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Change of programme

Well –  the new leader Henry Bolton put his foot down quite quickly.

As you know, the speech of the new leader was meant to be at 4.30 pm this Saturday afternoon. It was well known – representations had been made – that a huge part of the audience would’ve left by then, getting home.

So HB asked the time be put forward, and here we are.  The place is heaving, no-one seems to have left: a good indication that members are looking froward to hearing this first AGM speech of the new leader.

If the bandwidth holds up, and if everything is ok, I hope to bring you this speech hot from the keyboard.

After Paul Oakden’s introductory speech about how good conference was, here is the man. I do hope you can watch it online.

He gets a standing ovation coming in. And he waves a small Union Jack.

HB starts on May’s election speech,, on ‘strong and stable leadership’ – unfortunately many of our former votes trusted her, but are we any closer to Brexit?
Our courts are still subordinate to a foreign power, and we know that the EU dictated her speech. A diplomat said that  she has failed to make significant progress on Brexit ..

HB focuses on Ms May’s Florence speech – chuckling in thea audience – and HB asks, did she actually say anything concrete?

HB then makes quite clear that the transition period is totally unacceptable to huge applause from the audience.

‘The Government is dropping the ball, they are not doing what needs to be done if they seriously want Brexit.’ She lauds service men and then stabs them in the back.

HB addresses both Juncker’s speech nd May’s support for the planned EU Army. ‘Outrageous’ comes a shout from the floor – and huge applause.

“Does any of that suggests that we want out of the EU?” No, shouts the audience.

They are incompetent or negligent, the Government cannot be trusted to take us out of the EU, or lead Brexit, we must set clear strategic goals.

“We must be clear on the ECA1972 act and must prepare to leave now!” – huge applause!

“Leaving the EU means we will be in control of our own destiny’.

HB then goes on about the disenfranchised voters and people in local communities, how government is not interested in how and what people want. Multi-Culturalism is swamping or replacing our own culture. HB then mentions the range of policies (Schools, education and more) which we need.

HB will make our Party fit, clean and effective, improving our internal communication, utilising our many talents, get fit for elections, prepare candidates for election. Branches to be allowed to keep some amount of the membership fees – that’s his intention.. He wants us to work in constituencies and prepare for Westminster.

HB will embark on a tour: meeting branches and inform himself on our problems:”you grilled me at the hustings, now I’ll grill you …”

(Here my fingers gave out – the speech is reminiscent of HB’s SAGE programme which we published on UKP Daily.)

(Also: h/t to James Dalton who sits next to me and checks for typos!)

Onto border control – the points raised were outlined in his open letter to Ms May here on UKIP Daily.

“We’ll achieve great success if we are united” -“We are, we are” comes back from the audience. “Thats one job done”, HB quips, “on the first day’ – audience chuckles and is happy.

Ends with a long, standing ovation.

(And yep, the dratted rest of this text did not transmit to the site, sigh …)


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69 Comments on Change of programme

  1. Was going to vote UKIP this time around but not sure I’ll bother now. Having a guy in charge who is nothing more than a glorified lib dem with no immigration cap…. yeah cheers guys but AMW’s new party is going to get my vote.

    A UKIP playing the identity politics lets not talk about Islam game… you’re no different to the establishment parties and right now that is not what we want.

    There are many of us crying out for a political party that not only will push hard on Brexit but also have the courage to talk about the Islamic elephant in the room. AMW’s new party is now the one for me.

  2. Yes, I am staying too, is AMW going anywhere?

    • I was going to join the party. As on it looks like many of you are aware of the real problems. But it’s starting to look like UKIP may just be a better disguise for globalists that hide behind the EU and brought all the problems to our shores and into our institutions, at first via the ‘city state’ of London. I hope I am wrong. Even listening to HBs speech, some of that sounds like the sort of weasel words these people use, but I may be just being hyper critical. All the things I have been learning lately have spun my head out.

    Brexit is vital and under PM May is in danger.
    I voted for AMW and I hoped JRE would become her deputy. Not to be.
    I have found the comments of Nigel Farage – still my hero – regrettable; and those of the new leader mistaken. The active membership remains dominated by what I refer to as the golf clubbers – despite Iceni’s objections – and they were out in force in Torquay it seems.
    The reality is that UKIP can only become significant with the support of the vast army of Vote Leavers in labour constituencies and labour marginals.
    I understand and feel very sad about the members below who have torn up their membership cards. Think again comrades ( this word is not owned by commies – it refers to fellow soldiers)but if you still go I stand up and salute you for all your great efforts in the last few years.
    Goodbye and God Bless.

