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The Great Patriotic General Election with the Unpatriotic Result

The 2017 General Election was Tess’s to lose and she tried her best. Endlessly repeating the ‘trust strong and stable ME’ mantras whilst avoiding anything of real substance such as exactly what ‘Brexit Means Brexit’ or ‘Enough is Enough’ actually means in terms of objectives, strategy, policies, actions. Be presidential, soulless and lacking in any warmth, enthusiasm or humour. Condescendingly take the Electorate (and conservative core vote) for granted and upset them by calling the election in the first place and some silly manifesto money grabs needing desperate U-turns. Then there was the failure to aggressively take-down the ridiculous ‘promises’ from Red Labour.  All the weak and wobbly electioneering was immensely irritating.

The day was only really (partially) saved by the Marxist, terrorist-loving incompetence of Red-Labour’s ‘Gang of Three’. Even a modicum of putting Tess on the spot by showing up her previous poor (security) performance as Home Secretary and vacuous claims (by actually knowing more about the detail required in Brexit) could potentially have sent her to the opposition benches. Fortunately the nation despite its protest vote and the numerous costly ‘promised’ bribes did not elect the Politburo of Corbyn, McDonnell, Abbott, Farron, Sturgeon and Lucas.  But where do we actually go from here?

For UKIP it was a disastrous election strategy of fighting seats when the outcome was always going to be a loss of support. Even if possible, it is a long way back, which requires root and branch change to professionalise, re-position on the vacant and expanding patriotic, security worried, libertarian leaning conservative right (social conservative, fiscally prudent, small government) and re-brand.  Could try copying Donald Trump (what he did actually worked despite his foibles).

For the TINOs (Tories in name only) it means shifting away from the left to the growing vacant space on the right; patriotic, socially conservative, free enterprise, small government and low tax. Will they do this, instead of drifting further left, is debatable unless the DUP can twist their arms.  They also need an improvement in popular image with more photogenic, enthusiastic, natural faces and real (non-toffee nosed) honesty.  

For Labour it is the apparent success of UK-hating, terrorist-friendly Marxism which can only strengthen the hand of the Momentum Trots and make them even more removed from reality, practicality and civilised behaviour. The ‘magic money tree’ of ‘taxing the rich’ will always deliver freebies galore to buy the envious and unscrupulous.  And violent, ugly militancy against opponents will always succeed; likely to try to destabilise the country using strikes and demonstrations.

Lib Dems are struggling to find a place having abandoned both liberalism and democratic principles. And their strong REMAIN tactics didn’t work. The country has largely moved on, but in love with all things European Union (EU), they can’t.

North of the border the Scottish National Party (SNP) are on the run and with their record in power in Skintland, things can only get worse. Revolt against them means supporting the Scottish TINOs (not to quite the same as the Westminster Bubble ones) or even Comrade Corbyn.

For the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) this is an opportunity to save the UK from itself with real social conservatism, patriotism, security and practicality; the United Kingdom-makers.

BREXIT is still notionally ‘on’ since triggering Article 50 (of the Lisbon Treaty) was generally supported by Comrade Corbyn.   However it is unlikely to be a ‘hard Brexit’ or ‘walk away without a deal’ Brexit since the TINOs will need Red-Labour or DUP support to get on with it. It may involve joining the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and using this as a route (even temporarily) for staying in the European Economic Area (EEA) whilst controlling immigration – but it does need actually understanding the detail.   Whoever claims the credit for a soft Brexit (and avoiding ‘economic catastrophe’) will likely gain some electoral advantage, especially if there is another General Election soon (on the cards given the small overall majority of the TINO and DUP ‘alliance’ although Brenda from Bristol and most people wouldn’t want one).

Theresa May tried channelling Edward Heath instead of Margaret Thatcher: bad idea. Comrade Corbyn tried channelling Michael Foot (or Tony Benn) with a bit more charisma and it worked against May/Heath.

When do we start channelling the Winter of Discontent (1979) and the return of the Iron Lady (or Man, real Tory or reformed UKIP)?

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27 Comments on The Great Patriotic General Election with the Unpatriotic Result

  1. The young needed to have it explained to them that unless we effect a Complete Moratorium on All New Immigration for at least five years ( for starters ) then the housing shortage can NEVER EVER be solved.

    And MUI can never be stopped without exiting the EU as a starting point.

    You cannot just build new houses like you can manufacture new cars or Ipods.

