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The Death of Democracy and the New Holocaust

I think that in reality we haven’t had real democracy in our country for decades now, but Theresa May has just confirmed that this is the case with her betrayal to the European Islamic Union.

It’s frightening, isn’t it, that since we won the referendum on our EIU membership, where we were promised immediate withdrawal if we voted for it, the losers in government, in industry and in public, just won’t accept a democratic decision. The same is happening in the United States since the election of Donald Trump, finally after decades of deceptive pseudo democracy, we know for sure that democracy is dead.

In my recent articles, I have talked about Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, the founder of the Pan-European Movement, and the founder of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, who in 1950 was the first ever winner of the Charlemagne Prize. A complete list of winners can be found here.

Other notable winners are:

  • 1956 Sir Winston Churchill
  • 1963 Edward Heath
  • 1969 The European Commission
  • 1987 Henry Kissinger
  • 1988 Helmut Kohl and Francois Mitterrand
  • 1999 Tony Blair
  • 2000 Bill Clinton
  • 2004 Pope John Paul
  • 2006 Jean-Claude Juncker
  • 2008 Angela Merkel
  • 2010 Donald Tusk
  • 2014 Herman Van Rompuy
  • 2015 Martin Schulz
  • 2016 Pope Francis
  • There will be many more from the list that you’ll recognise too.

It has to be remembered that the  Coudenhove-Kalergi plan was at its heart a plan for race replacement, a eugenic plan to eventually destroy the white race through interbreeding with dark skinned African and Middle Eastern races.

Angela Merkel has certainly done her part after letting in millions of fake refugees. There have been a number of subtle initiatives in Germany to encourage interbreeding with these migrants, although with their propensity towards brutal gang rape they don’t need much encouraging (see here).

The fact is the Charlemagne prize reads like a globalist rogues gallery. The effects of the actions of globalists and the European Islamic Union are starting to become realised, according to demographic projections the United Kingdom will become a majority Islamic country within the next 20 to 30 years; our way of life will be totally destroyed.

Under international law, genocide is quite clearly defined, one of these definitions is;

“Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part”

England is now the most densely populated country in the European Union (e.g. read this). This is having a detrimental effect on our lives, public services and housing – and still successive governments not only refuse to recognise the problem, they encourage more immigration. Theresa May has just agreed to keep our borders open until 2021 at the very least, allowing at current rates nearly half a million new immigrants a year into our already overpopulated country.

To quote from the article: The Modern World: What Do Mosques Represent? :

“Mosques, whatever their spiritual significance within Islam, are a boast; a sign of advancing cultural and religious conquest. The spear-like minarets that dwarf the church spires and tower blocks of infidel cities announce the permanence of Islam in that region. There are over 1500 (one thousand five hundred) such buildings in Britain as of 2015, most of which are clustered in specific areas, giving those regions an increasingly foreign character. There are 383 Mosques in the City of London alone, a figure that is rising rapidly all the time.”

Given the recent violence and murder that we’ve experienced in our country at the hands of Muslims, it is frightening to think of what this will be like when they outnumber us. You’d have to be very naive to believe that we were all going to be friends and live happily ever after: our cultures are too utterly opposed. It seem likely that the violence and killing will just increase at an exponential rate along with the Muslim population. Multiculturalism is another word for invasion.

And so, another definition of genocide is being fulfilled:

“Killing members of the group”

Many of the traitors that have infiltrated our government appear on the list of Charlemagne Prize winners, the usual suspects. Our government are supposed to be our representatives. According to our democratic rights we are supposed to be in control. A so-called government that plots genocide against the people it is elected to represent is no government at all, it’s something else.

If globalisation and multiculturalism were so beneficial to us, why would these strategies have to be implemented incrementally by stealth, subterfuge, ceaseless propaganda and lies?

As we become a minority in our own country we have an ever diminishing chance of regaining our country and our democracy, we are almost waking up to a fait accompli. The more extreme our predicament, the more extreme will be the solutions.

