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The tally is now at 5 terror attacks within 6 months in the UK.  Across Europe, it’s even higher.  Still, as you can guess, the politicians are singing the same tune.  “Will not divide us”, “carry on as usual”, “nothing to do with” etc.

London has come under attack again, as it will again and again.  The Islamic attackers have set aside trucks and knives for the moment and returned to bombs on the tube.  29 people were injured on the District Line at Parsons Green last week when a timed device failed to inflict its carnage. Due to sheer good luck, scores weren’t killed.  Who knows how the dice will fall next time, and the time after that?

In France, there was a double event in one day.  A knife-wielding man plunged at a soldier in Paris, but again just by luck, nobody was killed.  This, of course, reminds us of a similar attack just weeks ago outside Buckingham Palace in London.  Here, a man attacked police with a sword, having first attempted to hit them with a car.  Back in France, on the same day as the latest London and Paris attacks, two women were critically injured in a hammer attack in Lyon – by a man shouting “Allahu akbar”.

We are at a critical juncture now.  There is no more time or room for platitudes.  People are dying and will continue to die until tough action is taken.

I’m frequently told that my tough response to Islamic terror will make things worse, but how much worse can it be?  How can it be worse than a Europe that cowers in fear and all but apologises to those who attack us?  What ‘worse’ do my critics have in mind?  Perhaps open warfare on the streets (that is, more open warfare) is what they fear.  But this is what we’re going to get in any case.  Unless we have leaders who fight back on behalf of the people, then the people may do it themselves.  There is trouble ahead, and either we fight back now and come out the other side with our society intact, or there will be no other side.  We will submit to Islam and our society will be gone for good.

The only peaceful way to fight back now is with new politics and new politicians, and if UKIP will allow me to lead, that is what I will provide.

It’s difficult for me to write about other candidates as that is not the campaigning I want (I want to talk about the issues, not the people, but on this occasion, the issue is the people).  Many of my fellow candidates have recently found a sudden interest in Islam, but it isn’t real.  I know what knowledge of Islam looks like, and I don’t see it on the UKIP leadership candidate panel; no matter what other fine attributes they have (and they do).  This is not a serious issue for them, and I know in my heart that if any were to win, Islam would not be tackled – it simply won’t happen.

Furthermore, we need clear policies on the other key issues at home: NHS, housing, police, jobs, education, immigration…. I have offered all of these from the beginning, and I will continue to.  I care a great deal about many things, and my passion is clear.  I hope UKIP members will allow me to turn that passion into leadership.

But Islam is now key – it will both interest the public and win their votes.  ‘Same old, same old’, including from UKIP candidates, will not do.  “Not all Muslims” will not do, blaming the problems on Wahhabism will not do, blaming a perversion of scripture or a tiny minority of extremists will not do.  We have an enormous problem here, and that problem is in the Koran.

Across the Muslim world, vast majorities support the barbarism of sharia and there is simply no concept of Western-style freedom, even in the most ‘moderate’ of countries.  The British people need to know this, so they can then decide what to do about it.  Living with the comfortable lie of a ‘tiny minority of extremists’ will not do.

I have been heavily criticized not because what I say isn’t true, but because of those I have worked with.  There is certain company I won’t keep – I won’t stand with anti-Semites, or racists, or misogynists, or homophobes.  I’ve stuck to this throughout (and been criticized for that as well).  But the company I’m criticized for keeping usually amounts to Tommy Robinson, a man who is widely admired across the country.  Only those who are completely out of touch and ensconced in the bubble (this very much includes some in UKIP) don’t seem to realize this.

Tommy Robinson, like me, comes from a working-class background and he has been a voice for the working class against mass Muslim immigration for years. I admire him for it and I will never regret or apologise for a moment I have spent in his company.

This is a key time for UKIP as a party and the UK as a nation.  My passion to save this country from the irreversible and negative change will not dampen, but I worry that smear tactics, lies, and bandwagon-jumping may derail those of us who know that change is needed now, not in 10 or 20 years.

If I become UKIP leader, I will not back down, I will not cower, I will not apologise. I will support the British public in their call for an end to immigration from Muslim societies.  I and others understand that Muslim immigration means Islam, and it is Islam that we do not want.  Islam, by any literal reading, is a religion of totalitarianism and tyranny.  Individual Muslims certainly can, but Islam itself is unlikely to adapt because its own scriptures won’t allow it.

“Reform” is showing no signs of success (now or in the past), and why should this occur in Europe or the West at all?  How many Westerners will be killed or raped as we generously open up our societies for Muslims to reform?  To carry out inter-Islam wars on our soil?  No.

This must be understood and can only be understood when we have leaders who know Islam and can talk about it, knowing every trick that the journalists will pull.

The time is now, the election is now, the UKIP leadership is now.  If I can, I will take this fight forward in a way that no other politician will do.  If not, we wait… very probably until it really is too late.

