letter was a bolt of out the blue? He didn’t write to the NEC first because that would not be sufficient for Crowther to call an emergency vote. Even if it was a bolt out of the blue why not explain the status of a candidate is a matter solely for the NEC and it was changed at the vetting and approval meeting? Because Bolton’s letter, coincidentally of course, suits the agenda of those wanting a certain person to win. The NEC should call Bolton’s bluff. If they don’t, if instead she is banned tomorrow by secret, unverified ballot then the stench will permeate the whole of UKIP as it rots from within.

  11. Henry Bolton’s massive misjudgement has given Anne Marie another thousand sympathy votes.

    My respect for his candidacy and campaign had been growing rapidly courtesy of his competent performances at the Tiverton and Pontefract hustings this week. But it is now in terminal decline.

    I’m a David Kurten fan, active supporter and campaign manager but Anne Marie MUST be allowed to stand.

  12. I have just been watching some video footage of AMW at various hustings. Her brilliance and passion and truth and honesty is fantastic. I feel deeply ashamed at what is happening to AnneMarie as a member of UKIP. Ashamed and shocked at the reaction of Whittle Collins Coburn and other candidates in this present leadership election. Morethan anything Bolton’s action are disgraceful. The man is a bounder and I do hope his legal challenge fails. This also prob means that Allen is knee deep in the brown stuff perhaps sniffing around the ‘bigboys’ (Bickley/Crowther/Oakley/Oakden/Hookem/Etheridge etc etc).
    As for poundsland and collins etc at the hustings they come across as persons embarrassed because someone is mentioning unpleasant truths that they prefer to ignore.
    I tell you all this THE CRUSADES HAVE RESTARTED and you will not be able to ignore them. This may be the last days of UKIP but from out of the ashes will come something better because Tommy Robinson AMW and JRE are not going away and neither is the need to save the soul of our nation.

  13. Never a dull moment at UKIP.

    Here are the initial results of JRE’s Twitter polls (there is a maximum of 4 choices in Twitter poll so JRE did different combinations. Mostly these are people who follow JRE so obviously biased.

    of 314 votes:
    18% Walker, Ben
    18% Bolton, Henry
    18% Kurten, David
    46% Rees-Evans, John

    Of 367 votes:
    07%Whittle, Peter
    16%Bolton, Henry <— similar % to above
    28%Rees-Evans, John
    49%Waters, Anne Marie

    Don't know if these numbers are significant as we don't know who follows JRE, but they prefer AMW which must be a bit depressing for JRE.

    • The electorate is 25K, perhaps 30K. A third of them will vote, say 10K. Of these, I estimate no more than 20% use or even consult social media. I’d be astounded if it was as high as 25%.

      Most of the relatively uninformed will either vote for the candidate they (think they) know best, or play safe and vote for the person closest in position to the former Leader… maybe a little bit of googling first.

      • Let us suppose you are correct and that there are 30,000 members still in good standing with the party. Then why will only 10,000 be voting in the leadership election? I should have thought that UKIP members were more likely to be voters than non voters at local and general elections never mind an internal election!

  14. As far as I am concerned this dirty business is the last straw – If AMW is not allowed a fair shot in a fair leadership contest that is the end of Ukip for me.
    As branch chairman,activist and
    doner I will be walking away from Ukip.
    Like a fish it is rotting from the head down and it stinks

    doner I am walking away from

    • Personally I, and I believe many others, will ask AMW to start a new Party, which we will have to crowdfund, Dorothy.
      But then, Arron has said that he will probably start a new Party in the Autumn if that appeals more, though it doesn’t, to me.

  15. By the way, did anyone notice Suzanne Evans has changed her twitter handle from ‘Suzanne Evans UKIP’ to ‘Suzanne Evans Politics’.

  16. Vee, “It seems almost as if there’s a well thought out agenda” For many years I’ve tried not to believe that we’re a Tory 5th column but this episode tends to prove that IMHO. No party with a genuine desire to become a sustained and credible force within UK politics can score so many own goals and hope to be successful.It’so time to begin again. What do the main patrons think? Anyone asked them?

  17. Purple blood runs in my veins // August 25, 2017 at 10:04 pm // Reply

    Definition: “Stalking horse – a candidate with little or no hope of winning, but who wishes to make a point.” I thought HB was our new leader – but he let himself (and his fans) down today.

  18. Guido has been doing some digging the dirt on JRE. This could be blown up by the MSM if JRE becomes leader so it MUST be discussed not swept under the carpet. Has JRE responded in detail? We really need to know, we’d look fools if this takes out yet another leader –

    • Russell,

      I wouldn’t waste your time worrying about Guido’s gibberish.

      His ‘High Security Compound in Bulgaria’ rubbish was shot down last year, see link below.

      As for Exposure, look for yourself:

      Amongst other things the company designs websites and, as I think Leo Rees-Evans is John’s brother, it’s not unreasonable that they would have done work for John.

      I note the company’s address is Cardiff Bay.

    • Russell, hello again!

      I’ve no particular axe to grind here.

      I truncated an academic career in physics (I’m also a mathematician) in my early 20s to train with Ernst & Young Chartered Accountants, then called Ernst & Whinney, the principal predecessor firm. After I left them, I flogged them my services for some years until my other business interests left me with no time at all. When things calmed down, I practised solo as a tax consultant for ~30 years. So, I do know a little bit about this area.

      For someone at the time not resident or ordinarily resident in the UK, and perhaps not domiciled here (having been taken by his parents to live abroad when a toddler), these are normal measures to guard against double-taxation and many other pitfalls, etc. There is no evidence at all of doing anything unusual, let alone wrong (as in breaking UK tax law).

      Guido’s own record is, however, considerably more interesting… say no more, but “GIYF”.