Our government may have the power to rule over us, but it certainly does not have the right, it is not fit for purpose and in no way meets the requirements of a democratic government because it in no way represents us.

Like all dictators in history, from Genghis Khan to Hitler and now the European Islamic Union and globalists in general, they’re quite prepared to use genocide in their pursuit of power and control. This time we’re the victims of the new holocaust.

Theresa May hasn’t been awarded a Charlemagne Prize yet, but I’m sure she’s working very hard to achieve what I’m sure she believes is a great honour.

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I'm not living in the UK at the moment, and I'm an ex university lecturer in IT and MBA. I don't belong to any political party but if I was in the UK I'd be with UKIP.

46 Comments on The Death of Democracy and the New Holocaust

  1. Instead of passing a law about wheelie bin lids being too far open, why not spend the same amount of time and money passing a law that makes it compulsory to vote, you know to protect what’s left of our sovereignty and our democracy. Plus why not have all public servants on a 5 year contract?

  2. Pam,
    I’m not afraid to mention the jew, if they are involved in history.It seems to me they were involved a lot. Take communism it is a Jewish creation (Karl Marx, Lennon, Trotsky).

    Or the Bolshevik revolution of Russia.
    Churchill “Wrote” There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews”
    “In the Soviet institutions, the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing.

    Lenin declared,” We are exterminating the Bourgeoisie (gentile) as a class” His partner in crime, Apfelbaum (Zinoviev)Stated;”The interests of the revolution require the physical annihilation of the bourgeoisie (gentile)class.”

    The first law passed after the communists seized power in Russia made anti-semitism a crime punishable by death.
    The systematic destruction of the Christian peasantry of Russia as so many vermin,
    beginning with Lenin’s attack on them in the Summer of 1918 and his forced starvation in 1921,has been almost completely ignored in Western history.

  3. Macron has just made a ‘landmark’ speech today on HIS view of the direction the EU should take … See reports on Breitbart & DE.

    Here is one bit of it ….
    ” In comments that are likely to further worry the governments of Visegrad nations like Hungary and Poland who are presently locked in a tug of war with Brussels over Europe’s plan to resettle refugees, Macron said he saw taking in migrants from outside the bloc as a duty. Calling for a common European office for asylum to force the policy, he said: “It is our common duty for Europeans to make room for refugees, but we must do so without leaving the burden to a few, whether they are the country of arrival or the host country.”

    Utter madness. How can ANYONE be so staggeringly stupid.

    • He isn’t stupid, fran, he was put there by the Globalist Marxists, he is their puppet, the French people didn’t bother to look, they just believed what he said. He is following the Agenda, which cannot be fully implemented with that pesky V4 group refusing to play the Globalist ball. Thank God for them, they are all that is slowing the project down slightly.

    • Well, they could be French and become president.

  4. I was surprised to see Winston Churchill’s name listed as a winner of the Charlemagne Prize, so I looked into it. By the way, I think the German town of Aachen must do very well out of presenting this prize, claiming it has ancient links with Charlemagne and his ambitions for the Unity of Europe yadda yadda, yadda. All those international bigwigs descending on the town every year must do wonders for its economy and prestige. Good scam. One of our towns should pinch the idea and award the annual Nigel Farage prize for British Sovereignty, only 100% Brexiteers eligible.

    There have been five prizes for British notables since 1949, when the event was resurrected after WW2. In 1956 it was awarded to Churchill, no doubt for his efforts to avoid the calamity of European Unity under the jackboots of Herr H & Co. Since Winny asserted during his career that if the UK had to choose between Europe and the open sea, we should choose the open sea, he may have accepted the prize more out of courtesy than conviction. Perhaps the medal went into the recesses of a dark cupboard, particularly if he had bothered to look into the background of the first recipient of the prize, Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, a weird cove, unfortunate issue of a marriage between an Austrian and a Japanese, and Founder of the Pan-European Movement, an embryo EU. This guy did not like white Europeans and wanted everyone to be mixed race. Perhaps Smirkel got her C. prize for furthering this aim.
    The other four recipients speak volumes in terms of their utter contempt for Queen and country, patriotism, loyalty, freedom, democracy and the sanctity of the sovereign British nation-state:
    1963 Edward Heath; 1972 Roy Jenkins (1st and only British President of the European Commission);1999 Tony Blair; 2017 Timothy Garton Ash. If you’re not sure of the Ash bod, he’s a history prof, liberal internationalist, Guardian writer; Smirkel supporter; George Soros Supporter. Nuff said?

