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John Rees-Evans, Anne-Marie Waters

A week is indeed a very long time in politics. Sometimes a day is even longer, especially in British politics.

In this past week we’ve watched the Tory Party starting to unravel, with the political destruction of Theresa May now a distinct possibility. That whole performance was very lucky for UKIP because the MSM were fixated on the Tory conference.

Internal squabbles between Kippers, non-Kippers and Kippers-on-the-way-out, heated as they were here and on social media, were irrelevant as far as the MSM were concerned: business as usual inside UKIP, yawn.

We also watched how the supporters of AMW were becoming even more vocal online than during the campaign. First it was about stitch-ups and how this result must have been ‘manufactured’ by Head Office. After all, nobody they knew had voted for Bolton – thus paraphrasing a famous New York ‘progressive’ film critic who wailed that nobody she knew voted for Nixon so how come he was now President …

That was followed by a continuous stream of slurs on the new leader. Strange that in the three months of campaigning nobody attending the hustings thought to raise or ask such questions. Now, as new leader, they simply find him unacceptable and that’s that.

So let me draw my first conclusion: this outcry isn’t really about having been prevented by ‘home county’ members from fighting islam. After all, it seems to have escaped their attention that many other Kippers who hadn’t voted for HB had also not voted for AMW.  No, it’s simply about not having got AMW as leader of UKIP.

Next let’s look at the ‘new parties’. From AMW’s twitter account, we learned that she will now have her own party, ready for people to join next week. It seems that getting the proper papers together to satisfy the Electoral Commission takes a certain amount of time.

So what then should we make of JRE, whose chosen outfit handed their registration to the Electoral Commision on Friday 29th September, allegedly an hour after the results had been announced? What of JRE quitting UKIP on the 30th? If, as the example of AMW shows, taking such decision needs time for some reflection, getting the paperwork sorted also taking time, then I think I’m not far out to conclude that this was not a spur-of-the-moment decision for JRE, but that he’d planned this carefully.

That means that he attended hustings while he was already planning to leave, and that he let members vote for him in good faith – while knowing full well he would not represent them in UKIP under a new leader who had already said he’d work with him. I better not tell you what I think of someone who behaves in this way!

I do wonder a bit though why AMW supporters who are so vocal denouncing members who voted for HB, who are so vituperative of the new leader, are so strangely quiet about JRE’s action. After all – had he announced his decision to leave and go his own way before the deadline for the ballots, might not a majority of his voters have voted for AMW? Did not his underhand behaviour deprive AMW of vital votes, votes which might have given her the victory? Is that not worthy of an outcry?

But perhaps it’s not so puzzling when one sees this tweet by Anish Patel, a former member of the NEC:

Perhaps I give Mr Patel too much credit when I think his tweet is letting at least one cat out of the bag, but it does tend to chime in with the suspicions raised by Jack Russell in his article yesterday (see here), namely that it’s fundamentally about the destruction of UKIP.

The ancient Romans had a saying for this: ‘Divide et impera’ – divide to rule. We’ve had article after article here on UKIP Daily describing the machinations of the Globalists, the slow, creeping destruction of the nation state, of our state and nation, by Brussels and the EU. We’ve had articles describing how the EUrophiles in the establishment and the MSM work.

The latest news is that EU Brexit negotiators are now it talks with Herr Corbyn (Lab) and Monsieur Starmer (Lab). Clever, because if Ms May falls and with her the Tory government, then a snap GE will bring in Labour. Not that the EU is interfering in UK politics – perish the thought!

We surely have learned by now that the EU condones the use of force to keep citizens in line. Catalonia was only a week ago – such a long time in politics!

We’ve seen the way the EU Parliament voted to support, not condemn, the role of Madrid in the suppression of that referendum. We know how Hungary and Poland are feeling the full force of intransigent Brussels, set on interfering in national affairs in those two countries.

But we in UKIP seem to prefer to throw our past achievements under the bus – why?

