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Courant Times – Sunday 6 March 2016

As per our note on Friday, Courant Times may not necessarily be a regular feature each day, so let’s appreciate this one while we can.

UKIP:- The Sun: This is how we should control our borders, says UKIP leader Nigel Farage

Jill Seymour MEP speaks at House of Lords reception:

Common-Sense:- Breitbart: Farage: NHS under threat If Britain stays in EU:

Express:  Voters will ‘despise’ Cameron like me if PM continues to ‘cry wolf’ over EU: says Farage: 

Brexit:- Express: New blow for ‘remain’ campaign as over 50’s overwhelmingly back Brexit:.

Express: France to hire ferries to send Calais migrants to Britain within hours of EU out vote:

Home-Affairs:- John Mann MP: Full details of massive European health bill UK pays out – and how little we get back: 

World-Affairs:- The Spectator: Turkey’s assault on press freedom is the act of a dictatorship, not a democracy:

EURef:- Express: EU to steal our coastline: Brussels to bring in new super-coastguard to overrule UK: 

Telegraph: EU Referendum: 200 small firm bosses and entrepreneurs tell Britons to vote for Brexit:

Talk2meradio: Jon Gaunt speaks out on the EU & Immigration: 

Yorkshire Post: Saqib Bhatti:  EU’s too small for a proud & free Britain: 

EUreka:- Breitbart: Senior German government figure calls for mandatory pork in school, government canteens: 

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3 Comments on Courant Times – Sunday 6 March 2016

  1. Forgot to say – Loved the poster.
    Had Hitler morphed?

    • Yes, that poster is brilliant – it’d be good if the GO campaign sold a large version of it to display. We could do with some wit and humour in this fear-ridden, sneaky, bullying Cameron/Hollande campaign.

  2. Turkey persecution of opposition press.
    How does that accord EU entry rules?.
    and how does that juicy “blackmail” paid by the EU to a nation who unilaterally chuck democracy rules out of the window.
    If the money is “really” intended to help out refugees. Why not keep the itchy fingers out of the pot and pay and administer it direct to the people that matter- cut out the middle man eh?
    Oh and by the way what`s happened to the IS oil he was supposed to be taking – that`s gone very quiet!!!!!!
    Oh! and his attacks on the Kurd population – taken a leaf out of Assad`s book has he?
    One other item
    Hope that was Nigel`s own money he donated to Ladbrokes!

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