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Courant Times – 16th December 2014

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  1. I think it worth extracting and posting part of the “Nope to Hope” article Glen has highlighted. UKIP get targeted by the media for every small faux-pas, but here’s some offences (some criminal) of LibLabCon politicians and others:

    Cllr Pauleen Gibson (Labour, Haringey) (Feb 2014) was found guilty by a standards board of making reckless and unsubstantiated allegations of racism. She was found guilty of bringing the council into disrepute, and announced her decision to not seek re-election.

    Cllr Stephen Fenwick (Lib Dem, Sutton) (March 2014) was convicted of the racially aggravated assault of a barman at the pub on Charing Cross station concourse.

    Cllrs Sajaad Khan and Pervaz Khan plus three others (Labour, Middlesborough) (May 2014) resign from Labour group following re-selection process which Cllr P Khan described as “treating some of my Asian family and friends in a manner which they perceive to be racist”.

    Former Cllr Lester Holloway (November 2014) resigns from the Lib Dems after racist remarks, and complains that the party is not doing enough to promote racial equality and is deliberately failing to select Black and Asian candidates for winnable seats

    Cllr Paulette Hamilton (Labour, Birmingham) (September 2014) deselected in Labour witch hunt, supporters warn of ‘danger of becoming an apartheid city’

    Cllr Farooq Ahmed (Labour, Rochdale) (June 2014) resigned from the Labour Party because they failed to give him sufficient support following his conviction of a public order offence after hurling homophobic abuse at a fellow Labour councillor in the street.

    David Bishop (Conservative, Brentwood) (May 2014) resigned as a candidate after he made homophobic and racist tweets

    Don’t worry, there are plenty of double standards at play elsewhere. UNISON – who fund both Hope not Hate and UAF’s ‘Stand up to UKIP’ campaign, were happy to support one of their own shop stewards who told a Polish agency worker that jobs emptying bins in Salford were for ‘English people’

    This is just a random selection

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