    • You realise he specifically doesn’t want to cap migration? Therefore, he wants to maintain the EU/UN agenda. You want to serve this? Are you sure? I was tempted to join. I am not any more.

  4. My letter of resignation has been written and will be in the post tomorrow, together with my cut-up membership card.

    After those despicable comments by Bolton I no longer wish to be associated with a party led by him.

    As for Farage, a man who I have admired for over twenty years, having read his remarks in the Telegraph I never want to hear his voice again.

    Goodbye UKIP, the Party I have supported since it was first formed.

  5. I am getting seriously tired of reading and hearing the perpetuation of this nazi-meme.
    What was said was that UKIP ‘would have been in grave danger … of becoming like’. That, as I hope you’ll agree, is not = “you’re nazis if you oppose islam”.
    IMHO, their reference to the nazis is not about racism in the first instance but about the totalitarian system of that party, to their slogan of ‘who isn’t for us is against us’, which disallowed any debate – as the study of the years from 1929 to 1933 and onwards illustrates, with the known consequences.
    Nigel and Henry’s reference to the nazis also reflect the sweeping proposals (internment and/or deportation of all muslims) coming from AMW and her supporters. This, as policy generally and as UKIP policy in particular, is simply outrageous. Let’s please not forget that this is exactly what the nazis did, and simply saying that well, the Jews were a race but islam isn’t, that is missing the point entirely!
    Can someone please tell me why it is suddenly deemed impossible for UKIP to pursue the delivery of Brexit as well as attacking islam?

    • Could you post a link, please, to where AMW has proposed “internment and/or deportation of ALL (my capitals) muslims”.

      • IIRC, it was said during hustings – and no, I’m not now going to dig around in all the videos, I do, with all due respect, have other things to do.

      • Thomas, see the questionnaire sent to candidates:

        “There are thousands of Islamic terrorist sympathisers known to the security services. Of those who cannot be deported would you consider internment to be an option?

        AMW: “Yes”

        BW: “Yes following investigation where proven guilty.”

        DK: “No. Internment is likely to inflame more violence than it prevents. However, electronic tagging of known suspects and sympathisers is a good option.”

        JRE: “Where there is clear evidence of a desire to cause harm, insurrection or sedition, yes. Internment of ‘sympathisers’ is legally very problematic…”

        • Thanks for that, Hugo. But it’s not ALL muslims is it? In fact, a very small proportion.

          • Thomas, I have no idea where the suggestion of ALL Muslims being interned has come from. In my questionnaire I specifically asked about “Islamic terrorist sympathisers”, which hopefully is not all of them.

          • Hugo. It was Vivian, in her post above, who said that AMW and her supporters had proposed the internment and/or deportation of all muslims.

            You will see, in her reply to me, Vivian suggested that AMW had said it one of the hustings but nobody has produced any evidence of that.

          • Thomas, I have emailed AMW:
            ‘Dear Anne Marie,
            There is this suggestion on UKIP Daily:
            “the sweeping proposals (internment and/or deportation of all muslims) coming from AMW and her supporters.”
            This must surely be a misrepresentation of your position? Can you clarify?
            Many thanks,

          • Thanks for doing that, Hugo.

            Hope you will post her response. I will look out for it.

          • AMW has replied to my email:
            “I said internment (until we can bring criminal charges) of the 3,000 most dangerous known jihadis – with deportation if they are not British citizens. You must be getting used to the lies by now Hugo?”

          • That was a quick response from AMW, Hugo.

            I like her last sentence, which speaks for a lot of us I think.

        • Toby Micklethwait // October 2, 2017 at 8:35 am // Reply

          Dear Rob,

          I have just checked this matter and I agree with you, Spon.

          Referring to:

          At 00:50 AMW says “Why are those 23,000 still on the streets?” To me this phrase implies that she wants the 23,000 locked up.

          That proposed policy (lock up 23,000) seems to go much further than the manifesto on the ForBritain website which includes:

          “Commit to the internment of known jihadis …”.

