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Common Purpose – A Political Cult

If you haven’t yet heard of ‘Common Purpose’, you are not alone. Unless you are one of its leaders or those involved in its programmes it is unlikely that you will have heard more than a whisper in the corner about what is, in fact, a very sinister political cult. There has been no advertising, no discussions of it in the media, yet it began in Britain more than twenty five years ago and has now spread to many other countries.

Like all cults, Common Purpose seems to have a laudable aim and it is put forward as an educational charity (No. 1023384), there to train leaders of the future.

According to its Charter there is now an ‘unhealthy space’ between the citizen and the state which the organisers of Common Purpose aim to fill:

          ‘…with as many people as possible … and to give them the knowledge, inspiration and networks they need to be effective.’

They want to

          ‘…create a common educational experience within and across many countries.’

However, they say that Common Purpose

           ‘…remains independent and non-aligned’ and they always work ‘…for the greater good’.

Read the headings to their Charterquicklyand Common Purpose might seem a great idea. After all, with the mess that the world is in at present, doesn’t it need good leaders? But read again slowly, read the intention behind the words.

Give them the knowledge, inspiration and networks…’, ’..Common educational experience…

In other words, working to the same rules

          ‘Remains independent and non-aligned.

Or, like the EU, forget the nation state, work together in one state. Above all, the leaders are going to act:

          ’for the greater good’

A rather frightening expression. They will act for the greater good — whether the rest of us like it or not. And the Charter has yet another, extremely worrying design. They say:

          ‘We develop leaders who can… lead beyond their authority’.

Now, what exactly does that mean? If it means anything at all, it means that those who have been trained by Common Purpose as leaders should go above and beyond their own superiors in whatever situation they are working.  As it says in one of the Common Purpose brochures…’Your Success Our Impact’, and:

          ‘Wherever Common Purpose operates, you will find leaders doing unusual things;  taking responsibility for problems other than their own  —  at work and in the community.’

It seems inevitable that these leaders of Common Purpose will join with other leaders, of all ages and diverse backgrounds, who are acting ‘above and beyond’ their superiors to carry out what they have been taught during the programmes.

They are also ‘committed to looking for leaders in unexpected places’ and then exposing them to the information and perspectives they need to be more effective. In the process, they meet new people:

…who may not view the world in the same way.’

So, despite a statement in their Charter that:

diversity underpins everything we do,’

People must view the world in ways that Common Purpose feels are the correct ways. Or, one assumes, they will – as in all cults – either be persuaded or excluded.

And, as with all cults, they obviously believe in catching their quarry early since there is even a Leadership programme for thirteen year olds. (Shades of the Nazi Youth.)

Additionally, according to their ‘Ethos’, all their meetings are held under the Chatham House Rule.This Rule is, they say, used throughout the world to aid free discussion…  But it also means that whatever is said during a meeting is hidden behind a wall of great secrecy.

So, who is in this very secretive organisation?

The official founder (in 1988) and Chief Executive of Common Purpose is Julia Middleton, at one time the Head of Personnel Selection in the office of John Prescott (recently brought back into Labour frontline politics) who was the man with responsibility for creating ’regional assemblies’ around the United Kingdom.  Although this attempt failed at the time, these assemblies are part of the eventual plan to abolish nation states and create a common European State.

Throughout Britain Common Purpose already has over 20,000 leaders and 80,000 trainees culled from influential sections of society such as the NHS, the BBC, the police, the legal profession, many of Britain’s 7000 quangos, local councils the Civil Service, government ministries and Parliament. Take a look at this website to read more, and to search a database of pre-2005 graduates names and appointments. On the “Graduates” page, why not try searching for Name = ‘Bashir’ for instance.

And now, through Common Purpose International it has programmes running or in development in the following countries: France, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Ireland, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States.

What is the aim of this Common Purpose Cult? If you read through their website, looking behind the very flowery, cutting-edge jargon, it will become obvious.

The ultimate aim of Common Purpose is for a post-democratic, totalitarian One World Government.

But for those who might think a world run by the trained Great and Good might not be such a bad idea even it was totalitarian, here is a warning:  It would not necessarily be a moral world because many of the people caught up in the recent sex scandals in Rotherham, whether members of the Council, Social Services or Local Police, are either graduates of Common Purpose or involved in some way with this sinister political cult.

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Sonya Jay Porter is a free-lance writer who joined UKIP in 1994, having previously worked as a journalist in Dubai in the 1980s. Over the past few years she has had articles on various subjects -- including those related to the European Union -- published on several web sites.

