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Economy, Industry and the Incompetent Left

I have been fascinated by the reaction to the Donald’s take on the riots in Charlottesville. There has been a huge backlash against the white supremacists, and I too am not impressed by either their views or their chants. However, in a free society, they have an absolute right to express their views. It is called freedom of speech, something we have lost in the UK. You do not have to like what they say, which is fair enough.

The far left mounted a counter demonstration, which is also their freedom of speech and that too is fair enough. Again, I dislike what the far left has to say. As Trump quite correctly pointed out, you end up with two extremely nasty, extreme groups hell-bent on shutting each other up by whatever means. The left is as violent as the right and every bit as unpleasant, but their rights are defended while the right’s are attacked. This is rank hypocrisy and the BBC very cleverly slanted, by omission, it’s reporting in favour of the left.

What was stopping the left following the route of the right a mile behind to put their point across? That would not have ended up in violence, which of course is the point. They all turned out for a good punch up. Given we are talking about two nasty, extreme and violent groups, weaponry was going to be used, and we are talking about Americans, who would, were it possible, arm a foetus. In the end, a car was used with catastrophic and fatal results. Presumably, a shootout would have been acceptable, as would the death of a white supremacist and that is the underlying message being broadcast.

You can bet your pension that had the left driven into the right and killed someone; this story would not have lasted the morning. This underlines the depth of influence enjoyed by the left across the board and this is the root cause of much of our trouble.

Our car industry was destroyed by the unions, as was the coal industry. Climate change is driven by the left, and much of our heavy, strategic industry has left these shores forever. Now we are facing fossil fuels being replaced by electricity with no thought as to how that power is to be delivered. It will involve vastly increasing our generation power and renewing underground cabling. Single phase re-charging will take all night, which is fine up to a point. Fast charging needs 3 phase, and now you are talking serious money for infrastructure. The lefties never think through the detail but are quite happy to foist ever increasing costs on business.

The result is that we are finding it harder and harder to compete in global markets when it comes to manufacturing. There is a limit to how many insurance policies we can sell each other, and while the City is a very important contributor to the economy, it employs top end people who would get work anyway. The less clever are being dumped on an ever increasing scrap heap. We have to rebalance the economy so that our export competitiveness returns, and de-valuing is no more than endless discounting and is not the way forward. It works fine in the short-term but eventually, other currencies adjust and we are back to square one. We have to address our root costs and reduce the endlessly creative ways of wasting money.

I learned this morning that IR35 is alive and well in a new, insane form. Single client contract companies are now deemed to be effectively avoiding PAYE. So HMRC has decided that the employer will now deduct PAYE, despite being invoiced by a company. The employee of the company then pays themselves a dividend without tax because it has already been paid. We are moving towards quarterly returns, which is quite a good idea. However, we now have a problem. No tax has been paid on the dividend, so the corporate return is wrong. The self-assessment is wrong because NI is not payable on dividend payments. The VAT calculation will also be wrong. Therefore, when the computers compare notes, they will find endless errors which will look like tax fraud, so endless investigations will result.

HMS Queen Elizabeth arrived in Portsmouth on 16th August. A source closely linked to the ship tells me engineers are to retrofit a catapult and arrester wires. This job will apparently take three weeks, which seems very optimistic indeed, but if it is true, why was it so expensive to fit the thing while the ship was being built? I will report back if I hear anymore on this one, but if it is true, it raises some serious questions about the competence of the MoD. We cannot get rid of these idiots because the unions will go ballistic, so once more, the rot of the left remains creeping ever deeper into our national structure.

The left has driven the agenda on integration which is fine providing both parties are prepared to play. Islam is not prepared to play at any level. Islamification is yet another sign of left generated dogma, blind to any evidence to the contrary. Crime and punishment is another issue-driven by the left howling about how nasty prison is. It is supposed to be, and the general public has a perfectly reasonable expectation that government will take the necessary steps to protect the law-abiding. In this, it has utterly failed for the last 40 years. As a result, career criminals, from large-scale drug dealers to shoplifters, have discovered that there are virtually no consequences. Therefore, normally sensible people have seen this and taken up the cause. The result is greater violence and antisocial behavior with fewer police to deal with it.

We have allowed this cancer to our society to go untreated, indeed undiagnosed and it is driven by the left’s complete inability to do anything constructive while destroying what worked. The issues I have raised above are all serious and must be dealt with. However, we must recognise and face up to the fact that it is the left that has created the environment in which these evils flourish.


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12 Comments on Economy, Industry and the Incompetent Left

  1. Trump quite rightly condemned both sides for the violence. The liberal leftists though were not happy as he failed to specifically condemn the ‘nazi white supremacists’.

    Basically, in their warped minds, if you are not a liberal lefty, then you are a Nazi.

    The irony though, if Nazi was an abbreviated form for National Socialist, wasn’t Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party therefore left-wing? If anybody is acting like Nazis, its definitely the liberal-left! Doublethink at its finest.

  2. I would agree everything that worked and was stable, stood the test of time and was in societies interest has been gradually been destroyed and replaced with inferior unstable platforms. The list increases everyday from Christian society to Police stations on our high streets.

    I am interested in the relationship below on IR35 any links to this structure please?
    “I learned this morning that IR35 is alive and well in a new, insane form. Single client contract companies are now deemed to be effectively avoiding PAYE. So HMRC has decided that the employer will now deduct PAYE, despite being invoiced by a company. The employee of the company then pays themselves a dividend without tax because it has already been paid”

  3. There are many interesting articles on the Charlottesville incident on


    The drone footage is particularly interesting, (and has been likened to “a film set”)…
    as are the articles on the recruitment of crisis actors for “an event ” in Charlottesville.