    Look up the list of prize winners on Flyer’s link or via Wikipaedia; you’ll be surprised by some. Bill Clinton??

    • Not surprised at Clinton, Panmelia – the bought and paid for Saudi Globalist puppet.

      • Sure, Dee, but what was he supposed to have done for ‘European Unity’? Maybe he had a Pan-European mistress he shared with French/German Presidents and EUreaucrats. She transmitted messages in 14 different languages and lived under Bill’s desk in the Oval office.

    • Panmelia – You’re on to it. Bill Clinton and his Missus have made tidy sum out of globalisation as suggested by the vast amounts of Saudi money pumped into his (so called) foundation.

      As the Saudis fund Mosques here and all over Europe, I’m wondering how much of their money finds it’s way quietly into EU departments. This is why I call it the European Islamic Union. I wouldn’t be surprised if Blair is the same. When I’ve done a bit more digging I’m hoping to write another article about it.

      The most depressing thing to me is just how easily some people would sell out their own country.

      In the meantime, well done! We shouldn’t let this go and I’m sure you’ll be like a dog with a bone.

      • E.U. will morph into the United States of Europe and Eurabia with a one world religion called “Chrislam”. (One World Government NWO).
        It is easier to control a mongrel race with no allegiance to nation.
        Have you not heard the pope say we all worship the same God. So the God of islam is the God of Christianity.
        They desecrated a church with a satanic fashion show last week in London ( 1000yr old St Michael’s).
        These people in power are evil to the core!!
        And they are leading the flock astray,like lambs to the slaughter.

  5. Now, jeer ‘dur!’ if you want to, but I just found out what a snowflake is.
    Having come across this term a number of times, here and elsewhere, I have been trying to determine its meaning and origin without success. Today I clicked on a Kipper Central article about petitions to axe the BBC licence which provided 3 links to different ones. One I’d already signed: it got over 100,000 votes but did not get debated in the HoC – some excuse was given. Another petition was one I hadn’t signed, so I promptly did so.
    The 3rd was supposed to be on 38 degrees (?!) so I held my nose and searched for an anti-BBC licence petition without success. The only ones about the beeb I could find were soppy ones supporting the Biased Bullshi**ing Corpse and defending the poor sweetiedahlingluvviechannel from attack.
    Thereupon I began to exit the site in disgust and came upon their explanation of its name: ’38 degrees – the angle at which snowflakes come together to form an avalanche’. Yay, all was explained: snowflakes are Leftards in a cosy, caring disguise!
    If you already knew this, please ignore my ignorance.

  6. ‘Subtle initiatives [in Germany] to encourage interbreeding …’
    They’re not so subtle in the UK, are they? Every other advert shows mixed race couples – white woman, black guy 99% of the time, with mixed race children. Everyone’s fine and dandy, apparently; no problems, no tensions with relatives, no racism from anyone – not even the blacks. The same stuff is presented in soaps and plays as perfectly normal and unremarkable. Maybe it is in real life in Londonistan, but not in most places in the country, so a false image is being deliberately projected. Why?
    BAME groups are over-represented (in ratio to the whole population) on TV as newsreaders, reporters, interviewers, presenters. There always has to be at least one black actor in a drama to get together with a white woman – it used to be called ‘token’, but now it’s mandatory. Apparently, prior to 1066, William the Conqueror had a smart black envoy who went over to England to lay down the law to the English aristocrats about William’s right to the throne. This was included in a history programme about the Battle of Hastings with no information or evidence whatsoever that this envoy existed. It’s all of a piece with the PC persuasion of the masses that blacks have always lived in vast numbers in the UK and Europe; it’s just that no one noticed they were there.
    A massive operation to push multiculturalism is going on in several fields: advertising, arts and music, television dramas and documentary, film, theatre and, of course, politics. Don’t fall for the politicians’ lies that they regard multiculti as a failed strategy; that was a ruse to make us think it was going to be reversed. See any sign of that yet? I haven’t.

