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Great “Repeal” Bill – The Betrayal of Brexit

March 21, 2017 // 12 Comments

The Prime Minister’s statement concerning UK withdrawal is of dire concern to the Fishing industry.  The Great “Repeal” Bill, although repealing the 1972 European Communities Act, proposes the adoption of the entire Acquis Communautaire (the body of EU law) onto the UK statute [...]

Negotiating Brexit

January 12, 2017 // 9 Comments

[Ed: the following text has been excerpted from a speech given last year by Howard Gleave, Richmond/Twickenham/Teddington UKIP branch, and is published with his permission.] The government has said it will not give a running commentary on its Brexit strategy, but we are now six months on from the [...]

How a century of disastrous involvement in Europe weakened Britain

January 4, 2017 // 25 Comments

They called it ‘Splendid Isolation’. Britain’s policy in the latter half of the nineteenth century was to avoid alliances and entanglements with other nations, continental European powers in particular. This coincided with the era of British industrial, economic, financial and military world [...]

Austria and Italy – interpreting the results

December 5, 2016 // 4 Comments

Austrians may have voted against Mr Hofer in the Austrian Presidential Election, but his defeat is merely a small setback for the nationalist Freedom Party (FPÖ). Before October 2017, Austrians will head to the polls to vote in the parliamentary elections, which will be a victory for the FPÖ, and [...]

Who Rules Us

October 17, 2016 // 15 Comments

A Civil War was fought in Britain over several years, commencing in 1642, between the King who believed in the divine right to rule while ignoring the problems of the ordinary folk, against Parliament driven by those who wished to redress the issues of the nation, to reassert the powers of [...]

The EU Audit Report

October 15, 2016 // 3 Comments

It’s that time of the year again; the leaves are falling from the trees, bonfire wood is soon to be gathered, and the annual pantomime where the European Union takes collective leave of its senses and gives us a rare moment of frankness and honesty. I refer, of course, to the Court of [...]

“Single Market” means “Remain”

October 13, 2016 // 19 Comments

The failed politicians like Anna Soubry, Nick Clegg, and Ed Miliband are at it again. Trying to force the Government to put issues regarding Leaving the EU for Parliament to discuss and vote on. Amongst the arguments is the one about how we must continue access to the Single Market or it will be [...]

Brexit must mean Brexit!

September 30, 2016 // 7 Comments

I am assuming that everyone here wants to leave the European Union. Is that correct? That being the case I would like to ask you three questions. 1. How many of you want to leave the EU as quickly as possible? 2. How many of you would like us to keep open borders with the EU? 3. How many of you [...]
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