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It’s Events, Dear Boy

So politics are to re-commence on Friday of this week.

I do hope our politicians and the sycophantic MSM will realise it will not be acceptable to return to the same subjects, where we left off on Monday. If I recall correctly, Mrs. May being crucified for some form of chicanery with a disappearing piece of head gear having made a miraculous re-appearance on some poor pensioners pension arrangements.


Mr. Corbyn`s elaborate pick and mix cornucopia of tax and spend excesses which apparently will leave a £58 billion black hole in our borrowing requirement. Plus a return to the good old days of Socialism, Nationalisation and strikes the moment these strategic utilities are back within his treacherous paws.

As the heading implies, events have caused the agenda to change. In effect the General Election has been hijacked; Manchester and its ramifications have put paid to the silly arguments and name calling which has characterised the election discussions so far. Actually, what has been happening until now has been two or three weeks of deciding who loves and can do most for the under-privileged and “Just about Managings”. Even the benefits of Brexit have been sacrificed in each party`s efforts to blacken the escutcheons of the other.

Of course it matters that there are low wages, the march of robots, food banks and circumstances and debt that it is hopeless to escape fro. And it matters equally that we have a health service and community aid service which is understaffed, underfunded and generally staggering under shear pressure of bodies, many living longer and healthier than previously anticipated. I do have a couple of questions for Mrs. May in respect of her plans for pensions. She is actually making a brave attempt to square an impossible circle for which Frank Field was bid to “think the impossible” and having done so was ignored. Whatever is suggested for pensions, it will never be fair to all. But please, Mrs. May, that £100k prize awarded to luck inheritors, what happens 10 years down the line when its value will have depleted by at least 20%  (assuming 2% inflation), will it be raised to compensate regularly? (If I know chancellors – fat chance – that is in effect “confiscation”:  an EU modus operandi when dealing with Greece and Cyprus) and also who will decide the “rates” charged for services to be deducted from the eventual property realisation? (Looks to me as though they are wide open to economic “engineering – another method of confiscation?)

Anyway, back to the Elephant in the room. The earthquake “event” that has so thrown the General Election off course, yes it`s obvious really, it is an event governing national security, the safety of the population and indeed the whole stability of  our nation. Events in Manchester now demand our Government meet head on the threat that international terrorism, mainly from external Muslim inspired sources have on our Muslim Diaspora, such as to foster  outrageous thought and acts of terrorism from within their own progeny.

In posing questions that must be asked of the Government and Islamic community in this respect, I have ringing in my ears the “howl” (scream indeed) from a gentleman who I understood to be a leader from a local Manchester Mosque. He said that of course “they absolutely condemn violence” but “cannot accept that this grotesque and perverted version of Islam has any grounding in their oh so perfect peaceful religious life of devotion they adhere to”. (Not the actual words, but I hope I conveyed the sense appropriately).

Plenty has been written on this site pointing out that the “polluted” version of Islam is promoted as the basis of the establishment of a world Caliphate. Whereby Muslims in all countries will occupy supreme power and the Muslim placemen and Diaspora will by means of superior birth statistics and the establishment of Sharia Law usurp in our case our own common law handed down from Magna Carta. And into the bargain rendering all women inferior to man, subject to FGM, concubinage, forced under age marriage and even death – oh and there`s the problem of non-stunned to death Halal meat, too.

From this day on, not only must UKIP ask these questions of the government, but all parties must join together in supporting our government in this one overriding cause.

Islam must be brought to its senses. For want of a better word,  “peaceful” Muslims must not only pay lip service to government blandishments, but must cast out  ALL among them who are unprepared  to live by our laws. They must abandon customs which are inimical to their host country , and they must  give up their antagonism  towards  British women, their clothing, their drinking and their entertainments.

It can be seen that we have arrived at a salient event – dear boy,

Have our politicians and government the nous and guts to drive out the Islam problem and at the same time sufficiently protect our borders from further infection, by adopting a selective immigration process?