  19. This is my first post on here,I have been a member for three years and currently branch chairman.

    In my humble opinion this seems a stitch up to prevent a perceived surge in members voting for AMW. Excluding her from standing in the General Election seemed completey arbitrary. Equally to extend this argument beyond the NEC decision seems almost to be a panic thought to prevent the ‘wrong’ candidate being elected.

    For me Anne-Marie is too left wing for me on most issues but her courage on the issue of Islam almost transcends any other issue I disagree with her profusely with. Further this almost all consuming obsession with trying to stop her makes me think this lady has something about her I should be considering further.

    My gut instinct is for DK but I am up for persuasion still and this inherent ‘stop Annie Marie’ campaign is likely to push me and many others in her direction.

  20. There are only 2 candidates I like and respect in this leadership race, and they are Anne Marie Waters and David Coburn, because they are firm principled people. I HATE (yes, HATE!) the rest of the leadership candidates because they are hypocrites, and there is nothing more I hate in this world than hypocricy and hypocrites. I do not include Aidan Powlesland and Marion Mason in my critique because I know absolutely nothing about them.

  21. Henry Bolton obviously thinks Anne is going to win and has decided to throw his toys out of the pram before it happens, rather than after. Let’s hope nobody takes him any more seriously than he deserves.

  22. Not allowing Ms Waters to stand would be a grave mistake. Her candidature may well reveal rifts in the Party, but so what? Better out than in.


  23. The Party Rules of Procedure are, TBH, a mess.

    At least one of the two stated grounds for complaint is predicated upon a rule that can’t mean what it actually says.

  24. Just today 8 UKIP councillors have said they will not stand for the party again, some cited the possibility of an AMW win, others PW. I maintain that AMW must be allowed to stand, how else can we know where UKIP is heading ? The councillors should have waited for the result before jumping.
    Personally I’ll give it a few weeks after the election before deciding what to do but I’m not about to support a UKIP that turns into EDL light or anything even vaguely similar.
    We do have a “right wing” takeover bid under way, however some members dress it up. If they win you can kiss goodbye to us being a viable political party. I honestly don’t think the AMW supporters have grasped this, they seem to believe that she will have massive support for her position on Islam. It will not happen guys. We will bleed both elected representatives and members very quickly and huge damage to the UK Brexit position will result. That was the issue that gave birth to UKIP and the main reason most members joined. Be careful what you wish ( or vote) for.

    • “The councillors should have waited for the result before jumping”

      They are already off to those wonderful Conservatives who are doing their best absolute best to follow the democratic will of the people to implement Brexit. Two gone just one remaining, July 2017.

    • What do you mean by ‘EDL light’ Incini? A bit of clarity would be helpful.

    • Icini. I’ve read you long enough to have gained respect that we come from opposite sides. Of the old left/right.

      AMW is notionally left. But this thatchite is 100% behind her. Because I genuinely think what’s happening now has gone far beyond the left right divide.

      An existential crisis, as other have said. Yes it is imho.

      I hope reason prevails. Because I fear if it doesn’t.

    • I’m a former right wing tory as-well but I have no problem with AMW policies. Having heard her speak it was tackle each issue with common sense and pragmatism – no sign of any left/right ideology. The economic policies in Anne’s manifesto are pro-business and small government – they are almost as though I wrote them myself.

    • ” If they win you can kiss goodbye to us being a viable political party.”

      Icini, Article 50 has been triggered. Has UKIP completed its mission and might as well disband? Or does it have a purpose beyond Brexit?

      If the latter, what is more urgent in your opinion than tackling Islam? If so, who would be the best choice of leader? Someone who has studied Islam for years, or someone in denial?

      We have to keep up the pressure on Brexit of course, for the next couple of years or so. What else? Disband the party, or do something else which is relevant and which the LibLabCon are too afraid to tackle?

  25. That settles it then. I’m voting AMW or no one. Over and out.

    • > I’m voting AMW or no one

      Alas, that logic somewhat plays into the hands of those (not HB) who’ve been manoeuvring since the end of June to keep AMW off the ballot.

      Note also that (at least) one virtue-signalling candidate who from time to time declares AMW should be on the ballot had also been pressing to have an external vetting body used…

      As evri fule kno, such a body is used only so that someone else takes the blame for the decision to exclude.

  26. Her problem is, she is too damn honest.

    • Tony,

      You are right she is too honest and it is hitting a nerve. I have just watched a short part of her impassioned opening speech at a hustings on the 18th August where she talks about her anger at just reading about the grooming abuse in Birmingham. I share her anger and am as exasperated by the lack of any such repulsion from the MSM who blandly report these atrocities, and by all our politicians who just seem to be ignoring it. For God’s sake what is wrong with them? this is an outrage against our children, the future of our country, how can they not be angry and not want something immediately done about this? if we do not feel the same disgust and anger about this like AMW’s does then we have truly lost our moral compass, just like the others turning a PC blind eye. In my book PC stands for ‘pathetic cowards’, surely something you cannot accuse AMW’s of. If God forbid I was one of those poor young girls or one of their relatives I know who I would want fighting in my corner, someone who possesses a spine like she does is much more preferable.

      Unfortunately, AMW’s is right we have been importing ‘Hell on Earth’ into this country, and now the battle is on to reverse this descent further into the fiery flames of Hades. If we cannot even acknowledge this reality and feel the need to instantly correct it then we really are a ‘sick society’, I personally do not want to be associated with it anymore and don’t care if others hate me for saying so, I know we are in the right to keep highlighting this vile practice. However, I have to say Anne Marie puts her money where her mouth is and attends all the demos and marches unlike myself who cannot always make them. But I have started and did join the veteran’s march recently, and am really glad for doing so, after all that was mainly about that little matter of our children being deliberately blown up. I really do despair at how much more we are prepared to take before common sense and our will to survive kicks in, not discounting fair justice for all.

