EFDD group back with a bang. Normal transmission resumed:

UKIP:- Express: “UKIP Calypso” is a viral hit as Nigel Farage urges supporters to propel song to number one:

UKIP fisheries spokesman Ray Finch MEP to seek urgent meeting with EU commisioner following removal of North Devon fleet’s fishing rights:

Telegraph: Mark Reckless refuses to back scrapping HS2 in first public split with Nigel Farage: (Another non story from the telegraph)

IBT: TTIP Exclusive: UKIP wants to privatise the NHS in controversial EU -US trade deal:

Common Sense:- Telegraph: Rochester the most important by-election in 30 years says Nigel Farage:

BBC:- Responds after receiving 800 complaints over biased UKIP panorama special:

Guardian: Labour must not try to out-UKIP UKIP, says Diane Abbott:

GE2015:- BBC: Where do UKIP stand on health?

Mail: Ed Miliband claims the NHS will only be safe in their hands -yet the Labour run Welsh NHS is in a state of meltdown:

Mail: British money is being used to line the pockets of corrupt foreign politicians says Pakistani politician Imran Khan:

Mail: Red Ed blow as Scots turn back on Labour, as Tories lead in the polls for first time since 1950’s

Mediaocre:- Telegraph: The biggest tax lie of all – Governments say the £10,000 personal allowance ‘takes the poor out of the tax system altogether‘. This claim is fraudulent:


Editors Note – Statement today from UKIP re:TTIP 

UKIP is in favour of free trade, and wants the UK to trade globally.
The EU is not a free trade area but a Custom’s Union which prevents member states from signing their own trade agreements.

When the UK leaves the EU it will be able to sign its own trade agreements and be a full voting member of the WTO, rather than having its policy decided by the EU.

It should be the UK rather than the EU making free trade deals, so though a matter under discussion at present before we know full details of TTIP, UKIP MEPs will be meeting soon to examine this important issue.

Following on from UKIP Health Spokesman Louise Bours conference presentation, UKIP confirm that they will fight to exclude the NHS from inclusion within the TTIP agreement.


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