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My endorsement of Anne Marie Waters for UKIP Leader

Throughout this leadership campaign, we have seen a clear divide between the establishment of this party, and those who wish to preserve the remnants of western civilization, regardless of whether it sounds politically correct or not.

Only Anne Marie has the groundswell of public backing from outside of the party to increase UKIP’s support. Whether it be on social media, at anti-Islamist demos, or via her media appearances, it is clear that she is by far the most popular leadership candidate outside of the party.

We must also understand that supporting Anne Marie is not just simply supporting a candidate; it is supporting an idea, belief, a yearning for a return to normalcy as the entire West suffers from the systematic invasion of uncontrolled migration and militant Islam which wishes to force us under the Sharia.

Anne Marie has rightly pointed out that internal squabbling over the NEC is of no interest to the British public, and will not increase support for the party. Her calls for policies which the average person cares about is what all societies need. The public must always have statesmen who will look out for the general welfare of the people, whether it be ensuring that they have clean air and water, safe streets, or access to affordable transportation. Harking on about internal direct-democracy will not resonate with the public.

Some say that Anne-Marie is hard-headed, will not be able to work with other members of the party, that the MEPs will resign en masse if she is elected, and that she is a racist, a fascist, a bigot, and a communist to boot. The allegations are farcical and show the fear that UKIP elitists have.

Even if the vast majority of MEPs resign, and we are only left with Stuart Agnew and Gerard Batten, who bloody cares? Can more than one percent of the general public even name half of the UKIP MEPs? Of course not. They have never been able to do so, and they never will, because it is not a concern to their everyday lives.

Additionally, we may be better off with MEPs leaving a year and a half before they are made redundant. Stuart Agnew MEP, who is Anne Marie’s choice to be Deputy Leader, has said at leadership hustings that the vast majority of MEPs have flat out refused to contribute to the party even though they have signed documents pledging to do so. We have had MEPs who left the party and refused to stand down from the European Parliament. Prime examples are Steven Woolfe, and Diane James, who I and others warned about here on UKIP Daily and social media, and at branch meetings while I was a chairman. The hyenas demanded support for Woolfe and James, and look what it brought us.

Now we have other MEPs who backed Woolfe and James telling us who can not receive our vote. They warn that if we vote for Anne-Marie Waters, we will destroy the party. Perhaps they should look at themselves. It is under their watch that the party fell to a mere 1.8% share of the vote, and it had nothing to do with the integration strategy. It had all to do with incompetence within the party, Crowther & Oakden running it into the ground, two leadership campaigns, and a failure to win in Stoke.

We watched as the party tore itself to shreds in 2016, with members of the youth wing posting photos of themselves online with firearms joking about shooting members of the NEC, simply due to Steven Woolfe rightfully having been prevented from standing in the September leadership election as a result of his incompetence. Where were the cries of indignation from Mr Farage, most of the MEPs, and others who backed Woolfe? Instead of defending the NEC, they continued to viciously attack it, even though the membership directly elects NEC members.

The party is rotten down to the core and needs someone who is not beholden to the MEPs and current party elite who have dug it into the ground. With Stuart Agnew as Anne Marie’s Deputy, it is assured that a competent Chairman will be appointed who will put a stop to insidious tendencies of the UKIP establishment who are terrified of candidates getting elected that they do not control. Members of this establishment viciously attacked Neil Hamilton and the NEC for rightfully allowing the Welsh UKIP members to determine who would represent them on the Welsh UKIP list in 2016. In defending Mr Hamilton and the NEC, I had Raheem Kassam who backed Woolfe and James, attacking me on Twitter with vile slurs that I must be sleeping with Hamilton to defend him. (Photos of these Tweets are available if anyone wishes to see them.)

We have even seen in this UKIP leadership election, Anne Marie constantly having to fight off attempts by others who wanted to prevent her from appearing on the ballot in the first place, then she and Mr Agnew had to put Mr Bolton in his place for attempting to remove her. Now we see Mr Bolton’s character witness is Nigel Farage. How interesting and troubling. Farage has the gall to tell the media that UKIP will die if we become an anti-Islam party, yet works in the shadows to remove the only inspiring leadership candidate while he fails to directly come out into the open to make his case to our membership for why he believes Anne Marie Waters should not be Leader.

In addressing Mr Farage’s absurd comment on UKIP dying if we become anti-Islam, he is simply wrong. According to Pew Research, which is one of the most respected polling firms in the world, as of 2016, 28% of the British public has a negative view of Islam. Yes, it is not the 72% that it is in Hungary or the 69% that it is in Italy, but it is still a higher percentage than UKIP has ever achieved in a national election, and is a number that will surely grow once the Islamic attacks against innocent civilians escalate even further.

As stated before, the party is rotten to the core, and its salvation is with Anne-Marie Waters as Leader, Agnew as Deputy, and a competent Chairman which I have full confidence in Ms Waters appointing. A departure of the majority of MEPs is no loss. Agnew and Batten are the ones most worth keeping.

Vote for Anne-Marie Waters, for a radical and vibrant United Kingdom Independence Party.

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90 Comments on My endorsement of Anne Marie Waters for UKIP Leader

  1. I voted for Anne Marie Waters, as she’s the only one who stands apart from the other Tory candidates. The others are trying to create a Conservative Party MKII, which simply won’t work now that the Tories have stolen our policies on Brexit, Immigration and Grammar Schools.

    On Brexit, we must accept that the public now feel that the Tory Eurosceptics like Jacob Rees Mogg, Peter Bone etc, are in a very powerful position within their party and are the best assurance of a Clean Break from the EU in 2019. In addition lets face it, David Davis is doing a fine job of leading Barnier into a trap!

    Islam and Multiculturalism are the two main policies which could distinguish us from the other parties. AMW has also shown, that she can reach out and attract new members from a significant proportion of the young.

    All in all AMW is our only hope of survival !

    • Agree totally with what you say, Philip – Jacob Rees-Mogg will be, I believe, a game changer if he is the next Tory Leader.
      Its also, as you say the fact that she gives the younger people hope, and can identify with them and they with her that I think is crucial for UKIP membership expansion. Will they really rush to join us if any other candidate except possibly John ReesEvans is elected?

  2. I’ve thought long and hard over this leadership election and eventually ended with AMW. It was a close call between AMW and DK. DK can talk to talk and seems a thoroughly decent guy buy I’m not convinced he’ll be tough enough to handle the inevitable personal threats and hostile media that will come his way. If the party is to stand up and talk about grooming, the intolerant ideology which wants to dominate not integate which is ghettoising our inner cities then all hell will break loose… AMW has shown she’s prepared to stand up and face it. It’s time to tear down the PC nonsense and tell it how it is however uncomfortable.

    I had to laugh recently having had the misfortune to catch the BBC’s EastEnders soap ~ the majority white East End portrayed doesn’t exist anymore the whites and indeed Caribbean blacks have long since fled it’s overwhelmingly now asian muslims who want nothing to do with British culture and many don’t even speak our language. Why don’t the BBC show that and throw in a few acid attacks to capture the cultural enrichment too, surely a ratings winner?!