      • Donald. I share your feelings. I back AMW all the way. For me whether electoral success is achieved is secondary to standing up for the innocent. Young women are to be protected whatever the price.
        My approach is to decide what you want and stand for that. As it happens my views are not mainstream so it may well mean getting nowhere in politics.
        Now backing AMW may consign UKIP to electoral insignificance – I am too politically naive to have an insight on that. So much work and investment has gone into getting UKIP to where it is I can understand members being cautious about putting that at risk.
        But we have to choose. Do what you believe is right and honourable and good. Or do what gives UKIP the best chance electorally. I realise that if UKIP succeeded electorally they would do the right thing and make things right as best they could and so I respect those who choose the long hard road of working for electoral success.
        The route to electoral success for UKIP may well be to choose an uncontroversial leader and downplay the ‘rape gang and other sex crimes’ situation but that is not for me. I will be supporting AMW on this and following whatever approach she decides to take. I will also continue to support UKIP whoever wins. Hopefully it will be possible to do both.

  27. John Rees-Evans:

    “Anne Marie Waters must stay on the ballot”

    Full statement and press release on JRE’s Facebook page:

    We need to storm the Bastille of UKIP HQ where the aristocrats are plotting.
    (I know it was a prison with mainly empty cells but I am speaking metaphorically – whatever that means). Perhaps a storming of the stage at the conference in September (non violent of course).
    In the meantime may I suggest no-one resigns from the party and if AMW’s name is absent from the ballot then write it in and sign it.
    Is JRE pulling out?? Will Mason be the next to withdraw?
    Will the plotting lead to Whittle’s coronation?
    How long before UKIP declares bankruptcy?

  29. John Rees-Evans says Bolton is wrong AMW must be on Ballot

  30. AMW was initially persuaded by Anish Patel’s boyish naivety that Whittle would be a good choice for her deputy. She subsequently changed her mind on finding there was no record of Whittle’s support for her.

    So you really believe Bolton is acting alone on his own initiative? That Farage, Crowther et al were not notified first by their friend Bolton that he was suing the party? They had no input at all or did not try to stop him? Or was this the excuse they needed to correct the earlier vetting’s `mistake’.

    Absolutely no need to apologise for being logical – you haven’t been.

    • Above is reply to F Vaccha

    • You post under a pseudonym and so enjoy freedom denied to me. Please read my post of 4:50pm; thanks. There is pertinent new information near its end.

      I have not said what you imply I have. I am giving HB the benefit of the doubt. On UKIPDaily that’s often a hang/draw/quarter offence; to me, it’s merely good manners.

      Your analysis is incomplete; you probably are not in possession of too many of the facts. The dots have, to a greater or lesser extent, been joined up for Dee, Viv and possibly also Hugo. As you’re an old-timer here, I suggest you contact them off-forum and get up to speed. You’ll have your Eureka moment. 🙂

      As to the young man – less said the better. His talk:think ratio IMO needs radical adjustment; sufficient damage has been done.

      • You should spell out what you think I imply. It may be you drawing an incorrect inference.

        You wrote “If it succeeds, those who see themselves as disenfranchised may well flock to PW, who AMW casually remarked at Rotherham was her choice as deputy” and so suggested a potential beneficiary.

        I merely question whether Bolton is really acting on his own initiative. It takes a lot of money and resolve to sue. Is he really determined to see it through? The party should test his resolve – it would be commercially prudent to find out if he is serious – by calling his bluff. (The party can cave later or any time even in court).

        But here’s a prediction from someone not as clued up as you believe yourself to be. Crowther will get the NEC to vote very soon and AMW will be banned. Bolton then paid for that one letter which entirely coincidentally facilitated revisiting the NEC’s original vote and again entirely coincidentally served various people’s agendas.

        There is a difference between benefit of the doubt and credulity.

        You are making the same mistake that John Bickely did. A nom de plume by ordinary members is not a freedom you are denied. It is often to protect an employment or a business from the very real prejudices that UKIP suffers from.

        This is not a forum – ask Viv. It is about what is said not who said it (except for the excessively vain perhaps).

        • Stout, if you are right and that happens, what do we do.
          It may be that the hope by those orchestrating this Farce will be that all AMW voters sweep out and tear up their membership cards, don’t vote, thereby leaving the field clear for ‘a chosen one’. But before I leave – should Anne Marie be barred I will be doing my darndest to persuade her to start a new Party – I intend to use my vote to ensure that is made harder. I might even vote for Mr Poudsland (is that his name?) after all, asteroid mining could make UKIP solvent once more.

          • A new party takes time (and funds). Meanwhile there is but a few weeks until Torquay and a new leader. If AMW is banned then we must stop the party establishment’s continuity candidate. Banning AMW must be at extreme cost to them.

            As and when a new party forms we can review which party we want to be in. I can state quite categorically I will quit UKIP if the chosen one wins.

            Banks is waiting and watching (and backing David Kurten). Unfortunately, he does not like Anne Marie.

          • Asteroid mining is a GREAT idea, Dee – but not poractical, yet. Best start is to have a policy supporting systems such ad SpaceX.

        • If we accept your suggestion HB may not have been acting on his own initiative, the resulting (in this case, non-accidental) beneficiary remains the same other person.

          As to the credibility of the potential legal challenge, apparently being taken very seriously by the Party Secretary (I am informed the NEC is being advised to cave in and exclude AMW), here is the sole practitioner concerned:

          and also

          I quote:
          “World situation is just on my mind this morning. Ebola, war everywhere. Isis, boko haram, radicalisation. Is this a sign. Think Daniel 2.”