UKIP is the Party of Brexit – but we don’t have Brexit. We’ve weakened ourselves in this vital fight for Brexit because some in UKIP prefer to put person before party before country rather than fight for OUT NOW.

Yes – I’m saying it this starkly, because one point in this ‘debate’ has been conspicuously missing: there were many Kippers ‘telling the truth’ about islam before AMW. Two actually stood in this leadership contest: Jane Collins MEP and Peter Whittle AM. And I do hope that I don’t really have to mention Gerard Batten MEP, whose twitter account was suspended for calling islam evil!

These might have become allies of AMW in her fight against islam, had she remained. She chose not to, and that leads me to close with my earlier point: it wasn’t really about fighting islam but about having AMW as leader at all cost, the result of which would have been the destruction of UKIP.

It’s simple: the UK Establishment, with the help of the Brussels Establishment,  needs to destroy UKIP so that Brexit can be made to go away, so that our vote last year can finally be squashed by a new Labour government.

If anyone thinks we can successfully fight against islam in our country while we remain in the EU, then I suggest you watch the videos from Barcelona. That was only a week ago …

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45 Comments on FALLOUT

  1. If anyone thinks that “For Britain” is Anne Marie Water’s party, I should think they are very much mistaken. UKIP avoided a fatal trap – those leaving are heading into one. UKIP will grow again. Crucially it needed to stay untainted.

  2. I’ve been away since 1 October, and it seems I’ve missed a lot. I’m sorry that Anne Marie Waters and John Rees Evans have left UKIP, but I suppose it’s for the best.

    I didn’t vote for Henry Bolton – nobody I know did – but I’m more than happy to get behind him.

  3. There’s a company called Affinti – a telecoms provider. They won’t want their brand associated with anything deemed far right. Expect a legal action.

  4. Alan wrote

    “I read and support all the stuff about establishment trying to frustrate Brexit etc but in that context, I do not understand why Nigel and HB went so far out of their way to revel in AMW’s loss, offending a significant chunk of the membership in the process. Who gains from that?”

    If all those who were offended go off and form their own breakaway party then UKIP gains. Those inside the tent who can’t remember the rule about aiming out are no asset, in fact they are quite the reverse: a divided and bickering UKIP can be safely ignored by those traitors who would sell this country to its enemies.

    The offended part of the membership are those who wish to overturn a democratic decision. They mute our voice, weaken our resolve and confuse our supporters. We are better off without them. Will we still lose, even though we are united and speak with one voice? Quite possibly, but we have a better chance of victory if we are marching the same way. Anyway, I’d rather go down together, comrades in arms, than dissolve into a squabbling, feeble rabble.


  5. Viv, you are completely wrong about JRE. He did not set up Affinity; he is not the Leader of it; he persuaded the the originator to defer setting it up to see whether he would become the UKIP Leader first. JRE campaigned in good faith and put a lot of hard work into it. He was most unfortunate to have lost his father mid-campaign and many of us who have been so bereaved as adults know how distressing that can be. Clearly JRE’s preferred route was via UKIP not Affinity.

    Personally I was disappointed when he lost because I think it will be very hard to make great progress with someone who is a rather conventional thinker, albeit a good man: UKIP does not need a policy on North Korea, it needs a policy to save us from certain and pre-planned doom at the instigation of those forces that our driving the destruction of the West by design and I’m not talking about Islam; the followers of that religion are not the real enemy; they are simply the foot soldiers.

