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David Kurten’s Conference Speech – Part Two

Ed: here is Part Two of David Kurten’s excellent speech at Conference, given on Saturday 30th September 2017. We have published Part One yesterday.

Yesterday (Friday 29th September) at conference was a fantastic day – we have a new leader who will take us on to victory, and a new campaign: ‘Out Now’, but as far as Education is concerned there were two immensely important speeches made yesterday:

Steve Crowther mentioned Gramscian Marxism, and Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali mentioned both Gramsci and Marcuse. But who are these people? They were both members of the Frankfurt School, made up of people involved in Lenin’s Russian Revolution who went to Germany and later to the United States. Their aim is to undermine the institutions of the Western world to bring it to a place where Marxism and Communism will take over the West.

We have had a cultural revolution in this country which was not violent but no less profound than the French, Russian and Chinese revolutions. The Western cultural revolution of 1968 is widely recognized in Europe – the phrase “the 68ers” is commonplace and well understood. This was the year when the seed sown by the Frankfurt School came to fruition, and from then on everything which gave identity and stability and grounding to individuals in society was relentlessly attacked, deconstructed and dismantled.

50 years later and it still goes on. Christianity is mocked and ridiculed relentlessly, and the traditional family is under attack. Bishop Michael hit the nail on the head yesterday when he pointed out that Christian values are not being passed on from mothers to children. Marxists know this and will do everything they can to stop the transmission of values in the family.

Marriage itself is under attack and the millennia old definition of marriage has been re-defined – by the Conservative party! And if you disagree and hold to the Christian traditional definition of marriage increasingly you find that you are penalized or punished, increasingly so if you are a teacher. There is another redefinition coming – group marriages Colombia … already propagandized by the BBC and the Guardian. Well, we need to stand up and say that no-one should ever be penalized or punished for believing that marriage is between a man and a woman.

But Cultural Marxists are going even further. Our very identity in our biological sex is being undermined. Even ten years ago everyone had a proper scientific understanding of gender or biological sex. There are two genders: male and female determined by your anatomy and your chromosomes, and everything else is nonsense.

This is part of a wider attack on masculinity, and the useful idiots called radical feminists who go well beyond demanding equality for women – which is good – but demanding special rights and a demonization of masculinity, now find they are on the receiving end of attacks by violent transgender women, who are really men.

That could be considered rather amusing as the left is cannibalizing itself, but what isn’t amusing is the push to confuse and sexualize the very youngest of our children in primary schools. The Conservative’s plan for compulsory ‘Relationship Education’ will come in next September, but already many local authorities are pushing explicit ‘educational material’ onto young children which is far too much too young.

Children are being taught something called genderqueer theory – that they choose who they are out of 67 genders. This was introduced and popularized by Judith Butler – who is not a Biologist, not even a Psychologist. She is a Professor of Comparative Literature! At Berkeley – one of the most far-out radical left Universities in the world!

It really beggars belief that the Conservative Party is pushing this nonsense as Science. It is not. It is not just nonsense but dangerously subversive of nature. There is no other party but UKIP who will put a stop to this; all the others are signed up.

But while they are in power Church schools and Jewish schools are being attacked for teaching traditional and conservative values. One Jewish school in North London was failed – despite being an excellent school in every other area – they were failed by Ofsted for teaching about the traditional family, and avoiding confusing their children with trans theory and gender theory.

Ofsted need a damn good clear out. It is a swamp which needs to be drained. The Head of Ofsted is appointed by the Education Secretary and Ofsted have the power in Education. The current Head of Ofsted has gone to war on what she calls ‘Cultural Conservatives.’ This is madness: how can we have an appointee who oversees standards in education appointed by the Conservative party who advocates the suppression of cultural conservatism?

Well if I were Education Secretary I would have 2 words for this new boss of Ofsted: ‘You’re Fired!’

Tony Blair spoke of the evil forces of Conservatism. We are the forces of Conservatism, and you are the wicked one. Well I have news for you, Mr. Blair  – we are the forces of conservatism! We will stand up for our nation, our faith, our history, our heritage and our identity.

Where you have sown confusion, we will bring clarity and reason.

Where you are deconstructing and dismantling our nation – trying to dissolve it into the EU, and denying our young people any sense of identity in our nation, our faith, in family or even in their own identity and boys or girls, men and women, we will revive our nation once again. We will build up what you are trying to tear down, and you will not prevail!

We will take back control of our nation and our Education system and see that it is fit for our Sovereign nation – our United Kingdom, Great Britain!


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About David Kurten AM (4 Articles)
David Kurten AM is a member of the London assembly. He is currently a candidate in the UKIP Leadership Contest

8 Comments on David Kurten’s Conference Speech – Part Two

  1. A breath of fresh air to hear such common sense. Of course, certain factions will rant and rave but put to the test of elections, it will be clear which side the broader public supports.

  2. I, too, think this was a good and important speech.

  3. Very good speech/article, and I wholeheartedly agree with everything stated.
    I do hope that Mr Kurten retains a top position in Henry’s UKIP team.
    I was reading today about how Tommy Robinson was due to give a speech via Skype to students at Columbia University in the USA, however he was prevented from doing so by ‘alt-left’ protestors:
    Tommy is right, and so is Mr Kurten, our universities have become breeding grounds for far-left extremism, where anyone who has a different opinion or speaks out against the ‘dogma’ and ‘doctrine’ of the left is immediately denounced as a ‘fascist’.
    The left claim to value free speech, just as long as you agree with their opinions. Our educational establishments are just churning out mindless drones and zombies, unable to think for themselves, or engage in any kind of open debate.

  4. Another excellent article Mr. Kutens.

  5. Excellent two-parter David.
    I won`t set out to be critical of it, but I would like to point out two basic omissions.
    a)In the context of UKIP and our search for “relevance” to our future involvement in affairs of this nation;
    Our children are being taught that they are “children of the EU” they are in fact being brainwashed from a very early age into a state of what I term EU “Think”, just as deviants groom or condition young people into abhorrent practices, so does the EU claptrapacy instil thought processes into the young, that continue into everyday life so that eventually our Parliament, Local Government, all organs of the establishment etc, become infected with what is in fact, unquestioning subservience to their “parent” the EU.
    I would suggest David creates a new subject to be studied “The `real` history of the EU and its lies”
    But, exposing and getting rid of EU “Think” from all aspects of British life must be David`s and UKIP`s primary task
    b) I don`t think he made specific mention of the attempted prosyletisation of Islam into our schools and education system (a la Birmingham)
    “we don`t do god” – (“we don`t do Islam”), perhaps was well said by a certain Blair adviser, if he really meant we don`t do the bleaker aspects of the Judeo/Christian religion, so should we not do those measures, we are told, (particularly by AMW and is it Hugo?) in the Koran.

  6. Very good indeed. He talks sense.

  7. This subject is perfect for snide jokes in both directions. Recall as many as you can and let us all use them.

  8. My comments on part one also apply to this. By the way –Congratulations.

    Again bibliography, reasoning and deductions ( you may have to do some deconstruction as well – good luck with that. These people are seriously brilliant with words – by their definitions )

    I think your biggest challenge however, will be to do a Nigel on it, and reduce it to as few and obvious words as possible. For us to be able to explain. and promulgate.

    Unbelievably important!

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