          Bless. I’m quaking in my boots!

          > You are making the same mistake that John Bickely [SIC] did

          Incorrect. I am making no mistake. I am not criticising you or anyone else for deploying a ndp. I choose not to use a ndp (and there lies the denial of freedom, admittedly self-inflicted) and therefore must be guarded about how much I can reveal. Viv suggests to me that we are saying or thinking pretty exactly the same thing but you have the freedom to do so directly, while I am compelled to be somewhat elliptical. Please dwell on that, thanks.

          What you don’t know, but Viv and others do, that 24 hours before the event, I predicted, in an email, almost exactly what transpired on the morning of August 25. It was that foreseeable. I hope that’s an eye-opener.

          Don’t see anyone excessively vain about, btw.

          • “You post under a pseudonym and so enjoy freedom denied to me.” Denied by whom? You chose not to opt for a nom de plume. No-one `denied’ you anything. So why comment at all on my use of a ndp?

            Of course the NEC is being advised to cave in. They resisted Crowther and Bickley last time so now the device is a letter from stooge Bolton (on a promise perhaps of a role when the cabal’s preferred candidate wins). It’s just a letter. It is not the lodging of papers in the high court. The court expects pre-trial negotiation so plenty of opportunity to call Bolton’s bluff, cave in at any time etc. The reaction to one letter from a solicitor with no high court litigation experience ought to tell you what is really going on.

            As to your eye opener, why do you assume (vainly I suggest) that I too am not privy to certain things? There are things I know that I cannot reveal because I do not want to betray sources. Viv too knows things she cannot reveal here.

            You should allow that of the three of us you know the least or, to put it another way, Viv and I are the more discreet not even hinting (or trying to boast is it?) that there are sources we cannot quote.

      • Freddy, just come out with it in plain language. All these hints and clues are a bit wearing.

        “Tell the truth and shame the devil” my mother used to say.

  31. As a political novice in these matters, I would think that not allowing AMW to stand in the GE can be partly explained/understood for reasons of preserving the essential message of Brexit for which the election was said to be the driver for an increased political mandate overall.
    Anne Marie’s links and political background would have been leaped on by MSM and critics of all hues to the exclusion of anything else she might say during the campaign.
    Thus not in ‘good enough for purpose’ standing. Supposedly.

    To now allow her to stand for leadership in her own right giving her the chance to garner support or not for her policies and ideals is, I would have thought, a completely different kettle of fish and as Stout Yeoman points out, for this the NEC have taken her shilling.

    Henry Bolton was given a very large build up on this site the other day and his career in various institutions much extolled.

    There are many people out there who do not want very much rocking of the apple cart.

    In addition, is he not breaking UKIP rules (not alone in this) by effectively denigrating another candidate big time with, of all things, a press release?

  32. David Allen on Twitter “…AMW has little chance to win this and Henry Bolton does…….It is about obeying our own rules”.

    So, if it’s about obeying our rules, Mr Allen, how is it that you consider the first NEC ruling was correct and this one wasn’t?

    After all, the first NEC ruling didn’t use external consultants, this one did? Or were the consultants a waste of money if they didn’t rule in the way you wanted them to?

    And why leave it till now?

    • Thomas,

      It seems to me that Dave Allen and Henry Bolton have recently got together and plotted this nasty tactic, but I think they will both find it will spectacularly back fire on them. So that rules them both out now which is useful, as my choices are now narrowing.

  33. Never ascribe to malice what is also explicable on the grounds of miscalculation.

    Foreseeable effects IMO:

    (a) If it succeeds, frustrated ‘potential AMW-voters’ very probably will not back HB, who they will hold responsible for this

    (b) If it succeeds, those who see themselves as disenfranchised may well flock to PW, who AMW casually remarked at Rotherham was her choice as deputy (but also that she’d not really thought about the matter; now, she has made it clear her choice is Stuart Agnew).

    (c) Whether or not it succeeds, many who are not AMW-voters but believe she has the right to be on the ballot-paper will not back HB

    (d) Whether or not it succeeds, it allows most or all other candidates to virtue-signal, with varying degrees of sincerity and accuracy, about democracy

    (e) Whether or not it succeeds, it allows other candidates to speculate (irrespective of accuracy) that this move is part of a conspiracy to keep power with an elite set of establishment candidates and apparatchiks, several of whom allegedly made earlier attempts to keep AMW off the ballot and, failing that, to have supplementary vote put in place as the voting system.

    (f) If it fails, it increases the AMW vote due to “persecution points” and sympathy


    (g) Whether or not it succeeds, those who want to see AMW taken off the ballot may be grateful to HB.

    I see the winners from this being PW (if HB is successful) and AMW (if he is not).

    I apologise for being logical.

    I remind all that the London Regional Hustings are at the Vibast CC, Bartholomew Court, 163 Old St, EC1V 9NH on Tuesday 29th August 2017 at 7:15 pm SHARP START and that all protagonists are expected to be there… All members are welcome (bring proof). The venue is 3 mins walk from Old St station (Northern Line and National Rail); exit the stn and walk right. Also, from 7 pm onwards there’s free parking right outside the venue.

    • No need to apologise for your logic Freddy. I get it.

      I attended your most informative Leaders QT event on July 18th, do you know I might just have to make the journey down again from Milton Keynes this coming Tuesday to see with my own eyes the fun and games unravel in front of me.

      Oh what a tangled web we weave, when at first we try to deceive.