  3. “Anne Marie Waters, has described Islam as evil.” BBC News
    This is called Islamophobia, a prejudice against Islam or Muslims.
    UKIP has members of this religion,I have Muslim friends.
    She has not the competence, nor wit to be a politician of a main stream party.

    • Islam is evil. Perhaps you need to spend some time in mosques, Muslim ghettos, and with Muslim students in British universities. I have. Every Muslim I have ever met is an anti-Semite, terrorist supporter of the Palestinians, and some even claim that all the terrorist attacks in London were fabricated by the British government.

      • @ Byron Sanford
        Exactly so. How can you tell if something is evil? By what it says, by what it writes, by the laws it makes, by what it believes, by the actions it carries out, by how it treats animals and humans. islam believes in animal and human sacrifice to its imaginary demon god and in its own supremacy in the world – world domination is its aim.
        That’s evil.

    • Anne Marie Waters has many Muslim friends. However Islam if practiced according to the Koran which lays out the law of Sharia is evil, since it advocates practices which are against the UN Charter of Human Rights, as they have ruled.

    • Malcolm, can you name one single positive effect that the coming of millions of Muslims to the UK has had for us non-Muslims?

  4. “Alan” asks, on September 7th, if The Football Lads Association will in future be marching in the North of England. That I’m not sure of but I believe that to be the case. There is however a march to be held this coming Saturday, 16.09.17, which will go from Horse Guards Parade to Parliament, start at 11am. This is being run by the group which opposes the Government’s proposed re-investigation of every death caused by the British Armed forces during ‘the troubles’. If some are unaware, another hoped-to-be political party is being formed and under way (after an initial hiccup or two)called The UK Veterans and People Party – see their facebook page. As I understand it they have a process resembling direct democracy already under way. Lots of disaffected people out there

  5. @ Byron Sanford
    I expect Anne Marie is correct in pointing out that the public is uninterested in our internal squabbling; Mr
    Sanford may well be correct too in his assessment of Anne Marie as the most popular leadership candidate by those outside the party, although I fail to see the relevance of the last statement to a ballot of Party members. If, as he claims, she is more popular with those outside the party than those within, maybe he, and she, should consider starting their own political party. They could name it Pegida, or something like that.

    In any case, one has to wonder why he wishes to remain in, and AMW wishes to lead, a party of elitists, hyenas, and establishment hangers-on. AMW must have been so much happier with the open-borders, mass immigration party she served so devotedly for most of her adult life, and which has contributed so generously to the present dire situation we find ourselves in. I have long regarded them as the worst hypocrites in public life. Her adherence to that party for so long causes me to question her political acumen.

    I put the continuity of the Party, warts and all, at the forefront of the present exercise, because I believe UKIP has a great deal to offer in this same-old, same-old, grey political landscape of near-consensus in which we have a toe-hold.

    The leadership election is about electing somebody who can lead and inspire a team to sort out the detail and to formulate policy on a number of fronts, in order for the party to campaign successfully. We started this exercise with twelve candidates, now seven, all from a variety of backgrounds, all with different ideas, abilities, and experience.

    The leadership candidates, are a microcosm of the membership and, like them, we differ in our views but some believe those of us who refuse to worship at the shrine of Anne Marie Waters, have our priorities wrong. I don’t apologise for holding the views I do, and I believe that unless the internal machinery is overhauled, and replaced where necessary, by somebody with the ability to do so, it will be in no fit state to support Anne Marie, or any other campaigner. Also, like it or not, many members view her as a campaigner but not as a leader.

    • Marie, why do you and others who oppose Anne Marie always seem to use what I would call extreme language? “Worship at the shrine of Anne Marie” is just typical. One can admire someone without “worshipping” which sounds cult-like. I really don’t mean to be rude, but I am getting more and more fed up with some commenters insinuating that those of us who support Anne Marie are a cross between the BNP and lunatic asylum candidates. I may think others have a strange candidate choice, (Tomaz posting today) but each to his own.

      • Dee, ‘worship at the shrine of’ is a fairly common-place comment in today’s parlance and was my response to another contributor, who appears to see AMW as a latter-day saint, Joan of Arc. The comments about the ‘BNP and lunatic asylum candidates’ are yours, not mine.

        You are getting ‘fed up’ with your views on AMW being questioned and opposed by those who hold different ones but, largely, those comments concern Anne Marie and her suitability, or not, to be Party Leader, and are not about those of her supporters on this forum. Maybe it’s a pity those who are opposed to her candidacy are not always accorded the same courtesy.

        • No, Marie, I’m not at all fed up with people questioning and opposing my endorsement of AMW, I like a robust argument and that’s the function of UKIP Daily, where we are all scattered and not sitting around a table. I am fed up with the constant implication, virtue signaling almost, of those who liberally sprinkle their arguments with smears and innuendo about those who support AMW.

  6. Re AMW and the alternatives, Seems to me there’s an incredibly important, probably less controversial but related contextual issue that none of the candidates have made any reference to, that I’m aware of, namely that the recent rise of Islam is part of a much bigger, far more longstanding plan, to destroy European nationalism and ours in the process. And that it’s deliberate. And has gradually been extended in scope and scale for decades.

    Anne’s focus on Islam is very timely and she has my vote but where’s the broader context? Coudenhove kalergi? Walther Funk? The stuff Michael shrimpton talks about? Whose benefit the EU exists for? The treachery of Heath etc.? The current EU/ECJ vs Poland/Hungary situation?

    It occurs to me to ask that if AMW does get the support she deserves, are the contributors on this site going to encourage her leadership group to broaden their attack to the things that have been attacking UK plc since before the last war?

    Our targets ultimately are the labour and conservative parties, are they not? I suggest it’s not just the exposure of Islam that will rock their boats so much as drawing the electorates attention their unintended support for their favoured party’s treachery, of which Islam is the latest, very hostile manifestation.

    The focus feels too narrow just now. IMHO

    • Alan, I personally think the general public may not be so interested as to how we got to the situation we are in, rather that somebody addresses it and has a plan to deal with it. Many more people are becoming aware of all this stuff, I notice, on Twitter, thanks to the spreading of the word, however.

      • D, I certainly agree that people are slowly beginning to understand the wider context and it’s happening because of twitter, which we both have got into. It was twitter that led me to Vernon Coleman where my journey for a better understanding of “globalism” and “cultural Marxism” started.

        But I cant help thinking ukip should “own” the issue and take the trouble to develop an explanation of what’s been happening for the 70 years or so, partly to answers the question “what are we for, now?” and partly because most people are still seeing the symptoms (immigration, Islam, Brexit etc) but not the disease (history, common purpose, etc)

        I just wonder, if we expect our new leader to make serious inroads into lab/Con dominance, whether a readily available explanation of the current situation and the old Parties contributions to where we are now, might make a lot of sense. No?