    For those who say ‘Oh, just build on the Green Belt’ they need to realize it already IS being built on in all directions. Green Belt restrictions make it a bit more difficult to get planning permission but not impossible, and local authorities are under pressure to permit building on the GB.

    Yes much more needs to be done to create new housing, but it can never solve the problem unless the real cause of the shortage ~ MUI – Mass Uncontrolled Immigration ~is acknowledged and stopped.

    If she had explained all this , plus the fact that magic money trees to pay for tuition fees and all the rest don’t exist, she might have had a chance.

    But despite some speeches to the contrary, in the end she hangs on to the multi culti enrichment pieties so she can’t acknowledge the harm that MUI has done us.

    For Scottish ‘politicians’ like Davidson to be ( effectively ) proclaiming the ‘need’ for MUI to continue makes my blood boil : Scotland has had nowhere near the influx of new people that England has had. That is the obvious explanation for why they voted Remain, maybe in Northern Ireland also.

    England has suffered most; and within the concept of ‘England’ the poor have suffered most of all.

    Poliiticians have isolated themselves ( free houses in London ) from the worst aspects of the dire situation they have created. Although even their children must be suffering the effects by now.

    Try reading Douglas Murray’s book.
    ( Or maybe just getting on a bus in London and waiting to see how long it is before you hear English spoken.)

    Is there a SINGLE top UKIP politician who is proclaiming and explaining the urgent need for a complete end to MUI ? Not that I have noticed.

  2. Jonathan Arnott, like so many who happened to be in the right place at the right time, does not and they do not posess the intellectual clarity of thought so desperately needed in our party.

  3. “The 2017 General Election was Tess’s to lose and she tried her best. ”

    Maybe that is the truth of it. Traitors come in any party colour or gender.

  4. As Private Eye reminds, “Strong and Stable” is a quote from “Mein Kampf”, not Heath’s memoirs.

    Is this really how Fuhrer Theresa wishes to be remembered?

  5. Arnott is all over the Guardian today de facto trashing UKIP.

    The Guardian is Cultural Marxist central in Fleet Street, it loathes UKIP with an ideological passion, & everything it says about the it is aimed at seeking its political destruction.

    That Arnott would go there & behave like this after crashing out of UKIP General Secretariat’s Post, is an alarming insight as to the kind of characters that are in possession of some of the senior administrative posts in UKIP.

    • Arnott has resigned as General Secretary and he might as well resign from UKIP now. Any Ukipper that goes whining to the Grauniad is beyond the pale and deserves chucking out.

      • Agreed, it’s also a possibility that he thinks UKIP’s now finished with its electoral collapse & the failure of Nuttall’s administration in chaotic circumstances, & he’s done this to try to smooth a path for himself into the Liblabcon to continue his political career there.

        The Guardian is the stone hard ideological enemy of UKIP, & the fact he’s gone there says a lot about who this man really was all along.

      • Panmelia,

        I bet he will not be giving up his well paid MEP job which he acquired on the UKIP card.

    • That’s why you need someone in charge who actually has political objectives he or she is determined about. One could aim crits at Farage like barring so many good people who tried to save us elsewhere than in UKIP but he really does.

    • Jonathan Arnott quits UKIP role over party’s ‘anti-Islam’ stance

      He should go and join Labour then. They introduced Sharia councils in 2008. Does Mr Arnott like the idea of cutting hands and feet off on opposite sides, women treated as the property of their husbands, death penalty for gays and apostates, animal cruelty, unequal treatment of women, jihad against non-believers, dhimmitude, jizya, and taqiyya?

      If there are any other Islamophiles in UKIP they can piss off too, and good riddance. This is supposed to be the 21st century not the 7th.

      FGM is strictly speaking a cultural matter rather than religious. However it is tolerated within Islam, as is slavery.

      Some cultures really are superior to others. With the possible exception of cannibalism, pretty much every culture is superior to Islam. Arnott can go and sing “Kum by yah” if it makes him feel better. It will not stop a single jihadi attack or a single grooming or a single goat being tortured.

      • Arnott – just another traitor who deserves to suffer the traditional remedy; he is one of many in governments of all shades.

  6. The public are fed up with liar politicians and let no one win really. UKIP lost it’s vote for valid tactical reasons and because it tried to ape being a mainstream party. Why not vote for a real one if you want that?

    No Farage no chance now.

  7. Many of voted Tory precisely because we wanted full Brexit. May got just under 14 million votes while the communist got just over 12 million.

