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Breaking: UKIP MEP says Paul Nuttall is a liar!

Warning: May contain sarcasm

As a close personal friend and a colleague I’ve known for many years, it pains me to admit this. The mainstream media are on to something: my Leader, Paul Nuttall, is a liar.

Not about Hillsborough. He’d never lie about something like that. It’s too close to him, you see. He’s reluctant to even talk about it. Hardly surprising for a 12 year old boy who witnessed the deaths of 96 people in a state of utter turmoil and one of the worst accidents to take place on British soil for generations. That kind of thing has a habit of scarring someone for life. I wish the mainstream media would shut up about that.

In fact, I’ll cut them a deal. If they lay off Paul Nuttall over Hillsborough and all that nonsense, I’ll give them the inside scoop on a politician and party leader who lies routinely on a daily basis.

The depths of depravity to which that man would sink are astonishing. Once or twice I’ve been due to meet him. “My train will be in at midday”, he promises faithfully, but it turns out not to be. His train’s been delayed, sometimes for upwards of 30 minutes – proving that to him, his word means nothing.

And do you know what? He lays the blame on other people too. Oh, it was the fault of the train company. Or there were works on the line. Once I think his tardiness was the fault of an entire city: he missed his train and blamed a traffic jam.

Then sometimes I’ll be on the phone to him, and something urgent comes up. He says ‘I’ll call you back in ten minutes’, and he gets busy. Sometimes he doesn’t call back for almost an hour. Other times, even more shockingly, he’s so busy that he doesn’t phone back at all.

The last time I was General Secretary, and Paul was Party Chairman, sometimes he’d tell me to take the day off because he thought I needed a bit of a break. But when vital, urgent work came up later in the day, do you know what he did? He phoned me and ask me to do a bit more work. That kind of whopper happens all the time with Paul Nuttall.

The media could have a field day with that. Hasn’t Paul Nuttall ever heard of the Working Time Directive? Oh he’ll probably find some weasel words to get out of it, like he always does, and claim that the UK has an opt-out from that Directive. That’s what this man, our Leader, is like.

It didn’t stop there either. The tissue of lies runs deeper. Once I was really depressed, and he told me that it would all feel a bit better in the morning. It didn’t. Not even a little bit. And he’d promised too.

Lies begin at home. I think it was in May 2008 (or was it ’07?) that I was across in Derby ward in Bootle, helping Paul campaign in his Council seat. “We’re going to win this”, he said, and he didn’t. He only got 38% of the vote and finished second. I was gutted. That was a promise.

That pesky politician, he’s moved house. He started in Bootle, then moved to Liverpool, and more recently to Stoke. So although Labour’s Suffolk-raised candidate Gareth Snell tweets about knowing nothing about Stoke because he doesn’t live there, Paul sneakily decides that if he’s going to represent Stoke he’d actually quite like to move into the area. Imagine that, a politician moving closer to the people he’s hoping to represent. And then having to move out of his home – just because of a few death threats and break-in attempts after his address was publicised on the national news? There’s always an excuse with Paul.

Paul’s been lying to me for a decade, and I’ve gotten used to it now. With Labour and Tory politicians, they lie about impersonal things. They lie about Brexit, about crime, about immigration, about education. You name a policy area, they’ve probably lied about it. The Liberal Democrats just say two contradictory things at the same time, so then they can claim afterwards that they were telling the truth. Then there’s the Greens. Like Lewis Carroll’s White Queen speaking to Alice, sometimes they’ll believe at least six impossible things before breakfast.

The truly insidious nature of Paul Nuttall is this: he doesn’t lie about policy like the other parties. You get lulled into a false sense of security when he tells the truth straight down the middle on every political issue there is, cutting through the spin.

By being so scrupulously honest in his job, he makes you think he’s always going to be honest in his personal life too. And then, out of nowhere, the lie will surface.

I remember he’d promised to be at the NEC meeting on time at the start of January. The whole room was expecting him, but he didn’t turn up till later. Did he admit responsibility? No. It was London’s fault. He claimed there was some kind of ‘tube strike’ or other utter nonsense. And where he led, others followed: suddenly everyone who was late was claiming the ‘tube strike’ to be the problem.

Blaming the poor downtrodden unionised employees rather than himself? That sounds like our esteemed Leader.