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  1. I note the following report from the BBC:

    Draw your own conclusions.

  2. Anne Marie, you are the bravest woman I know. Of course, I have voted for you and today I put a £20 bet on that you would win, not so much to win money (which if I do, I’ll donate to For Britain), but to show faith in you and your greatest weapon: truth. You are the only politician to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about islam and its appalling treatment of girls and women in 21st century Britain. After more than two centuries of struggle for women to be recognised as equals to the other half of the human race in the UK, no British woman should tolerate the subjugation of their own gender in their own country. Yet it IS tolerated and by a female PM, too, nicknamed sharia May on ukipdaily.
    Thank you for your article, and please look after your health in what must be a pretty stressful situation.

  3. Vivian,


  4. Dear Vivian,
    It seems as if no one has read Stout Yoemans letters about his research into FGM in Britain. Perhaps they should be repeated.
    If these are correct it appears that Muslims are not carrying out this process in a civilised society.
    So, maybe they’re learning. Maybe our Elite were right.
    After all we’ve got enormous numbers of radicalised proto communists ( in all but name ) in our own children.
    Maybe our elite are just being slow, or being hindered. Socialists have a complete history of joining/fostering/making revolution.

    We need more clarity. Beyond what we’re told.

    In this instance there’s too much secrecy. I think it comes naturally to our scary PM.

    • Good idea, reminding readers of Stout Yeoman’s letters. Here are the links:

      A week is a long time in politics – awfully long …

    • The link to the House of Commons
      Home Affairs Committee Female genital mutilation: abuse unchecked
      Ninth Report of Session 2016–17
      You need to read the whole report.
      Note paragraph 41. FGM is a hidden crime, practised in some communities within the UK on a daily basis. There is no doubt about the Government’s willingness to confront this abuse but unless sufficient resources are provided to those groups who work and campaign within the communities where FGM is practised, efforts to prevent it will be in vain.

      • The report states that “In the UK, the existence of women and girls living with the effects of FGM is almost wholly the result of migration from practising countries” which is consistent with my report of a report.

        • It states it is practised daily within the UK which in my opinion is unacceptable. Of course it is almost wholly the result of migration FGM is not a Christian practise.If we hadn’t had the migration we wouldn’t now have the problem.

          • The report uses the report I did but no evidence is offered for para 41.

            If it is “hidden” how do they know about it? If what they claim is true it is not “hidden” but known.

    • @tgspokes
      People who are convinced by government platitudes and government statistics are very easily won over, wouldn’t you say, even gullible?
      A few weeks ago, it was announced there were 20,000+ girls at risk of FGM. Where did they all go? According to SY, down to 8 or even fewer. It beggars belief.
      As for the Tory government being determined to act on FGM, I’d say that their seven years of failure between 2010 and 2017 to secure one conviction, added to the 12 years between 1985 and 1997 under Thatcher & Major is not a convincing record. Obviously, I had no expectation of the 1997 – 2010 loser Labour government upsetting their muslim client voters by enforcing the two laws (passed in 1985 & 2003) against FGM being inflicted in or out of this country.
      Shame, SHAME, SHAME!! on all the mainstream parties in the UK. And FGM IS STILL a UKIP issue. Well, it will be if AMW has anything to do with it. She’s like a good dose of salts through our rotten, corrupt system.

  5. I promised myself that I’d post nothing on here until after conference, but since AMW has offered her views I just can’t help it.
    I’m twice elected, on the same day, in the same ward, at District and at Parish, as UKIP and as an Independent. I got more votes as an Independent and that was at our peak. One you get elected, in accordance with UKIP policy and in simple common sense, you must put your residents before your party. Those residents don’t want a UKIP that concentrates on Islam and I agree with them. They know that starting a conflict with the followers of a huge religion is a big mistake and will achieve nothing except further radicalisation and strife. Every one knows the extent of the problem, the debate is about how to deal with it.

    AMW’s way is plain wrong and will simply make us unelectable. That’s why UKIP members who hold office are unlikely to continue supporting our party if she wins. I want to make a difference to my community, not demonstrate my anger at the relatively small ( but admittedly very dangerous) number of people who take literally the most contentious parts of their holy book or who interpret it to fit their own twisted purposes.

    Should UKIP turn into one of the organisations that AMW seems to be happy to associate with, it would be electoral suicide to stay in UKIP and the people I represent are more important to me than “party loyalty”.
    I am of no use to them and can’t oppose the Tory council by shouting from the sidelines. Similarly UKIP would be no threat to Government and would be ignored.

    • But what are you shouting to the Tory council about? Parking fines? Adult care? Planning decisions? These are all small things that are worth sacrificing in pursuit of victory in a battle as important to our nation as the second world war. Rather than being invaded from without, we are being invaded from within. If AMW wins UKIP will become a totally different party, one which isn’t electable in the sense you have got used to. People like you (and I) will be gone, and others with eyes on the bigger picture will take our place. UKIPs role will be to force public debate about whether or not islam is compatible with british society, and what changes islam needs to make to fit in with us, but not the other way round. UKIP will ‘grasp the big and let go the small’.

