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“The alt-left wants to destroy everything that underpins western civilisation. The media has sided with them. Let that sink right in.”

Paul Joseph Watson, 18th August 2017

Another ‘incident’ where 14 people were killed and 100 injured. Another 36 hours where our MSM shone reporting what happened – only they didn’t.

On Thursday after the murderous attack in Barcelona, our MSM, especially BBC and SKY, were extremely hesitant in their reporting. For hours they avoided mentioning the number of people killed. The rest of the world knew that number already because the Catalonian Police had published it hours earlier. The rest of the world knew full well that this was an attack by murderous muslims while our MSM still warbled about an ‘incident with a van involving pedestrians’.

There were calls from ‘welcome culturists’ not to show any of the gruesome photos which had already made the rounds on social media. Only sanitised photos are now allowed, like that of the unfortunate toddler drowned and so beautifully placed on that beach. The photos of little girls mowed down in Nice and Stockholm and on Thursday in Barcelona: don’t show them, don’t look! Forget about those children …
I think that we should look: we owe it to those killed, to remember the way they were killed. It is gruesome, but so was their death. The reason for not showing, not looking is that it might trigger us, might make us angry – and that cannot be allowed! 

Later on Thursday night, the BBC spent more time belly-aching about neonazis in the USA than about islamic murders. I cannot resist mentioning that one reporter in the US media actually said that this ‘killing spree’ in Barcelona could have been a ‘copycat’ incident because of what happened in Charlottesville …

This makes sense however in view of what was reported on Friday, and how it was reported. Disregard the incident of two people having been killed in Finland by a knife-wielding “lone wolf” (‘nothing-to-do-with-islam’), let’s not mention the incident of one man stabbed to death and one seriously injured in Germany – that was apparently just your usual business-deal-gone-wrong between muslims. No – let’s concentrate on that protest march of a group of people in Barcelona, protesting against the killing of innocents by a jihadi on Thursday!

All MSM (e.g. here) reporting this protest labelled that group ‘neonazis’. They were Falangists, Franco’s old party, nothing ‘neo’ about them. The usual suspects immediately ran a counter-demo, and there were fisticuffs. After all, we don’t want no neonazis, especially if they protest against a mass murder by a ‘misguided’ young man who cannot help himself, being in thrall to self-driving, radicalised white vans …

There is method to this madness. It is simply about isolating all normal people who are disgusted and angry about the increasing number of terrorist attacks by muslims. It’s about making them shut up. It didn’t work so well when labelling 17 million Leave voters as bigoted xenophobes, but the metro-elite will keep at denigrating the British people.

Take note that the International MSM have now taken the first steps towards connecting ‘neonazis’ with islamic atrocities. The Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Woods is already fully on board – do read this report!

This is how it works:

First, use the latest lefty ‘hate’ label for something everyone despises, e.g. Ms Wood labelling ISIS as neonazis. No proof is needed, the label suffices: we despise ISIS, we despise neonazis, therefore ISIS = neonazis.

I can already see the arguments flowing:

  • neonazis – bad;
  • murdering people with white vans – bad (think Finsbury, do not think London Bridge!);
  • islam = religion of peace – good;
  • muslims – good;
  • ISIS = neonazis – bad;
  • therefore: ISIS jihadi murderers = neonazis;
  • therefore: suppress all neonazis.

But: ISIS = muslims, therefore – good, or have I missed something?

But: protesting against ISIS/jihadis = neonazis (remember: ISIS claimed the Barcelona attack as their triumph) is good, isn’t it?

Therefore the protesters against jihadis cannot be bad because they protest against neonazis, i.e. ISIS, don’t they, and the protest is therefore good, yes? No?

Look at the inanity of the MSM and the political elite in its full beauty:

‘Neonazis’ are protesting against killings perpetrated by (muslim) ‘neonates’ – but that is a bad thing …

Do you understand that? No, me neither …

I do understand however that we have ‘Hate Crime’ legislation. So is it now not a ‘Hate Crime’ to hate neonazis? If it isn’t, are we then allowed to hate ISIS because they’re neonazis? And is therefore islamophobia not a hate crime after all? Or what?