          “Known” might mean different things to different people. To me it means convicted in a British court beyond reasonable doubt; NOT just the opinion of some policeman.

          So … it seems that:

          1 … the ForBritain website is less than totally precise on a vital point, and/or

          2 … AMW said something that goes beyond her official manifesto.

          It is well known that I supported AMW’s right to stand and I tend to support her general outlook.

          However … before becoming our spokesman on Islamic matters, AMW would need to become more careful with words. She also IMHO needs to learn NOT to answer a question with a question.

          We are seeing two approaches to our Islam policy.

          1 … Start with a vigorous expression and water it down later, or

          2. … start with a mild expression and bolt on some stronger policies later.

          Both methods could arrive at the same (and correct) destination.

          The members have selected the milder approach. Let us hope that, in the end, all members will be satisfied with the long-term outcome.

          Regards, Toby 01932-873557

      • I think you’ll find it was Paul Nuttall who was OK with internment

        • “I think we’ve got to look at ways of ensuring that our people are safe, whether that is a return to control orders, whether that is tagging these people, who knows in the future maybe a return to internment,” the UKIP leader said.” – Paul Nuttall, 29 May 2017, on interview with Andrew Neil. Actually it was this statement that got the whole discussion of internment rolling. But I don’t remember Nigel or HB suggesting Paul was taking UKIP down the route of national socialism.

    • Toby Micklethwait // October 1, 2017 at 10:32 am // Reply

      Dear UKIPD,

      Thanks again to the organisers of this site, and all contributors. But….

      May I suggest that contributors include actual quotes and sources. Actual quotes are more compelling and more likely to be an accurate representation of what was said.

      As an example “(internment and/or deportation of all muslims)”.

      If AMW did say that, could we have the exact quote and source?

      AMW’s site says:

      “• Commit to the internment of known jihadis and the
      deportation of non-British citizens engaged in any Islam-related criminal act;

      “• Thoroughly investigate all mosques known to host
      extremist anti-Western preachers, and subject these
      preachers to criminal law – including laws on incitement to violence. All non-British preachers of terror or violence should be deported;”

      Regards, Toby, 01932-873557.

    • Well yes, I agree about that, Muslims are just doing what Muslims do, the fact that they are a problem is the fault of successive governments and the EU, these have always been my target.

      I’ve just found some stuff that’s so disturbing about our previous governments that I may just have to write one more article. I’ll have a few days out hunting though while I think about it.

      LibLabCon, it’s about time they were consigned to the history books, that is as long as they’re not replaced by the dreaded EU.

    • To me it is quite straightforward.

      Is AMW an expert on Sharia and all things Islam? Indubitably.
      (And yes, I have followed her writings and videos and those of Tommy Robinson on this avidly in order to learn as much as possible on this important topic. In doing so I came to the realisation that Islam has been politicised and have become the storm troopers for the new world order. They are the visible part of the part of this often invisible dangerous movement. But that is all they are, the visible part. The tip of the iceberg. A pawn in the game.)

      Next question. Would AMW have been capable of running UKIP and taking us to the next level of becoming a viable political force on the GB political landscape? I’m not so sure on that one.

      Last question: Would the ordinary man-in-the-street (and woman) have voted for a UKIP with her as leader in the next election? Being mindful that most people are far to caught up in the daily grind to suddenly become political experts on election day I’m of the opinion that people tend to vote for a party’s leader rather than the party itself and I think voters might have found AMW somewhat shrill.
      I’m not so sure on that one either.

      Having done my due diligence on Henry Bolton I see in him a safe pair of hands and the audience reaction to him at the conference has only increased my confidence that those who, like me, voted for him made a good call.

      Finally, sorry, yet another question: Had AMW won would all be accused of being nasty Nazis? Yes. And with Henry as leader? Quite probably yes as well.

      Who cares? I don’t. I see the names that we are called as being the very least of our concerns.

      Brexit not meaning Exit is GB’s biggest threat right now.

      On this vital topic Henry was delightfully succinct, pointing out that the motley crew of remainers and leavers currently ‘negotiating’ with the EU on our behalf appeared not to know whether they were

      coming or going

      For me that said it all.

      I like his style. I hope I’m not the only one!

  6. Good to focus on getting a clean exit from the EU for now but he is clearly not the leader to fight the Islamisation of our country.

