Common-Sense:- Mail: ‘Watch out Dave, I’ll be lobbing grenades at you in TV debate,’ says Nigel Farage: 

Telegraph: Vote Leave have shot themselves in the foot by pushing Nigel Farage away: 

Mirror: Tory rising star who quit p:arty over bullying claims joins UKIP 

Brexit:- Sky Poll: 29% of referendum voters undecided: 

The Commentator: NASA confirms alien intelligence in Proxima Centauri to vapourise UK in event of Brexit:

Home-Affairs:- Independent: Police call to investigate David Cameron letters as election fraud probe grows:

Express: Thousands of British troops resign ‘due to low morale’ sparking safety fears:

The Guardian: Labour is struggling to attract working-class voters, analysis finds: 

EUreka:- Telegraph: Boris Johnson: The EU wants a superstate, just as Hitler did:

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