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About Jonathan Arnott MEP (29 Articles)
Jonathan is General secretary of UKIP and represents the North East of England as a UKIP MEP

17 Comments on Breaking: UKIP MEP says Paul Nuttall is a liar!

  1. So is someone going to put the record straight and set out the facts on this because the world thinks that Paul is a liar. Has he got a PhD and why did the two top guys in Liverpool resign? Will I get a reply to this, because if UKIP doesn’t set the record straight your opposition will set the terms of this issue. Less school boy playground antics like this stupid article and more mature focus on the issues of the UK and the British people, else I’m going to have no one to vote for!!!

  2. Apart from perhaps the description of Hillsborough as an “accident”, but I’ll leave that one go, I roared laughing at this piece and thought it an excellent ironic sketch of the situation.

    Let’s forget for a moment the fact that Labour probably didn’t vet their candiate’s Twitter feed properly, or that he’s been stopped from giving interviews, or that they have pleaded with Jeremy Corbyn NOT to show up in Stoke again as they fear he’s going to lose them the by election, or that their activists see fit to give our abuse bordering on assault (tearing off rosettes etc,), or that Michael Crick seems to be running his own “Through the Keyhole” spin-off.

    The BBC and most other socialist supporting broadcasters won’t bother about any of that, but they will bother with whatever did or didn’t happen with some website content. As someone who works for an elected UKIP politician myself (although I write in a strictly personal capacity), here’s the thing. We’re human. Sometimes, just sometimes, things will slip up and we get things wrong. It gets busy, some things don’t get double-checked, you might mis-hear or mis-speak. I don’t know what happened but I get it. Paul has done very well to take responsibility and apologise but the fact is, the thing that Gareth Snell thought BREXIT was a massive pile of? It happens. It’s unfortunate, but it’s not the real story here, and that’s why I agree with the context of Jonathan Arnott’s piece.

    What this all boils down to is that the left and their supportive broadcasters are scared and on the run. We have a genuine chance to seize this moment and get Paul elected to Westminster. That will be a game changer for our Party. The left know this, and will stop at nothing to detract us from our cause. We must not let this happen. We must focus on winning the argument, and winning in Stoke.

  3. It’s one thing to support a friend Jonathan but this dismissiveness isn’t going to impress many of those we need on board.
    The lesson is that we’ve been sloppy. It’s not good enough for our leaders ‘not to read their websites’ or not to be scrupulously honest in the messages they convey – otherwise it’s letting down the footsloggers who give so much to the Party.

    And could you please ask Paul, especially when he’s among friends, that he doesn’t need to keep shouting at us or repeat slogans like ‘holding feet to the fire’. Voters of all persuasions like to think the leader of the party they vote for has prime ministerial potential – Paul is going to have to work at that if he is to achieve our ambitions.

  4. I have to add my disappointment that this article was written and the way it was headlined, as some sort of ‘breaking’ news. It wasn’t till I saw the ‘contains sarcasm’ banner once clicking through that I thought “oh” but still wasn’t quite sure of the ‘game’.

    Yes, we all lie on occasion and big ones sometimes at that, but, in this instance, this ‘shoulder shrug’ article missed its mark by a very long way.

    Especially as the by-election isn’t here yet and the MSM aren’t finished yet. You can bet on that.

  5. Do stop playing games with this. Very clever but not actually helping in my opinion. Everybody has disagreements, some conflicts, especially in important matters but I recommend you tidy the yard, stick an be together and mind each others backs, unless you want to be seen as just another set or career politicians. In case you may be wondering I am a long standing UKIP supporter and have voted thus since shortly after its’ inception. It has massive potential, but it has no room for cleverness like this. The world is watching, our enemies are watching. Just what do you want them to see?

  6. Oh! for goodness sake – “Get a life”
    I`ve always been led to believe” the best means of defence is attack”.
    “The pen is said to be mightier than the sword”.
    If UKIP is to consist of beige, squeaky clean, miserable b*ggers, we`re finished.
    Constructive criticism YES – but one has to be prepared to put a better alternative forward.
    Anyway hasn`t UKIP survived and got to where it is despite oceans of previous bad publicity?.(Perhaps because of)
    Learn to trust the British voter – they have got the message that the legacy political parties, the MSM and the BBC plus many of the “official” agencies are the biggest purveyors of “Fake” interpretations of human events of the lot
    Some say the reason we won the referendum was because we didn`t trust them – nonsense it was they who didn`t trust the electorate and eventually whose only means of communication with them was FEAR – scare the blighters to death and CONTROL them.
    So chaps all this self examination of our entrails smacks of self abuse – all designed by our enemies (who are out there and possibly still some within here) to make us blind to the real agenda.
    NB – I must confess I am waiting to hear what our real agenda is!!!!!!!!

