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Unless you’ve been away on holidays in Antarctica, you all know that there’s now one week to go until the Finals, ahem: Polling Day.

Every Kipper has been working hard to help out their local candidates – and those who don’t have one in their constituency, are helping others.

Some of us feel as if we’ve been here already. There’s a strong sense of deja-vu, with the utter disregard in the MSM for the UKIP Manifesto, and with the shamelessly biased BBC’s “Leaders debate” yesterday evening. Even the MSM had to take notice of that circus.

So, in order to balance the record, we call on candidates to send us their videos and statements so that we can publish them here in UKIP Daily during these last days before June 8th.

To start off, we present our author James Dalton who stands in Barnsley East. He has  and still is working hard on a shoestring budget. He has published outstanding bref images on his twitter account (examples below), and he now has sent us this video, fresh from the editing table:

This is what James has said about various issues:

Here is his twitter address (you don’t have to be on twitter to read!), and here is the list of articles by James which we have published.

I may be biased with my recommendation – after all, he is a UKIP Daily author, and I have met him – but I do hope that this brief expose will get him the well-deserved support, even unto ‘boots on the ground’, from UKIP Daily readers.

One final push!

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8 Comments on ENDGAME

  1. Hugo van Randwyck // June 2, 2017 at 10:02 pm // Reply

    Great video! 🙂
    Thank you for showing what can be done. Perhaps at the end, a Vote UKIP, and also email, phone, Facebook, twitter, website details.
    I do agree having good leadership is helpful. Last time I looked at the UKIP Skegness Facebook page, there was no mention of a General Election, the candidate and also a manifesto link.
    Social media can help.
    Good luck Thursday.

  2. UKIP is entering this electoral storm in a very bad state, anchor dragging, sails out & ripped to pieces, crew arguing among itself or abandoning ship, a captain unsure of himself (despite being able to handle tv appearances pretty well).

    It’s not going to come anywhere near winning a single constituency, but it’s important for the future of England & Wales’ politics that the party survives this storm & doesn’t go under. There are calmer waters beyond, & – despite Arron Banks’ talk – it remains the only practical means available of challenging & destroying the Liblabcon Party that is endangering the Kingdom.

  3. I v. much regret to have to say this, but experience shows that at a General Election – by elections being different beasts entirely – the quality of the actual, local, candidate, and even her / his local efforts with excellent leafleting, Hustings performance and so on, makes little difference to the result.
    The NATIONAL campaign, the quality of the Leader’s speaking and debating skills, plus the general feel and momentum of the national Party’s efforts, are what count more. Not to the exclusion of local efforts. But if the National campaign is rudderless then there is nothing a local candidate can do to make a difference.
    The FEEL of 2015 was just totally different from how it is this year.
    In 2015, in Bishop AUckland ( safeíssimo Labour for hundreds of years, yeah, even unto the Nth Generation ) we ran a good campaign, albeit on a shoestring, with a few devoted leafleters and canvassers, Pub meetings, Hustings attended by all the candidates etc. etc. We were there in fact starting January – we didn’t wait till the official start in April. We had a good UKIP presence.
    From nowhere in 2010 we got over 17% of the vote. Sadly we came third, whereas even the bookies locally had liked us for 2nd. place.
    Never mind. The Rotten Borough system did it again for the Labour candidate who had been foisted on the locals in 2005, and who has been steadily losing support ever since.
    My POINT is this: though we got over 17 % support, with a hard working, very very visible campaign, there were other seats nearby in County Durham where UKIP achieved not much less in terms of % of the vote, even though they did not have the time or resources to campaign at the same level of effort.
    Hence my proposition at the start of this comment : it is mostly down to the National Leader and her or his campaign. Plus the zeitgeist more generally I suppose.
    In 2015 we had the very very best speaker and debater in British politics as our Leader. We had a coherent message.
    There had been no Stoke, nor Diane Whatshername, nor Steven Woolfeian shenanigans to totally destroy the Party’s credibility.
    UKIP was taken seriously as a contender, even by the MSM and the BBC.
    What the Party’s collective, extremely well paid, Leadership has done since last July has just taken all of it away.
    I would weep for what might have been.
    But we have to think about what must happen starting June 9th.
    I have just finished ( at two sittings – it is unputdownable – ) Douglas Murray’s The Strange Death of Europe. It is REQUIRED READING for all Ukippers, and indeed for anyone concerned at what continues to be the destruction of our continent.
    It reinforces, but with terrifying statistics which have never been refuted by any critics, that the most serious – almost the ONLY – issue for current politcs is how to stop the influx of Africa and Asia into our continent generally and the UK in particular.
    WHO can best articulate this after June 9th is the only issue for UKIP.
    Please read this book now and report back on your thoughts.

    • Rhys. So we need to focus on changing the nations zeitgeist. But also we need a party leadership to take advantage of the existing zeitgeist. I think UKIPs leadership are lagging the national feeling on immigration and should be more radical.
      The people are waiting and the votes are there for the first mainstream party that tackles immigration.
      I haven’t read the Murray book. I saw a review that said it was short on ideas re what to do about the identified issues. But I will read at some point as good source of statistics and data and description of where we are now.

    • Rhys, I agree with your assessment of the trouble with UKIP, we are indeed rudderless, although I think it’s not so much rudderless as clueless – Stout’s classification of a ‘clueless cabal’ was spot on.
      We have so many terrific candidates, it’s such a shame. John Rees-Evans has travelled round helping many to make videos, such a shame there isn’t a UKIP site where they all could be co-ordinated – people who Tweet can go to JR-E’s utube site and RT them, it’s the best we can do.
      If I have to suffer many more letters from our current Chairman I fear my health will suffer. Post GE he must be levered out somehow. He is part of the clueless cabal.
      We cannot trust them with the enormous task that lies ahead of UKIP post election, no matter what.

  4. This man is brilliant. Great video. Great attack on Labour. JUST WHAT UKIP NEEDS – to replace the MUPPETS running the party output. BUT video doesn’t work unless you have a strong, dedicated output channel, that used to be the national website, wrecked by the MUPPETS at HQ and it used to be a regular email broadcast by UKIP to the membership database, also wrecked by the MUPPETS running UKIP output. Bottom line, members and people like James Dalton are being shafted by HQ incompetence.

  5. Thank you Viv. I haven’t met James either, but he took the trouble to message me when he spelt my name wrong on Twitter. Very impressed. I think his little images are very good, and always retweet. Not afraid to tell the truth, just the sort of person who would be a wonderful asset to UKIP in Parliament. I wish I was both fit and near enough, I would be out there helping!

  6. Viv,

    I like James Dalton’s video, it is simple and to the point, but he does not say how he proposes to remedy some of the problems there, and the only other thing is the background music which is a bit annoying but not as bad as the music on JRE’s videos.

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