    He should consider including places like Bradford, Dewsbury and Oldham on his tour; perhaps then there would be a chance of his eyes being opened to the invasion.

    A couple of good books for him to read too, although the second is a little out of date now:

    “No Go Zones: How Sharia Law is coming to a Neighborhood Near You”: by Raheem Kassam.

    “Britain’s Great Immigration Disaster”: by Gavin Cooke.

    Many of us witness the invasion every day. Is Mr. Bolton willing to open his eyes too?

    • I have read a great deal on Islam in the last two or three years. The two books I have been most impressed by are

      1. Robert Spencer’s “Did Muhammad Exist?”. The latest research shows that Muhammad, if he existed at all, was a warlord in Syria and never set foot in Arabia. The stories we ‘know’ about Muhammad are mostly if not all fiction, like the stories we have about King Arthur, who if he existed at all was a late Roman heavy cavalry commander. Robert Spencer was banned from the UK by Theresa May.

      2. Peter McLoughlin and Tommy Robinson’s “Mohammed’s Koran”. After the first 100 pages this is just the Pickthall translation of the Koran, but in reverse chronological order with all the abrogated verses crossed out and annotated so you can see what still stands. The Verse of the Sword 9:5 alone abrogates 122 peaceful verses. Tommy Robinson has suffered horrendous persecution at the hands of the police, courts and prisons and is lucky to still be alive, as his other book “Enemy of the State” shows.

      But according to the leader of our party in the European Parliament, a man whose hand I was proud to shake about three years ago, I’m a racist.

      • @ Keith
        Agree with every word. Spencer presents a strong case for Mohammed being a mythic figure and the koran being written by warlords competing for control, and for whom truth and fact were irrelevant fripperies. All the centuries of bloodshed for a shedload of lies!

  7. Time for some blunt words.
    So Henry won. the best possible result. I hope AMW will now return to the strange place from whence she came and leave UKIP. I was astonished that so many of us were take in by her ranting EDL type rhetoric, it was never the way forward for UKIP.
    I make no apology to her supporters for asking them to get fully behind Henry or to go, If there is to be a split let’s get it over with and rebuild our party into something that’s great and can win influence and elections again.

    • Icini, I do not see it as an either vs or. It is both. Under the umbrella of saving the UK and indeed western civilisation we must tackle the EU and Islam.

      • Brexit is almost certainly needed to be able to change important policies, but they will not be changed while ‘political correctness’ prevents it.

        We have to attack the secular ideology of postmodernist-Marxism to be able to tackle Islam, and we need Brexit so that doing these things is local rather than EU wide.

        Brexit is an important step, but maybe that is the single step that UKIP should work on and leave the other issues to those brave enough to handle them.

        Brexit – task for UKIP
        Islam – headed by AMW in new group
        Postmodernist-Marxism – headed by David Kurten in new group?

  8. So over the years I have supported the party and helped financially the best I could.
    In return Nigel just up and left, no hand over, then Diana James, who upt and left. Then nuttall, who left.
    Now this chap.
    All the time the country is being swamped by undesirables and nothing is said to represent my views.
    ukip are not representing my views now. So I’m off to another home.

  9. So a man who most members have never heard of, with practically his first breath as leader, says he has saved UKIP from becoming the Nazi Party.

    A gratuitous and unjustified insult to the 21% of members who supported AMW. We should not be surprised, however, as it is of a piece with the shabby way he conducted himself during the campaign.

    Smears and insults worthy of the MSM were thrown at AMW, and we appear to have forgotten already that his main claim to fame so far was the shameful attempt to get AMW disqualified from standing just days before the ballot papers went out. He then bottled that challenge when AMW and Agnew refused to back down.

    This then compounded by his puppet master, Farage, who also goes out of his way to attack AMW and her supporters, saying in the Telegraph that UKIP has been infiltrated by ex-BNP hard right racists who nearly destroyed the party.

    Whatever happened to being magnanimous in victory? Whatever happened to extending the olive branch to your defeated opponent in the name of party unity?

    The whole things stinks. The reckoning that UKIP has needed for at least 2 years will now not happen. All those who made despicable comments during the campaign are still in place. All those who have run UKIP into the ground and squandered the golden opportunity we had after June 23rd 2016 are still in place. Cracks will be papered over, UKIP will continue as an electoral irrelevance. Half the membership didn’t bother to vote, we can assume they’re just letting their memberships expire. Many will leave as a result of this debacle. Bolton will inspire nobody to join.