  7. Dee, I believe that this particular butcher only sells halal – he doesn’t kill the animals himself (is that permitted by Islamic law? Maybe all will be disclosed next week). The meat is bought by him from an authorised halal abbatoir. All Police stations now serve halal to detainees – and one is not asked if you agree to such food. Different rules for followers of Islam.

    • What did surface not long ago on Twitter, Roger, was a copy of the law that says halal meat should only be slaughtered and sold to Muslims, not to the general public. Whether it is right or not I have no idea – our laws these days aren’t enforced anyway, so it may be.

  8. It may be a little early in the day for some or may not interest others but on the BBC Radio 4 programme “Farming Today” (05.45 to 06.00)the matter of the production of halal meat will be discussed on the programme every day next week. It began to some extent on today’s programme when a Lancashire family butcher was interviewed who now sells nothing but “non stunned” halal meat. This has caused some consternation in the county and he and his family claim that they have been subjected to unwelcome and inappropriate comments via social media. In his defence the butcher said that he saw nothing wrong with the non-stun method and had taken his 7 year old grandson to the abbatoir to view the method. He opined that people who took a different view from his should “grow up”. The matter of the ‘racist abuse’ that he has suffered has been reported to the Lancashire Police who I’m sure are onto it right now (‘racist’?….. towards an Englishman? Maybe a first). No comment on the matter from a member of the Islamic faith was broadcast. Today’s edition can still be heard on the Radio 4 website after providing your ‘BBC account details’ which is simple to set up: i.e. e-mail address and password. The subject begins after 3.45 minutes of broadcast. I hope I can post this comment as on my first intended attempt the screen blanked before I could hit the button.

  9. I will be voting for the candidate who is willing to make UKIP the law and order party, which administers UK law equally without fear or favour.

  10. AMW is looking for a vehicle to push a personal agenda on Islam. She has recognised that some UKIP members are concerned about problems with the cultural aspects of the religion and it’s reluctance to put country before faith and about the lack of border control that allows unskilled and undesirable economic migrants to come here. The problem are real but she heavily exaggerates them to increase the appeal of her arguments.
    She also sees a divided party without leadership. For her it’s an ideal opportunity to take over an established organisation she can re build in her own image. Other and more important matters get minimal attention, just enough so as not to frighten people away.
    Most electors, the vast majority, do not accept her opinions and see that they will lead to an increase in tension and possibly hatred, it’s not Christian, it’s not the British way, they will not vote for a party led by her and she will destroy UKIP, a party formed and built by individuals to escape from the EU and to improve democracy and government. I did not spend time and money for several years in order to be part of warped and misguided protest group. Don’t believe the MSM propaganda that we are all “right wing” extremists, it was never true, but if we elect AMW it could become so. Our problems are the fault of past and present Governments, not Muslims. The only way to rectify them is to have influence over politicians, by threatening seats, that’s something AMW will never achieve.
    There is no ideal candidate in this race but in my opinion our only chance is Henry, who is rapidly rising in the betting odds. I will be keeping my finger crossed, and even praying.

    • Ok icini I see a lot going on in this post. You’re saying AMW will generate hate well I’m afraid the hate in the Muslim community for non-Muslims has existed for many, many decades and I would say the mast majority of the non-Muslims in this country were completely ignorant of that fact. We know though recognise that hate because it’s unavoidably in our faces be it rape gangs, terrorist attacks, the rise of anti-Semitism and attacks on LGBT individuals. You may not be aware but in many cases the Islamic mindset sees non-Muslims as subhuman. In most cases compared with dumb animals such as cows. Don’t believe me watch the following videos.
      The first video is actually a critique of a very popular YouTube UK Muslim apologist known as Dawah Man. He is very popular with British Muslim youth.
      The next video is from the popular ‘moderate’ Muslim commentator Mehdi Hasan who I believe was the editor of the New Statesman here in the UK. In this video he refers to non-Muslims as beasts of little intelligence, cattle. I believe it’s because of this video that he left the UK and now works for Al-Jazeera in the US.
      You talk about Christianity. Well in Surah 5 verses 116-120 of the Quran, Allah the god of Muslims, in a round about way threatens to send Jesus to Hell for committing shirk and Jesus is shown to cower before Allah in these verses. That’s why in Islam Jesus is seen as a minor prophet. If Christianity is important to you then be aware there is an anti-Christ theme that weaves through Islam like a snake.
      You also talk about your financial outlay. Well the referendum was won so you can see that money as having been a good investment. If dealing with Islam is not a priority for you anymore then you no longer have to contribute to UKIP. That’s your decision.

    • While you cross your fingers and pray, the less superstitious among us can only hope that the views you’ve expressed above act as a further rallying call to those shocked at the existence of dhimmis within the old UKIP.

      AMW’s agenda is anything but “personal”. It appeals to all of us able to see the spread of a death cult in this country and who want to do something to stop it. To see her courageous stance as in any way self-interested is beyond my comprehension.

      #thosesortofpeople is beginning to trend on twitter, and thankfully is gaining traction.

      Referring to the “warped and misguided protest group” simply identifies you as one of the useful idiots that Islam so appreciates.

    • Icini, I agree with everything you say.

    • Excellent post Iceni

  11. may i say ukip problem lies not with what people say or belive in it lies with not having any identity we used to identify the white elephants in the room and deal with them surley islam is a white elephant it as been delt with many times before but then so is climate change a white elephant you cant seriouly tel me climate cange is real you cant cntrol what god is meant to nobody can play god or white elephants like foreign aid hs2 or pfi in nhs education these are all money we could do with ut forking outfor i suport anne marie but we ha we cannot let islam be the only thing that is on the agenda in ukip and i do think she knows this hopefully or ukip will finish dealing with islam will be a lot easier when we have our own bill of rights and are totaly out of the ecj too because european courts of justice does rule in favour of human rights laws and as for marty caine making comment may i suggest he do one and concentrate on his ddip party for which is is poaching ukip members to join him what has it gt to do with him anyway he isnt even a ukip member

  12. standing against Islam puts you in mortal danger.
    the very fact that AMW is still alive is, to a degree, as miracle.
    people do realize that, – either via logic, or subconsciously.

    so, she has everything, – the Truth, the Word, the Deed, the Plan, and the Miracle.

    and therefore, let us choose someone else.
    who will do everything to “save pound”.
    who will never contradict slimy, smug MSM presenters.
    who will denounce Tommy.
    who will be silent on islamic fraud, islamic rape, and islamic murder.
    other words, let us choose all the same, British mainstream, dragging us to oblivion.

  13. Nigel’s vocation was to get us out of the EU and get our independence back.
    Now we go to the next phase of British emancipation and that is spearheaded by Anne Marie Waters. To rescue us from creeping Islam and to stop it in its tracks before there is more blood on our streets.

