Poll:- MSN poll gives UKIP 43% in May:

UKIP:- Defence spokesman Mike Hookem MEP condemns plans for a European army: 

Common Sense:- Express: Nigel Farage says he’ll force through EU referendum after Tories win election:

ITV News: Nigel Farage visits the West Country: 

Guardian: UKIP on track for 100 plus second places across England:

Telegraph: Nigel Farage attacks ‘bankrupt’ voting system after predictions UKIP will come second in 100 seats:

Breitbart: The mainstream media’s anti-UKIP smears only boost the party’s support:

GE15:- Mail: PM fury as Osborne  tries to slash defence by another £1bn: 

Sunday Times: Rape classes for 11-year-olds:

Telegraph:  Immigration: 576% rise in poorest Europeans registering for work:

Sunday Times: Osborne tax bonanza for 27m voters: 

Telegraph: Alice in Green-Party wonderland strikes again with…. Rodents to be given human rights under the greens:

Mail: Peter Hitchens: What’s really criminal? The way our ‘leaders’ let thugs walk free:

The Spectator: Welcome to the completely bonkers world of the green party manifesto:

Press TV: European Commission chief wants to create EU army:

Ekathimerini: Greek FinMin says referendum possible if debt restructuring is rejected: 

Mediaocre:- Islamists demand Australian Senator introduce ‘sharia law’ or be beheaded:

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