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Cameron’s Eton Mess

Oh, how ironic! The man who dismissed us as irrelevant and called us fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists seems to have need of us. To those Conservatives who are now adherents of, or are considering voting for, UKIP he makes a plea for them to ‘return home’. What a confounded cheek! I can’t speak for others but I am now comfortably at home with UKIP – and I’ll not be moving any time soon.

You can sense Cameron’s desperation but don’t be tempted, don’t be fooled. For all his expensive education and privileged background, that man has shown remarkable ineptitude during his time as Prime Minister. Most of his 2010 election pledges are in tatters: immigration is out of control; he continues to allow responsibilities to move to Brussels; our national debt has soared into the trillions; our armed forces are depleted and demoralised; recall of MPs never happened; he knows he stands little chance of meaningful renegotiations of our EU membership terms thus rendering his 2017 referendum commitment void. However, among all these major failings he still found time to destroy the time-honoured and long understood meaning of marriage.  Yet, given this miserable record, he seriously thinks we should give credence to what he is saying now. No, for me he’s no longer to be trusted, he’s not to be believed. My good opinion, once lost, is lost forever.

The fractured and potentially destabilising political situation in this country is largely of his own making, as outlined in my article, “Cowardly Cameron creates crisis for the UK”. His increasing fear of our party, which he routinely condemned, and the task of tackling its leader, who he dreads, has opened this can of worms. I thought it appropriate to set into context the raw statistics of the component parts of the UK to show how the first-past-the-post system can no longer be considered appropriate for the current political scene:


ConstituentCountry Area insquare miles Area as% of UK Population(2011 census) Population as% of UK
England 50,346 53.5 53,012,456 83.9
Scotland 30,414 32.3 5,313,600 8.4
Wales 8,022 8.5 3,063,456 4.8
N.Ireland 5,345 5.7 1,810,863 2.9
94,127 63,200,375


If the SNP, with its intensely self-centred agenda, does as well as predicted and props up a Labour administration which lacks an overall majority, it must be wrong for a regional party, empowered by a minority vote, to dictate terms to the UK out of all proportion to its geography and population. Another travesty would be if UKIP polled well in percentage terms but did not get the seats to which that should ordinarily entitle them. UKIP believes in the United Kingdom but it will also be the voice for England, which at present is so glaringly absent. I’ve heard quite enough from the Caledonian Commissar and the Cambrian Complainant. As for the Gormless Greens…

The UKIP manifesto has received approval from several quarters and is, in my opinion, a solid piece of work for progress and hope. To waverers at this election I would remind them of this; if only about 300 Conservative voters had voted UKIP in last year’s Heywood and Middleton by-election, there would have been a UKIP MP representing them, having caused a spectacular defeat for Labour in one of their fiefdoms. It can be done so, people of Britain, when casting your vote this time give us that chance; to Kippers elsewhere I say stand fast. We are relevant, we are important and we can make a difference. UKIP is Undaunted, Keen, Indefatigable and Patriotic.

Believe in UKIP as UKIP believes in Britain; think UKIP, vote UKIP, get UKIP on 7th May.

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11 Comments on Cameron’s Eton Mess

  1. The only way to draw the sting of the SNP is to ensure that Labour cannot make a coalition majority. Cameron must urge northern Conservatives in strong Ukip areas to vote with Ukip. We could offer to vote with the Tories throughout the south west, to hammer the Lib Dems. Time is running out, folks…

  2. Now that Ed Miliband and David Cameron have said that they will make a new law to make “Islamophobia” a specific crime, I would say that the accusation of “racist” more correctly belongs with the LibLabCon.

    Are they really saying that it should be considered a crime to be angry and concerned about the possible actions of Islamic extremists? Or are we supposed to just sit back and say nothing about the preachers who condone the slaughter of Lee Rigby (just one example).

    • Richard Mott // April 26, 2015 at 6:40 pm //

      Islam is intrinsically anti-Christian and we only have to see what goes on around the world for proof of that – churches burned, minority Christian sects in Muslim countries persecuted, killed. Furthermore, it is a duty for Muslims to convert non-believers to that religion. By offering such protection in this particular case whilst not affording the same status for Christianity sends a dangerous signal to those who mean us harm. This is appeasement, pure and simple. It infuriates me that we stand idly while allowing some of their number to spew their deranged and hate-filled ideas with impunity. I despair at what the mainstream politicians think is important these days – no wonder so many consider us weak and a soft touch; they will take advantage. We currently need saving from ourselves.

      • While these crooked politicians are aided and abetted by the MSM, it is difficult to get the true message out to the people who have tribally and apathetically voted every time for “more of the same”. If it wasn’t for UKIP there would be no hope at all of deliverance from the iniquity that threatens us all.

  3. There can be absolutely no doubt that most of the Cameron “promises” have only been made because of the growth of support for UKIP.

    How any thinking, intelligent person could consider voting for other than UKIP is beyond me.

    I guess that, intelligent or not, they simply don’t think or are too lazy to seek out the relevant information.

  4. Tim Stanley wrote in the DT:

    “Finally, Ukip has simply not had a fair election. Indeed, the scale of opposition to it is so vast that its supporters could be forgiven
    for seeing a conspiracy. Both Tories and Labour have tried to win back its voters, via a mix of stealing its best ideas and occasionally calling them racist for having had said ideas in the first place. That’s okay: all’s fair in love and politics. But what isn’t fair is that public television has been dominated by specials either parodying or exposing Ukip’s alleged bigotry. It’s not fair, either, that Ukip correctly predicted that huge numbers of Romanians and Bulgarians would migrate to the UK – and yet it was mocked for its accurate prophesy and ignored when it tried to claim credit for it. Unfair, also, that the IFS hasn’t bothered to review Ukip’s spending plans. And it’s surely not right that disproportionate attention has been paid to morons in Ukip’s ranks while similar Tory or Labour offenders are so often overlooked.”
    You would have thought that all Editors and responsible journalists in the MSM would blush with shame that one of their own could write that about them but they think they are clever – so did Cameron.
    Go UKIP – let’s show the b******s that we are better and more honourable than the lot of them.

    • There has indeed been a conspiracy. The “New World Order” politicians have bought and paid for the MSM and also the BBC. Cameron, Milliband et al think they have been so clever. They believe that they will not suffer any of the consequences of having betrayed their country. The monster that they have unleashed upon us will also turn on them and destroy them in their turn as well as the rest of us.

      May 7th is an absolutely critical date for this country. We must hope that enough people have realised the way things are going despite the media attempts to drown out the message.

      Only a vote for UKIP will enable a halt to the decline of this country.

  5. Great post – great rallying shout!
    Heywood and Middleton show us that we can do it, and I hope nobody in any Labour constituency forgets to point out what happened in Rotherham!

    The hypocrisy of the two-and-a-half cartel parties stinks to high heaven, and I’ve not even mentioned their lapdog hacks in the MSM, Al Beeb first and foremost.

  6. pamela preedy // April 23, 2015 at 5:20 pm //

    Well said, and a well-deserved attack on Cameron. Why does he think people joined UKIP in droves during his term in office? Did he believe it was just an aberration and they’d all troop back like lost sheep because of his bogus promise of a referendum and ”renegotiations”?
    Dream on, Dave.

  7. The ‘Conservative Home’ he refers to is no more. It fell into ruin after Margaret Thatcher was ousted.

  8. Excellent piece. Keep mentioning Heywood and Middleton, the lesson is clear to wavering UKIP voters: your UKIP vote counts.

    “Accept No Substitutes”

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