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Courant Times – Thursday 20th August 2015

Common Sense:- Breitbart: Students are debating: Corbyn or Farage?

Home Affairs:- Breitbart: Westminster paedophile scandal, Labour MP: ‘I see people in Parliament that should be in prison’

City AM:- UK house prices: The number of new houses being built has actually fallen

The Spectator:- Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party: one of them must go

Breitbart:- ‘I saw 60 white people. It was absolutely frightening’ – more racist nonsense from the Guardian

Morning Advertiser:- ‘No evidence’ for e-cigarette ban in Welsh pubs and bars

EUreka:- BBC News:- Greek PM Tsipras resigns and calls September election

Yahoo:- Feeling strain, Germany set to raise asylum-seeker forecast to 750,000

The Washington Post:- Slovakia will take 200 Syrian refugees, but they have to be Christian

Mediaocre:- Manchester Evening News: Giant spiders as big as mice set to invade Greater Manchester homes in coming weeks

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1 Comment on Courant Times – Thursday 20th August 2015

  1. Ref Students and UKIP
    Just been looking at George Galloway “Sputnik”
    Seems to me the students have got the hots for Corbyn
    Incidentally is Corbyn nicking Labour converts to UKIP?
    Why haven`t we got 160,000 new members in a day?

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