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We are always looking for contributing writers on a whole range of topics. Whether you’re an established journalist, just starting out, or simply have something you really want to say, If you have an article you’d like to see on the pages of UKIPDaily, and have never had one published by us before, please email it to our chief editor Viv Evans at Regular contributors should send their articles to We look forward to hearing from you!  Please note that we retain the right not to publish, and also to edit, your work.


What topics does UKIP Daily cover?

We are interested in anything that interests Ukippers. Current affairs and how the party should respond, policy ideas and UKIP in the news are all high on the agenda, but we’re also happy to publish anything of more general interest in our culture section. You can review the latest Call of Duty game or Woody Allen film if you really want to! If you have an idea for an article but aren’t sure whether it would fit our profile, you can take a look around the site to see what else we’ve been doing, or get in touch.


Reproduction of Content

Articles published by UKIPDaily are the express property of the website and its authors, and must not be cross-posted or copied in full without permission. However, our regular contributors may cross post to personal websites.



Readers are welcome to post comments. Generally, we do not find a need to moderate them, except when they are abusive, use excessive foul language or include ad hominem attacks suggesting violence. We will never moderate a comment for political viewpoint. However, if someone persistently posts as what we judge to be “a troll” (making short, unjustified statements dismissing in an out-of-hand way considered articles and comments) we just black list them.


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