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The two dogs in the night-time

April 6, 2014 // 1 Comment

Most of us of have heard of Sherlock Holmes famous aphorism: ‘Is there any point to which you would wish to draw my attention?’ ‘To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.’ ‘The dog did nothing in the night-time.’ ‘That was the curious [...]

A Letter to Nigel

March 31, 2014 // 3 Comments

Firstly, well done in the European Union debate with Nick Clegg where you more or less, held your own. However, I would only score your performance at about 7/10, so to improve your message for Wednesday’s second round here’s what I think you should consider. Typically, after round one, both [...]

Latest from the Tories – the Mum’s Tax

March 30, 2014 // 3 Comments

First there was the bedroom tax, then the granny tax and the pasty tax.  Now the ‘nasty party’ brings you the mum tax. In 2010, under Labour, Mother’s Day was on March 10th and lasted the full 24 hours. Under the Nasty Tories, just four years later, we now have a Mother’s Day [...]

Vote UKIP, get Miliband – the slogan of the desperate

March 28, 2014 // 5 Comments

And so it begins. I had hoped that the desperate Tory call of “Vote UKIP, get Miliband” would not be heard in earnest until after the EU elections in May, around the same time as we begin to hear the Cuckoo call that it so resembles. Today Lord Ashcroft has published a piece on Conservative [...]

Bob Crow – the last of his kind

March 22, 2014 // 1 Comment

Does the end of Bob Crow signal an end to confrontational workplace bargaining or can we expect to see an heir apparent rise from the ashes? On closer inspection Bob Crow, the man, seemed to embody a massive contradiction by following a course and philosophy of ‘might is right’ yet at the same [...]

Osborne’s budget – deficit or debt?

March 17, 2014 // 6 Comments

This week, we shall see George Osborne hold up his red dispatch box for the cameras, drive to the Palace of Westminster and deliver his last full budget ahead of the General Election.  Being in a coalition government means that the electioneering aspects of the Budget will have to satisfy [...]

Wednesday Debate: To Frack or Not To Frack?

February 5, 2014 // 30 Comments

Now that the LibLabCon agree on everything, and all are happy to let the bureaucrats in Brussels run our country anyway, Prime Ministers Questions has become a bit of a farce. So here on UKIP Daily we will be holding the real debate – every Wednesday at 12pm. Today, we tackle a rather [...]
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