    As you may be able to tell, after 5 years UKIP has used up more than its nine lives with me, and I’m out.

    • Well said Gary. I’ve only just joined and I too am out already. I joined UKIP, the first political entity to ever join, because I saw the hope that AMW was offering. I voted leave in order to regain our sovereignty in order to deal with Islam. That was my primary reason since I had been red-pilled in the early 2000s to the dangers of Islam.
      Yes and Nigel Farage’s letter in the Telegraph was appalling. He chastised Hilary Clinton for calling Trump supporters ‘a basket of deplorables’ yet he went further and called his OWN supporters deplorables. Silly man.

    • Gary,

      I agree and will not be joining UKIP unless there is a dramatic change; one which could have come about with AMW. Leaving the EU with a clean break is of course an essential prerequisite to dealing with the invasion but we cannot afford to ignore it and the culpability of those who failed to resist (e.g. May)or even supported it (e.g. the Blairites and LibDems) any longer.

    • Gary we all see the dangers of creeping Islam but we must achieve Brexit first. Whether AMW supporters like it or not Bolton is most likely to keep the pressure on Lib/Lab/Con to deliver Brexit. He is the candidate Lib/Lab/Con did not want to win. We must get bums on seats in Westminster and Bolton too has a better chance of doing that than AMW. We must keep the national branch network intact (an incredible resource of UKIP)to ensure survival as a party and again Bolton has the best chance of maintaining a vibrant branch network. Hopefully current activists will continue their important work under Bolton whereas, speaking from experience as an UKIP activist of 20 years, I fear they would not go out on the streets campaigning if the party was focussed on fighting Islam.

      • The MSM were delighted when Bolton won. Journos from Andrew Pearce to Tim Shipman Tweeted their congratualtions. This was not from love of Bolton, but because they feared AMW.

        I’m sorry, but the rest is just cloud cuckoo land. What will it take for some UKIP members to understand that it is not 2014. UKIP has NO chance of winning Westminster seats. None. Zero. We will not even be competing, let alone winning.

        The priority in this leadership election was to pick someone who would clear out the dead wood and face up to the obvious problems that have held back UKIP for years. To find someone who would give UKIP what it needs here and now in 2017 and for the years ahead – a reason to exist and a reason for people to switch from other parties. Henry Bolton is not that leader. None of UKIP’s problems will be addressed. The media will lose all interest in him in a day or two. He will remain as anonymous to the general public as he is now.

        UKIP will be sub 10,000 members a year from now. Branches are closing now, and will continue to. Bolton offers nothing to halt this slide, let alone reverse it.

        Yes, people would have left had AMW won. Many of them, MEPS in particular, would be no loss, and it is now clear have been part of the problem all these years. But the difference is that AMW would have inspired many more to join. Bolton inspires nobody.

        • Gary We will have to agree to disagree on this one. Sincerely, I wish AMW well and I hope she starts her own anti-Islam party to keep the issue on the table.

      • “We must get bums on seats in Westminster and Bolton too has a better chance of doing that than AMW”.

        I’m afraid he doesn’t Jack. Like it or not UKIP needs Labour voters in their droves and this man will not win over a single one in my opinion.

        • Nick You are right saying we need Labour voters in droves to get into Westminster. But in the old textile industrial regions with very high Islamic population the BNP under Griffin at the height of his popularity made very little headway on the anti-islam ticket (about 5% of the vote in Keighley 2005).

    • With you, Gary.

  10. Did Mr Bolton really say that about Ukip becoming the Nazi Party? If he did then that was either a lie, or stupidity or a smear. Not a good start. Initially I was pleased that AMW had not won because I don’t think she was ready to lead and and quite a number of her supporters were too OTT. At no stage would I have remotely suggested that they were nazis or even facists.
    Crikey Dick! Where do we go from here?
    Does Mr Bolton have any political nous? He’s got to show a bit more than this.

  11. I was just reading Nigel Farage’s article in the telegraph telling everyone how racists nearly destroyed UKIP. I don’t think objecting to your country becoming a Caliphate in the next 20 / 30 years is being unreasonably racist.

    Now we have Bolton calling us Nazis, it was bad enough coming from Brussels. And it looks like AMW will be sidelined.