      • Jeff, I don’t see any deception, but the correct quote is
        “O, what a tangled web we weave
        When first we practise to deceive!”
        – Marmion; A Tale of Flodden Field, by Sir Walter Scott

        You’ve inspired me to further analysis:

        (a) If it succeeds, frustrated ‘potential AMW-voters’ very probably will not back HB, who they will hold responsible for this

        (b) If it succeeds, those who see themselves as disenfranchised may well flock to PW, who AMW casually remarked at Rotherham was her choice as deputy (but also that she’d not really thought about the matter; now, she has made it clear her choice is Stuart Agnew)

        (c) Whether or not it succeeds, many who are not AMW-voters but believe she has the right to be on the ballot-paper will not back HB

        (d) Whether or not it succeeds, it allows most or all other candidates to virtue-signal, with varying degrees of sincerity and accuracy, about democracy

        (e) Whether or not it succeeds, it allows other candidates to speculate (irrespective of accuracy) that this move is part of a conspiracy to keep power with an elite set of establishment candidates and chosen apparatchiks, several of whom allegedly made earlier attempts to keep AMW off the ballot and, failing that, to have supplementary vote put in place as the voting system. It also allows them to smear HB as having done a secret deal (I’ve met HB and do not read him that way at all)

        (f) Whether or not it succeeds, it appears as if HB is threatening the Party

        (g) If it fails, it increases the AMW vote due to “persecution points” and sympathy

        (h) “All publicity is good publicity” (allegedly) – for AMW

        . . . . . . . VERSUS

        (i) Whether or not it succeeds, those who want to see AMW taken off the ballot may show their gratefulness to HB on the ballot paper

        (j) “All publicity is good publicity” (allegedly) – for HB

        I make that 8-2. Therefore, I see the gainers from this being PW (if HB is successful) and AMW (if he is not), but apparently not HB. Of course, I could be totally wrong!

        If any legal action takes place, another gainer could well be a firm of lawyers.

        I am informed that at a very recent “meet and greet” semi-hustings in the London Region (in Dagenham), a candidate (it was NOT HB!) publicly called for AMW to be taken off the ballot paper. I am seeking independent confirmation.

        • When you have confirmation, Freddy – please inform us here. Many of us cannot attend any hustings, never mind all hustings, and that other candidate (whoever he/she may be) ought to be named if only to show that conceivably Henry’s legal challenge would have been welcomed by other candidate(s).

          • The champagne’s already been uncorked, Viv… 🙁

          • Freddy,

            Are you going to smash the champagne bottle on Henry Bolton’s head? Just a thought he seems to have a very thick bow, and you might be able to knock some sense into him.

          • > Are you going to smash the champagne bottle on Henry Bolton’s head

            ?? It is unlikely to be HB who is imbibing any champers. It is the four “accidental” (quote-marks inserted to avoid me being ticked off by Stout Yeoman) beneficiaries, all four of them, of the likely outcome if AMW is taken off the ballot paper. None of them is Mr Bolton.

          • Hi Freddy – you will find, on re-rading, that it wasn’t me who asked for that champagne bottle to be smashed on HB’s or indeed anyone’s head.
            It would be a waste of (hopefully excellent) champagne, and I’d never advocate doing something so violent.

        • AMW supporters will not “flock” to Whittle.

          What is the probability that Bolton acted alone? He decided to sue the party, a potentially ruinous course for both parties, without consulting his friends Nigel and Crowther?

          Bolton was not present at the NEC meeting and cannot know independently of a confederate, what factors were weighed in the vetting. Presumably, certainly implicitly, passing her as a candidate rescinded any previous status of `not in good standing’.

          • Para 1: If you’re right, then those who backed the first push to ‘dis-ballot’ AMW, and when that failed, to ‘dis-FPTP’ the election, have miscalculated. Knowing their number, positions and cunning, I don’t think they’re wrong.

            Para 2: Saying he may sue, and actually suing, are two different things. AFAIK, no LBA/NBA has been issued. Re your Q – I don’t know. Whether or not, I hold with my analysis as to who are the main beneficiaries, and they’re not HB (unless the charges I predict will be levelled against him by other candidates etc. – see (e) – have foundation; I don’t think they have).

            (c) The NEC leaks like a sieve… even surreptitious photos may be being taken.

        • Freedy,

          I have just realised I was at that informal hustings and I do not remember anyone saying about removing her from the ballot paper, how did I miss that? You are right HB was not there and I somehow doubt he would say that to her face in front of an audience.

        • PurplePottymouth // August 25, 2017 at 7:29 pm // Reply

          Freddy – Surrey put in a request for a presidential style run off with a second ballot between the top 2 or 3 because of the high candidate numbers. Nothing to do with trying to stop any particular candidate winning & everything to do with getting a fair vote. You can do the maths, Oakden certainly has, he & I discussed it.
          Surrey has stood firmly behind no gerrymandering to disqualify certain candidates & I have spoken out loud & clear on the unsuitability of those who use MSM & social media to denounce their rivals. Honest critical debate at hustings & in campaign literature is fine what certain eejits have been up to is crazy given the hole UKIP has already dug for itself

        • Freddy,

          I have remembered which candidates were present at the below hustings, but quite honestly if one of them did say it there, I would not give it much credence as it could amount to little, a bit like Chinese whispers. Plus we know it would not have been JRE’s as he agreed to working along sideher should one of them be elected.

        • Freddy. Not being funny. If AMW’s done, by HO self interest, so am I.
          And I suspect, most of what remains.

          Have spent most of my adult life living through some kind of ghastly social experiment and if the ukip dregs block her now….. wtf was it all for?l

    • There is malice aplenty in UKIP and it is our bane. It was malice that made leading figures of the party holding high office to go to the media to denounce a fellow party member who is standing for office. Instead of using internal channles. That is malice.
      By the way you seem to use Wikipedia for everything may I respectfully inform you that a jewel it is but at times the lack of editorial control leads to serious statistical errors.
      There are more converts to Christianity than any other religion.Though the highest percent of converts goes to the mormons. The growth of islame is mainly down to the womb which may lead to large numbers due to a high birth rate but not necessarily to becoming a militant mudslim. There will be a crash in militantcy when Europe awakes and joins Russia China and Japan in dealing with their irritation.