      • We know Islam is not compatible with our society and we seek to bridge the gap, partly by making sure extreme forms are not tolerated and encouraging moderates. We still feel the establishment is not up to the job, it too needs changing but it will not be a quick process, there is no magic wand. What are you going to do, expel Muslims, close all mosques and so on ? That is not acceptable. Honest peaceful established citizens need protection, all under one law, whatever their religion or origin. Controlling borders is another matter and essential.

        Those “small” things do matter, quite a lot. We were elected to deal with them. Maybe some of us could have moved on to higher things but the way forward you champion will result in there being no experienced people to fill higher offices.

        It’s correct my District has few Muslims and those nearby cause few problems but we sill have huge problems with mass immigration. For us that’s a more pressing issue.

    • I guess that you must live somewhere which has not been changed for the worse by the invader. Many places have and it is simply unacceptable; it has to stop.

    • If I was still a member, I would not actually vote AMW, although I can’t help but admire her courage. But icini could you name any countries, either Muslim dominated for generations or where the Muslim population has become significant, that is reasonably stable or where other religions or secularism live happily together with Islam?

      Your residents may, at present be mostly concerned with potholes along their streets, but I’m worried about the future for our grandchildren. I wonder how many people were only worried about small inconveniences in their lives as Chamberlain went to have a chat with Hitler, soon to realise that these were insignificant compared to the hell that soon came upon them.

      • Jorden, Morocco, maybe pre revolution Egypt, some of the smaller Gulf states. We have this unfortunate tendency to consider that democracy is the way forward for Islamic states, that’s not something that features heavily in the Koran. Maybe we should have allowed the strong men to stay in power so long as they did not directly threaten us. There would have been far less “refugees”” if we had left well alone.

        This is not a war, it’s not 1935 or even remotely close to it. Trump and N Korea are a much stronger danger. There is quite a lot we can do to prevent future problems without stirring up further hatred or encouraging extremism amongst the 4% odd of Muslims in the UK. The first one is border control. No electorally viable UKIP means soft brexit…and thus open borders.

      Calm down sir! You will upset yourself and will need to go to bed and have an alka seltzer the way you are worrying. The chances are AMW has not won due to the stodgy numbers of inactive members who have a limited grasp of current affairs/ modern society outwith the subject of BREXIT. Membership is much less in AMW favorable areas and very high in what I will facetiously call iceni areas.
      If AMW wins then the world will not end..not for you and the comfortably off in the libdem/con zones. You will be able to campaign for a change in UKIP rules so that the members go and vote the way they should vote ie somebody who is EU commissioner material.
      Neither you nor I own UKIP. It belongs like all political parties to its members; all the members. If I were Polish I would be an active member of Truth and Justice; if German then AfD. I speak only for myself. You seem to have two political hats on at the same time as you are a councillor in one place as an Independent and in another place as a ‘Kipper’.
      The end of September it will be “make your mind up” time. For all of us.

      • It is traditional in my very large parish that all councillors are independent, we don’t do party politics for good reason. I did not stand against a UKIP candidate, though since I am also UKIP chairman everyone knew exactly where I stand, which is more than I can now say about our party.
        You are right however, after conference will be crunch time for us all.

    • It seems, sadly, that you and I are in a minority on this thread. Having been elected twice myself, once as an independent and once for another party, I can attest that most, as in 95% of people, care more about the simple things in life, like making enough money, having clean, crime free streets and decent schools and housing than worry about who Mr Kassam, the nice man from the paper shop prays to on Fridays.
      You would imagine, if you were reading this thread from, say Canada, that hordes of rabid, mouth-foaming Arabs were running down our streets with a machete in one hand and a half-eaten baby in the other whilst our policemen were arresting everyone buying bacon.

      • Mr Bav. I think the AMW supporters are, like their guru, very verbal. It’s my hope that ordinary members will engage their brains before voting.

      • @ Mr Bav
        If those things actually happened, I doubt that the government would react in a less sluggish way than they have to far worse provocations over many years.
        Hyperbolic humour or ridiculous exaggeration does not score any points. It is a well known technique of Leftard comedians to underplay real concerns and dangers by overplaying them and implying that the people expressing concern are idiots.
        It is not so long ago that two Nigerian muslims WERE running down London streets with machetes and proceeded to hack off a British soldier’s head in full view of the public. No one has claimed that muslims eat babies, so I don’t know how or why you came up with that non-event.
        As for bacon, I still haven’t heard the outcome of the inquiry into the death of a man who was sent to prison for a year but suffered a mysterious death while inside. A blustering old twerp of a judge sent him to prison for leaving slices of bacon on the doorstep of a mosque. I hope the man’s death weighs heavily on the judge’s conscience. Wonder if he can face eating bacon for breakfast these days.

