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Courant Times – Saturday 23rd April 2016

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5 Comments on Courant Times – Saturday 23rd April 2016

  1. Margaret Dennis // April 24, 2016 at 8:37 pm // Reply

    Thankyou for correcting me. I had not checked the petition number.

  2. Margaret is mistaken. The petition is still current

  3. Margaret Dennis // April 24, 2016 at 8:00 am // Reply

    Unfortunately the petition was rejected by the Government appointed committee in February 2016. Talk about corrupt!
    However sharing the petition with the knowledge of the rejection will inform thousands of people of the corruption/lies.
    Vote Leave EU for a future based on truth.

    • Margaret. The petition was not rejected. You are thinking of the previous ones. This is current and active. The previous ones were obvious. This one was a bit obscure. That is why the petitions committee let it through. please re-post by asking people to support it and include the petition link. Thanks JohnT

  4. 1400 have signed the petition in three weeks.
    Hundreds of thousands signed the petitions that wanted Cameron to barred from returning to the country when on holiday abroad and the one to stop him spending money on the leaflets when the money had already been spent. All this happened over three days.
    You reading this shows that are interested in getting your country back.But you will not get it back if you just vote leave on the 23rd.The Lisbon treaty is designed to keep us in. This petition, necessarily obscure to get it past the petitions committee, would be explosive if it got to 10,000 when the government has to comment on it.Put yourself in the government’s position when trying to explain why they have been lying to you for fifty years. The petition will not reach 10,000 unless people like you explain to your friends and neighbors and the people you meet. There is a great interest on the Brexit debate; use it to explain how the government has lied to us all.

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