      • > There is malice aplenty in UKIP

        You are a master of understatement.

        • Freddy,

          Sorry, I have started spelling your name wrong (see above), I would say this malice is turning into a malignancy and would like to use one of PN’s worn out phrases: it needs to be cut out now.

          • Day before yesterday afternoon, I issued a sad warning as to what I predicted would happen in the final moments before the ballot papers were printed.

            It happened, albeit not in the way I anticipated.

            At 21:51 yesterday, Dr Slivnik issued a no-nonsense statement to many (including most or all on the NEC).

            At 5:45am today I have issued my own one.

            An anointment is intolerable and unacceptable, and that is what I predict will be the outcome of this FPTP election if AMW is excluded.

            AMW had previously been accepted and there has been no “discovery” since – except of sections of our own patchwork-quilt Rules of Procedure.

            As a R&F member I too may be goaded into seeking remedy; what is available to candidates may arguably also be available to those ordinary souls whose preferred candidate(s) are denied a fair chance of victory because the NEC has been scared into excluding AMW, thereby upsetting the electoral equilibrum.

            Note to all those throwing stones at the NEC – had there not been an NEC, AMW would have been off the ballot paper ages ago.

        • “No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?”
          ― George Orwell, Animal Farm

  34. I guess it’s not completely beyond the bounds of possibility that something has come to light which was previously unknown.

    I watched the hustings from Tiverton and AMW looked very pale and tense throughout, not at all as I’ve seen her on previous occasions. Interestingly, or ominously, depending on one’s point of view, she did allude to 1,000 additional members who she said had joined the Party when her candidacy was announced. I’d previously regarded it as a rumour but, for me, that confirmed it.

    • On a platform with Etheridge and Coburn who had both trashed her. Anne Marie may be used to hostility – it’s mainly on-line – but that does not equate to being comfortable alongside two bullying oafs.

      • I agree, Stout. She had been subject to an appalling personal attack by fellow candidates – I’d say she was pale with barely suppressed anger, and had every right to be.

    • > it’s not completely beyond the bounds of possibility

      Almost nothing’s completely beyond the bounds of possibility.

      But the grounds cited here are that UKIP NEC’s decision to permit AMW to stand is in breach of I.8 and O.5 of

  35. What is going on? It seems to me that HB is a plant of the ruling clique. Their plan was to pretend that they allow her to stand, then under threat of legal challenge they can refuse her. The coward’s way out.

    Another strange thing was JREs tweets from yesterday, saying he had 24 hours to make a decision and he needed data, so was sending out all these twitter polls to see how people would vote for him against various candidates. A bizarre way to prosecute a campaign but I suppose consistent with a direct democracy approach, but he should realise that on twitter ANYONE can vote, so hope he isn’t relying on that data as probably more enemies than friends voted. Clearly he is thinking about stepping out, and it seems his decision already made or else why signal doubt like this? Perhaps it is this that has precipitated HB’s action, because the JRE voters are likely to go to AMW ?

    The timing isn’t by chance. Maybe its a last-chance attempt before the printing has happened.

    What an absolute farce – again.

  36. As a past Press Officer for UKIP (but no longer a member) I am an interested observer – watching the NEC busy drilling holes in the bottom of the UKIP ship!
    If AMW is not allowed to stand – UKIP will simply fade away.
    Many of us are quietly watching in the wings for a Phoenix Party to emerge, after the Leave Campaign switched off their engine and left Brexit drifting hopelessly! (May and Davis are useless! We should have walked on 24th June!)
    I really don’t know if AMW can resurrect UKIP and press on for Brexit (and immediate immigration control) – but at the very least, she needs to be given the opportunity!
    Nobody cares about her private life – it’s what she says and can achieve that counts!
    Otherwise, UKIP is part of the swamp – sorry lads, but it is now!
    In the absence of Nigel – AMW is UKIP’s only real chance of revival.

    • > watching the NEC busy drilling holes in the bottom of the UKIP ship!

      Grossly incorrect.

      NEC = directly-elected members on 1-3 year terms PLUS special others

      Watching some on the NEC busily plugging holes that others on the NEC (but not necessarily all of this second group elected members thereof) may be trying to make could be more like it…

      Have you forgotten that on Friday 11th August it was the NEC who voted to keep AMW on the ballot paper?

  37. UKIP's Conscience // August 25, 2017 at 2:23 pm // Reply

    UKIP has sunk to depths even I thought impossible with Mr. Boltons action. It is not as transparent as it seems.

    1. One of our senior party officials has been contacting candidates soliciting such a challenge. Do not think the party hierarchy are neutral in this election. They do not want AMW at any price and would rather the party folded.
    2. I challenge Mr. Bolton to deny he is being used as a pawn to stop Anne Marie. He has nothing to lose, he was never going to win this.
    3. There is a chance this is bluff. The NEC is the supreme authority in UKIP. To overrule them would mean going to court and that would cost money. Is Mr. Bolton going to pay or is he on a promise from either the party or a donor, we should be told? AMW should stand firm.
    4. If it goes to court it will take time and will probably delay the election, which might mean the results would not be available for the conference. Does the party really want that?
    5. To win in court he would have to establish that the first decision to bar Anne Marie was lawful under the rules. From what I hear that may be difficult to establish.
    6. The NEC could be asked to change their mind. Given the heated arguments when the decision was made I hope they will all stand firm. It is the integrity of the party’s processes that is at stake. An NEC that can be bullied into changing a decision is not fit for purpose.
    The arrogance of the party hierarchy is breathtaking. We need to drain the swamp that is UKIPs top tier. They do not own the party. Let the members decide. If the hierarchy do not like the result they are free to take their methods elsewhere, the European Union would probably welcome them.