    That’s me done with UKIP, I’ve had enough of these people, I don’t wish to hear or read about them: time to move on.

    I’d just been doing some research into what would have been my best article yet, I’ll have to find somewhere else to publish it.

    Nice knowing you all, but I want my country back and I’ve only got time for people that want the same.

    • Flyer, many thanks for all your contributions here. It is a shame that it has come to this. A real opportunity has been lost.

      Ensuring that Brexit actually happens does have to be the first priority for UKIP. However a party can battle on numerous fronts simultaneously. The opportunity of an acknowledgement of those who voted for AMW would have been helpful. It looks as though the old order of religion appeasers has re-established itself.

      Five years will now be frittered away in the battle against Islam. The UK may only have a total of thirteen years available before the point of no return.

      I am not a Nazi, and resent being described as such, just because I have taken the trouble to investigate Islam and its associated evils. AMW is spot on to describe Islam as evil. Anyone can see that for themselves if they will only read the Koran, with an understanding of abrogation.

      The real Nazis allied themselves with Islam. They did not oppose it.

    • Farage has gone over to the other side; whether by carrot or stick we may never know. Maybe I will have to start a blog.

    • Wait!! I haven’t been on this site very long but have learnt a lot from the letters, articles and comments. My UKIP membership comes up for renewal today and I am sorry to say I feel the same as you, and will be looking for another vehicle to take the revolution forward. It is my intention to ask UD if they would object to a non UKIP person using the site.
      Surely the debate, the discussion, the exchange of ideas, is more important. If you don’t change your mind perhaps you can say where you will publish. All the best.

      • Non-members and former members have published articles on UKIPD, and have posted comments. I see no reason whatsoever to change that policy, provided contributors have regard to the guidelines we’ve published on the homepage.
        We’ve never been an echo chamber, controversial articles and comments have always been published here (often not to the enjoyment of the UKIP PTB), and that won’t change as long as I’m E-i-C.

  12. I am sorry but I have remained positive and always felt all should work together despite who won the election. Also I have been careful not to name any of the candidates because I didn’t think it polite.
    Now in the light of reality I can say my initial feeling was to not vote for an MEP because they have been so close to the wood to see anything but trees for too many years. To not vote for any candidate who openly attacked another candidate after the campaign had started, a conduct not befitting a prospective leader no matter what the reason.
    What UKIP have now elected is a highly competent, experienced and qualified Administrator; that is not the same as a Leader of a Political Party. In my humble opinion UKIP needed someone with vision and passion, someone who would inspire members of the public to support the party and increase membership. Someone who could think outside the box by going beyond Brexit. I know it very, very early days but one should surely see that from day one. The fact that I cannot see that is not good! The ‘Sunday Lunch Club’ and the ex-Conservatives have won this election.
    I could go on but you get the message, sorry folks! We will see.

  13. “Ukip’s new leader Henry Bolton has said the party has avoided becoming the “UK Nazi Party”

    Well that’s a good start, suggesting that there was a Nazi element within UKIP, that’s a slap in the face for whatever members he considers fit the description… At the same time as he’s calling for ‘party unity’.

    Where does he think he is, the officers club?

    • According to the Mail he said Islam threatened to obliterate us. So does he have an objection to AMW? Does he mean it or just tactics after she did so well. You don’t need her any more…

      • Maybe he just wants to lose as many UKIP members as possible. (If twitter is anything to go by.)

        Nigel Farage too, as he took the statement further.

        But then again, Nigel Farage has also expressed an interest in setting up another political party.

      • He may steal AMW’s material but he won’t be able to deliver it in the same way. People may she his heart isn’t in it. I wonder also how he’ll react when the MSM starts calling him a racist and he starts to receive the countless death threats AMW currently receives. UKIP have got themselves in a mess I think.

      • I don’t know the source for your quote, but in an interview I heard it did not come across at all like that, but you know how the MSM misrepresent. Anyway, according to much of the media Ukip is already the Nazi party simply for wanting a sovereign country. The recent escalation from momentum – heady with power at the Labour conference – in extreme name calling, even of people notionally on their side, neutralises the whole effect; it’s jumped the shark; people are beginning to see how silly and meaningless it is and how small and desperate it makes the purveyors look.

