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Energising weekly leadership meetings

NEC and Shadow Cabinet – UKIP growth

Successful organisations have good leadership meetings, which are role models for the rest of the organisation – how about UKIP? The leadership of UKIP sets the pace for the party, it’s growth, success, new members, fundraising, increase in votes and motivation of party members. With the fall in the vote between 2015 and 2017 from 13% to 2%, there is opportunity for looking at the meetings effectiveness at the senior level – and areas for improvement.

Firstlyare meetings held weekly? Are there clear accountabilities for actions and due dates? Are the questions and actions aiming at UKIP winning the majority of local elections and winning the next general election? Are the key outcomes of the meetings communicated to the membership and public, to help motivate, and show role model and example, of how UKIP could be  in government – locally and nationally?

What could an example outcome from meetings be, for online release?

NEC Weekly Meeting, example

Party Chairman – New local branch constitution uploaded to MyUKIP;

Party Treasurer – New funds received this week;

Party General Secretary – feedback from previous weekly meeting minutes and key diary events;

Organiser/elections – by-elections held this week, results from last by-elections, lessons learnt and ideas for stalls layouts, times, locations;

Membership – change in membership, net gains, where growing;

Fundraising – fundraising events and results, lessons learnt;

National media/PR/Comms – in the media/TV/radio/papers, UKIPtv updates;

Social Media/Facebook/Twitter, Youtube – best social media results, viral, lessons learnt;

Website/IT – improvements to website and new IT support innovations, contact details for branches;

Opinion polls/member surveys – areas the public like our policies;

HR, training – training held, results and new training courses, contact details;

Volunteers – thank yous, results of efforts, ideas for more volunteers;

Events – recent events, conferences, new ideas for events;

Purchasing – best prices for printing and design of leaflets, bulk discounts;

Office admin – communications with membership, key questions, actions by head office, new posters, election materials, contact details;

Candidate selection – numbers of candidates vetted and approved, selection criteria review and training materials for interested candidates;

AOB (Any Other Business) – coming up: conferences, events, elections, TV, Radio, public events.

Shadow cabinet weekly meeting example

The headings below are for each cabinet role and the various people responsible can provide Youtubes, facebook, radio internet links, photos, powerpoint presentation links, articles in papers,  TV/radio interviews, anything that is also censored by the mainstream media. Keeping the amount to a total of 40 minutes to 60 minutes in total for the whole team – so avoiding people viewing having overload.

Shadow PM – youtubes, facebook,  radio internet, photos;

Shadow Chancellor – how a UKIP government would spend taxes differently and better, savings and spending, youtubes, facebook, internet links;

Shadow First Secretary of State/Minister for the Cabinet Office

Shadow Foreign Affairs – how a UKIP government would have a better foreign policy, and benefits, meetings with other pro-democracy party people from other countries;

Brexit, win-win trade with the EU – updates on simplified regulations, how other countries are negotiating with the EU for Free Trade, faster, easier, simpler FTA with the EU;

Shadow Defence –Policy research updates, how a UKIP government would spend Defence money better;

Shadow Health – Policy research updates, how a UKIP government would spend Health money better;

Shadow Justice – Policy research updates;

Home Office – Policy research updates, how a UKIP government would improve law and order;

Shadow Education – Policy research updates, how a UKIP government would improve education and how a UKIO Local authority is doing so;

Shadow International Trade – Policy research updates;

Shadow Business/Energy/Industry – Policy research updates, how a UKIP government would help industry grow, improve productivity and competitiveness, simplifying regulations;

Shadow Environment – Policy research updates, how a UKIP government would improve sustainability;

Shadow Transport – Policy research updates;

Shadow Communities/Local Government – Policy research updates;

Shadow House of Lords

Shadow Scotland

Shadow Wales

Shadow Northern Ireland

Shadow International Development – Policy research updates;

Shadow Culture/Media/Sport – Policy research updates;

Shadow Work and Pensions – Policy research updates;

Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury

Shadow Leader of the House of Commons

Chief Whip

Shadow Attorney General

Shadow Minister of State for Immigration – Policy research updates;

AOB (Any Other Business) – Coming up:

If people are unable to attend, conference call facilities can be used. See Skype or Webex. These can be used for county meetings and also local constituency branch meetings.

Effective meetings motivate people and the senior leadership team is a role model for the success of the whole organisation and party.  Effective meetings help with continuous improvement and a feeling that an organisation is learning and improving and also promoting on merit and developing it’s people. Having weekly meetings with agendas, actions and outcomes, helps with motivation and the party growing with new members, funds, votes and elected representatives.

Photo by Sole Treadmill

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About Hugo van Randwyck (41 Articles)
Hugo van Randwyck has been researching fast track options for self-government, via EFTA options, including opinion polls. He has business experience in change management and management training.

15 Comments on Energising weekly leadership meetings

  1. HO, under Mike Nattrass, was in Birmingham in the past, so that has been tried.

    As for weekly meetings, I’ve no objection – but many able members, e.g. Piers Wauchope, might find themselves disqualified as they have normal jobs.

    I have long been an advocate of weekend meetings, which, for the most part would cure this, but Nigel liked Mondays ?

  2. Video conferencing can be problematic. Just the audio quality for example – to avoid whistling feedback problems everyone should use headphones or earpieces.