  14. During the YI Sheffield debacle, two leadership candidates remain committed to appearing despite the harassment. The rest either did not have the time, or had less honourable reasons for their lack of interest.
    The two who truly tried to appear were AMW and JRE. One of them gets my vote. Not decided which yet, but the others are now out of the running as far as I am concerned.
    I don’t vote for cowards who don’t stand by their troops. The silence of the leadership over Sheffield is disgusting.

    • Well said, Joe. There are not many heroes in our homeland now They are hypnotised by Coronation Street and housebuying programmes on the box … and the constant drip of our intellectually challenged comedians who chase a cheap buck by ripping into UKIP without having a clue what they’re forcing their laughter at. They are the sort of cheap shot sniggerers who wouldn’t challenge an islamist before their head was wobbling across the road with a stupid grin on its face. Anne Marie is the only one who has the knowledge, resolve and courage to raise the flag to rally round. Life will have to be taken seriously if we are to survive whatever our enemy will throw at us. And they are almost outproducing us.

  15. For those worried about the ‘party splitting apart’, it’s worth bearing in mind that a march held by The Football Lads Alliance in the very centre of London some weeks ago as a “March Against Extremism” went ahead peacefully without a single arrest being made. This, no doubt, was in a large part due the fact that the Police did not allow any ‘anti-facists’ anywhere near the route of the march. 10,000 marchers were obviously too many for the BBC, so they gave it no coverage. It appears to have been arranged purely via social media. There’s another, much larger march arranged by the same group, due to take place in London either on the 6th or 7th October which will also be attended by, at least, members of The Justice4Northern Ireland Veterans Group who are disgusted by the Government’s decision to investigate said veterans in respect of every death allegedly caused by Army personnel during ‘the troubles’ whilst many IRA members will not face similar investigation because Blair secretly gave them immunity.(Surely someone did make that up?) Known Jihadis walking the streets of Europe is another slap in the face for those retired servicemen and extended families and friends – and the UK public too I would suggest. There are a lot of “those type of people” out there who are hugely dissatisfied with the current status quo and who have no one to vote for. Many in future might see UKIP as a party to fill that void. They might not get to a UKIP conference or a branch meeting but they need someone to speak for them. Who knows for certain the depth of resentment against our current politicians and their lack of action on terrorism and related matters? Now that Brexit appears to be out of the way, voters could turn our way again if they see that, unlike Labour, we do not support or tolerate the excesses of Islam. We have no need to be violent of course, we merely need leaders who are able to put across sane, well considered, well presented arguments. We did it once and most of us were part of it. There is no reason, except reticence, to stop us from doing it again.

    • I see on line that The Socialist Worker has sent out a call for everyone to rally and oppose the next Football Lads Alliance March, Roger. I hope the Police remember the last march, which was completely peaceful – and ensure these thugs get no-where near the FLA.

    • Do they ever March further north?

  16. Personally I do not think that the head in the sand average voter is ready for and will consider voting UKIP with an anti Islamification message.

    The Art Of Fighting Without Fighting

    For those of us who have had to move from the city due to forced immigration it is easy to identify as a number one priority a matter of urgency a matter of saving our freedom, country, people and Christian heritage.

    For those in non city areas where life is generally not affected by Islamification very few people identify with this message despite the attacks, the non integration and desire to put their religion before Britain.

    Canvassing support for UKIP in London is already a precarious lonely task, anti Islamification leaflets in the city will lead to our members being physically attacked and will not resonate with those outside the cities.

    This really is a dire situation forced on the British people by successive British Governments who are allowing and abetting the Islamification of our country.

    I personally would like to see AMW as a deputy leader, the leader in waiting that can construct the framework, provide the information and build a platform to stop the Islamification of our country in its tracks a sort of PC reversal while sound economic, social policies that resonate with the public are presented to build a broad base on which people will be prepared to vote for.

    Although we do need AMW now the media, the PC establishment, the funded Marxist lackeys etc will do there best to destroy any UKIP credibility in a few months.

    We need to learn the art of fighting without fighting and to initially stabilise and unite from.

    • Anne Marie would not get any exposure as deputy leader. We need someone who can let everybody know that it’s okay to say out loud that Islam is a nasty piece of work. Anyone other than her is unlikely to want to or be able to accomplish that. The time for dithering is long gone. Anne Marie is the only choice. The only choice.

    • Pier, many people inside UKIP want stun-to-kill – that will, if adopted as a policy, be greeted with howls of protest from the same suspects – anything we do will be, I’m afraid.

    • The Pier
      With the greatest respect, the time for deputies and discussion has finished.
      We stand our ground now or we don’t stand at all. It really is that serious.
      I’m sure Nelson, Wellington etc could of been deputies and discussed issues but they took control and over came the odds and became victorious. That’s what we need to do now.

  17. I am a UKIP member and think we should be holding dithering government to account over fudged EU withdrawal.UKIP should be pushing all their common sense policies across the board to appeal to mainstream brits of all backgrounds who love this country as we face increasing danger.

  18. As a former member of UKIP I know it became mostly irrelevant when it became just another vehicle for professional politicians to use as their ride on the gravy train.

  19. UKIP is dead if elects Anne Marie Waters. Maybe it will be for the best.

    • UKIP will come alive again if it elects Anne Marie – maybe it will be great – it could hardly be worse.

    • Watching the london hustings AMW came out as someone with beliefs which many are in agreement. She is not the racist but is addressing the problems with honesty. She has passion and conviction David Kurten is the other who comes across as honest.

  20. I am severely disenchanted with the way some UKIPers have been demonising A-MW. I expect this from the libtard press, but not our own. I have been asking our Dorset colleagues for concrete, evidenced reasons for their accusations of “extremism”, but all I get is her supposed connection to Tommy Robinson. Just not good enough to damn someone by association. Not an argument.
    Our party is really divided on this one. No two Dorset activists can agree on the same candidate, seemingly.
    So voting Anne-Marie Waters for leader is hardly going to make a lot of difference, is it? GO FOR IT.

    • Tony, thank you for that voice of reason. I can’t see what the constant demonization of Anne Marie is about either.
      Friends with Tommy Robinson? If she is,then she’s lucky in my opinion, I doubt if I shall ever get to even shake his hand and tell him how brave he is. He opposes what has happened to his home town, Luton, where all this family lives and one of his relations was a victim of grooming. Wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t I? If not, why not?

    • Some of us, hopefully the majority, believe AMW will destroy UKIP. We’ve worked for years for our party and are not about to let her ruin it without a fight. Members will decide. If she loses, her supporters should think about moving to a new party, if she wins, I and many others will not wish to be associated with her and will leave. Well done AMW, you have already badly damaged UKIP, even without being elected.
      ( Where on earth did you spring from in the first place ? )

      • She came from working with Muslim women who had been brutalized by Sharia. Where did you come from?

        • And where do you come from, Sean?
          This is UKIP Daily – comment posters are members or supporters of UKIP. They do not need to ‘show their credentials’ to post critical comments or ask inconvenient questions.
          Play the ball, not the man!

