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The case for another UKIP Christian Manifesto

Nigel Farage caused a storm a couple of years ago when, against the prevailing political zeitgeist as always, he called for Britain to accept only Christian refugees from Syria. “They are a seriously persecuted minority… under attack on all sides… as Islamist elements seek to purge the (Middle East) of Christianity”, he argued.

Then, after Muslim migrants from north Africa threw Christian fellow migrants out of their boat to drown in the Mediterranean, he proposed that Europe should accept only Christian African refugees “as they have almost nowhere else to go”.

So it was welcome when UKIP deputy leader Peter Whittle recently weighed in too. “There needs to be a prioritisation of Christian refugees from Syria,” he contended ten days ago. He was echoing the concern of renegade former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey, that the UK government is “institutionally biased” against Christian refugees and “politically-correct” officials are discriminating against Christian Syrians in the UK’s refugee programme.

The political class is at best embarrassed by Christianity as the nation’s traditional religion, and at worst actively hostile. It prefers to support the religions brought into Britain post-war by immigrant communities, especially from South Asia. Remember Boris Johnson fatuously proposing that we should all fast for a day during Ramadan and then break our fast at the local mosque? I don’t recall him ever asking us all to pray during Lent and visit the local church on Sunday.


And when the then director-general of the BBC was accused by Ben Elton of letting Vicar jokes pass but not Imam jokes, Mark Thompson admitted that the public service broadcaster – flagship of Britain’s global soft-power with a world-wide audience, but also at the heart of British culture and paid for by you and me – does give special treatment to Islam but not Christianity “because Muslims are from a religious minority and… often from ethnic minorities”. It was classic liberal twaddle that patronisingly plays the victim card on behalf of the world’s second largest and most aggressive religion, and flagrantly repudiates the Beeb’s own claims to neutrality and impartiality.


UKIP is never afraid to stand alone or challenge conventional wisdom, so it is both bold and typical of the party that it insists on standing up for the nation’s traditional religion against the prejudiced political establishment. Neither is it surprising that UKIP broke new ground at the May 2015 general election and was the first and only national party to publish a separate Christian manifesto.


Nigel Farage contended in his foreword to the manifesto – it was entitled Valuing Our Christian Heritage  – that:

“we need a much more muscular defence of our Christian heritage and our Christian Constitution. Ours is fundamentally a Christian nation… UKIP is the only political party… that still cherishes our Judeo-Christian heritage.”


The manifesto contained common-sense stuff. It recognised that children are best brought up “within safe, secure, happy families”; said that “reasonable accommodation” should be made legally for those in the workplace who cannot accept same-sex marriage; and backed faith schools “provided they are open to the whole community, uphold British values, do not discriminate against any section of society and meet required educational standards”.


UKIP is a secular party and, as far as I know, neither Nigel Farage nor Peter Whittle are regular church-goers let alone committed Christians. But they, and UKIP’s 2015 Christian manifesto, acknowledge that Christianity has a particular place in the culture of our society that Islam and other religions do not have. And, as I have argued elsewhere, UKIP is and should be a defender of the Faith.


In the name of multi-cultural tolerance and good inter-faith relations, liberal Scottish clergy at Glasgow Cathedral recently invited a Muslim student to read verses from the Quran during a service marking Christianity’s Feast of the Epiphany. As a good Muslim and in honour of Allah no doubt, he read the key Quranic verses which specifically deny Christianity’s central tenet – that Jesus is the Son of God.


When a courageous Church of England clergyman, the Revd Gavin Ashenden, objected strongly to this denigration of Jesus within Christian worship, atheist commentator Douglas Murray memorably commenced an article proposing an award for the cleric thus:


Very occasionally — even in contemporary Britain — some good news arrives. No single piece of news has been more invigorating than the discovery that a member of the clergy of the Church of England has found a vertebra.”