    It was like the 1983 Thatcher landslide vote share v 1997 Blair landslide, so in effect cancelled each other out albeit with the Tories as largest party.

    The non indigenous vote was key to Labour increasing their vote share by 3 million votes us all the freebies.

    We are now at a crossroads and our future is now uncertain. The Scottish Tories are now making conditions as are the DUP. The largest country England is being shafted again and it is the indigenous English who have yet again been short changed. Ethnic minorities are not interested in English self government, intact they are diametrically opposed to it and so too are Scottish and Northern Irish unionists.

    Labour has a policy of making St George’s Day a national holiday and would introduce an English First Minister into the equation. Whether they actually do this if in government is a different matter entirely.

    UKIP needs to promote an English only Parliament policy because the current setup is denying us basic rights of self determination as a people.

    The next GE whenever it is – prob within 9 months – will be a straight fight in England between Labour and Conservative. Nobody else will count not the greens nor the libdems ( sans farron as leader)nor Mebyon Kernow nor the nascent Yorkshire Party nor for that matter UKIP. If we stand we will be hammered and like last thursday lose almost all deposits.
    The only way the tories can guarantee winning would be by reducing the number of constituencies to 600 which would disadvantage labour with a preponderance of small populations in Wales etc but would all the tory party vote for that and if they did would the evilbbc present it fairly or whip up propaganda to talk of stealing the labour vote.
    It is a right mess and no mistake
    1) May

    • You forgot Heath – surely the worst?

      • Heath WAS the worst because he launched us on a Ship of Fools journey into Europe, a continent we should resolutely ignore apart from trading for our own benefit, as we would with any bloc. We are near Europe, we are not in it; and it’s well past time to shut that bloody tunnel, the worst blunder Thatcher made. Joining us to Europe with that idiotic tunnel under the sea was a betrayal of our island history and all the people through history who died fighting off invasion of our shores. Calais camps crammed with criminal invaders showed the sheer folly of its construction.

    • Exactly – CK – Next time even I will have to hold my nose and vote Tory if it’s soon, because the alternative is so frightful. However, I doubt my little vote will make a difference, Labour will get in.
      It’s so galling that they used Social Media, just as John Rees-Evans wanted us to do, and offered to arrange – but as far as UKIP were concerned, no young independent people were given a chance.

    • Whoever Is on duty, I deleted my first post about Suzanne’s idea because it’s not a coherent argument – too many painkillers today!! The second to CK was all I wanted to say, can you delete the first – by any chance?!

    • In fact, something no one is mentioning is that the election was fought under old boundaries (which favour the Labour Party) that should have been changed for the 2015 election but the Lib Dems wouldn’t support it. They are now long overdue. Really the Boundary Commission should have the power to alter these independently every so often (to ensure equally sized constituencies). However, it’s in the hands of politicians unfortunately. We don’t know if the DUP will support boundary change – probably not if it adversely affected them.

  9. Great analysis. The DUP are about to be vilified in the MSM, particularly the BBC. Whilst May and the TINOs did little to boost their cause the MSM failed to hold Labour to account and indeed they provided them a great deal of publicity. The MSM is a major “enemy of the people”. Heseltine has been on the radio and TV all morning spouting his bile. Never once was he challenged about the importance of observing democratic principles. No, for him the EU is more important than respecting the will of the people. UKIP needs to be more combative and start emulating the tactics of Momentum. Concurrently, we need to attack the MSM for its bias. As a start why not have a campaign to get people to consider not paying their TV licences. Why should we pay a tax to a Corporation that is actively destroying our country.

    • Heseltine, K Clarke and their ilk will soon be too old to spout their bile, or dead and no one will miss them. They are bare-faced traitors who have helped to bring about the mess we are in now: young people indoctrinated with EU ‘values’, poisonous PC anti-British attitudes, and their sense of nationhood practically destroyed by cultural marxism transmitted by teachers and university lecturers.
      These young people will rue the day they trusted in old hard left farts such as Corbyn. When the country has been totally ruined by mass immigration and the advent of an islamic state, they will realise that there is only one place on the planet they can call their home, and it has been stolen from them under their naive noses.

  10. Thomas Hardy describes the execution of Tess:

    After the clock strikes eight a black flag rises.
    “The President of the Immortals” has finally ended his game of Tess’s fate, and the world has carried out its justice.

    Perhaps it is some sort of premonition. She really believes that Democracy and Islam are compatible.

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