    • Like some, I am very disappointed.
      The same old crowd giving standing ovations to an unknown leader elected for the benefit of the self serving members of the party whilst ignoring the obvious and the more important fact that UKIP needs a leader not for the party but for the country.
      It does make me wonder where exactly the hell he sprung from.

  14. Arguably HB’s greatest attribute will be his capacity to verbally beat PM T.May. I have come to loathe and detest her more than cameroon, clogg,bliar, and broon. We are so close to Brexit but yet so far and every week another concession is granted to the EUSSR; every week she finds some reason to take fault with President Trump.
    It must be just one of those passages of time things; almost the entirety of our political class are traitors unfit for public office.
    All this is going to end in tears.
    As Home Secretary May was an unfailing enemy of the people. I can only think of one worse case scenario to this appalling woman and that is May is toppled ( cheers) to be replaced by Rudd (boos and emigration)

  15. Saw the speech. Feel very disappointed. Much as I wanted to, I will NOT be joining the party on that basis. Hopefully, Marie Waters can do something.

  16. Just watched the speech on the BBC. Afterwards the analysis the BBC presented mentioned AMW as often if not more than Bolton. I suspect from now on there’s a good chance AMW will get a passing mention every time they mention Bolton or the UKIP leadership. I think UKIP really missed an opportunity here.

    Having listened to the speech I think I get a picture of Bolton’s psychological makeup. Reminds me of relatively boring guys I went to school with that wanted to be considered one of the lads. They loved rugby, joined the cadets and went on to the join the police or army. Behind it was a degree of low self esteem in my opinion. His speech included lots of mentions of different military hardware; fighter jets, tanks and the like. His speech also included lots of thumbs ups for the lads. A lot of talk about reorganizing the party structure which may be his forte but an inspiring leader he is not. No mention of Islam. In my opinion there is no way he will attract any Labour voters. Zero, zilch, nada. Actually there is no chance of him attracting any votes at all.
    I think CK’s assessment was spot.
    He has the charisma of a plastic cup.

    • As an ex-copper Sean I dispute your assessment. I fought Slag on the street, brought very unsavory people to Court, suffered personal injury, protected vulnerable people and gained an insight into people’s motivations. Some you could just tell were all talk and no do.

      • Roger I hope I didn’t cause offence. I am in general a big fan of the police and the armed services. I am talking about the guys I knew at school. However I do sense something odd about Henry Bolton particularly in the way he seems to keep brandishing his CV around. Just go to his Twitter feed and see for yourself. It’s like he’s trying to prove something. Incidentally I just heard on Sky News that Henry Bolton has back tracked on immigration and has refused to put a limit on it. AMW wanted to put a zero limit on immigration which I agree with. We have plenty of human beings here in the UK to train up however we want.

        • Perhaps he brandishes his CV because so many people say they don’t know who he is and it quickly summarises his background.

          I watched the yapping cub reporter interview him on Sky, who would not let him compete a sentence let alone give a full answer and obviously ran through the list of leading questions he had been given. Bolton handled him well in the circumstances and managed not to punch him, which I felt like doing. He didn’t back track on immigration because he had never advocated a figure. He said he would use the 2015 manifesto as a basis, a framework, from which to review all policies. He said current levels are unsustainable, and listed many infrastructure areas suffering overload, but he would not be advocating a definite figure. It would vary as and when according to the contemporary skills the country needed. The cub reporter said he was backtracking because it said 50,000 (I think) in that manifesto. So if Sky are spinning that as him backtracking, then the deliberate misrepresentation has already started.

          • AMW advocated a figure, well at least an aspiration for zero immigration which I think would go down well. Anyway I’m done with UKIP now. No more donations from me.

    • The unfortunate part of reorganising the Party is that this is not under control of any leader. The constitution places this power in the NEC not the leader. To do it against their will requires some 20 branches and a vote of members with 66%* approval – but the leadership only had 47% turn-out.

      (*The text isn’t clear on 66% of what exactly)

    • “In my opinion there is no way he will attract any Labour voters. Zero, zilch, nada”.

      You got it in one Sean. I’ll be spending my £30 on something else this year.

  17. Just been watching this on the UKIP Facebook livestream. Was quite impressed with him, to be honest. Now to see how he handles the ‘big guns’ of the mainstream media!

  18. “Bolton: Party finances have been managed in a truly exception manner given that there is very little in the kitty”

    Yes, well done John Bickley and team!

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