Have you had enough yet? Have you had enough of the prevarication and obfuscation of our MSM and politicians every single time there’s a new muslim-perpetrated atrocity?

The Left are now shown up as islam’s useful idiots. The Right, previously known as ‘conservatives’, are now denigrated as ‘neonazi/alt-right’ and must be attacked, even for their anti-islam stance and never mind that ISIS = neonazi …

We can observe this nicely whenever the MSM interview Nigel Farage, insinuating more and more explicitly that he and by extension UKIP are guilty of causing these atrocities.

We can observe it even in UKIP, where some members, from MEPs down, are frightened of taking a stand against islam and the crimes committed in the name of that religion because of what the MSM might say. Thus, by attacking the one candidate who actually has taken a stand for some time, not just since Thursday, they do the work of the Left and the MSM 

So – have we had enough yet? It doesn’t look like it, does it!

I do wish those Kippers who would rather be ‘friends’ with the MSM and the likes of Ms Leanne Wood in the Westminster Bubble and on the Islington Dinner Circuits were to open their eyes and connect the dots!

More and more voters – which UKIP needs to win over if we want to win seats in Parliament  – are watching what is going on. Believe you me – they have indeed had enough, and they are connecting the dots!

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30 Comments on HAVE WE HAD ENOUGH YET?

  1. Enoch Powell was right when he said that a politician complaining about the media is as pointless as a shipwrecked sailor complaining that the sea is wet. Getting angry with MSM and/or pretending you can totally bypass it, won’t communicate with the mainstream voter we need to reach, so don’t get angry, get smart!

    In the light of the BBC documentary showing that incredulously apparently a quarter of UK Muslims support the ISIS terrorist attacks, let’s hear prominent Imams being asked to not only condemn these atrocities done in the name of Islam, but also being asked first whether they regard the killed perpetrators as Muslim martyrs and second, whether they would expect the perpetrators to go to the Islam equivalent of Heaven.

    At least the hoped-for proclamations might help stop the next lot of youngsters being radicalised, if they’ve already heard an Imam say the contrary to what it would appear they’re being told.

    If the Imams fail to answer as we’d all hope, then people can draw their own conclusions as to whether Muslim terrorists are mainstream Muslims with the support of the Imams and so we have a 5th column in our midst, or whether the terrorists are a sick minority as many politicians claim/assume.

  2. The Spanish chief rabbi is telling his people to get out as the place is lost. Yet we still have people here evading the Islam issue as too dangerous to mention. Talk about living in a fantasy world!

  3. When I joined UKIP, it prided itself on telling the truth – The UNVARNISHED truth.
    Not the truth the recipient would like to hear.
    Not the truth we “thought” the recipient should hear.
    Not the convenient truth
    Anything but the UNVARNISHED truth is truth with “spin”
    Painting pictures even containing a grain of truth is still telling lies
    PC = Spin = Lies

  4. I believe you are right, there is a revolution starting, a battle for peoples minds. It is David against Goliath but the truth is a very powerful weapon. Also why I was so dismayed at UKIP’s support for the discredited parties at the GE. Playing some kind of game with tactical representation. So much for ’country before party’.
    Surely we should stand apart with the honesty and courage to tell the truth. Speaking to the converted on this site is one thing, but encouragement to the public, to ask the questions, is needed. The article is correct the flag is going up in peoples minds; no more prevarication or procrastination, on many fronts. With respect to Islam it may be worth remembering that there will be many Muslims that that are trapped and subjugated by that ideology give them a lifeline as well.

    • Toby Micklethwait // August 20, 2017 at 9:33 am // Reply

      Dear Kim (Gavin),

      You say “Muslims that that are trapped and subjugated by that ideology give them a lifeline as well”.

      Good point.

      Should our policy on Islam include an offer that Muslims could accept?

      What would such an offer look like. Ahmadiyya? Use English language only?

