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The Empire Strikes Back

I, like Nigel Farage, am deeply worried about Donald Trump. Let me explain because for me, this did not start with Syria but it started with Obamacare. True, there were ‘flip-flops’ before this – most notably on NATO following a meeting with Theresa May and right off on the bat on investigating and prosecuting  Hillary Clinton but now Trump is starting to act out of character and that is the cause of most concern.

Trump campaigned on a complete repeal of Obamacare. In fact, he promised its repeal 68 times. Now you will say he was scuppered by House Republicans not getting behind the Bill to repeal it and you’d be right, that is true, however, what struck me as distinctly un-Trump-like, even ‘Anti-Trump’ that when the crunch came he refused to push it to a vote. He would have lost and in the short-term lost some face but in the longer run, those Republicans that had thwarted him would have been faced with the tricky task of having to justify themselves to their electors and in the longer-run, Trump could have won the war but that is not to be so it would seem, the White House is already “moving on”. He blinked first and that is not the Donald Trump we have invested so much in.

Other areas of concern exist (leaving aside foreign policy for now). The marginalisation of Steve Bannon is well documented as are the policy implications – the marginalisation of America First nationalists in favour of more orthodox neo-con voices. I want to add a further reason that this should worry us all. It strikes me that Bannon, whatever you think of his politics, is a man who absolutely will speak truth into power and will not be in any way intimidated by President Trump. This makes him a good person for any President to have around – especially one who, let’s be honest, has an elephant sized ego – when their ego will be being massaged by the siren voices of the neo-cons who are using this as a principal tool of manipulation. Give the order they say, you will look great and can go and play a round of golf.

Trump without Bannon by his side is proving to be more mailable. I don’t think it is a giant coincidence that Trump met the Saudis, then launched a Tomahawk Missile strike against Bashar Al Assad with absolutely no proof what so ever, nor is it a coincidence he has recently met with the Chinese and is now determined to do something about North Korea. Not only has Trump obliged the Chinese by looking to sort out its Fatboy Sl[K]im problem but he has totally reversed his long-standing hostility to the Chinese government on a wide range of issues and on domestic policy as well.

Let’s be quite clear. No conclusive evidence exists that Assad launched a chemical weapons attack in Gouta and indeed notice how the attack on a Syrian bus convoy near Aleppo isn’t on the receiving end of a) as much media coverage and b) as much moral opprobrium from world leaders – that, my friends, is called hypocrisy. Also, there is no conclusive evidence to justify the claim that the stark-staring bonkers regime in Pyongyang is anything but an immediate threat to its own people – in fact, its most recent bungled test suggests the complete opposite. However, there is plenty of evidence that the Saudis want Assad gone and the Chinese want Kim gone. In other words, Trump is turning his Presidency into a lap-dog one and no wonder his closest supporters are starting to cast a weary eye on his Presidency.

My red line is Bannon. If Trump takes action in North Korea then he is definitely off my Christmas card list. However, if he lets Bannon be pushed further to the sidelines or even entirely out then that will be confirmation that the ‘turn’ is complete and for real, not some too-clever-by-half-4d chess exposition of politicking. I hate to say it but I think those who say that Trump is essentially playing a game here are guilty of wishful thinking which flies in the face of the established facts – even if he is (and that is extremely charitable) he is rigging the game against himself which is exactly what his neo-con advisors will want; they, for example, will fail to point out that taking these positions, especially when it comes to involving a country in military conflict, leads a government into a situation it cannot easily control and that can, at any moment, fly off the handle in any direction. So, Trump may not sincerely think he is going to go into Syria at this moment but that is certainly where the Saudis – currently engaged in Yemen and therefore unable to act themselves –  want to lead him, into Syria and into direct conflict with Iran and Russia. Since he has allowed public statements from the likes of Nikki Haley in favour of regime change without public rebuke he is now being hoisted by his own petard – if Assad stays he and the US looks weak and inconsequential but if he is to go then he has put Russia in such a position that it cannot afford to abandon Iran, which is facing humiliation in Yemen and Syria, and Assad – therefore the logic of Trump’s actions will eventually lead him into direct engagement on the ground in Syria.