    • Panmelia what you post is so true. Me and the wife went to the cinema last night; the children were busy with my wife’s relatives so we made a big evening out. I was almost physically sick in the cinema; 20 minutes of adverts (I timed it) and 4 out of 5 had a hidden multiculti/multiracial agenda – in some cases (eg VW cars) the race message seemed to be more impt than selling cars.Blacks were uniformly portrayed in a positive and desirable light; white men were often portrayed in the geek or dope role.
      This is not about rogue companies with a personal taste this is subtle reinforcement of the “white women out of guilt/lust should mate with the superior black element” . How much this succeeds I dont know. I suppose some at least of the women will have a cold awakening and find themselves in the circumstances where they become a victim of crime of serious nature.

      • @ citizenkain
        That whole ‘guilty white women obliged to have sex with black men’ phenomenon was seen in the USA during the 1960s/1970s civil rights struggles, the era of Black Panthers and ‘Black is beautiful’. There was a loosening of sexual morals at that time anyway which, combined with the Leftist ethos that all whites are guilty of slavery and the rape of black women slaves (even if not personally responsible) produced a belief that a way of making reparation was for the white women to submit to the sexual advances of black men. It would have been racist to refuse them. The white men’s contribution was to hand over their girlfriends without demur.
        I watched a documentary a few years ago in which the women coerced into sex, much older now, resented what had happened and their own gullibility in being made use of by the men, black AND white. Some black men admitted that they thought the idealist white blokes were dumb, but took advantage of what was on offer.
        The right of a woman to say ‘No’ was trampled into the mud in the cause of anti-racism. It’s typical of the muddled thinking of Leftards and we are still seeing the effects of their double standards today in the UK re the islamic oppression of women and Leftist tolerance of it.

    • Where have all the Cockneys gone?

  7. One problem with this wonderful site is that contributors become familiar and expert with their understanding of the problems and challenges that exist in our world. Those problems and challenges are born out of rogue ideologies and power grabbing elitists. The problem is that with that developed understanding it is then more difficult to relate to those who are not so enlightened.
    We must talk in simple terms to people find achievable goals which undermine those ideologies. This is a mission for humanity. Remember there are Muslims who are trapped, people are people, and they are not the problem or challenge.
    We need to unpick the problem and some answers will be found in unexpected places, such as our own religious authorities. In the meantime information and persuasion as of the evangelistic fervour of old, but with secular purpose.
    This may sound simplistic, and it will be a struggle but no more than that had by brave souls gone before. I am sorry and do not want to offend but I see all religion as a temporary crutch used in man’s understanding of life and destiny. Have belief in the human spirit and ultimate victory of light over dark. The flame has flickered before, giving up or running away are not options.
    So, Dee, how impertinent of me, but do not lose faith you are not alone, blinkers on.

    • You are right, Kim! I often remind myself and himindoors that we were so lucky with our young days, even if we didn’t have much, we had peace. Through the centuries, few have been so lucky, and have always had to fight, and win one way or another.
      My mission is trying to educate others, while educating myself as well. I rarely give way, but there is so much truth in this article of Flyers we need to face.

      Additionally, I don’t think it is unrealistic to hope that some of our young see it as important to rebuild in a safe place, historically this has always been done.