          • I am a member of UKIP. My question to icini was in response to her nasty one regarding AMW. Did you even read her post?

          • Thank you, Sean – so let’s disregard all the preceding ‘nasty’ comments made not just to icini but to the other posters who dare criticise AWM, right?
            FYI: I do read all comments, not just the last few ones. Look up Marie’s ‘Open Letter’ published last week:
            Debate is welcome – doubling down and coming with “They started it” is unworthy.

      • @icini123 Why do you think AMW will ruin UKIP?

        Many of us think she will rejuvenate a party that will have lost all relevance after BREXIT is completed.

        I’ll ask you a question most of your ilk have run away from, including our MEPs. The ECHR ruled that sharia is incompatible with democracy and human rights.

        Do you agree with the ECNR on the nature of sharia?

      • Viv, to be fair, Icini started it!

        • Dee – sorry, we’re not in the kindergarten here. Icini has for some time made no bones about his attitude to AMW, as is his right. He is, as we all know, a local councillor for UKIP, something which is not, as we also all know, that easily achieved.
          I do hope comment posters allow different viewpoints here, and debate them. Last week the member ‘Marie’ pointed out how more and more posters seem to slap down those of differing opinions.
          This week, the exchanges have become tetchy and intemperate – and I am getting very tetchy myself. This is “UKIP Daily”, not “AMW Central”.

  21. UKIP's Conscience // September 6, 2017 at 3:19 pm // Reply

    I too have to give my support to Anne Marie. She is inspirational, passionate and actually has a plan. My take on the others is:
    Henry Bolton; A good administrator but never going to connect with the public or members. Fatally damaged by his aborted attempt to stop AMW.
    Adrian Poundesland: I have to be polite.. good science fiction writer.
    Peter Whittle; One of the old guard who let us get to this point. Refuses to take responsibility despite being “Deputy Leader”
    David Kurten: A stalwart and would be my second choice to AMW.
    Jane Collins: Just not up to it. A very poor media performer, nothing original to say. Wants continuity which is death. Only interested in stopping AMW. Keeping bad company with David Coburn. She shows poor judgement in involving him. AMW has well and truly stolen her clothes on CSE.
    JRE: Really weird, liable to be ridiculed.

    This is not the time for softly softly as some want. We do need to really have a fresh start. The party Chairman can be replaced, the problem is going to be the NEC. Constitutionally we cannot get rid of them. There must be some support for AMW amongst NEC members and hopefully those against will leave the party. Its quite important that AMW has the support of the NEC, it will be very difficult otherwise. She has excellent support with Stuart Agnew and Gerrard Batten. Both have a clear vision and have not stooped to personal attacks on other candidates. They are role models for the party.

    I am quite surprised that people are quoting Nigel as not wanting AMW. She is very much in his mould and he actually says what she is saying. I do not think their positions are different. I look forward to helping Anne Marie pick up the pieces and take UKIP to an exciting future. It matters not that some MEPS might resign, most of them are anonymous and ineffective.

    • I agree with all of these assessments from UKIP’s Conscience.

      But, since I suspect not all visitors will repeatedly return to posts of the day before, I would like to draw your attention to Mr Bav’s unwarranted and unhelpful slurs on AMW’s supporters in his comment on “It Has to be Bolton”.

      I have asked him for evidence for the “hate” to which he refers, and I did not wish for his comments to pass unnoticed simply because another day has passed.

    • Aiden Powlesland Plan 9 From Outer Space
      Henry Boulton Get Smart
      Peter Whittle All The President’s Men
      UKIP United The Three Stooges
      JRE Young Frankenstein
      AMW Clear And Present Danger
      David Kurten Groundhog Day

  22. I find the current support for Anne Marie Waters quite saddening in many ways. UKIP were a party of commonsense once upon a time and yet here we see numerous members all wanting the hand the media just what they need to knock UKIP out of the running to never return again. There is no doubting AMW’s passion when it comes to her Anti_Islam crusade, the fact she hasn’t got a policy on climate change is probably because she can’t find a way to blame it on Islam yet.

    However, she is right about the atrocities of FGM, Sharia law and the problems of Ilamification but then so have so many others before her, this is not a new tune she has just released, it is the same old rhetoric we have heard from the National Front, BNP, Britain First, etc and look how well they have done in British politics. To wield power you first have to gain that power and you will never achieve that goal on an Anti-Islam ticket. It might not be fair but the is the cold hard fact of the matter. So if AMW became leader then the press would destroy UKIP within a month and then the party would poll alongside BNP and the others, in no position to do any good whatsoever. I am sure AMW is intelligent enough to know this but she obviously doesn’t care.

    With any luck when she does not win, she will form her own Anti-Islam party and all those waving her flag will follow her but I assure you it will be about as successful as her PegidaUK was…. You will never create a party of real power by alienating 74% of the electorate and anyone who thinks they can, really shouldn’t be in politics.

    • Marty you must know that times are rapidly changing, and Anne Marie has a lot of support. Have you read her manifesto? I know you were a strong supporter of John Rees-Evans, as I was, and I imagine, because of your Direct Democracy forum (Party?) that you agree DD should be the way Government policy is formulated? That’s where I part company with John, and probably with you too, because I think it’s a great idea for thrashing out policy ideas within a Party, but frankly many ordinary people haven’t got the time or energy to get involved if they have young children and several jobs.
      Do you know what policies the other candidates have, because I’m not sure – and Anne’s policies, I think I can say with relative certainty, are her own product and I think it is quite insulting, never mind disingenuous to equate her policy proposals with either the BNP, Britain First, or the National Front. Do you know what their policies actually are? The attempted rolling back of the Islamization of Britain is only one part of Anne Marie’s policy, and is within the Law and Order folder. She is not afraid to robustly defend the need for it. Why, Marty? The Drip, drip, drip of smear and innuendo?

    • What policy would you suggest yourself for changing the global climate? And what is it that you find so upsetting about Anne’s concerns about the islamic issue? You seem to agree with them if anything, as do many other people.
      Anne puts her views forward honestly and correctly, and UKIP voters will decide whether she should be UKIP leader. If she is, then the people of Britain will decide whether they support UKIP or not.
      Nobody much cares what Marty or Fen Beagle D O G, actually think about this at all.

  23. Byron, a well written piece, thank you.

    Right now UKIP members have the chance once again to hugely shape British politics for the foreseeable future if they stand up and vote for Anne Marie. Right now the members have the opportunity to capture this ladys undoubted intelligence, ability and passion for themselves. I thank Anne Marie for making herself available for us and, I suggest, we clearly indicate to her at the forthcoming election that she has huge widespread support and love. We wont get another chance. As far as I am concerned all the other candidates are only offering varying degrees of humdrum delusions of grandeur, served up with lashings of waffle.

