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Is the Government spying on UKIP supporters?

With the latest document releases from Edward Snowden and Glen Greenwald, I believe it is beyond doubt that the UK government has operated a disinformation, demoralisation and intelligence operation against UKIP supporters and members.

In an article posted on the website ‘The Intercept’, Greenwald has released a number of slide shows that appear to be for a training programme from GCHQ. These documents are based around the premise of operational disruption of online communities which are deemed threats. The documents cited by Greenwald come specifically from a division labelled ‘JTRIG’ (Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group).

Whilst we are constantly being informed that the vast monitoring of information conducted by GCHQ is to help stop a terrorist atrocity, it is quite clear from the documents that this is far from a serious motivation for JTRIG.

In the documents, JTRIG clearly refers to “hacktivists” and “companies” as the targets of the programme. Indeed, as Greenwald points out, the title of one slide is literally “Cyber Offensive Session: Pushing the Boundaries and Action Against Hacktivism”.

This is a crystal clear clarification that the UK Government is operating extra judicial action against UK citizens who have committed no crimes, and with no warrants.

I would also hypothesis from this that GCHQ is monitoring UKIP members actively, and conducting a discrediting operation.

The one issue the GCHQ obviously has is that any such information can only be released if there is a plausible basis that the information was obtained by alternative sources, and therefore does not reveal the true source of where it came from initially.

An example I would posit is an article the Daily Mail ran on the exposure of posts from the UKIP internal online forum. I find it highly likely that this forum was infiltrated by the JTRIG unit, and the subsequent release of information was organised from this. Any question as to it’s source can easily be attributed to a disaffected UKIP member, or Daily Mail infiltration after the fact.

Indeed, the Conservatives, and also Labour now operate UKIP attack teams, which would also form the basis of a plausible source of discrediting information after the fact. I believe these teams are merely GCHQ fronts.

Greenwald also links a further article regarding an Obama ally who advocated infiltration of online communities by

“teams of covert agents and pseudo-”independent” advocates to “cognitively infiltrate” online groups and websites, as well as other activist groups.”

One only has to put two and two together, and recall the EU setting up pro EU ‘troll patrols’ to see that such operations are already in place against UKIP.

UKIP, by being pro Democracy, anti-EU and anti-statist Libertarians from outside of the Westminister class was always destined to be a threat to the state, but the scale and scope of these violations of UKIP members in response is breath taking.

We can be in no doubt, that it is the opinion of the governing class (EU, Conservative, Labour and Lib Dems) that it is the right of the state to seek to dictate, manipulate and control the opinions of its citizens.

In their view, the people are there to service the state, which by proxy is the governing class.

It is also clear the British state views anyone who does not ascribe to its agendas 100% as suspect, and liable for monitoring. As Greenwald correctly states

“no government should be able to engage in these tactics: what justification is there for having government agencies target people – who have been charged with no crime – for reputation-destruction, infiltrate online political communities, and develop techniques for manipulating online discourse? But to allow those actions with no public knowledge or accountability is particularly unjustifiable.”

To add a further level of insidiousness to this all, Greenwald has also released a document highlighting the following quote from the USA, addressed to the UK regarding the Julian Assange “manhunt” following the wikileaks release:

“the appeal exemplifies the start of an international effort to focus the legal element of national power upon non-state actor Assange, and the human network that supports Wikileaks”

This is a clear call for the British state to use legal force on a non state actor as a form of persecution.

In response to these revelations, I propose that UKIP makes a statement by both throwing their weight behind Julien Assange and Edward Snowden, and demanding their exemption from prosecution, persecution, and/or extradition. I propose that UKIP calls for their being granted asylum.

It’s also time for Cameron, Milliband and Clegg to answer three questions –

1)      Is GCHQ (and/ or the NSA) monitoring UKIP members with the intent to discredit them?

2)      Is GCHQ (and/ or the NSA) infiltrating online discussions, comment feeds and blogs to manipulate discourse relating to UKIP via the tactics outlined in the documents released by Greenwald?

3)      Do they (Cameron, Milliband and Clegg) believe the state has the right to conduct such action against the British people, and to use the law system of the UK as a means of persecution?

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About J R Haynes (9 Articles)
J R is from a working class background in Nottingham and studied politics at Bath Uni. He now works in financial services. He joined UKIP recently after spending the past 10 years being utterly despondent with politics in the UK, and is "unashamedly Libertarian".

12 Comments on Is the Government spying on UKIP supporters?

  1. Yeah If I mention GCHQ on twitter they fav the post, had a bit of a laugh with someone working nightshift the otherday so it’s pretty obvious they are at least monitoring things.

  2. This whole post is hysterical nonsense. The Snowden operation was an old fashioned leftist spying operation designed to destabilise the west, which is why Snowden is in Russia. The Guardian has apparently been fooled by it. UKIP should have nothing to do with the writers suggestions.

    • callingallcomets // March 9, 2014 at 12:36 am //

      What a relief…I was beginning to wonder if I was the only party member who felt this post was approaching the borders of La La Land. Of course the media is sniffing around UKIP to get colourful copy – just as they do with the other parties. It’s part of the rough and tumble of politics and it’s no good whining. Ignore it (unless it’s a blatant lie) but punch back, twice as hard..