      Regards, Toby, 01932-873557

      • Hi Toby
        I think that UKIP would run the risk of looking extremely foolish if it went down the road of ‘offering’ Muslims anything. Sheer arrogance and open to ridicule I would suggest.
        However, maybe what Kim meant was that if we outlaw Sharia Courts of any description as well as closing all mosques that have ever had a connection with Saudi funded Imams or terrorists, then we might release the stranglehold that keep Muslim women where the Koran asserts they ought to be. That would be a first step. As well as giving support to all apostates – Anne Marie arranged a meeting to hear their stories on Saturday – to be safe, I imagine, it was a sign-up on her website event. But UKIP could definitely, I would say should definitely do something about the fact that often people who decide to leave Islam suddenly find themselves with no friends and family, and it is really quite frightening, from what I hear online. Anne Marie may have something in the pipeline.

        It is worth reflecting that the wonderful Imam Tawhidi is with some others trying to initiate reform of the Koran which he says was written for then, not for now – he has written a book on the subject, but no publisher is willing, so far, to take it to press.

        So one step at a time – banning Sharia is the first step, and once Muslim women are allowed to freely mix – which means banning the burka as well – they may be pleasantly surprised at the friendship they find.

        • Well we could take out all the violent verses from the quran from mo’s Medina period. (Which is most of them). But they’ve abrogated many of the verses from his Mecca period. So you’d have to take them out too, otherwise it’s going to be confusing. And the Satanic verses should probably be removed (the clue was in the name.)

          In fact taking any of it out will discredit any idea of mohammed being the messenger of God. So we’ll be best take mohammed out of it as well.

          But if we take mohammed out of it, or any of mohammeds verses, then we’ve removed the Shahadah (which is islam.)

          …So we reform islam by removing islam.

          I could be wrong but I think there will be some resistance to this.

          • I meant take away the strangle hold Islam has on it’s so called ‘followers’. My understanding is that our culture is legitimised by our laws and if our laws are undermined then that is an undermining of our culture, let us tell that to people of the leafy suburbs of London, and everywhere else in the UK. Compassion, yes, but uphold our laws to the letter if we are to protect what we have and move forward to a better society. There should be no room given to evil practices spoiling people’s lives. As was intimated in this article, enough!
            No need for offers and possibly no need for humiliation just integrate and live by our laws, surely that is not too much to ask. After all, we all have to abide by them. Those laws include discrimination, polygamy, abuse, child welfare, homicide, animal welfare, I’m sure there are more. Yes, that could cause some resistance, but as was well put, one step at a time.

          • Fen, brilliant as always, but I do think that the Imam has a point in saying that Mohammed lived a life more suited and usual in those days, and none of it is necessary in the 21st century – so, I imagine, take Mecca as the standard – like doing what we did to the Bible only backwards! However, I fear the fact that he has to have security to go outside might mean that you could be right about the resistance ……..

  5. You are saying Vivian, exactly what UKIP should be saying.
    What strikes me about your article is the sheer, unadulterated conviction in every sentence.
    UKIP does not need political technicians trying to manipulate the voters.
    It needs conviction politicians, unafraid of the MSM, who insist on telling the absolute truth, with absolute conviction.

  6. Every UKIP member should, and every candidate must get up to speed on Islam.

    Read chapter 9 of the Koran as a minimum. Look up “taqiyya” and “abrogation”. Watch / read scholars such as Robert Spencer.

    There really is no excuse – all the information is in the public domain.

    The candidate selection procedure should include questions on Islam.

  7. Breitbart refers to Leanne Wood as an “Orwellian wackjob trying to rebrand islamic terrorism as ‘far right'”; and accuses her of failing to “distinguish[between]politics and religious violence”. Considering that Welshnat whinger Wood also equates ‘far-right’ with ‘white supremacism’, I think we can dismiss Wood’s attempts to formulate a definitive political vocabulary. As the socialist leader of a nationalist party she is already, like Sturgeon, a national socialist, and hopelessly politically confused.

