YouGov/Sun poll – Labour retain three-point lead: CON 33%, LAB 36%, LD 7%, UKIP 14%
City A.M.

Which European countries would be hardest hit by a Russian gas embargo?
As entrepreneurs call for tax cuts to support startups, have politicians been complacent?



Daily Mail

– ‘Complacent’ Home Office loses 175,000 illegal immigrants: Fresh humiliation as officials admit how many went missing after they were refused permission to stay .
£100 fine if you park too near a school: New powers could target parents.
Now toasters and kettles see sales surge amid fears appliances will be next on EU list of high-energy items to be outlawed.
Axe free prescriptions, TV licences and the winter fuel allowance for well-off OAPs to help fund care system.
Alcohol taxes force Britons to cut back on booze by a fifth: Average person now drinks 110 glasses of wine or 73 pints less a year than in 2004.



The Express

– Cameron to tell Nato: ‘We need 5,000 troops to keep Europe safe from Russia’.
– EU ban on electrical appliances is an ‘astonishing assault on our British way of life’ (mention Louise Bours).
Rip-off stamp duty stops young first-time buyers ‘starting a family’.



Financial Times
Radical shake-up proposed to ringfence NHS and social care budget.
Scottish No camp’s new tactic: Cameron is doomed.
Growth in jobs outstrips rest of EU.



The Guardian

Isis will be squeezed out of existence, says David Cameron.
PM could face calls to postpone UK election if Scots vote for independence.
Nicky Morgan denies she plans to back compulsory setting in schools.
British military mulls implications of vote for Scottish independence.
Tory party needs more people who have worked in Morrisons, says minister.



The Independent

Tory anti-terror laws in trouble after Lib Dems raise serious legal concerns.
– Election 2015: Green Party want to give disgruntled left-wing voters a new voice.
Ukip councillor calls for end to translation services to make people ‘learn our language’.
Second poll puts Ukip and Douglas Carswell in lead (again) at Clacton by-election.



The Sun

Send in the drones.
Schools set for setting.
– Taking the Michael.
Builders on scrapheap.
Bojo urged to stand against Ukip’s Carswell.
‘Tories are failing working class kids’.
Cameron faces ‘national humiliation’ if Scotland quits the UK.



The Telegraph

John Bercow pencils in £110,000 for junkets.
Tory minister ‘approached to defect by Ukip’.
– Dominic Raab: scrap stamp duty on homes under £500,000.
David Cameron can chart a course past Nigel Farage the revolutionary.
Scottish independence means ‘new wave of painful austerity’.
We need 40 garden cities across England, says economics prize winner.
Charities should ‘stick to knitting’ not politics, minister says.
Scrap ‘perverse’ stamp duty on homes under £500k, George Osborne told.



The Times

Police inaction forces the public to act as DIY detectives.
Army fears 20,000 troop cuts as Britain urges allies to boost defence spending.
Calais mayor threatens port blockade unless UK pays for migrants.
Councillors told to keep quiet about grooming.
Elderly must pay more for better care system.




– 0900: Call Clegg on LBC 97.3.

–  LONDON: Oliver Letwin, Steve Webb and Lord Glasman speak at launch of Breakthrough Britain report by Centre for Social Justice.

– 1000 LONDON: Electoral Commission chair Jenny Watson gives evidence to Commons Political Reform Committee on voter engagement in the UK.

– 1030 BLANTYRE: Labour leader to join referendum campaign trail.

– 1030 LONDON: National Audit Office briefing on reports on Government management of contracts.

– 1600 LONDON: Data protection and journalism: new guidance for the media.

– 1800 NEWCASTLE: Implications of Scottish independence for the north of England to be discussed.
Local News

Lincolnshire County Councillor to fight Louth and Horncastle seat for UKIP.
UKIP’s Simon will stand for North election.
– Havering cabinet: Budget of £60m cuts and tax rises is given thumbs up.


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