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The case for another UKIP Christian Manifesto

April 26, 2017 // 24 Comments

Nigel Farage caused a storm a couple of years ago when, against the prevailing political zeitgeist as always, he called for Britain to accept only Christian refugees from Syria. “They are a seriously persecuted minority… under attack on all sides… as Islamist elements seek to purge [...]

General Election – play dirty and we can do very well

April 26, 2017 // 41 Comments

I can still remember the early hours of the 24th June last year when the returning officer for my area called myself and the remainer designated person over. He showed us the written result and the feeling of relief and euphoria that we had voted to leave by the same eventual percentage that the [...]

UKIP must back the best chance Brexiteer

April 24, 2017 // 22 Comments

This is the Brexit general election. It is about trying to save Brexit from being reversed or overridden by a newly-returned House of Commons, dominated by Remainers, claiming a fresh mandate to implement or ignore last year’s referendum result as it sees fit. UKIP’s object in this [...]

UKIP winning 100+ seats

April 23, 2017 // 57 Comments

After coming second in over 100 seats at the 2015 General Election, is it possible for UKIP to gain 100+ seats in the upcoming election? I believe so.  With four million votes in 2015 and over 17 million for a major manifesto pledge, Brexit referendum, the wind is in favour of UKIP policies. [...]

View from the doorstep

April 23, 2017 // 15 Comments

I was out pushing leaflets for the local elections this afternoon. I was invited in for a cup of tea by a supporter I had visited before; in fact, I arrived just as her carer was delivering plates of food. This lady has cancer and is obviously in a very, very feeble physical condition But her mind [...]

General Election 2017: Immediate Thoughts

April 22, 2017 // 33 Comments

My first immediate thoughts on hearing the Prime Minister push for an early general election related to the numerous police investigations, happening over many parts of the country, in relation to alleged overspending by the Conservative Party in several key seats. The most prominent of these seats [...]

The Dead Cat Election

April 22, 2017 // 3 Comments

Lynton Crosby, the election guru behind David Cameron’s unexpected and stunning 2015 General Election success, developed an electioneering tactic metaphorically described as ‘throwing a dead cat on the table’. Whilst some people would naturally be appalled by such a sight, more importantly [...]

Where are we bound?

April 20, 2017 // 26 Comments

I hope you have already spotted my title’s contronym. Through the murk, I am beginning to see a possibility. Clearly, deciding how to vote is going to involve a complex choice. One needs to deliver a Brexit Is Still ON message without letting the LibDems in through the slight crack in the [...]

Labour Seats for the Taking

April 20, 2017 // 47 Comments

The forthcoming general election will be quite unlike any that has taken place in my lifetime.  Normal election calculations must be jettisoned, and a new strategy adopted. UKIP has a great opportunity to win seats, particularly from Labour, however this must be regarded as a fortuitous side [...]

The Snap GE and UKIP

April 20, 2017 // 80 Comments

We’re having another GE! What fun! What would Spring be like without having to campaign! The MSM are already in full electioneering mode, with opinion pages full of why this is good for the Tories, the Libdems, Labour, and why this means we will get Brexit – soft, hard, extreme, ultra, [...]
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