  24. I am a UKIP Branch Chairman. I hear what AMW says, and am concerned with the implications. Not so long ago in Northern Ireland the Catholic religion was vilified as a terrorist organisation. Every Catholic was looked on with suspicion, and the same is now happening to Muslims. Yes, of course, some Irish Catholics were terrorists, but the vast majority just wished to live their lives in peace. Our society is fractured enough without branding a whole community as terrorist, setting communities against each other, as happened in Northern Ireland, where eventually troops had to go in to protect the CATHOLIC community, a fact often forgotten. In the past UKIP was a single issue Party, and have paid the price! By concentrating only on the Islamic problem we risk being consigned to history as a protest group, there are many problems that need to be addressed, but Islam is only one, albeit possibly the most serious. To succeed we must show the electorate that we offer a broad church, with sensible policies for the good of all, in short if we wish to govern our Nation, we must show we are on top of the whole spectra of governmental obligations, and not just on the single issue of Islamic extremism. I am looking for a Leader who can reunite the Party and bring the voters with us.

    • “I hear what AMW says…”

      If you think she’s “branding whole communities as terrorist” or only has policies on the “Single issue of Islam” then I would suggest you have another listen.

      I’ve seen the comparison made between the IRA and Islamic terrorists, between Catholics and Muslims before. It’s based on a fundamental misunderstanding of what Islam is. It is a supremacist, expansionist, violently intolerant political philosophy and system of law with a religious veneer. Unlike the IRA Islamic terrorists are attempting to enforce a global caliphate, largely supported by their co-religionists who also want to see the UK subsumed under regressive, authoritarian Sharia law, albeit by peaceful means.

      Once again, AMW is accused of causing division when in fact she is merely being brace enough to point out the division that already exists. This is the first, necessary step towards solving the problem. You’d think Kippers, having endured exactly these kinds of misrepresentations and smears for years, would know better.

      I’m guessing Islam isn’t so much of an issue in NI, mercifully. Perhaps when the majority of under 16s in Belfast are Muslim, as they are in Birmingham and other English cities, it will be more of an issue. I understand that people who came to UKIP to get the UK & NI out of the EU may not be interested if the party makes tackling Islam a key pillar and unique selling point. That’s fine.

    • What has the Catholic religion to do with terrorism in this day and age? Trying to smear Anne Marie with contamination by an old and faded terrorist mob is disingenuous to say the least. AMW has found her footing and has the courage, commitment and knowledge to take on the biggest and most dangerous threat to the whole world not just UK. She is the only potential UKIP leader who has recognised the islamist blight for the lethal pestilence that it is. It must be tackled first thing and in all the shapes and forms it presents its self as. The rest of the candidates have not perceived the lies, sneakiness, murderous and selfish attitudes of islam when it is on a roll, which won’t be long coming. They are deliberately outbreeding us and will beat us hands down by votes in the near future. Top jobs are being taken by muslims purely thanks to the rapidly increasing muslim vote Serious stuff which our potential leadership, except, Anne Marie, have not woken up to. Those who dither are lost.

    • @ Jim Stanley
      The Irish situation and the islam situation are not comparable. It isn’t true that all Catholics in N Ireland were vilified as terrorists. We could all differentiate between Sinn Fein/IRA, and ordinary Catholics who were often victims of IRA violence themselves if the killers thought they weren’t supportive enough of ‘the cause’. On the other side were the Loyalist terror groups, the UDF and so on, but we certainly didn’t think of all Protestants as terrorists either. All the combatants were nominally ‘Christians’, but divided more by a political power struggle than their particular version of Christianity. Their holy book was the same, word for word.
      At no point in this struggle could the Catholics or the Protestants hold up the New Testament and claim that it prescribed and approved of the violence, torture, knee-capping, kidnap, shooting, stabbing, the blowing up of shops, pubs, or whole communities. That’s because everyone knew that the Christian holy book preached against hatred and violence and that the terrorists were acting in complete defiance of Christian precepts, no matter which side they were on. Then there was actually a ‘Peace Process’, however shaky it might be.
      These days the muslim madmen are trying their best to behead, shoot, stab, run over and blow up as many of the British population as they can get away with. Very few, if any, British people have tried to visit the same level and frequency of violence on the muslims who live here.
      What makes jihadis here and abroad think it’s justifiable to attack us on our streets? Their holy book, the koran, tells them it’s their duty to inflict violence on the kuffir (non-muslims) and kill them for opposing islam; in fact it’s a service to their demon god that will be rewarded by eternity in paradise.
      Convert, subjugate or kill. That’s been the triple-method islamic way for 14 centuries and it’s been quite successful; count the number of conquered or infiltrated countries around the world – around 50.

      The only common factor in both conflicts is the stupidity and poor decision-making of useless, cowardly politicians who prefer to ignore problems or threats until they boil over into violence and bloodshed. With Ireland, this domestic and localised neglect went on for approx. 400 years. With islam, Western politicians have been in denial of islam’s global ambitions, rapaciousness, wickedness and threat to world peace since the end of the Crusades. Anyone who thinks we can continue to ignore an existential threat to our future is living in a fool’s paradise as delusional as the islamic one.

      • There’s also the fact that while Islamic terrorism is the most visible, shocking and high profile problem with Islam, it isn’t the biggest threat that Islam poses. It’s merely the tip of the iceberg.

        The real threat is that posed to our very way of life, by an authoritarian, anti-democratic, regressive, misogynist “religion” that is entirely incompatible with our liberal, secular, Western democracy. The real threat is going to come via the ballot box in the coming decades, not bombs.

        But it suits apologists and those who wish to silence people like AMW to pretend that terrorism is the only problem. It isn’t, it’s just the ultimate expression of a much deeper, much more fundamental conflict.

      • Pamelia I agree with you entirely.

    • Jim,
      Islam is quite different to the NI situation. The 1st key point and one that most of the other candidates and MEPs have run from is this:

      ECHR-sharia is incompatible with democracy and human rights

      Put that front and centre of any campaign, throw it in journalists’ faces and watch them crumble. Marty Caine, MEPs etc huff and puff on twitter when confronted with that stark analysis of the nature of Islam. Anyone that ha to respond to the question “Do you agree with ECHR?” in real time in front of viewers will end up agreeing with Anne Marie’s case.

      Yes we need a broad mix of policies but dealing with Islam has to be front and centre or UKIP will look just like a version of LibLabCon.

    • kenneth james ogilvie // September 7, 2017 at 2:15 am // Reply

      You say and I’m sure you are right that the Catholic religion and the Muslims are vilified for the actions of a few. The fact is those few as you call them are well known by many who go to the same churches and Mosques and those many do nothing ergo they support the few by their inaction’s. The party since Nuttal has drifted far to much to the center ground we need to be more radical. I think that Waters will do well, the death for UKIP will be the election of Whittle.

  25. Byron, thank you for this. It has had a great many RT’s on Twitter, unsurprisingly!

    I agree with every single word and on Twitter it is agreed that one of your best lines is ‘if MEP’s leave, who bloody cares’! I wholeheartedly endorse your comment!