    • “Every one knows the extent of the problem, the debate is about how to deal with it.”

      Not sure that political leaders of LibLabCon understand the extent of the problem. We keep hearing from them “it is a peaceful religion which has been hijacked” or “it is only a tiny minority” etc.

      No, the root of the problem is the Koran and the anti-human, violent, anti-science, anti-Christ teachings within it. A true Muslim following the Koran will marry their cousin, cut off hands and feet from opposite sides, throw gays down from high places, and kill idolators wherever they find them, etc. I have never heard Theresa May, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair etc say these truths. So no, not everyone does understand the extent of the problem.

      Icini, if you could just state that you would be too concerned for your own safety if AMW were leader then that would be an honest position. However nobody can say that the party would be more or less electable, that is pure speculation. It very much depends on the circumstances at the time of the election, as the recent general election has shown. Maybe UKIP will always be relatively unelectable, nevertheless it has shown that it can be hugely influential despite that.

      • Hugo, I served 14 years as a special constable, I’m not timid. However I am concerned for the safety of my family, because I know the AMW approach will lead to more radicalisation and violence, not less.
        Say what you like about the Irish Troubles, but they were eventually resolved by talking, negotiation and diplomacy, not by violence or internment.

    • The Isalm issue MUST be tacked.
      The last few Christians are being murdered in the Middle East and Pakistan right now. The Middle East was once entirely Christian.(In Roman Times)
      If we don’t act, your grandchildren will be murdered a few years from now and this country will be plunged into barbarism.
      ALL Mueslims are complicit in the jihadist crimes just as all Nazi party members were complicit in the holocaust.

  6. A few weeks ago the Prime Minister, for the first time, mentioned that Islamic Terrorism had a connection to Islam.

    How many had to die for a senior politician to mention this?

    The positive side of this reluctance is that they don’t want reprisal attacks which would also radicalise more believers, but the negative side is that the entire establishment has been poisoned by the university created ideology of postmodernist-Marxism which gives minorities a free pass to behave as they wish, while punishing the majority for trivial comments.

    You are aware of the importance of this pernicious secular ideology and there is a mass of activists around the world horrified at its influence who would probably pour money and support into UKIP if the leader made this one of the key aims:

    Brexit, Islam, Postmodernist-Marxism.

    • “A few weeks ago the Prime Minister, for the first time, mentioned that Islamic Terrorism had a connection to Islam.”

      Could you give a link please? This is significant progress.

  7. Anne Marie,

    thank you for this article. You are the only person in Britain standing as a political leader saying what needs to be said. I joined in order to vote for you but was stymied by the rule that was specifically designed (it seems to me) to prevent precisely that.

    The world is no longer divided simply into Left and Right. We are now in a situation whereby the global elitists wish to remove the nation state, and the mechanism they are using is population replacement, by immigration and subsidised reproduction, by a people who not only want a global government but demand it.

    That was the method in Blair’s madness at the end of the 1990s. Open door immigration not primarily for those people who are known to integrate well, the Sikhs, Hindus, Jews and Christians, but people who do not wish to become part of a nationalist culture. The same story happened throughout the Western world, among the members of the Bilderberg countries – coincidence?

    It is noteworthy that Hungary is the leading light in anti-Islamisation and was not (and I believe is still not) a Bilderberg member.

  8. ‘This is not a serious issue for them…’

    I utterly agree as I have posted twice on these pages, including my comment on today’s Editors Spotlight.

    I first neared joining UKIP when I found UKIP Daily and rang the author of an articulate and very direct article on immigration who happened to be a representative of my local branch. I eventually joined and since then I have found that same author is utterly opposed to homing in on vilification of specific groups, seeing it as a way to make the Party unacceptable and unelectable.

    Whilst understandable as human nature, (who does not want to be acceptable or electable?) it is neither brave nor honest nor properly informed, imaginative or far seeing.

    Then there are those who say, yes it is important but there are other issues of greater importance to the electorate.
    And, we mustn’t make our Party all about Islam.

    Actually there is no subject of greater importance both for our present and future and if some people do not, cannot see it yet the process must be speeded up for them for all our sakes.

    Only now are we seeing other candidates say the sort of things we have been wanting to hear from them, but still, is it enough?
    Do they feel the horror others feel on contemplating an impending changed demographic with a preaching of violence at its core? How do they propose to deal with this, at present, inescapable truth?

    I believe there are very good ideas among the candidates and hope that their talents and experience can be utilised harmoniously.
    Even more so I believe that a complete understanding of the Koran and its real effects on its adherents and all its victims as well as Islam’s tendency to domination, must provide the basis for UKIP’s declarations of political intent in this area.

    ‘Where is the leadership?’ is the current cry in the wake of each attack and fresh uncovering of abuse and answer there keeps coming none.
    The public is overdue informed, adult responses that acknowledge their concerns by giving them structured, effective policies that they can have faith in and vote for.