  8. I sent a message to Ms Dismay yesterday via the 10 Downing Street facility for contacting her. It was headed ‘Ignorance or Deliberate Betrayal?’ and took her to task for the grovelfest Florence speech that so delighted our EU enemies. I also informed her that ‘we’ (left vague) know all about the 1995 Barcelona Agreement, the C-K Plan and Charlemagne Prizes, the UN’s Agenda 21, the Globalist agenda and Merkel’s blatant plans for white genocide in Germany. I asked her when she would publicly withdraw from the pro-islamic Barcelona Agreement and told her we were watching every move she made.
    Now all I can hope for is that the apparatchik who goes through the messages sees fit to pass the gist of it onto the current occupant of No. 10 along with other frank messages from the voters.

    • Go for it Pam,
      I see you are asking when (and maybe how) we rescind the 1995 Barcelona Declaration, which is a question that interested me when I posted on another thread.
      I didn`t get any answer or reaction there (I think – how you can find what you commented on previously, even 2 days ago is beyond me)
      Could it be one of the EU bits and pieces that will be brought into UK law by the Great Repeal Bill> and then presumably we ditch it.
      Please somebody explain to me the process of that bill e.g when do we get rid of the bits we don`t want? and who decides etc.

    • Well done Panmelia I am always energised by your spirited attacks against the corrupt elites

    • Jolly well done, Panmelia. Great to read this post.
      A desperate day on here for some reason (I don’t like Mondays?), what with Flyer’s good but depressing article etc. and I have been wondering to what new level I can take my frustration.
      Should more of us do this?

      Meantime, I wonder how they will weave a weasly response to that little lot!
      Don’t keep us in suspense, will you?

      • You could always try your hand at writing articles for UKIP Daily …

      • Eliza, they don’t bother replying to these messages in a weaselly way or otherwise.
        I might even now have someone investigating my background. Who knows, these days? Reading Michael Shrimpton’s articles puts one’s teeth on edge. Still, if they invite messages to 10 Downing St, they cannot expect unending paeans of praise.

  9. The only ray of hope that I see is the AfD gaining the claimed 100 seats, although I am disappointed that the evil Merkel has not suffered a complete defeat. Surely that result should make the naysayers opposed to AMW for UKIP leader think again?

    We must fight on, whatever that entails, for the sake of our descendants.

  10. Brexit is the life line to save democracy. If Brexit fails then democracy is dead and we will have drowned in a EU dictatorship. Only once Brexit is secured can we the British people secure our own future and solve our own problems.

    • First task; secure a clean exit from the EU.

      Step 2; destroy the EU so that the globalists cannot take us back in.

      Step 3; we need to take on those globalists and remove their influence. Difficult I know but essential.

      Rules of the game? There are none; the only thing that matters is their defeat.

  11. I am sure, Rainstorm.
    In fact recent events have made me more certain of the faith I was born into.
    At present feeling like the deceived wife whose husband’s second family turn up to his funeral for their share of the will.
    So angry and very determined to see reversal of the plan.

    The AFD are considering bringing charges against Merkel. I wonder if others in the EU could assist them. After all they want us to be one damned state don’t they and their pain is our pain and all that, ie shifting their illegals our way, and anyway, national laws need not apply, do they, when we have the ECJ?

    Can’t we find a way to Hoist them with their own blood soaked petards?

  12. Churchill many believe to be an English gent,
    But he was not. His mother was a Jewess so that makes him Jewish.The history we have been told in our education is propaganda.
    You have to research the real history of what actually happened in both world wars.
    How more Germans died at the end of WW 2 than during and Churchill knew about it all part of the genocidal plan.
    How do you defeat a demoralized people rape their women,girls using mudslimes to do it.
    Tens of thousands of our girls have been raped up and down the land, how many do you think were impregnated by the darker races. Result future coffee-coloured children.
    We scratch our heads and wonder why the authorities turned a blind eye. We are truly living in dire times.Wake up,some people have, it’s called “White Genocide”.

  13. So sad, and so true, Flyer. I would urge all younger people to look at moving to Hungary or Poland, even Russia, because I fear this is an unwinnable war. We only notice it now that we are in the final stages of the plan, and even then many have been educated to believe that it’s all good.