    What DOES ‘far-right’ mean? To far-Leftards such as Wood, it means anyone who doesn’t think as she and her Socialist chums do, therefore they are automatically fascist, nazi, white supremacist. No one should allow dim-wits like Wood or the corrupt MSM to define them; Anne Marie Waters doesn’t, and I’m with her.

    On this site in the past, I and others have compared islam to the Real Deal Fascists and Nazis: those who made the world a bloody battleground in the first half of the 20th century. The islamic world quite liked Herr H because he swore to get rid of the Jews, so some big islamic cheeses visited Germany for cosy chats with him.
    Now I’m going to quote Wood’s own words describing what she calls ‘ISIS’ but I’m going to be more truthful and call ‘islam’; and what she calls the ‘far-right’ but I’m going to more accurate and call actual Fascists/Nazis with a capital F and N.
    She says both groups see themselves as superior to others: check.
    Both see people who are not in their group as fair targets for abuse, violence and even death: check.
    Both hate minorities and consider women to be less than men: check.
    Both believe in using extreme violence to repress people with different views: check.
    Come to think of it, those descriptions would also fit Communist oppressors such as Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot et al, wouldn’t they? But I’m sure that political amateurs such as Wood can’t see that extreme ideologies, whether Fascist, Communist or Islamofascist, converge on the same blood-soaked patch.

    • Islam is not a religion, it is an ideology.

      As a political ideology, it is probably the most extreme form of conservatism that we know. So yes, Islam is extremely far-right, but then politically it makes Britain First or the EDL look as ‘far-right’ as the Lib Dems.

      That is what is so puzzling, why leftist liberals, such as Leanne Wood, are such staunch defenders of Islam, when it is completely opposite to their own ideology.

      But this definition of far-right is now being exaggerated to an extent that anyone who doesn’t agree with this extreme-left ideology is branded as ‘far right’.

      Anyway, Leanne Wood is a hypocrite; during the 2017 election campaign, she appeared on the leaders debate and as soon as Paul Nuttall mentioned ‘radical Islam’ she was triggered and started shouting over him, yet while on some debate hosted by BBC Asian Network, she was far less hostile when the subject of Islamic extremism came up, even agreeing that something needed to be done (but couldn’t say what!)

  8. I wish those in UKIP who really want UKIP to be successful – and it’s a mystery to me why so many have sunk to the depths of cowardice by refusing to name, or tip-toeing round the problem, when naming and facing it would get us votes, are coming out so shamefully vocally against Anne Marie, not just in UKIP, but all over the MSM.

    Viv is right, and ordinary people are watching UKIP very carefully, with hope in their hearts that it will be their voice in the future. It is, after all, the only hope they can cling to. And Citizenk is right (he usually is) that it is the likes of Tommy Robinson and Anne Marie who ordinary people trust – not those who talk down to them from their elevated titled (MEP, AM, LAM ) and well-paid positions.
    They trust those who go on marches with them, who take the flak with them, who stand on the back of vans or on trailers with dodgy microphones naming the problem with them. If any one of those people were leading UKIP, they would, I am completely sure, get members and votes for UKIP. We would, in spite of mass howls from the left and MSM, be unstoppable.

    What I am afraid will be the tragedy for these potential voters, and for the U.K., is that many UKIP members, like the good and earnest Suffolk branch to name just one, will be afraid to grasp the nettle. Like with Paul Nuttall, they will look for someone who is edgy but not too edgy, who talks the talk they understand but which all those potential voters care little about. And it will be someone who has never stood on a trailer with a dodgy microphone, never marched shoulder to shoulder with our potential supporters in the past.
    One of the favorites, David Kurten, is just such a person, I’m afraid, in my opinion. Enormously appealing in so many ways, to all of us, as are some others I have listened to, who have been received with genuine delight at UKIP Hustings. But none of these people are known by those who long for a Party to vote for – none of those people have shown that they can be trusted by marching with the people for the people.