    Surely UKIP which secured Brexit (nearly and still to be fought for) can give this answer.

  9. Thank you, Anne Marie, for being willing to tell it as it is. That’s why you carry the hopes of so many who have almost given up hope.
    Tommy Robinson is another who is sacrificing a happy normal life in order to try and save his country for his children. You are sacrificing your normal happy carefree life for all of Britains children, especially those suffering under Sharia Law.
    Those of us who support you may get smeared occasionally by others, but you put up with it day and and day out – yet you remain resolute – and continue to tell the truth. Islam is the problem – it’s the inspiration for terrorists, wife beaters, child molesters and rape. Only now has someone come forward with the courage to say so. No-one else has, or will.
    God speed you, Anne Marie, and good luck – you carry the hopes of many outside UKIP too.

  10. You would be well advised to read historian Timothy Garton Ash. He wrote that our national attributes comprised: “Tolerance, common decency, respect for the law, an instinct for fair play, good-neighbourliness, a tendency to support the underdog, a love of sport, much shared complaining about the weather and last but not least a highly developed national sense of humour.”

    Or perhaps read PG Wodehouse, whose Bertie Wooster character berates Roderick Spode, the fictitious leader of the Black Shorts….

    “Because you have succeeded in inducing a handful of halfwits to disfigure the London scene by going around in black shorts you think you’re someone. You hear them shouting ‘Heil, Spode!’ and you imagine it is the Voice Of The People. That is where you make your bloomer. What the Voice Of The People is saying is: ‘Look at that frightful ass Spode swanking around in footer bags! Did you ever in your puff see such a perfect perisher?’”

    The British public laugh at tin-pot wannabe dictators – they always have- which is why Fascism has always failed in Britain. You cannot succeed with a policy of charmless intolerance and puffery. You will not only embarrass a large proportion of naturally conservative voters who would otherwise vote UKIP but by associating with convicted criminals (Robinson/ Fransen/Goulding) and, by flirting with proto-Nazi and neo-Nazi organisations that hide behind a perverse notion of patriotism, you insult the millions of people who fought for, suffered or died to preserve those very national attributes that Britons hold dear.

    The Law -that currently exists and when properly applied – will deal with those Islamic fanatics that need dealing with. Rape, murder and FGM are already illegal. The police and Security Service ARE dealing with it. ISIS is in terminal retreat thanks to Russia. We don’t need to start a civil war, alienate an entire religious group or panic the whole of society. Yes, we have problems but you, Ma’am, are too extreme.

    • Mr Bav,

      You write articulately and amusingly, and you are always worth taking seriously. I enjoyed your examples, even though I don’t recognise their equivalence.

      You end by saying, as other do, that AMW is too extreme. Can you please give a few examples of what she says that is “extreme”, because I see her only telling the truth.

      Perhaps “islam is evil” is the phrase most likely to cause a sharp intake of breath. But, by any reasonable definition of evil, it’s hard to argue that this untrue.

      Is simply telling the truth extreme now?

      • Yes, Mr Bav, do tell. I would love to hear how extreme is it possible to be in response to existential threat.

      • Its the associations with other parties and fringe groups that I find extreme. AMW has long and well documented relationships with leaders from BF BNP EDL and Pegida. Three of these parties are proscribed by UKIP.
        UKIP is still, just, a party with a decent sized membership and has active MEP’s and councillors. The proscribed parties are parasitising UKIP under the aegis of AMW and her wafer-thin aegis of respectability. This infiltration is covert now and if (it could well happen) AMW gets elected UKIP will be torn apart within 2 weeks by a universally hostile set of investigative journalists who will find every skeleton in every closet. Every neo-Nazi nutcase will be exposed. UKIP will cease to be as its financiers pull the plugs and the whole game will be over. Its that bad.

        • If UKIP will not address the clear and present danger of Islam it does not deserve to survive. Simple as that. There is NO OTHER ISSUE as important. The only reason that it was important to get out of the EU was so that we could stop immigration and the destruction of our society by a people unwilling to integrate and intent on domination.

          There is absolutely NO equivalence between anti-Islam and fascism. On the contrary, there is every equivalence between Islam and Naziism. Both want total control of every aspect of people’s lives, hate Jews, and desire world domination. The only difference is that the Koran was supposedly dictated by the Angel Gabriel, whereas Mein Kampf was reasoned out without divine attribution.

          There were just as many appeasers criticising Churchill’s stance towards Hitler before WWII as there are appear to be criticising AMW’s stance towards what is actually an even greater danger.

          At least under Hitler I would still have been able to eat pork and drink beer.

          • You can still eat pork and drink beer. Honestly, it really is still available. My local convenience store, run by a devout Muslim, sells both too, however I prefer the sausages from Tesco’s.