    I’m sure John Rees-Evans will not abandon Britain while there is still a chance – but that he has bought a small holding in, is it Bulgaria shows not that he is in any way a coward, but that he is preparing, if necessary, to save his family.

    I really don’t want to see all our young people sacrificed to an unwinnable war – the survival of our young is critical, wherever it has to be that they make their homes.

    I believe those that are left will have to live like the whites now do in South Africa – and unless you are rich, it is not what any of us would want for our children. I cling to the hope that Scottish Pride, which may now manifest itself in the unlikeable SNP may actually save Scotland, at least in the short term, because it is where my dear family have settled, and they refuse to move.

    Time to be realistic, folks, I’m afraid, unpalatable as that may be. We that are left will do what we can, but frankly, we haven’t a hope.

    • Dee,?.
      You sound like the lads sitting around in Mr Bav’s clip from ‘Animal House’.
      I cannot bear it.
      And that is no criticism, just feeling tearful.

      • Sorry, Eliza – I lost my fighting spirit there for a minute! Because you and I know, the more we educate ourselves, that with the Government’s against us for the first time for a very long time things aren’t going to be easy.
        But all is not yet completely hopeless. At the Last Day of Silence March on Saturday an ex-Muslim said that many of his friends were only token Muslims because they were afraid to leave due to repercussions – we need to remove the building blocks that enable Wahhabism to flourish. This is why we need to get rid of halal (angagram of Allah). Please share this video.
        Chin up! Onward and upward! Very many apologies for upsetting you – it is tricky to look stuff in the face, but having a fall-back plan helps enormously if you can even get together with friends and hatch one up.
        Love you!

        • Dear Dee, thank you so much.

          It was an immeasurable relief to find like minded people on here and reading regular posters on here such as you is reassuring in unasssuring times.

          There is strength (and comfort) in numbers and now just hope there will soon be a powerful, recharged direction with a worthy leader to get behind.

          If only I were part of the Elite and a mole.
          Sorry too, I gave way. Feeling better now.?

      • The reason I came to live in Spain is because I saw this coming, I spoke up then but no one was listening so, “better that I be a foreigner in a foreign land than an alien in the land of my birth”. This quotation is not to be found in any book of quotations but please feel free to use it, it may be the last bit of freedom you have.

    • We forget God at our peril, the evil wretches in power have mocked ridiculed decried God in their lust to enslave us. We must unite on bended knee and ask God for forgiveness.
      We have allowed the evil one’s to run amok under the guise of tolerance (submission) Unite under the banner of the Lord and take up the sword of truth.
      For inspiration I read ” Joan of Arc”, by Mark Twain who devoted 12 years of research into this last book.
      He said it was the finest book he had ever written.He went on many trips to France, As usual this book has been hidden from us.
      17year old peasant girl was the supreme commander of the French army under the guidance of God she defeated the English in the 100 years war. She lived 1412-31 she stayed true to her faith,she was betrayed and handed over to the English who burned her at the stake,she was 19.Her heart remained undamaged because it was true and pure.Wonderful book done with passion and thoroughly researched.
      Under God nothing is impossible.

      • For anyone interested, the book is available from Amazon.

      • @ rainstorm
        Yeah, god really took care of his protegee, Joan, when he allowed her to be agonisingly burned alive, didn’t he, and of all the millions of others who died in his/her/its name. jehovah, god, allah – the triple threat disaster of mad monotheism, all 3 of them vindictive, vengeful, jealous, bossy, controlling and very easily offended, considering how omniscient and how omnipotent they’re supposed to be. You wouldn’t think that supreme beings of the universe would allow a puny human to upset them by not believing in them, but apparently they do – and eternal punishment follows. Everything that has been reported about these gods bears the unmistakable mark of man-made (and I mean MALE) psycho bullsh*t, the purpose of which is to frighten poor saps into compliance and elevate the bullshi**er in status, wealth & power.
        Of the 3 versions, allaaarrgghh is undoubtedly the worst, and we have enough problems dealing with its low-IQ followers infesting our country, without having to pay attention to the one we saw through quite a while back.
        Give me hinduism any day – at least there’s a wide choice of deities.