In the event Reverend Ashenden was forced to step down from his post as Chaplain to the Queen for being controversial, so Murray finished his article with an equally memorable conclusion:


For the time-being, Revd Ashenden is on the retreating side. But in the long run he may not be. In a nation much in need of heroes, an Anglican Reverend has stepped forward, putting his sincere and serious beliefs ahead of the unserious and insincere pieties of our time. Everybody — secular or religious — has cause to feel enormous gratitude.”


UKIP members – secular or religious – should be willing to support Britain’s traditional religion. After all, Winston Churchill was a disbeliever who reckoned himself a buttress of the church rather than a pillar, as “I support it from the outside”.


UKIP ought to continue its pioneering work and publish the party’s second Christian manifesto in time for the June general election.

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Alan is UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Witney, UKIP London Regional vice-chairman and UKIP Havering Branch secretary

30 Comments on The case for another UKIP Christian Manifesto

  1. The UKIP 2015 Christian manifesto is excellent!

  2. Alan Craig makes a fine case for the restoration of a Christian basis for the UK and is right to highlight the differences between Islam and Christianity.

    There is widespread ignorance of Christianity and our nation’s history that inures the country to the lessons of both. Indifference to the transcendent, rejection of accountability to a Creator and incredulity towards an afterlife help explain the blindness to the dangers of Islam, a totalitarian religious-political system where Jihad in the name of Allah and belief in an afterlife and its rewards drive much of the fanaticism.People do not realise that Islam is incompatible to our culture.Its adherents will not accommodate, for Sharia law expects them to dominate instead.

    Sir Winston Churchill lived at a time when Christianity was the bedrock of the nation. He understood very well the nature of Islam and its contrast with Christianity. He realised our values and virtues were based on Christianity and believed in the providence of God. ‘We thank God for the greatest of all his blessings, the knowledge that we have done our duty.’

    The nation needs a revival of the historic beliefs that encouraged selflessness, sacrifice, accountability, responsibility, loyalty and other qualities of character. I therefore endorse Alan Craig’s courageous call for an explicitly Christian aspect to the UKIP manifesto and Nigel Farage’s similar endorsement. A serious national consideration of how our country and others have benefited from the influence of Christianity in contrast to those who have a different or no religion would be most enlightening.

  3. I am not convinced that Christianity can do very much to save us from Islam. Certainly the Established Church seems to be full of appeasers. There are only a few who resist this.

    The Catholic church brings no hope either. The previous Pope said something in his Regensburg speech which resulted in churches being burned and nuns murdered. He ended up having to kiss the Koran. The Koran denies the very basis of Christianity.

    Many millions of Christians have been murdered by Islam over the centuries, as have Hindus etc.

    It may be that modern Christians feel that they have more in common with Muslims than they do with atheists. Blair probably is in this category. If this theory is correct then we cannot expect Christianity to help prevent the Islamisation of western nations.

    Christianity may in practice be counterproductive, in that it legitimises beliefs in things for which there is zero scientific evidence. If one person believes in the miraculous proliferation of loaves and fish, then how can they criticise another who believes in talking rocks and trees giving anti-Semitic instructions to commit murder?

  4. Agreed 100% – Christians also need a voice within UKIP like they have in other parties – be interested to work on this project

  5. ‘Britain First’ already exists for people who want this, & with a leader who is now publicly comparing himself to the Hindu Mohandas Gandhi, I think its adoption by UKIP is unlikely.

    • Nuttall did NOT compare himself to Gandhi: some fourth-rate provincial papers have twisted his words. In the old official UKIP Forum contributors often attached favourite quotes to their posts and one of them was Gandhi’s “First they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win”, which turned out to be prophetic as it happens re Brexit.
      Paul said “It’s like the Gandhi thing …” and proceeded with the quote. Can’t anyone quote a famous person now, without being accused of comparing themselves with that person?
      “Journalists say a thing that they know isn’t true, in the hope that if they keep on saying it long enough it will be true.” Arnold Bennett (famous writer, 1867-1931) Whoops! Am I now comparing myself with Arnold Bennett because I’ve quoted him? I’d better not quote Jesus.