  7. P.S May I add especially at this time in the morning!

  8. OK, I get it now, but I still do not like it much, it is too clever for me!

    • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // February 16, 2017 at 10:25 am // Reply

      DD likewise I am not impressed with this article one bit.When I first saw the title,I
      initially thought that we had a traitor within our ranks.As Viv says “warning this article
      contains sarcasm”,that might be,but believe me this will be above the mindset of most of the ordinary men and women of Stoke.I am seriously worried as to what
      Jonathan Arnott thought he could achieve by writing this.I belive that we in UKIP
      could have well done without this,especially with so much at stake for us in getting
      Paul Nutall elected at Stoke.Why did he think that it was necessary to write this,it really is beyond my comprehension.He comes across as some sort of smart alec and
      one can see from most of the comments,that most like me are just not impressed
      I am a great believer in both of these two well known sayings;
      The least said,the soonest mended,& If you can’t say anything real nice,it’s best not to talk at all,that’s my advice.
      Of course the above go out the window,when I am attacking all of the traitors,and
      remainiacs,who are in the vast majority of the three old gang parties and the Greens,
      and no policy Plaid Cymru.
      Thank you,Geoff.Elliott,UKIP,Pontypridd.

      • Dear Geofffrey,

        Thank you for your support, I thought I had over reacted to this article and it took me a while to calm down, that is why it was a I said what I said in an initial feeling of injustice being stated yet again.

        This article serves little purpose and is unproductive in my opinion, it just is not helpful, is this the best he can come out with to support Paul, it is quite childish and pathetic. Jonathan buck your ideas up or else we will most likely lose this election, and to Paul please don’t make anymore mistakes, we cannot afford it at this stage.

        As the old saying goes ‘it is all on a knife edge’!

  9. Sorry, I do not believe for one minute that Jonathan has written this article, but even if he has it shows him to be the horrible little ‘snipe’ that I always suspected he was.

  10. I do hope he’s accurate about his presence at Hillsborough but I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

  11. So funny, but so true, if all the other politicians were like Paul, us Kippers wouldn’t stand a chance of winning anything then, but thank God, they all lie through their back teeth all of the time, so maybe UKIP just saying it as it is, will get us to a point where we can do something for this country of ours.

  12. Whether Nuttall was at Hillsborough or not is distractive trivia being got up by UKIP’s enemies in the MSM to try to decapitate it, & kill it off at this post-eu transitional phase of it development.

    The best policy for defence is in this situation is to attack, just push past any further talk of the issue from the media & bash on with putting UKIP’s campaign out on the ground in these 2 by-elections, & counter-attack the MSM as playing disgusting party politically games with what was a disaster where many people lost their lives. If the media beyond this insist on harping on about it go into PPB mode & just talk past them about policy matters instead, & they’ll get bored of it after a while & the media agenda will move on without further information to use.

    Nuttall better check his website thoroughly for any other erroneous information & delete it pronto, because UKIP’s enemies are now crawling all over this issue looking for a way of proving where he was on 15 April 1989. The fact that this erroneous information was on a site that he controls has dented his standing, both in veracity & competence.

    Get a grip Nuttall.

  13. It’s Labour. Desperate after even the MSM had to report what a noxious creature Snell is.

  14. Delightful piece of “irony” Jonathan.
    I would only question the use of the word “gotten”, I know the real issue of lieing is much bigger over in the States at the moment, but I don`t think that should open the door to the wholesale incursion of what I have always understood is an Americanism.
    Incidentally I have just watched Christine Hamilton on “The Wright Stuff” do a very good job on PN rehabilitation – I didn`t know he was actually at Hillsborough as a 12 year old – that he might have “known” some chums – how do you define a close friend at that age.
    If this isn`t “false news” it`s certainly malicious knocking copy – somebody is getting desperate – if it`s the “Times” wot done it – they should be ashamed of themselves.

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