    If we were looking in from the outside we would be astonished that so many people who see themselves as the ‘great and the good’ within UKIP, including the sainted Nigel Farage (whose halo will soon be round his ankles) have been so viciously vitriolic about another candidate – in fact have all spent more time smearing her than pushing their own manifestos – when all she wants to do is stand, like everyone else, for the Leadership and see if she is chosen.

    We all know what Anne Marie stands for – she has told people at rallies, she has a website which directs the user to particular parts of her policies, and countless videos, as well as interviews on utube – but as far as I can see, apart from John Rees-Evans who is devoted to his idea of Direct Democracy, the rest are mostly memorable for the fact that the public haven’t a clue who they are or what they stand for. The public do all know what these people stand against, though, and that is against Anne Marie and those who support her.

    • What do the candidates stand for and plan to do?

      I have watched video of many hustings and the ‘press conference’ of ‘UKIP United’ and I am still not sure about many of them.

      I would love to see a radical stance even at the risk of ruin of the party, but that is because I am thinking of Britain rather than UKIP.

      I don’t expect to see UKIP form a government, what I hope it will become is a rallying point for those of use worried about Britain and a thorn in the side of the media and Government. Nagging and nipping at them with truth bombs exposing and ridiculing their ideological narratives.

      As I wrote in articles in UKIPDaily I believe that a radical stance, especially against cultural Marxism could attract large numbers and a flow of funding from ordinary people. (See details in )

  26. AMW isn’t just the one who comes across as closest to the people, only she seems to have any real yearning to help them.

    Freddy’s question on Keynes was very relevant (why did you ask it, Freddy? Were you just being mischievous or have you seen some light at last?!).

    Islamification is the existential issue which rightly has to be addressed, but it’s the economy and attendant issues which are the key. The candidate who grasps this will be the rightful winner.

  27. There is a Labour party member in my neck the woods who is as frequent a letter writer to West Country regional papers as Greg Heathcliffe was (RIP) for UKIP; I contribute as and when I can. I had occasion to meet and speak with the Labour guy in the High Street the other day and whilst we each know most of our respective points of view, our meetings don’t degenerate into shouting or worse because of it. Last week I purchased a ticket and much else to attend the YI conference in Sheffield. As most here will know, it was abandoned because of public order concerns prompted by threats made to those attending – and the venue itself – allegedly by Labour Party followers. So where is the official UKIP condemnatory response to this? I’ve not seen it – and it’s certainly not on the web site. Has the matter been reported to Police for whom ‘hate’ crime is now, it seems, a raison d’etre? Who of us can tell? I could locally make much political mileage for UKIP out of this state of affairs by comparing – amongst other things – the Sheffield debacle and my friendly meeting with the Labour Party member. That the UKIP leadership is sitting on their collective hands over Sheffield gives a dreadful signal to prospective Young Kippers and me little enthusiasm to put pen to paper. If UKIP won’t fight for free speech, then what is the point of the Party? If we can’t defend our own, then are we likely to have the gumption and/or inclination to defend the public whose vote we seek to gain? We’ve been called Nazis many times before (the joint leader of the Green Party did so in his initial speech on appointment)so most of us I’m sure can live with that in order to progress our very reasonable ideas. The support for AMW within UKIP may well have been underestimated. I’ve been a member on and off for 15 yrs and I don’t recall a hustings reception for a leadership candidate as enthusiastic as that accorded AMW at the Tiverton meeting. As usual she showed herself to be determined and – as the Greens have shown and UKIP United has intimated – there is no law which requires a party to have a single leader. There is still time for some compromise amongst the leadership contenders in order that we successfully get a delicate and difficult message across to the electorate.

  28. Anyone remember that anti-establishment UKIP line from a few years ago, that went something like “they tell lies about us because we tell the truth about them”?

    You could say the same about the establishment response to Anne Marie Waters, from within and without the party.

    Everything AMW actually says is simple truth. It is truth that needs to be said, and that nobody else is saying. It is also truth that completely freaks out the media and political establishment (it is now beyond any doubt that most UKIP MEPs and some of the party hierarchy firmly see themselves as the latter).

    The media and political establishment then respond to this truth as they always have done; with deliberate misrepresentations, smears, scaremongering and lies.

    Those within UKIP who have so easily adopted such leftist/establishment/Marxist tactics to attack AMW have done us a valuable service in identifying themselves as part of the problem. If AMW becoming Leader results in a mass exodus of this dead wood, then that’s another reason to vote for her, and will feel like taking the handbrake off a party that’s been holding itself back for years.

    It is also to her credit that AMW has risen above such tactics. She could easily have followed her opponents’ example and fought fire with fire, she could have played the identity politics card and smeared those attacking her as homophobic, misogynist, xenophobic for being uncomfortable with UKIP being lead by a gay woman with a foreign accent. This would be no more far-fetched than attacking AMW for being an Islamophobic, far-right socialist, as the media in their desperation have done. It speaks volumes that she hasn’t followed others within UKIP down that dark path, but has instead stuck to making her arguments and telling the truth.

    Voting for AMW is simply the right thing to do; morally, electorally, for the party and for the country.

  29. I think she has many positives such as her bravery and commitment, but I don’t believe she should be leader as she will divide a party that is already fractured. And why should she think she can be leader, she hasn’t done that much, only in UKIP can people who have 2-3 years of party membership put themselves up for leader (to be fair, she isn’t the worst of them in this regard but she still hasn’t served her time). I think a better test for her is to lose and see if she can become part of a team, and function within the constraints of a team. Otherwise she is a kind of Jeremy Corbyn figure, refusing to cooperate with the rest of her party, sulking on the back benches until her chance comes along. She needs to learn how to work on a team. She also couldn’t hold a team of diverse views together.

    Oh, and the Newsnight appearance of her and PW was very poor, they both came out of it looking bad and even worse they made the party look bad. Unprofessional to bicker in public, why couldn’t they join forces to attack the BBC? It certainly didn’t appear that, despite their similarities in some respects, she and PW could work together on the same team. And here is the problem, I doubt she can work on a team with anyone. That’s not to say that any of the other candidates are much better, by the way. Unfortunately the quality of UKIP leadership candidates is only ever going down.

    • Graham we don’t have the luxury of time to halt the Islamisation of this nation. For some years now the most popular name for a baby boy in the UK has been Muhammad and its variants be it Ahmed, Mahmoud, Mehmet whatever. Ask yourself this question. Can you see the names John or David making a comeback anytime soon? If you honestly answered ‘No’ then you know we can’t afford a few more years of say a Bolton or Whittle just so Anne Marie can ‘serve her time’. Not to mention the snooze fest that would be UKIP United.

      • Well said, sir! We are dithering and each dither produces more and more muslim offspring. At their rate of production they will be the biggest voting block in the UK. Power is with the people and we aren’t going to to bring legislation which would ration children a la Chairman Mao not so long back. Euthanasia? There’s a thought, but none of our civilised potential leaders would even countenance it for a split second. Yet, give it 50 years or so and we’ll quite probably be wishing we had. They are everywhere in the conurbations and spreading outwards and displacing the native Brits. Something has to be done and there aren’t many among our leaders who have the taste or grit for grasping the lethal nettle that is islam.