  6. Alan, thank you for an informative article; I didn’t know about the UKIP Christian Manifesto and I didn’t know that Churchill regarded himself as a ‘buttress’ of Christianity rather than a pillar. His analogy suits my position exactly, therefore I approve of the Christian Manifesto despite being an atheist. Nature abhors a vacuum, and if we allow the foundation of our laws, morals and culture to wither away to nothing, what will rush in? islam always tries to attract converts until such time as they can demand conversion or threaten a worse fate.
    I would recommend anyone to read Robert Spencer’s book “Did Muhammad Exist?” because it’s an eye-opener. His examination is based on the minute research of brave historical and linguistic experts whose work has, ahem, not been heavily publicised for obvious reasons. By the time he pulls it all together, it’s like watching some over-inflated dirigible collapse to the ground.

  7. The only flaw I can see is that we lack a competent spokesperson to take any manifesto forward – to get anything up and running, even opposition to May’s Brexit.
    It’s a great idea, and extremely necessary, imo, but let’s face it, the Integration agenda came out with a bit of a fanfare, and since then, nothing.
    The only bit of UKIP news is the stepping down of some UKIP MEP I’ve never heard of or from because he doesn’t like the only policy we have actually put forward. Did he not know it was coming? If not, why not – and if he was against it he should have been removed by the leader before he had the chance to shaft UKIP like almost every other MEP has done.
    So, Alan, as a policy it’s a great idea, we just need a Party to attach it to.

  8. GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // April 26, 2017 at 12:37 pm // Reply
    Every part of the World is on fire,due to Muslim instigation.Our Judeo-Christian foundation is cracking and crumbling,and under continuous attack.The UK and other countries continue to bring in Muslims,knowing already that they will cause permanent and untold damage to their countries.That is a proven fact that our whole culture.identities,lives and Government will change completely,and not for the better.
    Sharia May has allowed over 100 Sharia Courts to operate in Britain today.We need to wake up and look around the World,and see that whatever country they live,there is death and destruction.There is no love,mercy or forgiveness in their so called scriptures.They are the most serious threat to our citizens from within,by a people who hate us and seek and celebrate our death and destruction.They have no sense of reason,or respect for Human Life.They only believe in Jihad,our useless past and present Government’s are in complete denial,they see no problem with Islam,and are still refusing to recognise that acts of terror are a direct link to Muslims.How absurd and stupid are our so called leaders,after each and every attack by Muslim Terrorists,
    to continually say that Muslims are a peaceful and tolerant people,who have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.That ridiculous statement could not be further from the truth,and is nothing but a total and utter load of lies,and quite clearly false.After each and every attack they all come out with that absurd nonsense,after one of our soldiers,Lee Rigby was hacked to death by 2 Moslem Terrorists on a London street,
    everyone of our useless leaders,from either side of ‘The House’ comes out with the same old nonesence,that the attackers weren’t real Muslims,that could not be further from the truth,they represent the true face of Islam that exists in the West today.
    We even had David Halal is safe with me Cam-Moron,and Boris Johnson,and a whole host of others who have bent over backwards,to promote Muslims,spouting the same old lies.I am in my 73 RD year,and was brought up as Christian,my wife of 52 years is a Deacon (elder) in our bi lingual Welsh/English Baptist Chapel,some 3 miles from Pontypridd.We have seen many chapels and churches close,luckily our is still going strong,I hate what has happened to our Country,I do so wish I could turn the clock back,from the terrible mess our country is now in,unfortunately I can’t.

    • Dear Geoffrey, I know you mind so dreadfully I hope it is isn’t completely spoiling your seventies, which should be one of joy and thankfulness for all of us lucky to have gone past our 3 score years and ten. I can feel the anguish every time you post. We can only do what we can, and we’re all with you.
      At least we have got Sharia, FGM and the Burka on the agenda – step by painful step. If UKIP fails to make it something will take its place – not the Patriotic Alliance though, because Arron is against the UKIP integration agenda. A good job we found out before the event. I don’t believe John Rees-Evans, another true patriot, and a Christian, will let UKIP die.