    The article on the same site “There will be blood”

    Contains quotes from police officers being told to “stand down” having brought the two groups together etc…

    Perhaps all is not quite what it seems…

    Confederate patriots organised a march to protest against the planned removal of the statues of Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson (two of the three greatest military officers of US history*). Elements of Antifa/Soros/Democrats againstDemocracy/SJWs/Marxist academics went to the High Court of Virginia to have this banned. The ban was overuled.
    Confederate patriots ( nothing to do with slavery but “States Rights”)got a ruling that their march was legal and their right to assemble would be protected by the State Police from interference/violence.
    On the day in question the Police in riot gear assembled as prior instructions.There was an illegal gathering of “antifascist fascists” the other side of the Police.
    The Police were then ordered to ‘stand down’ and they disappeared. At this juncture elements of the “antifascist fascist” seemed poised for action and duly obliged their paymaster by catching up to the legal confederate march and starting a ‘rumble’. Soon fighting and mayhem developed and on queue CNN and other fake news outlets had their tv images plus story.
    It is even possible that infiltrators to the confederate march included the agent provocateur with the nazi flag. No trick is too dirty for the media.
    The BBC and C4 promoted the issue as pronazi sympathisers defending slavery of blacks using violence against a peaceful antifascist mothers and children rally.
    The following night under heavy guard the statues were unceremoniously destroyed to be followed by poss hundreds more removals of history.
    *The third was the more controversial Nathan Forrest Bedford, also a confederate officer.
    NB only 5% of Southern whites were slave owners, 20% of free Blacks were slave owners, inc white slaves.Discounting white sharecroppers (semislavery) in Alabama etc and the practice of slavery amongst North American Indian tribes the last slaves to be freed were in the Union States of Maryland and Delaware (1870).

    • @ KC-H & CK
      All these events and the reporting of them, plus the demonisation of President Trump for not saying what the Leftards demand he says, are evidence that the Communists, Postmodernist-Marxists, Cultural Marxists – whatever one wants to call them – are gaining the upper hand in America.
      There is no ‘Democratic Party’ anymore, except in name. None of them respect democracy, as shown by their disgraceful behaviour since the last Presidential Election. The Republicans are almost as bad, with their undermining of the President and attacks on his administration.
      George Soros is surely a traitor to the USA in the use of his wealth to foment discord, create violent demos and anti-demos, pay off the authorities and promote law-breaking. Why isn’t he arrested? If lawmen of integrity looked carefully into his affairs, I’m sure they’d find something to charge him with; it’s been done before with Mafia gangsters. Soros also uses his money to stir up trouble in the UK (anti-Brexit demos and propaganda) and in other European countries. He is a destructive Leftard force and should be stopped, and his wealth confiscated.
      In this country the biggest allies of islam and its ambitions are Labour and the Left, and for this treachery alone they deserve to be regarded as traitors.
      Everything goes in cycles and the influence of Communists in the West, disguising themselves as harmless socialist reformers must be challenged and rolled back after 70 society-wrecking years. Of course, it would help if the CINOS – Conservatives In Name Only – would stop trying to copy and outdo the Left’s agenda.

  5. Kevan. Many good points and well written. My only suggestion is for you to try and create paragraphs which come out to 3 or 4 lines on an A4 sheet or 5 to six on the UKIP Daily column.

    The reason for this is two fold. One, we are trying to assimilate a lot of information and if a block of text is too long we tend to get only part way down before jumping to the bottom to find the conclusion of that thought.

    Secondly, to read it all through creates reader fatigue. Shorter paragraphs allow quicker absorption and then take a mental breath and move on.

    I did a back-of-a-fag-packet calculation the other day to approximate the amount of energy being created with the burning of petrol and diesel during peak times on UK roads.

    I extrapolated it to 2040 to take into account the 80,000,000 population at that time and the number that would be on the road on average.

    The result converting horsepower to kWh gives around 100GW. This is two and a half times the present peak generation of power in the UK.

    By 2040 at the present rate of new electricity generating stations we will be lucky if Hinkley Point is on line and I don’t know how much it will generate. Lets be generous and say 10GW.

    So by 2040 the generating capacity of UK will only be half that required to power all electric cars if no other consumption is being used for anything else.

    This is just an extension of the lunacy of the Climate Scam team and the environmentalists.
    Its all about ideology and not about reality.

    • Interesting points, Antony …

      When you mention electric cars, are you thinking of private ownership?

      I suspect that by 2040, many of the key objectives of UN Agenda 21 will have been realised…

      the abolition of private transport being one of them…
      (Along with the abolition of private property
      An end to national sovereignty and the western democratic process etc etc)

      For additional info, see the free ebook book on UN Agenda 21 on


      Their articles on Global Citizens and the Parliament of Mayors are also well worth reading…

      • Liz, you continue to amaze me with your wealth of knowledge and ability to give us links to information. Many thanks. Where do you get time – I have practically surrendered my life, and I’m only scratching the surface! Also difficult to know what to concentrate on to pass on the most useful stuff in bite sized chunks.

        • Thank you for the compliment, Dee 🙂

          I’ve been following “events” for years…and one piece of research has led to another…

          But not everyone wants to face the reality of the situation the UK faces…

      • Dee. Definitely a case of information overload. The scope of the elites hidden agenda is staggering.
        Liz. Thanks for the links etc. I follow them all up. The UN Agenda 21 thing is the big one. I think that reveals what the elites are working towards.
        The way to stop all this is for the nations of Europe to return to being strongly patriotic independent nation states. I think we will have to reject the UN and its fruits as-well. That would put a stop to it all – I hope.

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