    As others have noted – what are the priorities?

  3. That’s a long list.
    What would be your top tip? The one improvement that you would put above all others?

    • Mine would be including and informing members, Liberas! But that is such a ‘radical’ concept…though hang on, isn’t John R-E………

    • Hugo van Randwyck // July 31, 2017 at 6:00 pm // Reply

      Hello Liberas,
      No real top tip, maybe a top 3
      – just turn up, i.e. hold the weekly meeting
      – have an action log, with what actions done, and actions to be done, due dates and responsibilities
      – agreeing email communications to local members of local branch activities coming up

  4. Toby Micklethwait // July 30, 2017 at 1:39 pm // Reply

    Dear Hugo van Randwyck,

    As a manager and a consultant, my aim was to “find something easy to implement, which will give a huge good result. (Normally this will be a complete reversal of a part of the company culture)”.

    Your idea looks too big, complex, expensive and difficult.

    Regards. Toby, 01932-873557

  5. Dear Hugo, Thanks.

    The reality is that most of the NEC are unpaid, and don’t have time to attend weekly meetings. Likewise, many would struggle with Skype. And we don’t, unlike many big businesses, have a dedicated teleconferencing setup available.

    Regards, Spon ?

    • Rob, you say many would struggle with Skype? Not the younger NEC members, surely? As for those ahem, more mature, if I taught myself how to use FaceTime on an iPad, it can’t be much more challenging – let the young people teach them, surely it would.nt take more than half an hour?
      It seems to me that all the efficient ways of doing things and communicating described by Hugo – which would be a way that members would know what was happening – isn’t going to be done because TBTB don’t want it to be done. Even a fortnightly meeting where MEP’s reported what they’d been doing (FOR US) would be a really good idea. How many members actually know what our MEP’s have been up to? There is absolutely no accountability to members. Just one instance – an article by Johnathan Arnott last year from America, telling us what people felt about Trump. Was it relevant to us? No! Who paid for this? If it came out of his MEP salary, I think the money could have been better employed. Perhaps he ran it past the NEC? We have no idea.
      There is no accountability because there’s no money.. There aren’t enough members so there isn’t enough money. There aren’t enough members because only the truly dedicated remain, and new members won’t come – though many signed up, according to Twitter, when AMW announced she was standing – while UKIP is the unaccountable shambles it currently is. And apparently, if there were cheaper ways of doing things electronically, it can’t be done because TPTB aren’t up to it. Why did they stand, if that was the case?
      Incidentally, owing to all of the above and more – I want this election to be paper ballot, electronic voting has been shown to be suspect when in use – we don’t need it in UKIP. If there are 30,000 members, if we each chip in one pound, that should cover the cost. And while I’m on that, it’s always 30,000 members – never shifts – odd, that, imo.

      • Dee,

        Like you I also wondered who paid for Jonathon Arnott’s trip to America, I just presumed he went on holiday there but maybe that is not the case, as you say he wrote a article on here even though he detested Trump and all he stood for.

        You are right though UKIP does appear to be in utter shambles and I am not sure whether we can expect one person to pull us out of it, it will require a united concerted effort, I don’t know about you but I am running out of energy and patience as we are wasting so much time to add that has already been wasted.

        I don’t even know when our next branch meeting is yet and where it is to be held!

        • DD, I agree it will need a concerted effort – but there are still many willing and able to offer help – I forget who but someone said they had offered their time free to reorganize, on this forum some time ago -‘they never had a reply.
          It is very demoralizing – the next Leader will be make or break, so you may not have thrown away your thirty quid just yet!
          Meanwhile, hugs!

      • Membership has been lower in the past, but suffers from churn.

        If you can teach Nigel Farage or Alan Bown to Skype (Nigel refused to endorse my attending NEC meeting by Skype, said he wanted to look me “in the face”) then good luck to you!

        It IS something I will be pursuing if I stand and am elected to the NEC again – with the cost of planes etc., I’m highly motivated…

        • Hugo van Randwyck // July 31, 2017 at 6:06 pm // Reply

          Dear Rob,
          Some people can meet together at a London venue, while others skype from home, or another location in the UK, however the monthly meeting is best if everyone is in teh same room.
          – monthly: London all 16
          – other weeks
          5 in London
          6 in Birmingham (group skype)
          3 in Manchester (group skype)
          2 from home (skype)

          Trial the idea, UKIP needs to out-professionalise the competition – be a lot better 🙂 and it is doable

    • Hugo van Randwyck // July 31, 2017 at 5:57 pm // Reply

      Dear Rob,
      In successful organisations, there are weekly meetings. In business, even with weekly P&Ls (Profit & Loss), the other major parties have weekly cabinet and shadow cabinet meetings and also NEC meetings – this is why they have lots of MPs.
      People signing up to be a shadow MP and on the NEC, need to know this. A weekly 2 to 3 hour meeting.

      – The meetings could evolve, the usual monthly meeting with everyone in the same room. With other meetings on Skype ( a simple email to all branches, asking if anyone knows expertise, could be a simple answer for setting up)
      – moving the head office to Birmingham, so perhaps for the regular London meeting, some people go to the Birmingham office while others go to London. Maybe some go to a Manchester venue, and some from home.
      If UKIP wants to win elections, then weekly meetings is part of that.

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