          • it is amazing how fast the puzzle is assemblied.
            I recently posted in another blog, that Brexit was single issue vote, and used literally the same words as you just did.

            with or without UKIP, the support of AMW and Tommy is an avalanche.

            just to emphasize again, UKIP is bad name.
            can somebody explain, what is actually meant by that empty “Independence” mantra?
            Nazi Germany was “Independent” then.
            Iran is “Independent” now, – as well as North Korea and Russia. doesn’t see anything ugly?

            I would suggest “Free West UK” or “Western Way UK” or “Western Civilization UK”.
            name should be chosen to attract friends and infuriate enemies.

        • OK… so it all comes down to smear propaganda. AMW does (to her credit) listen to diverse views. However, I am pretty sure Tommy Robinson left the EDL years ago and BNP’s Nick Griffin is openly hostile to her. There are no genuine associations to any racist, homophobic, and/or supremacist far-right/left group. That is just born of malicious innuendo, clearly at odds with the woman’s record, UKIP campaign and manifesto.

          I have also seen smears labeling AMW a Cultural-Marxist with all sorts of undesirable leftie traits (her Labour Party days?). Nigel Farage needed a Rhinoceros hide to survive all the abuse. Sadly, AMW will probably need one too, especially when it comes from within her own Party.

          Way to go Anne Marie! You must be doing something right when so much disingenuity comes your way. UKIP has floundered badly and clearly some insiders feel very threatened by your popularity and excellent manifesto. Hopefully, you will overcome and UKIP can rise again.

          • I am concerned about Anne Marie’s underlying motivation. She has a track record of intolerance towards religion other than Islam which I think is based on or is at least of a piece with her campaigning on feminism and homosexuality.

            Her support, as I understand it, for policies that undermine the family is perhaps why people have described her as “cultural Marxist” (I haven’t heard that); that’s exactly what the original cultural Marxists sought to do.

            As one who believes that society is based on the family, I can’t support her as leader of UKIP.

          • Leaf on the Wind // September 19, 2017 at 6:55 pm //

            Simon Platt – Well done. Just what was needed, more unsubstantiated innuendo – NOT. So Anne Marie is hostile to religion? So am I. I reserve my personal disgust for the Abrahamic faiths. The others not so much, they don’t really affect me. I do however believe in freedom of religion, as I am sure AMW does. However, like her I believe equally in freedom FROM religion. A right too many people choose to forget.

            AMW a feminist? Puleeeeeze! refer “FEMINISM IS THE NEW MISOGYNY – THE FEMINIST BETRAYAL OF WOMEN” on her ‘’ website.

            Really, that should have been obvious. 3rd Wave Feminist/SJW crazies fully support Muslim victimhood. Why on earth would you expect AMW to be aligned with them?

            Yes, she is gay, she is interested in Gay rights. Hardly a surprise in this day&age. As for anti-family, I really have no idea how you conjured that one up. Frankly the destruction of the family in the West has been going on for decades. I doubt AMW can contribute much, even if she wanted to and I see no evidence that she does and you of course, haven’t provided any.

            Ok, perhaps you are yet another post-modernist, for whom facts are simply whatever you want them to be. Goodness knows, there are enough of those around these days…

      • Oh to infallibly determine “truth”. Until recently in our history women could not vote or obtain degrees. If evil means profoundly immorality and wickedness then Islam only became that relative to us early last century. If it is anti-Semitism that is a criterion then again until recently the West engaged in pogroms for centuries. If it is homophobia then again until recently we used to imprison gays and/or chemically castrate them as happened to Alan Turing.

        So if it is misogyny, anti-Semitism and homophobia that renders Islam evil as previously evil ourselves we should examine how we ceased to be evil. Was it by someone calling us names? Or was it by enlightened thinkers describing a better way?

    • I largely agree with you, Mr Bav, and have voted for a candidate other than Anne Marie, who I think is the wrong man for the job, and “the British public laugh at tin-pot wannabe dictators – they always have- which is why Fascism has always failed in Britain” is I think true…

      But past history is no guarantee of future performance. And the demography of Britain is changing dramatically, as we know.

    • “The Law that currently exists and when properly applied – will deal with those Islamic fanatics that need dealing with. Rape, murder and FGM are already illegal…”

      And AMW says that the Law must apply, ‘no ifs or buts’, to everyone equally. That is her key policy regarding Islam. She wants existing laws enforced. So you and AMW seem to be in total agreement in this respect, yet you refer to AMW as ‘too extreme’? What then I wonder, are you?…

    • Mr Bav, that whole comment indicates to me that you are failing to understand the nature of the threat. Or I think you are, it is hard to understand what you actually mean. No-one is applying the ‘law that currently exists’ or we wouldn’t have Sharia, which some are attempting even now to incorporate into British Law.

      The whole of your first paragraph belongs to the land that Britain once was – but sadly is no longer. ‘Fair play, old chap, don’t attack innocent civilians’ was dumped in the Second World War because Britain was fighting to win, not fighting like ‘gentlemen’ should.