    • Graham I admire your postings and you usually talk a lot of sense, but this is a comment that is a tad biased – imo.
      Firstly they were asked if they would work with each other, and Peter Whittle came out with an emphatic single word – no – while Anne Marie chose a dignified silence. Second, regarding the Tommy Robinson ‘best friend’ obviously set-up question, all Anne Marie said was that there is a constitutional clause whereby someone can be looked at again at the Leaders discretion? Someone has mentioned it before in one of these discussions. But Peter didn’t back Anne up, he shouted over her and frankly, his assertion that UKIP doesn’t want “people like those” insulted many Sikh friends of Tommy’s as well of a great many in the country – all of whom recognize the bravery of Tommy Robinson, as do others all over the world. As one who had a ringside seat, as it were, and watched the whole performance, it was frankly embarrassing and amazing that Anne Marie kept her temper. She did extremely well – Peter, who apparently doesn’t think we have a problem with Islam, stuttered and stammered and was all over the place.

      • I’m not a big supporter of either of those two, so I’m not biased, but if I had to choose it would be PW as I have been a candidate and I would fear for my life if I had to go knocking on doors with AMW as leader. Or at least I would be checking the electoral register very carefully first to figure out who lives there! Personally I think EDL and Tommy Robinson should be allowed to join UKIP but not BNP. I don’t believe EDL was a racist organisation but BNP most definitely was. What worried me about her answer was that it was almost identical to one that Jack Buckby often gives, and it is a load of rubbish. AMW/JB say that the BNP voters are good people, have nobody to represent them, etc – that may well be true for BNP voters, but it certainly wasn’t the case for many BNP members, who knew they were joining a race-based nationalist group. EDL on the other hand started out as multi-ethnic from day 1 as you will know if you have read TRs first book. Note TR also has a very low view of the BNP. Was it me, or was PW slurring his words? Anyway clearly they can never work together in a team.

    • @ Graham
      “Bicker”? Was AMW supposed to just sit there and nod on Newsnight as Whittle referred to ‘those kind of people’ who have been in parties or groups that he disapproves of? She was absolutely right to criticise his use of that dismissive, snobbish term ‘those kind of people’- people (of whom I am one) who deplore the islamisation of our country and muslim gang rapists. It was the EDL who first brought the former to everyone’s attention and the BNP who, circa 2008, first alerted the country to the latter, not that anyone took a blind bit of notice. No, the authorities who should have been protecting young girls from muslim monsters preferred to divert the public’s attention by prosecuting the BNP on trumped-up charges. A jury had the good British sense not to shoot the messenger and they were found not guilty. The authorities, of course, were guilty as sin of dereliction of duty and cowardice, and the sexual exploitation of young girls is still going on and will go until we have cleared all the muslim sexual perverts out of the country in a mass deportation.

      I never agreed with the policy of proscribing former EDL or BNP members; many joined in desperation that no other party was representing their views and they had no one to vote for. Then UKIP began making political traction and then they were banned from joining us, even though they were EX-members of the EDL and BNP. It seems that UKIP wanted ‘respectability’ more than members, even though it did us no good: we were still called BNP in blazers, racists, fascists and all the usual Leftard tripe.
      Look at what happened with Kirsty Squawk on Newsnight: that awful slurrer of words couldn’t bear to let AMW say a few words before she was interrupting. Why? Because she’s a Leftard bigot and doesn’t want AMW’s views heard. Squawk sensed that Whittle is much more mainstream and interrupted him noticeably less.

      Maybe AMW, when she wins, will prefer to pick her own team, people she can trust rather than the current hierarchy who think UKIP belongs to them, not the members. I won’t blame her in the least after the way she has been treated by Etheridge, Hookem, Bolton, Collins and the rest.

  30. Many thanks Byron Sandford for a voice of reason and truth. I have posted here on and off for the last 12 months (first posting 12 Aug 2016). My involvement with UKIP has been continuous since the 2010 GE and before that I helped out in the 2009 Euro elections.I like many other foot soldiers have given a great deal of time and money to the cause of BREXIT. The war is not over despite the great victory in the referendum.
    I have posted here my contempt for some of our MEPs who are bone idle. I have posted here about the corruption at HQ under appalling leadership.
    I have despaired and been at my wits end.
    Now I am backing AMW and Stuart Agnew as the way forward. None of the other candidates for leader inspire like AMW. Some are a downright joke with ambitions (and £5,000 to throw away)that are illmatched with reality. Almost uniformly – with the exception of “Top Gun” Maverick JRE they come across as old, tired, irritable,desperate; confused;self opinionated; self entitled.
    With great respect to Jane Collins – who has been a force for good – 55yrs is similar to my age but she comes across as an old and tired person who stopped learning anything a decade or so ago. Nigel Farage does not show his age and will go on for years to come; it isn’t age so much as physical energy and a young mindset. Only AMW – born in London despite the accent – shines.

    • to be fair, JRE was getting more and more irritable if you follow his facebook posts, the one about his military record was very tetchy indeed. this was before the bereavement.

  31. Byron – Absolutely! AMW all the way.

    Hard headed yes, but intelligent and sometimes hard headed is exactly what is needed.

    I’d like to draw your attention to this Nigel Farage interview: “UKIP Nigel Farage On Brexit Negotiations & The Migrant Crisis.”

    Nigel admits now that we’re in for a decades long bloody battle against Islam. He state: Radical Islam, but to me the only difference between a Radical Muslim and a Moderate Muslim is that, a Radical Muslim wants to chop your head off, but a Moderate Muslim wants them to chop your head off.

    It is said that there are fifty thousand Jihadis in Europe and thirty thousand in the UK, but I think it’s a much, much more. A lot of our friends and relatives are going to die because of our treacherous politicians and Merkel makes Hitler look like a choirboy.

    AMW is the only hope that we have as we face the complete failure of decades of LibLabCon leadership and betrayal.

    • Flyer let us say that there are 20,000 ‘radical muslims’ in the UK who support the implementation of sharia law by force. That welfare jihad; rape jihad; fraud jihad; postal vote jihad; together with DAWA and TAQIYYA are their starting blocks. That the use of violence is not just justifiable but a commandment to the faithful. That all apostates should be murdered. Even just this is the biggest problem the UK has faced since the Blitz. And it could all have been avoided by immigration control.
      Now we face decades of terrorism, billions of pounds of our money nay tens of billions;nay hundreds of billions; and citizen insecurity where poor people travelling by bus or train in Birmingham risk being caught up in a nightmare. At any time day or night. And people wonder why I spit with contempt at the mere mention of almost all our MPs by name.

  32. Anne Marie will wake up this party, and wake up this country.
    Give her a chance to do this, for your future and your kids futures.
    Quite simply, we have nothing else to lose in UKIP, and EVERYTHING to gain.

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