UKIP:- Talk Carswell: What could we do with our money if we did not send it to Brussels?

10k jet detours on the way to Gibraltar show we would be better off out of the EU says Dr Julia Read MEP

Common Sense:- Bloomberg: Farage: Britain’s future in Europe is 50-50

Breitbart: Juncker: ‘I don’t think Britain needs European Union’ Update: Claims he never said it

The Economic Voice: Farage offers to buy Juncker champagne

The Guardian: UKIP and the Greens could get three party political broadcasts a year on BBC

Winq: Interview with Peter Whittle UKIP London Mayoral candidate

Migrant Mess:- Express: French rail offers migrants free tickets to Calais so that they can make their way to UK

Express: Children forced to cook and clean for asylum seekers for work experience

Express: Refugees taunt German police with selfies showing stolen goods but they can’t be arrested

IBT: Mother who fled UK for Syria with five children ‘wants to come home’

Home Affairs:- Express: Ministers order probe into ‘unacceptable’ Sharia law courts

Express: Jeremy Corbyn humiliated as dozens of Labour MPs defy his leadership in first commons vote

The Spectator: Centralising, Illiberal, catastrophic: The SNP’s one party state

Sun Nation: Watch Jeremy Corbyn’s new shadow minister Richard Burgon’s car crash channel 4 interview

ComRes:- 51% of British adults support allowing new Grammar schools to open

World Affairs:- Mail: Russia prepares to rain down hellfire on ISIS after deploying thermobarics

Telegraph: Hundreds of Iranian troops ‘arrive in Syria’ for Aleppo offensive

Telegraph: France’s top weatherman sparks storm over book questioning climate change

EURef:- Telegraph: EU freedom of movement non-negotiable, says Angela Merkel

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