      The idea that such blundering, inefficient and gormless hacks as the cadres of the establishment parties could be masters of conspiracy would tax even the imaginative powers of Dan Brown. As for turning oddballs like Assange and Snowden into UKIP icons – imagine pitching that to one of those potential new members who are joining because they feel the party is no longer a convocation of eccentrics

      • Try starting with facts, information and examples of past behavior of our government, and other agencies, then extrapolate from there.
        It cannot not have escaped your notice that all sections of the media and the political class are going at UKIP with some vengence. I would even go so far as to label some example (Dan Hodges and Hafron) as seeking to incite violence with their comparison to Nazis and claims of racism. Don’t forget Farage has been attacked a number of times.
        Also, those who have applied their own logic to the situation have already taken steps –

        Don’t be like the Liberals who make a decision based on their own ideas of how things “should” be, then apply facts which they pick selectively and out of context, but use your ability to reason.

        • You are correct that there are orchestrated attempts inside the other parties to muddy the waters around UKIP. Of course there are, it has nothing to do with the Security Agencies. Your main article is utterly stupid and plays directly into the theme that UKIP is made up of nutters.

          I am not a party member though I have voted for UKIP.

          If I was anything to do with the party on the basis of this silly article of yours, I would be wanting to examine YOUR motives. Are you an entryist trying to discredit UKIP?

          • So you think our government would have zero compunction regarding spying on EU and NATO allies to get negotiating advantages –
            but would not do the same against a party seeking to oust them across the board? out of decency I presume?
            And did you read the information released in the Intercept?
            None of this is wild speculation – it’s on record!
            The government is not some paternalistic/ maternalistic entity – it’s a sneaky uncle.

          • I would not put anything past the liblabcons, but they are so obvious and useless that they only do more damage to the corrupt liblabcons. They are just as obvious today as always. Leftwits brains only develop to a certain stage. They think everyone has to believe all or nothing.

    • Now, now, you are beginning to sound like a liberal. You have placed your presumptions ahead of a review of the facts.
      fact one – GCHQ is recording everything. Their claim to only be accessing stuff following a warrant is completely debunked by the revelation that they were perplexed by the volume of explicit images they had captured on Yahoo chat. How would they know this unless they were viewing it? Last time I checked, the right not to have property searched and seized, and for privacy to be respected from the state was part of our constitution prior it being sold down the river with the Lisbon treaty.

      Fact two – GCHQ and the NSA began all this under Blair and Bush. both leftist politicians (neo-cons begand as Trotskyites, the term Neo-con was invented as a slur against them for joining the Republicans. )
      Fact three – non state interference is anathema to leftist. The only reason the Guardian are on this is because, as Socialist agitators they want to upset the government, nothing more. If in power they would prob increase the GCHQ permit. Its appalling that so called “conservatives” and libertarians have not been up in arms over the treatment of Snowden. Or do you advocate a Government official in your business 24/7? because that a very socialist position to hold.

      • You could not be more wrong in both your paragraphs.

        A moments clear sighted thought will, or should, make you realise that the human resources to examine all material that it is possible to collect, do not exist inside any of “the agencies” nor could such activity be kept secret.

        Intelligence work has been described as looking for a needle in a haystack. If that is true (and it obviously is) first secure your haystack and make sure that, should the need arise, you have the tools and methods to get to the needle quickly. That means constantly keeping abreast of technical developments.

        Spies spy, they always have, that is what we pay them to do. They were spying electronically well before Blair & Bush too. Nothing to do with “left” or “right”.

        The fuss over Snowden is ridiculous. He is an old fashioned spy, the Russians must have rubbed their hands with glee at the Guardians stupidity and how it has assisted this sophisticated spying operation in destabilizing the west.

      • “Fact two – GCHQ and the NSA began all this under Blair and Bush. both leftist politicians (neo-cons begand as Trotskyites, the term Neo-con was invented as a slur against them for joining the Republicans. )”

        The analysis of signal intelligence merged with the power of computing has been going one for decades…one might even argue it began in the UK at BP and from their evolved into Echelon and such like.

        As to HMG spying on all and sundry – it’s technically possible, the problem comes when HMG has to sort though all the junk to try and find the one nugget of gold…..and of course the naughty boys and girls often hide and camouflage their ‘nuggets’ so that HMG struggles to find them……

        ….which is why GCHQ wants to avoid being deluged in garbage as they know full well that very bright ‘boys and girls’ out ‘on the ‘net’ are more than capable of making life tricky for the ‘electronic watchers’.

        Incidentally, I suspect that the similiarly clever men and women at GCHQ etc. know that in any system such as theirs, the danger isn’t not spotting the information in the first place….it’s being out-thought to start with.

        May I give a related example….(thanks for reading this far)….during the Cold War a young West German chap called Mathias Rust flew a Cessna right though one of the most heavily patrolled, watched and monitored pieces of airspace in the world into the Soviet Union….

        ….right through the ‘Moscow ADIZ’ in fact, to land in Red Square…Rust hadn’t out-fought the monolith, he had simply out-thought it……

  3. I fear that the establishment consider UKIP to be a severe threat to them and since they believe collectively that they are the state, it follows that they would be quite willing to regard us as a threat to it, not just an electoral inconvenience. This is a horrifying thought and I hope it’s not true but desperate people do desparate things.
    The drip feed of smears seems highly organised, I don’t ever recall such a campaign in the national press against very low level and often amateur politicians. It’s clearly not just coincidental and is rather suspicious. In our own way, we are attempting to overthrow the establishment, by democratic means of course. We should expect dirty tricks. It all sounds rater paranoiac I know but when you have the machinery of a nation available, the temptation to use it to your own advantage must be very great indeed.

    • “but when you have the machinery of a nation available, the temptation to use it to your own advantage must be very great indeed.”

      Which of course, if I may say so, makes the presumption that those in charge are actually capable and competent to use the machinery of the state….

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