      Rape, murder and FGM are already illegal. Yes they are. Or would be, if the Law was applied. Rape and murder are completely legal under Sharia Law – which is just part of the problem we face. Who will stand up and say so? I don’t,think it will be Theresa May, who thinks Sharia is good for Britain.

      • The law is being applied. Not one terrorist killer ( alleged or actual ) has escaped capture or death in the last 10 years. Hundreds of grooming gang criminals have been arrested and successfully convicted. The Security Service (MI5) and GCHQ have prevented a publicly unknown but significant number of attacks. The RAF and Special Forces prosecute actions against ISIS on a daily basis. Britain IS fighting to win, but within the constraints of existing laws, domestic and international. Theresa May has never stated that ‘ Sharia is good for Britain ‘ That’s simply not true. That she is an ineffective PM is another matter, but I suspect she’s not long for the job either. As for Britain, I wouldn’t say the tatty lion is quite dead yet. The spirit is there. Might be time to wake up a bit though…

        • Mr Bav,

          Prevention is always better than cure; better that they are excluded rather than dealt with for their evil deeds.

        • There have been more people prosecuted for insulting muslims with bacon than for the thousands of FGMs that have occurred since the law was passed (I believe 1 prosecution that resulted in acquital) – so you are talking poppycock (to be polite).

    • What a wonderful Englishman and writer P.G. Wodehouse was! I love reading his novels. So evocative of a better England and one that was not ‘multicultural’ Mister Bav! Do you like drinking alcohol Bav? Do you like dogs Bav? PG did and spoke favourably of both; some other things PG considered tops were -in no particular order – Ballroom Dancing; freedom of religion; bacon sandwiches; black stockings and suspenders; scientific progress; local council elections; freedom of speech.
      ALL THE ABOVE ARE HARAM (BANNED) BY ISLAM. With your Indian origins I would think you knew that.
      Welcome to the monocultural future under Sharia.
      By the way PG Wodehouse spent the War in France under German protection. He often broadcast on Deutsche Welle (German World Radio broadcast in English as well as German).That is fact not fiction as in Spode’s black shorts.
      I have given a lot of time and money to UKIP over the last 8+ years Bavvy and I resent your ludicrous comments above but I welcome at the same time your contributions; which I think is in the spirit of Wodehouse. Touché old boy!

      • That’s the second time you have mentioned my ‘Indian origins’. Once was after I supported Freddy Vashha on a previous thread. As you don’t know me I can assure you that I neither circle wagons on my trusty Mustang taking pot shots at California Joe and General Custer with my war-bow and neither can I beat Freddy at chess whilst nibbling poppadoms playing a Sitar cross-legged on the floor. I can’t beat him at chess full stop… Have another guess….

    • I hope that Brits reject fascism as you suggest.

      Radical Islam and postmodernist-Marxism both look fascist to me.

    • @ Mr Bav
      You’re talking utter nonsense, dear chap, and harking back to a Britain that disappeared in a puff of smoke some time ago. There are different ideas of when that happened, but I focus on 1989, a year in which two very important things occurred. 1) Berlin Wall came down, signalling the end of the Cold War and threat of Soviet Communism. 2) Copies of Rushdie’s ‘The Satanic Verses’ went up – in smoke as muslims burned books, just as the nazis did back in jolly old 1930s Berlin and other German cities. That was a very revealing moment if we had but only known it, demonstrating the childish, hysterical nature of muslims and how easily led they are by some ghastly old imam whipping them up into a frenzy over a book they’d never read. Oh, yeah, and calling on all muslims to kill Rushdie on sight if they ever spotted him. So, the end of the Cold War and the beginning of islamic wars, all in the same year.
      What did the British government do about the burning of books in English streets and death threats against a British citizen? Gave Rushdie bodyguards. End of. Did they stop immigration from muslim countries ? Nah. Did they restrict the number of mosques being built? Nah, nah. Did they set up a scheme of education warning muslims that we don’t burn books in the UK, and that any similar violent behaviour would be severely frowned on and severely punished; and by the way, don’t ever demand sharia law because you won’t get it ? Nah, course not.
      Timothy Garton Ash & Wodehouse are from a different era; they are not the guides to how Britons feel today. We divide into two camps: the Asleep and the Awake. The Awake look at what is going on around them and read the signs, including the total failure of the government and law to deal with sharia, FGM, halal slaughter, forced marriage, and polygamy among other disgusting practices; and the islamisation of our society paid for with our own taxes. The Asleep camp prefer to be in ignorance, denial and a state of complacency that ‘it couldn’t happen here’. You, Mr Bav, are one of the Asleep.

      • Panmelia, I couldn’t have put it half so well. Thank you.