    If you know anybody on the NEC please make sure they see my analysis above.

  38. PurplePottymouth // August 25, 2017 at 2:03 pm // Reply

    Henry – how do you win a leadership contest? By getting out there and proving you have what it takes to lead, by showing us in what you say and how you behave that you are head and shoulders above your fellow candidates, even the ones who appear to be more popular with the voters.
    Challenging the NEC decision now – 2 weeks after the candidate list was announced looks like sour grapes – worse, it looks like you are running scared. Not a winner then! And like those before you who have resorted to slating fellow candidate(s) in the public domain not fit to lead. Just shows – no one should be led astray by an apparently impressive CV. 1st rule of a good HR manager!

  39. The determination by the party’s establishment to prevent Anne Marie Waters from being elected is such that it is more than possible Bolton’s challenge will succeed somehow.

    May I suggest to all those will resign in disgust to not do so until after the election but to use their vote to ensure that the establishment’s preferred candidate does to win.

  40. All political parties are loose alliances of similar but not identical political ideologies held by people of a range of backgrounds and aspirations.
    Usually there are some overarching key ingredients that party activists hold. Outwith the party support comes in many different ways but people will vote for it if they generally concur or they like the ‘brand’ or they wish to punish the party in power.
    Voters do not like chaos and different messages from the same party. Members of a party have thus – in their best interests – to support party decisions taken ‘democratically’ and to put to one side personal ambition.
    Flynn/S Evans/Collins/Etheridge/ Hookem and others have already attacked leadership candidates and all this is in the MSM and public domain. These were all counter productive to the goodwill of UKIP. Nuttall’s confused personal statements on Facebook etc did the party damage unintentionally. James’ refusal to engage in the Hustings and then walking out of the job of Leader after ten days brought UKIP into public contempt.
    UKIP just cannot survive what is now happening viz Bolton’s demand for a withdrawal of AMW’s candidature for leader. It is late in the day and smacks of desperation to an upper middle class privately educated man used to the corridors of power and deals between those who need to know behind locked doors. Has he been sleeping for two weeks whilst out of the country on holiday? Has he shown any interest in alerting or debating with the active membership of the party?
    There are two kinds of people in modern Britain – those who concur with the bbc reality and those who dont and who use other means to discover the truth. Mister Bolton is having a mid term crisis as he will probably secure no more than a few hundred votes. And he has realised it and his ego hurts.

    • I’ve met Bolton a couple of times. He did not strike me as the impulsive or petulant type. I do not believe he is acting alone or without the foreknowledge, if not encouragement, of the party’s establishment.

      • Stout, nor do I believe he’s acting alone. We need to wonder why UKIP keeps being holed below the waterline! It’s almost as if there’s a well-thought out agenda.

        • There’s an agenda but I would not flatter them by calling it well though out. The cabal are snobs in the grip of group think and blinded to common sense by over-arching self-interest.

  41. If the NEC decides that Mr Bolton has a point and bars Anne Marie from standing I believe members must DEMAND to see detailed minutes of the meeting at which it was decided to deselect her – not just a derisory sentence which is what we were given. I would go further and demand that every member of the NEC who was present counter-sign any minutes that surface, so that we can be assured they are a true and correct record. At any event this decision was taken with a casting vote, so by no means clear cut, and presumably whoever made the casting vote must have stated his or her reasons,for doing so, which, given,that it was such a close vote, would obviously have to have been minuted.
    We cannot be fobbed off – we simply cannot allow it – if Mr Bolton had concerns he,should have voiced them earlier and, if a challenge is made post election, the same need for detailed minutes made available to members will be necessary, and we must demand them.

    • Any NEC member has the right to call for a recorded vote. A recorded vote is where every person says yes or no individually to the NEC Secretary who places the vote cast by the name of each individual member thus stopping a rough showing of hands and/or a general murmur that ‘all are in favour’. All public cttees and club cttees have a tendency for the chairman to push things through according to his/her perceived consensus.

    • Any casting vote would have been made by the Chairman, Dee.

      • Rob,

        I just knew it would be that little Smurf’s fault, hope Anne Marie bears that in mind if she becomes leader, he might be heading back to his little ‘Smurfi’ friends.

      • Yes I know, but he had to give his considered reason for the way he cast his vote, given that this was such a huge decision – I presume the branch that selected her would be entitled to expect that.

  42. David Allen, you are a nice guy with some interesting things to say. But your thoughts and comments on this arrogant move by Bolton today reveals most clearly why you did the right thing in recognizing you needed to step away from the Leaders contest. You get bogged down in tedious minutia and fail to see the bigger picture.

    AMW has massive growing support. Accept it. Let the members speak via their vote.

    You make yourself sound like those Remainiacs that want another Referendum because they did not like the result.

  43. How many NEC members were not present when PN sprung the AMW de-selection? Not present because they had been assured nothing controversial would be raised in their absence?

    AMW for me. ( pref with JRE involved too )

  44. Mr Bolton was not at the NEC meeting that allowed Ms Waters to stand and so cannot know what factors were weighed in judging whether she can stand. Indeed, the decision to allow her to stand may have been the rescinding of her `not in good standing’ status. (See comment by David).

    Unless Bolton has been tipped off by someone senior his `challenge’ on her status is entirely speculative. If it is not speculative, and he knows and can prove that her election disbarment was not reconsidered, then it is a conspiracy and Bolton is a stooge for someone. Now who could that be? Who gains I wonder? (Answers on post card).