  9. When anyone dares point out that this is a Christian country, the Left go into their usual instant knee-jerk misrepresentation mode, painting a picture of rabid, pro-active, God-botherers with hateful and oh-so-antiquated ideas.

    Yes we have an established church, but you don’t have to be a regular worshipper or even a believer to have Christian values. Aren’t these values amongst the oft-quoted ‘British values’ that newcomers are beseeched, as the answer to all our integration problems, to adopt, thus blindly ignoring the mayhem around the world created by the credo of a prominent sect that shows it never will.

    It is ironic that the very Christian ethos of tolerance and treating others as you would wish to be treated is allowing a pseudo-religion which really does have rabid, pro-active, God (although they don’t use that name)-botherers with hateful and oh-so-antiquated ideas, to begin it’s process of smothering its host.

    • Phil, that’s why I’m not a Christian: I don’t believe in tolerating the intolerable and turning the other cheek.
      I do believe in treating everyone else as I would wish to be treated (the universal Golden Rule entirely missing from islamic morals) but if there is no respect or reciprocation, the deal is off as far as I’m concerned.

      The problem with the dozy churchmen allowing muslims to preach their own horrid views in Christian churches is that they think those who believe in some god or other must be ‘good’ when that is very far from the truth. Scientology and the Moonies are bad to the bone; so is islam. The length of time it has been around doesn’t make it good; it’s always been a menace to the peace of the world.

      Many more naive people. especially Leftards, believe the false and fatuous mantra that, as humans, we have more in common with each other than that which divides us. What we all do have in common are the basic needs for shelter, food, water, warmth, sleep, space and companionship, the same needs as animals. But when it comes to higher human matters such as beliefs, ethics, moral values, society, culture, ideas about personal freedom and choice, ideologies, politics, and the value of human life, there are huge differences that cannot be easily reconciled, or not reconciled at all unless one side or the other changes. Sides must be chosen and fought for. islam wants US in the West and worldwide to change and be like them. We want them to forget that, shut up, and go live in an islamic country if they don’t like our ways.
      Anyone who won’t fight for our side is either a fool or a traitor or both. They deserve nothing but contempt.

      • Panmelia, Jesus got very assy with the people defiling the Temple selling stuff and he chucked them out bodily. ( A metaphor?) Turning the other cheek isn’t Christianity, as I read it. Fight the good fight and all that, with all thy might! And in Revelations my favorite, a white horse whose rider’s name was Faithful and True, robed in a garment drenched in blood, in his mouth a sword. To cut a long story short he and his army did ‘battle with the beast’, who was taken prisoner along with the false prophet! So my reading of everything is very different! Up and at ’em!

    German Woman Publicly Rebukes Islam — “Don’t be fooled! This is a Lie!”
    Above are two fine examples on You Tube of individual Christians standing up for Jesus against the false faith. The German woman was arrested and jailed and fined. She is a heroine – this took place in the famous Protestant cathdral where Martin Luther first challenged the corruption of Rome.
    This evil will continue to creep through our society if good men and women do not object.
    The Pope returned from Lebanon last year with 2 muslim asylum seekers and not Christians.
    Lebanon; Iran; Iraq; Syria; Turkey; Egypt; Pakistan – total estimated murder of Christians in last 20 years over 250,000
    Action by British Governments – none nothing zero zilch – not even using overseas aid monies to help protect Christians and others.
    Don’t you just hate our gutless feckless politicians a la cameron, blair, brown?

    • @ CK
      Yes, I do hate them, and unless ‘devout Christian’ Theresa May wakes her ideas up and actually HELPS persecuted Christians here and overseas, she’ll be added to that ignoble list. She should anounce that there’ll be no more muslim refugees here because there are many muslim countries to which they can flee (funny how they don’t seem to?). The existing muslim refugees should not be given citizenship status and need to be sent back asap. No more immigration from muslim countries allowed.
      That would be a start.