North Korea offers him a small window of opportunity to change course. However, the signs are not encouraging with the media openly flaunting his cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party. He needs to change course before he becomes just another neo-con globalist puppet and the promise of ‘America First’ becomes a distant dream.

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10 Comments on The Empire Strikes Back

  1. Nice one CK

    Someone with some brains and understanding on this site!!!

    Well no time to be going on holiday so I may cancel my plans (family will be delighted – not).
    Tory MPs who are Brexiteers – vote for them.
    Tory MPs who are Remainiacs vote UKIP or poss Labour as a tactical vote to get them out.
    LibDem MPs and seats where they are second to a tory Brexiteer then vote for the latter.
    Labour MPs who are Brexiteers such as Gisela Stuart then vote for them.
    Labour MPs who are Remainiacs and then whoever was sexond to them be it UKIP or tory then vote for them.
    In Scotland vote only for UKIP none of the other parties are Brexit friendly.
    In Wales vote only for tory candidates as UKIP is not strong enough now to defeat the PC and labour candidates.
    Target candidates like Soubry to defeat them by might and main – only a massive defeat for these traitors will send the clear message to Westminster and the MSM
    ( no I am not being over dramatic – this is Stage 2 leading on from the Referendum result)
    Contact newspapers and local radio and attend the hustings

  3. Thinnish FreeThinker // April 18, 2017 at 12:04 pm // Reply

    Kushner has got his teeth into his pa-in-law’s policies and doesn’t intend to let go.

  4. I don’t want to defend Trump either, although I too cheered him to victory and, as CK says, we would still be worse off, or the Syrians certainly would be, with Hillary.
    However, Darrell, I absolutely agree that it’s extremely disturbing that Bannon has been sidelined. The reason I’m so disturbed is, having watched the Freemason documentary Flyer provided the link to yesterday, I conclude there is a possibility that Kushner might be inclined to that agenda – and apparently in the battle between the two of them, Bannon lost out.
    The latest Syrian atrocity where children were lured to their deaths with food would surely, if Trump was serious about children, have warranted some sort of reaction, even on his Twitter account, but, nothing.
    Only RT has shown the clips from the episode before that, where the ‘rebels’ vowed to burn alive any who tried to leave. It has also gone completely unreported by MSM except RT that 200, mostly young girls, who survived that attack and went on to supposedly be bussed out have been kidnapped by the ‘rebels’. So obviously the ‘darling children’ are not that important after all.
    I think the fate of Syria depends on how much of a free rein Trump’s son-in-law will be allowed – but Trump must be aware that many of his supporters are dismayed at the change of direction – and he does like to be popular.
    CK below is, I hope, correct when he says that Trump was and remains our best and only hope, which isn’t exactly heartening.

  5. A good article and I do not want to defend Trump – who I cheered for 18 months towards his victory – but
    a) Clinton was defeated and had to be defeated.
    b) We have to think in terms of ten or more years of slog in the UK, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Italy, as well as the US. So strong and powerful are the professional political globalists and the MSM that the change which is coming will be very difficult esp in the earlier phases. Trump’s bandwagon on foreign policy has been hijacked and perhaps he does not realise it as International Affairs was not his key point.
    In each of the countries I mention there are only a few known outstanding advocates of democratic nationalism but they act maybe like John the Baptists to clear the deadwood to allow a charismatic leader to emerge. Just to remind you John the Baptist lost his head.
    In the United States there is a new unconventional energy within the ranks of the Republican/Tea Party young turks element. I would suggest that Trey Gowdy could leap frog over Trump in 4 or 8 years and lead the Big Change/Great Awakening Stage 2.
    Keep the faith. Trump is blundering but he still represents our best and only chance of exiting from the swamp the globalists want us to drown in.

    • A very sensible analysis citizen. Change may come about with the catalyst being something not as good as expected. We need change to be accepted as possible by the population and Trump’s election has shown them they can vote against the system – something they felt before was a wasted vote.

    • Darrell Goodliffe // April 18, 2017 at 11:17 pm // Reply

      Hiya Citizen,

      I agree Clinton had to be defeated and I also agree this is trench warfare in the sense that to expect one victory and sudden overwhelming victory is unrealistic.

      I am trying very hard to keep the faith lol, thank you for your comment which will help.

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