  45. Bolton knows he’s not going to win, so he’s decided to queer the pitch for AMW. Another no-hoper, he’s joined Collins, Whittle, Evans, Etheridge and Hookem in undermining UKIP and creating more turmoil. Everyone knows that Anne Marie’s exclusion from standing in the General Election was a prejudiced stitch-up, so if that’s the reason for Bolton’s bombshell it’s a very weak one that he has left too damn late to say anything about.

    The only reason I’m still in UKIP is that AMW is still a member. If she’s forced out of the leadership election, it’s goodbye from me.

  46. Mr Bolton has taken two weeks to try and skew the vote. AMW has raised the matter of Sharia Law being enforced in this country. A great number of UKIP members agree with her stance. If she is such an oddball why is he worried? Go Back to the Libs Henry, take your press spokesperson with you.

  47. After endless leadership go arounds, I decided there was no point in my voting in this leadership contest.
    Now we have yet another myopic idiot trying to stop AMW getting the message out that we must all wake up to the pachyderm in the room.
    I am now determined to vote for AMW, thanks for making my mind up for me Henry.

  48. Well well well Henry Bolton and friends, that did not take you very long to show your true colours.

    You are an absolute disgrace.

    In fact, this so called challenge to AMW standing, is so disgraceful I find it hard to believe it is true.

  49. I believe that the matter has been referred to the NEC by Henry Bolton for them to re-consider their decision to allow Anne Marie Waters to stand for the leadership. The referral rests upon the status of AMW as not being of ‘good standing’. The constitution is quite clear that a member is not of ‘good standing’ if they are excluded from standing in another election, in this case the 2017 general election. As I believe that exclusion has not been rescinded, then the status remains, and Anne Marie is currently and still, not of ‘good standing’. A member not of ‘good standing’ may not run for office on behalf of the party in any election. If the NEC get this wrong UKIP may be subject to an external challenge after the election. That may result in the party having to do it all over again. Henry Bolton has grasped a very controversial nettle, but it’s better to resolve it now than leave it for others to exploit.

    • If the case is so clear-cut, shouldn’t the NEC have been aware of it in the first place and not allowed AMW to stand when they made their decision two weeks ago – and should Henry Bolton (or indeed anyone else) have made that challenge the following day?
      Why now?

      • By allowing her to stand, and taking her money, the NEC implicitly revised her status as they are entitled to do.

        The timing is interesting. Have the ballot papers gone to the printers? With Monday a bank holiday and notice needed to clear space for a run of 20+ thousand, with the time consuming putting in envelopes with the magazine, suggests they must have already. If her name is not on the ballot paper that arrives then some very interesting questions arise.

    • Allen,

      Just one question: why have you not mentioned this before? you have had plenty of time or has someone just ‘popped’ this question into your head?, prior to this you seemed to be quite meticulous in your preparations and now you have just remembered this anomaly to your way of thinking. I am beginning to smell a rat, are you keeping your deposit by any chance? Sorry to say this but this whole thing stinks.

    • David, call. Here, you’re a plot short of a novel.

      • Freddy,

        Are you replying to me or Allen? I think I will take it you mean me but I am desperately trying to make some sense of this alarming situation. I am sure you agree Freddy that all this back biting and disruption does not bode well for this leadership election, it has really brought out the worst in some people IMO and completely coloured my opinion of them.

        I just do not understand why this scurrilous accusation has been made now, thereby throwing everything up in the air when we are all in the process of choosing a candidate. Surely, you of all people share the same concerns, and please stop using ‘smoke and mirrors’ tell us what you suspect or know in order to stop us wrong guessing, as you may have thought I have done. Freddy you are in a position to tell us the truth as you know it, just come out with it without these convoluted conundrums you are so fond of, they are making my brain hurt, and just for once I would love to hear the truth which I believe Freddy you do too.

        • Donald is not David.

          I said David and I meant David. 🙂

          The indentation supports that too; I’m replying to David Allen.

          > please stop using ‘smoke and mirrors’ tell us what you suspect or know

          And what will my resulting suspension achieve, other than curtailing any small ability I may have to do good, and with my regional hustings on Tuesday?

          An article or two may be imminent…

          • OK Freddy lets wait and see what happens shall we? I guess you have told us all you can and that she will probably not be on the ballot, or she will but we will be told not to vote for her. How much longer do the PTB think they can treat us like children? but if they continue to do so we should all just vote for Aiden as Dee says he has a brilliant idea of mining the asteroid belt, as a former physicist what do you think of that?

          • DD, in reply to yours of 9:18 am.
            I’ve done what I can. The NEC has been presented with the arguments of Dr Slivnik and myself, which take different routes to the same end. A skeleton of my argument is at and a summary of Dr Slivnik’s is at
            They decide by phone/email in 3 hours time. My prediction is that it is too close to call. One who would have voted to retain AMW is off the NEC for health reasons.

          • DD wrote at 9:18am
            > we should all just vote for Aiden as Dee says he has a brilliant idea of mining the asteroid belt,
            > as a former physicist what do you think of that?

            Once a physicist, always a physicist. It’s like cycling.

            Happily, AMW’s place on the ballot paper is now assured – and the strength of feeling here in UKIPDaily played no small role.

            As to Asteroid Aidan – I’ve got a missed call from him this afternoon, but given how he gets about, I’m afraid to call him back on his satellite (oops, asteroid) phone – the charges may be too high. There’s also the small matter pesky 25 mins – 50 mins loop delay between me speaking and me hearing his response.

            As to what I think about that – tempt me not, Satan!

    • How better to rescind it than the NEC vetting her candidacy and then approving it? The alternative is that they failed to take into account the alleged status and so were negligent or incompetent. But then the whole vetting and approval must be in doubt, the election scrapped, and we start again unless it can be proven that they reviewed status in every case except Anne Marie’s.

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