    • I believe the reason JRE decided to leave is that he felt betrayed by UKIP’s permanent establishment. JRE had got Paul Nuttall’s support to develop direct democracy for UKIP, a decision which was announced by the chairman. He then went off to work on this independently, raising the hackles of the permanent unelected management (e.g. Rob McWhirter and the inhabitants of the various committees). As soon as Paul stepped down the P.U.M. got JRE’s project declared ultra vires (this can only mean that they declared the action of Paul Nuttall in appointing JRE to be outside the scope of the party leader’s authority, which is also highly revelatory as it tells you that the P.U.M. believe that THEY are the people to have this authority). It should have been the NEC to decide that this appointment was ultra vires, but there is no reference to it in the NEC ‘minutes’ published post-Nuttall resigning. So you have a situation where the unelected chairman, who is appointed by the leader who made the decision, decides that the leader who appointed him acted ultra vires, but then rather than bring this to the attention of the NEC for them to decide, simply decides himself and with other P.U.M. members to kill the project. Can you blame JRE for feeling betrayed, and in addition we know there was money involved as he was left out of pocket, presumably he had agreed a budget with PN for costs but the P.U.M. now refuses to reimburse these costs. The moral of this story is, never volunteer to do anything for UKIP unless you have it in writing from the leader AND the NEC and the chairman!

      • Graham: it was NOT declared ultra-vires. There were practical issues that needed addressing, e.g. changes to the rulebook to support it, site security, and resources required to support. JRE refused to engage.

        Think houses: when a buyer agrees to purchase, it is subject to “due dilligence”, surveyor’s, lawyer’s and mortgage lendor’s enquiries.

        If unexpected bills turned up, the directors, i.e. nec would be the ones on the line, not you!

        • I think UKIP made their biggest mistake ever deciding not to made Direct Democracy the main vehicle for change in the party. I’m now going with Affinity having decided that UKIP will never move forward with their apparent aversion to change and that UKIP will be consigned to the political graveyard in a short time. I have been a UKIP member since 2008 and contributed a vast amount of time and effort to the party. Whilst Nigel Farage undoubtedly was the main motivator behind Brexit, to walk away from it was the biggest political ever not only for himself, but for UKIP and the country. Having dropped the baton once, Nigel for me is a spent force using his political support as a consultant would do.

  6. So I’ve just read Pam Watts letter, thought it a fair and thoughtful reflection and suddenly it’s gone, a very unexpected turn of events, so much so I’m wandering what it is that drew Viv’s anger. Copying it to kipper central? Or is it something like that Ms Watts critique of the turn Ukip has taken hit a nerve somehow? Damaged the ukip vehicle perhaps?

    I read and support all the stuff about establishment trying to frustrate Brexit etc but in that context, I do not understand why Nigel and HB went so far out of their way to revel in AMW’s loss, offending a significant chunk of the membership in the process. Who gains from that?

    I’ve suggested previously that if there are enough genuine Tories left in the Conservative party, badly holed though it is, they will deliver Brexit given the chance, and that the most Ukip could have given would have been to split the Labour vote and weaken Corbyn, to let the Conservative Brexiteers in.

    But here’s a thought. Judging by the 2015 result, a pro Brexit Tory Ukip alliance (had PR been in place) would have delivered Brexit by now.! And dominated the Parliamentary balance. So in our joint interests too. Not looking so likely now is it?

    So where now? The membership has been muzzled for years. Apparently under half voted for any leadership candidate and it occurs to me to suggest that more has been done in this first week to undermine Ukip rather than strengthen it. So who’s the establishment in all his?

    I don’t believe for a moment that anything was rigged. We’ve been told by JW it’s not and we believe him. That’s why we are kippers. Keeping the faith.

    I have no idea whether either new party will
    make much difference (and wonder about the scale of JRE’s) but I’m bloody certain we’d all, no – most of us, would have been happier with the respective talents and objectives happily harnessed under the ukip banner rather than one being excoriated and driven away at the first opportunity.

    I met a very disillusioned branch a few days ago who concurred that Nigel had a very unhelpful Ratner moment. No hystrionics though, no card cutting. Just an overwhelming sense of disappointment, and opportunity lost. But we will see and will simply keep meeting as kippers until the future becomes clearer.

    Can we all get a grip now please?

    • Alan – I thought I made it clear as to why I did this – namely that Ms Watts had not informed us that a) she’d submitted her letter elsewhere as well, and b) that it had been published a few hours before we did. Please read my reply to David below, and check out how this is handled, click the ‘contribute’ button, it’s all there.

