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NEC – Silence is not an Option, Stand Up or Resign

January 16, 2018 // 0 Comments

We are told there will be a vote of no-confidence taken at the NEC meeting on Sunday. However, this once again acts as a reminder of the failures of UKIPs governance system. Although these failures have been clear for a long time, they are now coming home to roost. Recent events show the ordinary [...]


January 16, 2018 // 12 Comments

Ed ~ This article is republished with the kind permission of the Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIB). It’s not just Greece which has suffered thanks to its membership of the EU. Without even having joined the single currency, Bulgaria already is experiencing considerable hardship as [...]


January 15, 2018 // 41 Comments

Quercus robur, commonly known as common oak, or English oak, is a species of deciduous tree native to the United Kingdom. I joined UKIP in July 2015. It was in the aftermath of the general election and my son had persuaded me to accompany him to a UKIP meeting of the Huddersfield and Colne Valley [...]

Short-changing the British people over Brexit

January 14, 2018 // 14 Comments

Are the British people being short-changed over Brexit by Mrs May, the Department for (not) Exiting the European Union (EU), the government generally, and Parliament (made up of supposedly knowledgeable and prudent representatives of the people)?  In the end the Brexit settlement achieved by Mrs [...]


January 13, 2018 // 39 Comments

HOW TO CHANGE A LIBERTARIAN PARTY INTO AN AUTOCRATIC PARTY: 1. Abolish the Rules Committee & take the function into the NEC. 2. Get yourself appointed as Party Chairman. You can now write rules to serve your ambition. 3. Abolish the judicially independent Disciplinary Committee & take the [...]

Essential Policies for the New Leader to Adopt

January 12, 2018 // 23 Comments

Under various headings ( and in the context of HB’s imminent resignation ) contributors have been submitting their ideas as to what UKIP should now concentrate on to have a chance to recover from the debacle of last June’s Election / the debacle of HB’s ‘Leadership’. [...]

Reading the Tea Leaves

January 11, 2018 // 48 Comments

Well, I didn’t expect to be writing my first article of the new year so soon, but as I have had past experience with EGMs, leadership/NEC fall-outs, and constitutional drafting, Viv has asked me to don my gypsy garb and try and interpret the recent NEC statement – taken with the constitution, [...]

What is UKIP’s future?

January 10, 2018 // 88 Comments

When UKIP was founded over twenty-four years ago, the people in the room did so with two main objectives: to make UKIP a force in national politics, and to bring about the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. The second was dependent on the first.  Following the General Election in 2015 we [...]

Life limps on … for ten more days

January 9, 2018 // 168 Comments

Editorial Note: This article is the follow-on to yesterday’s article on the Bolton affair. So it’s going to be BAU, that’s ‘business as usual’, after all. You’ve seen the terse statement from the Interim Chairman Paul Oakden which was issued about 5.30 p.m. after the NEC had made [...]

The Bolton Affair

January 8, 2018 // 134 Comments

First came that letter to us members, like a bolt out of the blue, alerting us to ‘private news’ going to be splashed across the pages of a red-top paper, The Sun. Then came that article, followed by more articles in the MSM. Then the Sunday papers published even more articles. The comment [...]
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