        • Panmelia, I agree with you up to a point – but have you considered that God can be hijacked by those that have been given life and free will?

          • Dee, respect you to death, but on this one I think I’m in complete agreement with Panmelia.

            Whole purpose surely, of a god as described, is to keep the masses cringing.

            Makes them easier to control don’t ya know.

          • Thanks, Rob! I really do see where you guys are coming from – but the free will is, to me, the important bit. Any planet will, I expect, be subject to natural disaster, but apart from that, all other disaster is man made – to make themselves feel better (I think even the worse of us need to excuse, somehow, what we do – and there might be a reason for that) people find an excuse, whether that is ‘religion’ ‘for the greater good’ or any number of different permutations.

        • Not a sermon because I have been a fence sitter most of my life on the topic of religion which is not the same as believing in God.
          I do believe, like many, in good and evil, light and dark and also that if man only followed the Ten Commandments and God’s Word through Christ’s teaching in as much as ‘do unto others’ , ‘love thy neighbour’ etc. then many, if not most, ills of the world would not exist.

          That at least is hard to dispute. The rest is window dressing and yes, control. But that is of man.
          Jesus seeks to save us from ourselves as his ‘children’. It is quite simple really.
          The practice of it is the hard part.

        • Panmelia,
          God gives you free will,you can use it for good or evil. I’m not that religious,but I remember at school singing the lords hymn and learning about “Jesus” and all that is good.It has been the benchmark of our civilization for over 1000yrs and people tried to be good and honest. Take away all that and what’s left or where is our moral base.It opens the door for people to interprete what is good,which we are seeing now,good is evil,black is white and so on ,double speak how to confuse the masses. God does not interfere in man’s actions. He gave us “Jesus, Joan of Arc” all that is pure and good and still we do not believe.

          They lived and died, by the wickedness of man. For “ye of little faith”.
          Every man women must choose, I choose God,Jesus Christ the son of God.

          • @rainstorm
            Jesus was also the son of a Jewess and lived in the land of the Jews. Yet, judging from previous posts on here, you are not too keen on Jews. ‘The Protocols of Zion’, which in an earlier post on another page, you claimed was true, was long ago definitively shown to be an excerpt from a novel written by an anti-Semite. It was proclaimed by Herr H & Co to be discovered as a genuine document written by Jews and used as ‘proof’ that they were plotting to take over the world. This justified the attempt to eliminate Jews in the ‘Final Solution’.
            I have seen no evidence that Churchill’s mother was a Jewess, as you claim in an earlier post on this page, but even if she was, it makes no difference to his crucial role in our country’s resistance and survival in WW2.

            The Jewish people’s real curse was believing they were god’s ‘Chosen People’ and continuing to believe ‘he’ would look after them despite the strongest possible evidence that ‘he’ did not, nor ever would, being imaginary. Unfortunately, that god meme was passed on through the Judaic offshoot religion, Christianity; an improvement on the ferocity of the OT, certainly, but still an export from the Middle East, a cauldron of religious conflict then and now. Even more disastrously, an unbalanced mish-mash of Judaism & Christianity was reinvented by a mentally ill ‘prophet’ hearing voices, who named it islam and added his own distinctive spin of mercenary revenge on unbelievers. islam justified the urge to conquer, convert, subjugate or kill.

            And here we are today, wallowing in the mess created by the god meme that spread all over the world in a more or less virulent form depending on the particular brand. Two of those brands have been modified and become more humane with time; islam has not, probably because the angry god allah (mirroring his angry inventor, mohammed) appeals to the very worst in human nature, indulging and encouraging the negative, destructive aspects of the psyche.
            Judaism is not a threat to world peace, but islam is.

    • Dee, we all need to stay strong. I believe that, slowly, more are being awakened to reality.

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