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Peter Whittle – Leadership Campaign Launch Part 2

July 18, 2017 // 32 Comments

[Continued from yesterday’s Part 1] Unlike the money-is-everything Tories, and the Britain-haters of Labour, UKIP has always believed in and celebrated our nation, our values and our history. It is not just about money, the bottom line, or knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing. [...]

Peter Whittle – Leadership Campaign Launch Part 1

July 17, 2017 // 25 Comments

We find ourselves in the middle of another leadership campaign. It certainly has been a rollercoaster for us, as a party, since that momentous day last year when the country voted to leave the EU: A referendum which would not have happened without us. A victory which would not have happened without [...]

UKIP Leadership – David Allen Manifesto

July 12, 2017 // 13 Comments

David Allen, a longstanding contributor to UKIP Daily, will be running in the UKIP Leadership election. We are happy to publish David’s Leadership manifesto, as requested by some comment posters. The manifesto is too long to publish here in full, but we include the introduction and the first [...]

UKIP Leadership Contest – a Speech

July 10, 2017 // 32 Comments

UKIP, as we know, is sadly in disarray. There is no discipline within the party, officers of the party have descended into language not befitting the standing they have. Many members take to social media with an abandon that knows no boundaries, the conversation is of the lowest standard. Many [...]

Ben Walker – leadership campaign

July 3, 2017 // 33 Comments

Colleagues, we have been here before, four times in a year. Since that glorious day, June 23rd we have, as a political party, had our ‘annus horribilis’ and the jury is out as to whether we can survive it. We have to subject ourselves yet again to the gut wrenching process of choosing a [...]

Hidden in plain sight – the attempted transfer of power

June 28, 2017 // 19 Comments

Imagine you are the Government. You have been for seven years, even given a change of leader and a disastrous referendum whereby you attempted to swat away an annoying little man called Farage who was just simply beating you. You are enjoying a clear percentage point lead over the official [...]

Leadership Election

June 23, 2017 // 36 Comments

I am not one to dive into something without giving the matter due consideration. I do not make major decisions lightly. The pathway that Ukip is potentially taking greatly disturbs me. We are in danger of disappearing which would give the political commentators the victory they have worked so hard [...]

Nigel is Needed

June 19, 2017 // 18 Comments

The election result is widely seen as a return to the old tradition of two-party government, with any other parties in the Commons of no importance at all except at times of two-party deadlock.  As it happens, now is such a time, with the DUP receiving some attention.  But surely, many think, the [...]

Thurrock UKIP: Where do they go from here……..

June 14, 2017 // 21 Comments

One thing is for sure…British politics hasn’t been boring over the last 12 months. 2015 delivered a surprise Conservative majority. The referendum saw the people of this country demonstrate the will and courage to vote for their freedom from the evermore corrupt and authoritarian European [...]

The incoming tide

June 14, 2017 // 7 Comments

Necessity is the mother of invention, goes the old saying, and never a truer word has been spoken when we consider UKIP’s position as the dust settles on an extraordinary election. On the face of it, UKIP did badly. In the 2015 election, we secured 12.6% of the vote, just shy of 4m votes. In [...]
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