Pic:- Bucking the trend: This poll is from an iphone App called My Vote: (even at 32% this could still be underscoring UKIP) With two weeks to go we have our target in the crossed hairs the flak is about to get intense.

UKIP:- Small business press conference

Pensions Insight: UKIP  pension policy endorsed by independent analysts

Common Sense:- BBC: Farage quotes Gandhi to describe his struggle

Express: UKIP gaining Support from small business bosses, they really are the party of the butcher baker & candle-stick maker

Ed Miliband’s love of big business betrays working classes, blasts Nigel Farage.

UKIP-Daily: Why atheists should vote UKIP

Shropshire Star: UKIP manifesto comes out on top

EADT: Wager challenge on election result made by UKIP candidate to Tory rival in North Essex

Huff-Post: Stop blaming capitalism for our economic woes and start blaming the state!

GE15:- Telegraph: The 900 refugees drowned in the Mediterranean  were killed by British government policy

The Spectator: Exclusive: The NHS report that Labour tried to block

Breitbart: BBC stages Eco-Debate: Toxic waste gushes forth

Nope, not Hope: List of Legacy parties Councillors convictions that failed to make the BBC News or any mainstream news media outlet

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