      • @ Mr Bav
        “Hundreds of grooming gang criminals have been arrested and successfully convicted.” Sigh. How impressive – NOT!
        Are you aware that THOUSANDS, if not hundreds of thousands of muslims have been raping white girls for a very long time all over the country? It’s been going on for ten years at least, probably 15 years or even 20. And it was deliberately ignored by all the authorities until it could not be ignored any longer, so hundreds, if not thousands of victims have never had justice and probably won’t get it. Plus, it’s STILL going on, up and down the country.
        Please stop trying to say that the laws in this country are working well: they are honoured more in the breach than the observance when it comes to muslims because the authorities are too cowardly to accuse and prosecute them. Wake up to reality!

      • Well said, Panmelia.
        The times are too serious for disingenuity or facetiousness or sleep!

    • “Tolerance, common decency, respect for the law, an instinct for fair play, good-neighbourliness, a tendency to support the underdog, a love of sport, much shared complaining about the weather and last but not least a highly developed national sense of humour.”

      All of which are contrary to a belief in Islam.

  11. Imagine Nigel writing that, let alone any of the other candidates.

    If you are one of those who think Tommy Robinson is beyond the pale, I recommend you watch his address to the Oxford Union or read his first book:

    He would be the first to admit he has made more than his fair share of mistakes in his life, but his views have been traduced by the MSM just as they try to traduce UKIP. The two links above are the best antidote. You get your news about UKIP’s policies from the horse’s mouth and don’t trust the lying left wing media: please give Tommy Robinson that courtesy too.

    • Indeed, those who shout about UKIP’s message being perverted, should extend the same arguments to Tommy Robinson.

      Equally how refreshing is it to hear someone stand steadfast behind someone they agree with rather than use weasel words to try to distance themselves for political expediency? Anne-Marie deserves huge credit for showing her admiration for TR so openly. Presumably if she wins we can have a rational discussion about the ban on ex-EDL members.

  12. Camoron ; May; Bliar; Brown; Clegg; etc have all come out with the same weasel words/lies “Islam Is The Religion Of Peace”.
    I will not be happy until these (mentally) ‘syphilitic imbeciles’ are obliged to apologise in public for a gross distortion of the truth that has aided and abetted international terorrism/mass murder. Albeit by default rather than design.
    I am particularly incensed that koranic sanctioned slavery and sex slavery is never mentioned by the MSM and our marxist education system and thus children and young women are unaware of the dangers they face going about their lives in modern “multicultural” England; Sweden; Germany; Netherlands; France etc.
    Many thanks for all your incredible efforts in the name of decency and the Rule of Law. I voted for you. Whatever the outcome of the leadership election please keep up the good fight. Forgive the hyperbole but you are Britain’s Joan of Arc and my God – the country needs you and Tommy Robinson.
    Good Luck Dear Heart!

  13. Anne Marie,

    Thank you for posting this article, and may you have wings on your heels as you battle the media and the politicians who care only about their own hides and the future of their own party.

    Please, I beg you, never let the media or the above politicians shout you down. If there is anything I as an ordinary member can do to help either you or Stuart in the near future please let me know.

    God Bless you,

    Rob Pearce

  14. Anne Marie,

    Thank you for posting your article on here. I fear that there are many of the UKIP leaders / potential leaders and members who still do not appreciate the threat that we face; a threat which will be used by western governments to further their globalist agendas.

    We need a party which will openly address the issues, not another variation on the traditional parties which have let us down so badly over many years.

    Nigel was a key figure in bringing us the referendum which will hopefully give us a clean break from the EU if we can keep the pressure up on May.

    Hopefully you may be allowed to give us a UKIP which will force the issues of Islamisation to the fore and make sure that they are dealt with.

    I will join such a UKIP but not one still under the control of the present useless cabal.

  15. AMW articulates the passion that I hear in every related pub conversation, and amongst random groups who congregate in queues or waiting rooms. This is THE conversation that is taking place, but – in my experience – it often degenerates into lots of tutting that “the politicians are all as hopeless as each other”.

    People of a certain age (and I am not far off it) conclude sadly with the observation that they are glad they’re not younger, as they hope not to be around when we are individually faced with a choice of submission to dhimmitude or execution.

    Of course, I interject in these conversations to point out that there is one, just one, politician who is genuinely committed to changing the situation. Pleasingly, I am detecting that AMW’s name is no longer unknown. Just think how powerful it will be when she is given the oxygen of publicity by the MSM who will try to defame her once elected.

    It’s good to see on these pages a reminder of her message today.

    • @ Grummy
      I was talking to a taxi driver on a journey yesterday who was venting his feelings. He told me about a teenage muslim who got into his taxi and started mouthing off: “You have a Queen, yeah?”
      “Yes, what of it?”
      “You have a Queen, but we get your country.”
      The driver said nothing more for fear that a) he would lamp the bloke and get arrested; b) that he would be accused of racism, islamophobia yadda yadda yadda if he said what he thought; c) he would lose his taxi licence and job.

      The driver is a UKIP voter and had heard of AMW. When I explained her views, he said he wished she were Prime Minister. Indeed.

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