    • Sorry Alan, but I believe in the mantra that if you keep on taking the same action and expecting a different outcome, you end up with the same result. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change, is my motivation. To me, the core of UKIP are loathe to move out of their comfort zone.

  7. JRE’s reported farewell words indicate that he has left UKIP on friendly terms. He merely wishes to pursue the course that he has consistently believed is absolutely essential for the future freedom, safety, independence and democracy of the United Kingdom.

    “Since my teenage years I have been a strong supporter of what UKIP do. I became involved in campaigning for them because I hoped they would adopt the Direct Democracy program, but because the membership voted for something else, I do not believe they are the vehicle for this. But I will continue to support their cause from the sidelines.
    It’s been a privilege to meet and to have worked with some of the most selfless and hardworking people I have ever met.
    At some point in the future, it would be nice to be able to agree to some sort of collaboration between Affinity and UKIP, but if not, I wish them all the best.”

  8. Viv: there is a letter in, ahem, “another place” today, where it is pointed out that setting up a new party legally takes arounD 30 days, so, if it is to be ready for membership by next week, AMW must be just as precipitous as JRE?

    • I’ve seen that article, Rob.
      I shall let readers of that article and in general draw their own conclusions as to what this means and has meant for the Leadership election.

  9. I think you have fifth column infiltrators in your party, who are trying to divide you every time you appoint somebody new.
    They don’t want you to amount a serious challenge against the remainers,and most importantly to get your message out to the people loud and strong.

    ” brexit is going down”, you will have to fight the lying media,who twist everything and snarl at you.Plus the globalist’s who have unlimited money supply. “Soros” funded antifa (communist)foot soldiers.

    They have waited a long time to enslave us all in Europe they will not let us escape easily, the establishment is the enemy. Remember that!!
    You are not strong enough to fight on both fronts at this moment in time. You need to throw everything you’ve got at the traitors in power.All hands on deck, we are at five minutes to midnight.

    If we lose this fight, then we are dead and buried as a people and nation. What “brexit” showed we are ruled by evil,satanic scum,who will stop at nothing until we are slaves to the N.W.O. .

  10. Viv,
    Actually, three candidates, my video and articles proposing a strategy to eliminate terrorism and others on the complex issues surrounding this problem.
    JRE came to help me with my campaign in Rochester and Strood, which I was grateful for. It gave me an opportunity to talk to him at length and we agreed on a lot.
    Before I declared my candidacy for the leadership, but after I had decided to stand I spoke to John again, at that time with a view, should I not achieve the traction or profile in my own campaign, to supporting him with his. It was during this conversation that the ‘other group, or party’ was mentioned so, I believe his thoughts were clear even before this campaign began.
    I don’t necessarily see anything wrong with that as he is totally obsessed with Direct Democracy, that’s his bag and if he can’t progress it with UKIP he’ll go somewhere he can. Those who supported him must have been aware of his narrow focus.
    I decided not to support JRE because he doesn’t support the establishment of a fairer voting system. He opposes representative government in favour of a version of DD that I still don’t get. I could not and cannot see how his dream could ever be achieved so I progressed with my campaign.
    When Henry Bolton entered the race, I saw somebody who could win, so I called him to explore his views and objectives. He listened and understood, (not a feature of former UKIP leadership or management) and you know that feeling when you are certain that the person you are talking to is on exactly the same page. I declared the end of my candidacy and my support for Henry Bolton on 21st August 2017, so not everybody was surprised by his victory.

    • I continue to fail to see how, if JRE is mustard-keen on DD, he refused to liaise with the relevant NEC sub-committees (finance and technical) who could “make it happen” for him?

      • Rob, isn’t it the case that Paul Nuttall agreed to give him responsibility to develop DD (as was announced to us in an email from the chairman) but then once Paul quit JRE’s efforts were declared ‘ultra vires’ and the cost of his efforts was not reimbursed? It seems you as a one of the unelected permanent management want to keep control over something that really has nothing to do with you on the finance or technical subcommittees. Seeing this threat, it appears to us outsiders that you simply ganged up on JRE and had his work declared ultra vires, whereas other PN initiatives such as the brand review were allowed to continue as they were being done by fellow permanent management people.