Come on Mrs. May, you have no hope of appearing “Strong and Stable” if you don`t get to grips with these mad men and their fellow travelers and the “silent” ones, who appear to keep their heads down.

They have to demonstrate collectively en masse that they are “not the enemy within”.

Oh! One final thought: “no go areas” are not acceptable under any circumstances.

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13 Comments on It’s Events, Dear Boy

  1. Roger, you want May to do it????

    Why do you UKIPpers keep calling on the government etc. to do this dirty job. Why aren’t you really fighting hard to get into power? Stoke was an open goal for you lot and you missed. I could have got Stoke for UKIP!!! All you do is show your incompetence and whinge on the side-lines like children. You want a job done then get power and do it yourselves. You lost Stoke because you are out of touch with what the people need to hear, and one of those things is to be educated about what is really going on in this world by the 0.01% elites.

    • Pepperwood,

      If you don’t mind me saying you’ve got a nerve! Some people are working very hard to get selected, please tell us how you would have snatched up Stoke, it was virtually impossible as they were such ardent Labour supporters, that is when they bother to vote. What magic formula could you have come up with to reverse that? I think you are inhabiting cloud cuckoo land.

    • Pepper.
      Despite the plurality of question marks, I would guess your question is rhetorical.
      You know full well Mrs May has not got it in her “to do it”, but a real deal is not on anyway.
      I just hope she has the guts to go for the nuclear button

  2. Violence is a game two can play; it is not one-sided. If the islamaniac mosques got a taste of their own medicine from some particularly outraged Brits, would anyone feel bad and sorry? Speaking for myself, the answer is nope.
    But in this country Kevin Crehan died in prison after being sent there for putting bacon slices on the door handle of a mosque. Is it just a coincidence that muslims are reputed to run prisons now? Some people might think it’s better to be hanged for a sheep than a lamb.

    The politicos had better come up with some stern measures to put the alien invaders back in their box and preferably on their way back to where they belong. They don’t belong here and never have and never will. I can’t even stand to look at them on TV.

    From indifference my feelings have turned to cold hate and revenge. If I were younger and fitter, I think I’d risk all to join a resistance movement. If I was asked to man a barricade with a gun, I would.

    It’s about time that guns were made available to every loyal British citizen, none to muslims obviously. At some point we will have to fight for our country, just the way our dads, granddads, and great-granddads did. If they could have seen the beloved country they fought for in the state that it’s in now, their howl of disbelief, grief, pain and rage would be deafening.

    • Well said Panmelia; the only question in my mind is how much more abuse of native Brits by the invader and our own government will be tolerated before it all kicks off.

      Bear in mind that Blair’s agenda in removing our right to bear arms was not done for the stated reason, and that law is likely not applied to the invader.

  3. This is the reality of life in Britain now. Run by gangsters. Democracy? They’ll stop at nothing.

    Everyone should watch Tommy Robinson about the crushing of freedom of speech in Britain.

  4. Anthony, with a heavy and angry heart, I refer you to my transcript of part of Nuttall’s Jon Gaunt interview yesterday. Your paragraph about UKIP asking,these questions isn’t, I’m afraid, relevant under Mr Nuttall.

  5. The MSM with the exception of a few newspapers has let us all down. Those who inhabit the MSM have a privileged position in shaping the arguments and developing positions. The MSM adopts the emotional approach to curry favour with the majority of its consumers – all rationale is dumped. Nigel Farage and Donald Trump understand the beast and both have successfully used MSM indignation to manipulate and get their message across. The MSM have been played with the use of their own rules and stupidity. So, in conclusion the only way in the current circumstances to get the common sense questions asked is to challenge the MSM apparatchiks. Forget the politicians they are led by public opinion which has been created by the MSM. Laura Keunsberg’s question at the UKIP manifesto launch was a classic example of an opportunity to turn the tables and question the questioner. Paul Nuttal handled it well but it was the UKIP audience that became the talking point – they had fallen into the trap and displayed the reaction that Keunsberg wanted with her ridiculous question. The BBC aim is to tar UKIP with the bigot and racist brush.