14 Comments on Common Purpose – A Political Cult

  1. Well, I have read through Brian`s report on Conference highlights and can find no mention of Common Purpose having even been aired, never mind course of further national action being envisaged.
    I am quite prepared for another attendee to prove me wrong, but until then I remain disturbed that for some reason UKIP is unable to grasp this viper by the throat

  2. Marketthinker // March 3, 2015 at 9:07 am //

    Apparently only 2 at HMRC, but then I typed in Lin Homer, the serially incompetent head of HMRC who has spectacularly failed at every job she has had in government and been criticised heavily in select committees etc and yet continues to be promoted and yep, she’s there.

  3. Interesting and disturbing article, its easy to see who these people are once you are aware of their aims.
    I feel this is something we need to bring more into the public domain as its very underground and diversive.

  4. Regional assemblies. The evil that is coming.

  5. Isn’t there ANYONE in the national media that has the guts to expose this secretive body and its aims to the nation? What about MPs? What about UKIP? Why hasn’t this Julia Middleton been interviewed or challenged about the organisation? Which of our political leaders have been on CP courses and why? It is incredible that, as it says in the article, the average person has never heard of Common Purpose and its agenda is never publicly discussed. Any role that it has played in the atrocious scandal at Rotheram needs to be publicised urgently.

    • I think we are crying in the wind, it goes so well with a mountain of issues of which the general public are so completely ignorant, obviously if UKIP could get them over there would be no question of whether it was correct for this nation to regain its mojo
      i..e BRexit.
      Pity we are fighting so many obdurate, buried, self interests.and the public is duped to its eyeballs.
      APATHY – I hope that doesn`t stretch to UKIP

  6. JulianTheSceptic // February 27, 2015 at 10:26 pm //

    Although this attempt failed at the time, these [English regional] assemblies are part of the eventual plan to abolish nation states and create a common European State.

    The Tories are as signed up to the Eurostate as Labour. Their disgraced representative of local government in Europe, Lord Hanningfield, said he favoured regions, but that they should be county regions.

    Look at Local Enterprise Partnerships and you’ll find them on a smaller scale than EU regions, approximately 2-3 counties in many cases, with some variation for city regions. Although power is being devolved down from Westminster, the regions will still be under the yoke of Brussels.

    The big difference is that the Westminster Parliament can legislate over ‘EU obligatons’, local government bodies can’t. And LEP’s have been shown the temptations of EU funding – which creates a lock into the paymaster.

  7. Or go to the Common Purpose exposed page and type BBC into the organisation box and you get pages of names….scary.

    • Just looking anywhere in the list at the positions held by these “Graduates” is a cause for concern!

      • Type in ‘Open University’ there are stacks of them. CP has well and truly penetrated the Academic establishment.

        • It’s the Schools in general that concern me….

          “Give me the boy until he’s 7….and I’ll give you the man”

          In our case, a bunch of feminised men incapable of defending, their families, their homes, their country or their birthright!!

  8. Bernard from Bucks // February 27, 2015 at 4:13 pm //

    Maybe it’s just a coincidence but I was just reading an article on ukcolumn dot org about the Rotherham Common Purpose Effect.
    “By blurring the boundaries between people, professions, public and private sectors, responsibility and accountability, Common Purpose encourages “graduates” to believe that as new selected leaders, they can work together, outside of the established political and social structures, to achieve a paradigm shift or CHANGE – so called “Leading Beyond Authority”. In doing so, the allegiance of the individual becomes ‘re-framed’ on CP colleagues and their NETWORK. Is it any wonder the local authority is “not fit for purpose” in the latest official report?”
    There is an awful lot of deception going on these days. The shear complexity of organisations, committees and inquires seems to be deliberately constructed to throw the public off the scent of what is really going on below the surface, and Common Purpose is just one example.

  9. At last Sonya, a little more daylight shed on what is in fact, now a supra national “hidden agenda”, anti democratic and a formula for totalitarianism (if that is my correct concept of rule by diktat by unelected bodies and tyrants).
    I had heard of it, knew little about it, but had assumed it was an inspired secret “socialist” society and thread running through British politics which ensured “connectivity”, as you say among the usual suspects (BBC,Quangos,Govt agencies,NHS etc).
    It was only just recently with Rotherham, (the prelude) that I heard of any instance of it in practice – this was the case of the Foster Mother, who was deprived of children in her care, because it was deemed she had become unsuitable, due to her having crossed the road from Labour to UKIP. I understood the Rotherham Authorities took this action because they had learned of it`s taking place from another government agency which appeared to be practicing “Common Purpose”
    You and UKIP must continue to expose this cancer at National level, I know it may appear to be just another “conspiracy theory” but please give it wings before this “last chance” GE.

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