  11. As an ex atheist I fully understand the point of view of those that don’t want religion ‘rammed down their throats’ however the way things are going if we don’t make a stand to protect our culture and way of life and accept that Christianity and with it our beautiful churches and cathedrals are an important part of it we will still end up having ‘religion rammed down our throats’ by having the call to prayer blaring out on loudspeakers at some ungodly hour all across our land and that won’t be the worst of it.

  12. A well written and a well analysed article which has helped me personally as I have always answered CofE based on the fact that I was born into a seemingly Christian family and understood that it was so called as being the “established church” and seeing as my Monarch, Parliament, Schools etc were all geared to this set up and I was born a subject of the Queen (not as eventually they tried to term me a Citizen of the EU – which I mentally renounced and have not therefore renewed my British passport)
    Unfortunately (perhaps) my life has been a journey away from the church and at best conducted on a “weddings and funerals” basis, but probably heavily coloured by the “Darwin effect” although I did hang on to a last tenuous link that there must have been some being or force before the big bang, to allow it to happen.
    Anyway, I have now got to the stage where I don`t believe there is anything “there” spiritual at all, not even ghosties, at best a bit of deja-vu the result of some long buried gene which carries some of the information we all absorb (I believe hillside sheep, i.e. those not subject to early slaughter, passed on learned experience of some sort).
    So where does that leave us in the present debate – I`m prepared to be with “Winnie” and consider the CofE should be buttressed.
    I was brought up on “save women and children first”, which is as good a rule as any for Christians (I don`t really exclude all or any other faiths, but all should learn to behave themselves prior to conflict or post bellum or inter-faith)
    Therefore I agree UKIP should revert to the “Nigel position” If all faiths are the subject of invention, perhaps it is time to re-invent Christianity

    • Roger, indeed hill (mountain) sheep were always turned back to the hill with their lambs, so that the lambs learned the paths down to the hill gates of their particular farm. Thats why it was important for lambs to be bred and kept, not bought in. When we used to gather the hill, as it’s called, it was fascinating to see all the sheep coming off the top of the mountain together, and peeling off gradually onto their particular paths and tracks to their own farm, with only the occasional stray one to sort out from one’s own flock at the end of the gather.

    • No idea why that rather trite observation has come up twice – apologies to all!

  13. Using Christianity as a bulwark against Islam is not the answer. Where there is mumbo-jumbo, where there is hypocrisy and where there is discrimination then these need to be attacked. Rationality has to be the winner and UKIP must be secular in its dealings.

  14. Interesting how the always-wrong “liberal” elite assume “Christian” means white, British and privileged, while “Muslim” means brown, immigrant and victimised.

    A textbook example of the bigoted racism they claim to oppose.

    If they took the trouble to pop into any inner city church, they would find a congregation as multi-ethnic, multi-nationality and unprivileged as they could possibly want.

    Not that such things matter to any right-thinking person, but our “liberal” friends do seem to view and value human beings by their “identity” victim points rather than by their actions and ideas.

    The article mentions Gavin Ashended, I strongly recommend listening to his interview with James Delingpole –

    It covers the unbelievably naive incident at Glasgow Cathedral, and is a serious, well thought out, thought provoking assessment of where the UK is today and why those who you might expect to stand up for Christianity and its values are in fact at the biggest defenders of those who want to see Christianity destroyed.

  15. Christianity is a part of our national identity whether you go to church or not. That’s why it’s being targeted. The aim is our total destruction as a people but it seems too much for most to state this obvious fact. Why?

    • Mike, the why is because of the One World Government Globalist plan – that Government is intended to be the political arm of the Islamic ‘religion’, imo. It’s the only way any of what is happening makes sense.

      • The Government only supports the Muslims as a useful force to eradicate our identity and supposedly harbour in a utopia – in which the politicians get more power and wealth funnily enough. No one can work in government unless they support this lunacy and careers come first. No great mystery. Look what happens if you oppose it.

        I see UKIP’s foreign spokesman has apparently resigned. Not another one who wants to save Britain without controversy? It’s farcical.

        Integration? Why would they bother when they are doing great as they are?

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