    • John,

      Please see my reply to Panmelia in the previous article, I feel it is good for the UKIP people present at that launch to be the talking point, the press deserved everything they got and more, it was them being disrespectful and exploiting that obscene massacre. IMO Paul should have retaliated with fire and fury at their vileness but he kept his cool, to be honest I was indignant with rage as I felt many others were, it was tense and the anger was palpable but directed at the right people I believe.

      The press may have thought it was a trap but it was them that got caught up in it, well done to all those that stood up for justice and morality that morning. And I must add that after all that we all stood together and honoured the minute silence together, to me that felt like the only time they showed some sense of decency.

      • @ John Carins & DD
        Hear, hear, DD. It’s brilliant that the Ukippers’ reaction became the talking point because that kind of anger needs to be publicly displayed and expressed. If the MSM don’t like it, too bad, WE don’t like any of the PC twaddle, hypocrisy and anti-patriotism they inflict on US. The number of times I’ve yelled at some mealy-mouthed, supercilious twerp on TV – it must have been great to have been there and let the enemedia have it in person.

        The BBC aim to tar and feather UKIP is well known, too well known to keep bothering us after all these years. We should snatch their silly labels out of their mouths and throw them back in their PC faces.
        Imaginary interview:
        Bigot? Am I a bigot because I love Britain and the true British more than foreigners? OK, I’m a bigot then, along with most of the other people in the world.
        Racist? I prefer my own race; most people do. Racist against muslims? No that’s impossible because muslims aren’t a race and neither is islam. I hate that so-called religion and the terrible things it instructs its followers to do. I hate the brainwashed killer-robot muslims that carry out the terrible things. Any reason why I shouldn’t? Have you actually read the koran? No? Well, come back to me when you have read it and know what you’re talking about, media-person.

        • Panmelia,

          You are absolutely right we should just keep throwing it back in their smug little faces, let’s hack off the hacks, in fact make it a new national sport it would be much more fun than fox hunting (I do wish Paul would stay off that barbaric toffy-nose sport, leave it to the Tories). We could start with Poly Toynbee of the Guardian, that complete middle class moron way past her sell by date. Reading her article today about our manifesto, twisting and mocking in her supercilious manner, she definitely deserves to be torn to shreds, what a silly pompous twit she is.

          Yes, I can see by turning the tables it could be so much more fun, because let’s face it none of them seem very bright.

  6. The big majority at Westminster the tory HQ geeks promised PM teresa is rapidly draining away. PM teresa has shown her true colours of being mediocre and tirefully committed to silly ill thought plans like house stealing from the aged and Scotland can have/keep more benefits – such as winter fuel allowance – because it is “colder there”. So the palm trees on Bute are an illusion and Northumberland is not frozen in winter?
    Of course the choice offered to the good people of Britain has never been worse – school madam May, Comrade Corbyn or tiny tim farron of the 50,000 refugees ( all compulsory muslims no doubt).
    How did we come to this juncture? And UKIP in tatters fielding 300 candidates but none in such winnable seats as Stoke North and Wakefield. And a leader who is permanently damaged by his doubtful personal biography.
    I am spending my time supporting a lacklustre UKIP candidate in a neighbouring labour seat as in my constituency the party has collapsed and the tory MP is hopefully true to his BREXIT promises.
    Anyone for emigrating?

  7. Prepare for an announcement of further rights and inroads into our way of life to encourage Islamics to feel at home. Perhaps honorary Cabinet members or MPs to make our system ‘inclusive’. Maybe sharia law advisers in every regular court.

    After the ritual ‘we shall not be defeated’ activity.

    Meanwhile a big crackdown on Britons’ freedom of speech to object now dubbed ‘hate speech’.

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