        • I will not describe here the reasns why the DD demo was a disaster, in many ways, but remain disappointed that JRE declined to discuss ways of resolving it.

          • JRE did explain in detail in his Manifesto how DD would work but it could not work without the whole-hearted involvement of the party at all levels. Unfortunately, we are left with a party in which policy is decided without the involvement of most of the members, some of whom are a lot brighter than some who think they know best; hence we have re-branding which has been bounced on the membership without consultation.

    1975 Death of Franco. Spain saved from civil war by the astute actions of The King Juan Carlos 1st, Adolfo Suarez, General Gutiérrez Mellado, and poss Santiago Carillo. New Democratic Constitution approved 1978 by referendum.
    In those early days of great change many political parties were founded as there was an explosion of political energy and rivalry drawing upon sentiments of nationalism,regionalism,socialism,liberalism ( a spanish word originally),popularism etc. At times it seemed that Spain would fall apart – satirised in the comedy film “Las Autonosuyas”.
    I believe that England esp and the UK in general is in a period of great genuflection created by the remarkable referendum result. Thus I consider it normal that there is a lot of heat in political discussion and that loads of small parties are created.This is a good thing and not the divide and rule strategy that it might appear. The liberals are dying out (cheers) and the active membership of the tories continues to decline due to their average age of 66 (or some such).
    The internet will make sure that the MSM will not be dominating the public discourse and without sounding complacent I am confident that the UK will eventually follow some European countries in the strong support for democratic nationalism.
    It is never easy to make a breakthrough with a new party AfD in Germany has shown what is possible in less than 5 years. I hope that the aristocracy of UKIP are humble enough to consider more populist tactics.

  12. Viv, I believe you’re right about the Establishment wanting to destroy UKIP, it is going to happen, but I do believe the Establishment will make full use of UKIP first to push its own ‘hidden agenda’, before finally crushing UKIP. But this will be done in a way so it will be the people turning against UKIP.
    Look at what happened to the LibDems at the 2015 GE as a case in point of how the Establishment can manipulate public opinion.

    • The Lib Dems were the architects of their own destruction. No help needed from anyone else.

      • Some help was given to them towards their demise, prior to the EU parliamentary election!

        Things don’t just happen by accident.

      • The LibDems made some promises in their 2010 manifesto, but while in coalition, were unable to fulfil many of them (ie cutting tuition fees). The Con-LibDem coalition was loathed by many (for austerity etc) yet in 2015 it was the LibDems who were punished by the electorate, not the Tories (Establishment).
        Imagine a scenario at the next GE, where UKIP, who’s manifesto would be built on Brexit, found themselves in coalition with Tories or Labour (unlikely I know but you never know), yet Brexit never happened. Imagine the backlash against UKIP from the public, it would be horrific!
        I know I’m only thinking about hypothetical and potentially unlikely scenarios, but when you understand how corrupt, crooked and manipulative the Establishment is, anything can be possible (how else can you explain Nick Clegg getting to be Deputy Prime Minister? 😀 )

  13. I think AMW is making a terrible mistake in starting a new party. It’s worth remembering that Paul Weston was a member of UKIP before he left to start the Anti-Islamic Liberty-GB. He’s a much better speaker than AMW and, let’s be honest, more presentable, and yet his new party has got nowhere. If he had remained in UKIP he might well have become leader by now.

    If AMW has all these thousands of supporters, supposedly straining at the leash, why don’t they all join UKIP and vote for her at the next leadership election which could be as early as next year? Her victory would then be assured.

    It’s taken 25 years to establish UKIP and without the brand name behind her, in my opinion, she hasn’t a hope. By leaving UKIP and starting a new party, she is giving the UKIP hierarchy exactly what they wanted.

    • I think giving the membership exactly what they want is probably what you meant to say.

