Common Sense:- Express: Nigel Farage vows to make St George’s day a bank holiday

The Argus: Council’s £30m reserves ‘could fund child care centres’… UKIP Councillor

Nuneaton News: UKIP candidate leads Nuneaton towpath clean up

Independent:- Half of UKIP voters say they are prejudiced against people of other races: ( a prime example of the propaganda being promulgated by the mainstream media against UKIP)

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The Spectator: If British democracy worked, we would have had a referendum on the death penalty

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EUreka:- Telegraph: For all his European heritage, Sir Rocco believes the EU has been an unmitigated disaster and that a Brexit would be the least worst option

Washington Post: July-2014: A leaked document shows just how much the EU want’s a piece of America’s fracking boom

Mediaocre:- Business Insider: War in Yemen could threaten one of the world’s most important oil chokepoints