    Anne Marie is by far and away the Leader if you use the criteria I describe, followed by John Rees-Evans, if slightly less so. All of the others, I’m sorry, but they simply aren’t the business. I’m sure, if they were able to join a top team we would have a Party that really would go places – the task is too much for one person alone however talented. But if we want UKIP to hoover up the massive voting potential, it’s no good using our rather narrow, UKIP-centered criteria.
    We need to see the bigger picture, that all those like the Football Lads Alliance, Veterans Against Terrorism, Gays against Sharia and Justice for Chelseyhave absolutely no-one to represent them, no-one they can vote for, now Labour has become the Muslim party.

    This is, I am certain, the last chance for Britain and for UKIP – I hold out no great hope, but I do ask everyone to consider my points, and see if they make sense.
    We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  9. As ever Viv, spot on.

    Kippers need to speak with one voice – but we don’t, witness the responses to Mr Flood’s recent suggestion that Enoch was wrong, MEP reactions to AMW’s candidacy, Nigel’s reaction to AMW….

    But I think there’s something else going on that that’s even more disturbing. We are unable to agree a simple truth because we cannot name it.

    Somehow we kippers need to get the liberalism out of libertarian and that is not meant facetiously. IMHO liberalism IS the enemy in the UK political system but it hides its true nature with various ruses. It sounds warm and cuddly but it acts against the national interest. It hides behind names like alt-left. Wtf does that mean? It openly encourages dissent as part and parcel of free speech and now wishes to restrict free speech as hate crimes when the tables are turned. And it is deeply embedded in the phyche of both sides of politics (which is why I think Right and Left are redundant in this context)

    I think that’s one reason why AMW’s candidacy is so important, that she is so clear, her position on islam is absolutely unambiguous. “Islam is evil”. Her clarity is the marmite that attracts or repels.

    But I suggest to every doubting kipper, that clarity is exactly what we all need – aimed carefully at the spider pulling the strings at the heart of our political web.

    The closest I can get to it is liberalism;

    that Liberalism is Treachery.

    It is neither left nor right but it is the exact opposite of what the name suggests, neither tolerant nor promoting freedom. It invariably acts in is own interest and against our national interest.

    Most kippers have come to understand that we are living in the fourth Reich but the vast majority around us do not recognise it for what it is. The indoctrination of treachery has taken decades to incubate, so much so that even when we can clearly see the destruction of our way of life happening in plain sight before our eyes, we cannot name the force that has brought that about. It’s not Islam.
    It’s the thing that has invited Islam.

    I suggest it’s political name is liberalism.

    And invite those who are wary of AMW to think very carefully about which bit of unambiguous are you not recognising the importance of?

    • It’s name is postmodernist-Marxism.

      Doesn’t roll off the tongue like ‘liberalism’, but it is more precise.

      It is the ideology that brings us ‘hate speech’ based on the feelings of the offended. (Postmodernism raises feelings above facts)

  10. There was a vigil in Barcelona’s Plaça de Catalunya. One of the attendees was quoted as saying ““Terrorism will not stop us being who we are, a city that is open to the world.”

    That’s right you moron. Open to the world of terrorism. The world came to Barcelona as it had to London, Paris and Nice (and many other places see

    Nation states are the source of security when they monitor who enters and leaves. Borders open to the world are open to the world of terrorism. Why is El Al (Israel) the safest airline? Because they use profiling? Why don’t we use it? Not politically correct. The death of innocent citizens is better than being accused of racism.

    Je suis sick of this shit all right.

  11. What was the feeling within UKIP years ago when Nigel Farage was battling away well before the referendum. I wasn’t a member then so don’t know. I recall an endless stream of articles about ‘little englanders’ and ‘not shut door on the world’. About UKIP members being uneducated and not understanding economics. Then we had a series of tory leaders disrespecting UKIP members – can’t remember the words. The press always seemed to be full of comments like we are ‘closet racist’s’ and ‘want to return to the 1950’s’ (can we have a referendum on that please) etc.
    My understanding. A hostile press coverage is the norm for UKIP. UKIP succeeded and won the referendum by sticking to it’s position whatever the press coverage happened to be.
    Didn’t we in UKIP get used to a hostile press years ago ?
    My impression is that members who have worked so hard for many years to build the party up do not want to put that at risk. Want to be a proper party with views that are mainstream and more acceptable and less challenging and controversial.