    • Gloriana,

      The answer is in your very last sentence. It is the UKIP hierarchy, the unelected elite who effectively own the party, who will not allow AMW or anyone dare to speak about islam. If she or anyone of that mindset tried to, they would be muzzled.

      Why are there so many members that just don’t get that?

      • Jane Collins MEP Margot Parker MEP, Gerard Batten MEP, Peter Whittle AM – all muzzled? How very odd …
        Several authors here on UKIP Daily, myself included, speaking out about islam for some time ‘before AMW’ – all muzzled? Funny, I’ve not heard anything from the UKIP Hierarchy about us shutting up about islam.
        Nice myths – not supported by facts.

    • I suspect that AMW will diminish the UKIP strength to a much greater degree than ever anticipated.

  14. Viv,

    I agree that we will not defeat Islam whilst we remain in the EU but we need to plan ahead. Much work is needed in opening the eyes of the unseeing and, given the ongoing march of Islam, we cannot wait until “Brexit” is completed.

  15. Bernard from Bucks. // October 7, 2017 at 9:21 am // Reply

    “Next.” Viv says. “Let’s look at the ‘new parties’. From AMW’s twitter account, we learned that she will now have her own party, ready for people to join next week.”
    And “… JRE, whose chosen outfit handed their registration to the Electoral Commision on Friday.”
    All this takes me back to the good old days of 1965.
    “It’s My Party.”

  16. ” EU Brexit negotiators are now it talks with Herr Corbyn ”

    If that is the case then May needs to end the negotiations now.

  17. Indeed, many of the points made by AMW regarding Islam have been made by others in the party, as pointed out in this article. And not just recently, but over a number of years.

    Lord Pearson speech: “Shall we talk about Islam?”

    He also urges UKIP to make Islam an issue:

    The battle must be conducted issue by issue, policy by policy. We have to be serious about “one law for all”. We must support western values and the democratic process.

    We must point out that Sharia law is anti-democratic, and strive to remove all of its manifestations from our nation.

    I am sorry that JRE and AMW feel the need to leave. I am sorry that AMW has been unfairly maligned by seniour members of the party. JRE and AMW have both examined Islam in detail, and would have strengthened UKIP for the battles ahead.

    AMW is a courageous person, articulate, and with a clear understanding of the existential threat that is upon us. She is a huge asset to our nation, whatever party she is in.

  18. I did not vote for Henry Bolton but I have no intention of taking a leaf out of the rancid remainiacs’ book by having a fit of sour grapes. I am old enough to know that throwing my toys out of the pram will only work in the short term. UKIP won the battle of Brexit because we hit some sensitive nerves in the Tory party and caused Cameron to lose his nerve and give us a referendum; but we have not won the war yet and if we keep fighting each other we will have a snowflake’s chance in hell of winning anything.

  19. All very true Viv. We have one last chance to stop the steamroller that is the EU and that’s to all get behind Henry and whoever he appoints to his team. Their policy priorities may not be yours and the leadership can’t be perfect for all of us but it’s what we have to work with. Further change is unthinkable. Members who continue to snipe at the party are as bad as remainers. The new parties will achieve precisely nothing except steal a few votes from us. A strong and united UKIP can influence the sort of Brexit we end up with, a group of angry and illogical individuals all pulling in different directions will simply be ignored or provide comedy material for the MSM.
    The UKIP train has a good driver and is going in the right direction, I’m not bothered where it stops along the way or who works in the station. The x leadership candidate’s rickshaws will break down long before we reach our destination.

    • Icini123 on Thursday: “My daughter lives in Leeds, I have visited several muslim countries. I am aware of the problems. I just don’t agree with most of the solutions proposed by one of the leadership candidates.”

      The UK’s Muslims are doubling their numbers every 12 years. We face a Muslim majority possibly by 2040 and certainly by 2060. They will probably vote to re-join the European Islamic Union then. All your “stopping the EU steamroller” will be a moot point then.

      What IS your solution to stopping the UK becoming majority Muslim, Icini?

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