  12. Spot on Viv, as usual.


  13. FOOTBALL FANS are waking up. Many have been awake a long time but I agree it is annoying that they place the team before country so to speak. However they tend to be very patriotic and initiatives like Football Lads Association is channelling the political energy.
    Vivian is right – ordinary working people are joining the dots and the picture is quite ugly.Whatever party starts to speak the truth will begin to a) be attacked by the MSM verbally leading to maybe physical attacks.However the party will then reap the dividend of support from ordinary people as things continue down the road to hell.
    Some time in the future there will be a culling of the MSM and metro elites by which I mean redundancies, sackings maybe criminal prosecutions. Those in power are riding a tiger and they will be eaten, have no fear, there will be a day of retribution of the liars and appeasers.

    • Mister Flood of Suffolk fame is a very decent chap who undoubtedly did his bit for the referendum victory. As a person good luck to him but he is woefully ignorant of the real world. Perhaps his comfortable life – well earned – has led him into complacency and concordance with the bbc version of reality.
      We can expect the new radical leaders to be from the background of a Tommy Robinson – urban working class in a failed multicultural city who have first hand experience of evil. Tommy’s female cousin was gangraped by guess who.

  14. Well I’ve totally had enough. I wrote an article recently called: ‘Rotting from the inside out,’ it was about the devaluation of ours and western currencies since money printing started (AEP in the Telegraph used to write about this ten years ago). It was discussed in the comments how this will be blamed on Brexit once things get difficult: this has started already.

    “Standard & Poor’s warns on UK reserve currency status as Brexit hardens”–poors-warns-on-uk-reserve-currency-status-as-brexit-ha/

    The USA is heading into Civil War and I don’t think we’re far behind, as things deteriorate, expect a propaganda storm. Everything will be the fault of Brexit or Trump.

    Tony Blair started his Ministry of Truth to fight so called popularism, he was and is banking on an economic downturn, this is planed and is imminent.

    Soros has gone short (invested in falling markets) to the tune of 1.8 billion. The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place, he will make a fortune from our misery.

    I’ll be writing more about this, but in the meantime watch out for the propaganda.

    • “A large part of Soros’ multibillion-dollar fortune has come from manipulating currencies. During the 1997 Asian financial crisis, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad accused him of bringing down the nation’s currency through his trading activities, and in Thailand he was called an “economic war criminal.” Known as “The Man who Broke the Bank of England,” Soros initiated a British financial crisis by dumping 10 billion sterling, forcing the devaluation of the currency and gaining a billion-dollar profit.”

      I’m sure I also read elsewhere that Soros was actually convicted of ‘insider-trading’, but was never actually jailed or indeed punished, can’t find the source now.

    • ‘America on the cusp of second civil war’. By Rush Limbaugh- Breitbart today.

  15. It’s clear from Julian Floods letter that UKIP has attracted ‘politicians’. (By politicians I mean professional liars). And UKIP of course is a political party, trying to survive in the world of politics. Which was of course Julians point. In Julians world UKIP will sink like a stone if it ever started to tell the truth for the good of the British people, and what good would that do for the people of Britain?
    I don’t live in Julians world, I think Julian should, (like Caesar) cross the Rubicon of politics, whether it be a river of blood or not, and help lead Britain out of this bog that islam wishes to drag us into. It starts with telling the truth and making no compromise with that idea.

  16. Viv,

    It is not just Kippers who need their eyes opening. There are millions more whose lives revolve around Facebook and football etc. to the exclusion of all else. If only they could be awakened to the threat then we could deal with it.

  17. Either UKIP has to stop craving MSM approval or die.

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