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Theresa May has announced that there will be a General election on June 8th.

Here are some headlines:


Daily Express

Daily Telegraph



My comment:

This is one extremely clever and astute move by Ms May.

Most of UKIP activists are fighting for the Local Elections on May 4th, which many of us do not expect to have a brilliant result for us.

The resources the Party has are stretched to the breaking point.

UKIP Policies on which to fight such GE are barely present.

I look forward to your comments.


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  1. This is a brilliant article on how fraudsters try to manipulate you verbally. identical to the ploys used by seedy system politicians (and the police operating an adversarial system where innocence or guilt is irrelevant). We’ll be seeing a lot of this is the forthcoming GE.

  2. I do hope that the people of Clacton use this opportunity to get rid of Carswell.

  3. This is effectively a second referendum whether anybody likes it or not.
    The B&NES branch chairman wants to stand a candidate against Jacob Rees-Mogg! JR-M is one of the finest Brexiters in the land, so what is the point of that?
    The effort would be better focused on removing a Labour MP from Bristol.

  4. UKIP does not stand a snowflake’s chance in hell of winning the seat in my constituency. The present Member of Parliament is a conservative and staunchly pro-Brexit. That makes it a no-brainer. I will vote conservative on this occasion

  5. Here is the good news:
    1. Labour will be decimated.
    2. The Lib Dems will still be miniscule, even if they win several seats in London & university cities.
    3. The SNP can only lose seats.
    4. UKIP cannot lose seats, because we have none at the moment.
    5. The result is assured to be a pro-Brexit landslide.

    We need to treat this as the last hurrah for UKIP. Our leadership may be useless and we may have no money but a few good local candidates with boots on the ground may just get in. If we fail, then we can say UKIP is well and truly finished. It’ll be 5 years till the next election. Our MEPs & their cronies will be looking for new jobs I’ll be looking for the next big thing on the patriotic political scene.

  6. Bernard from Bucks. // April 18, 2017 at 9:04 pm // Reply

    CON: 46% (+2)
    LAB: 25% (-1)
    LDEM: 11% (+1)
    UKIP: 8% (-3)
    GRN: 4 (-)

    (ICM poll / 18 April).
    When you’ve got yourself in a hole – stop digging.
    We should sit this one out.

  7. #1. UKIP is in a transitional stage (& that’s being charitably optimistic about its current condition).
    It’s in no fit state to fight a General Election to the Westminster national parliament, & will not win a single constituency.

    #2. May will win the election with a healthy majority, primarily because England will not put a Communist into Downing Street rather than based on her own mediocre abilities.

    #3. Arron Banks’ Patriotic Alliance has has had the ground cut from beneath its feet as it has no time to organize, & is out of the running for 5 years now, scuppering his targeting of 2020. I will be surprised if he wins in Clacton, lone mavericks rarely prosper in English electoral politics, & if he stands on a UKIP ticket I suspect he will fail. Carswell doing that only just hung on in 2015 & saw a big majority decimated.

    #4. Unless something unexpected comes along to derail the Tories, we’re stuck with May till 2022. The societal threat of foreign mass migration will continue – she has no intention of stopping it; the out of control bankers will continue looting H.M. Treasury’s vaults unchecked until a financial disaster overtakes that institution; I suspect an undermining of the June 23 vote by devious means in the “negotiation” by May, when she’s got years to play with & a big majority to protect her in Parliament from public anger, & the Liblabcon rot will continue & deepen & spread in the nation’s governmental culture.

    • So, Ajax who are you going to vote for?

      • I’ll vote UKIP, but campaigning (particularly in my area where the Tory incumbent has one of the biggest majorities in the country) is out for me. Taking part in a forlorn hope is only something I do when I clearly see a worthwhile target & believe in the leadership going for it, both of which are absent for UKIP in the current situation.

        We are in a very bad situation, May & the Liblabcon are endangering England & Wales with foreign mass migration they are acting as a covert agent for, & there’s no political entity to stop them currently. The R.M.S. Titanic’s sinking anniversary was the other day, & I feel a bit like a trapped passenger with all the lifeboats departed, looking at the light of the S.S. Californian burning in the distance but not coming to help, instead just sitting there as we get slowly lower into a very cold sea.

        We are in real trouble, as is Western Europe generally, corrupt, mad or stupid people have a charge of us politically, & there’s no prospect I can see at the moment for stopping them.

        • Ajax you illustrate my thoughts so well. At my age I’m not too worried for myself but every day I fear for what my children and granchildren may have to live through. There seems to be nothing I can do about it. There is no one I can vote or campaign for with any faith. I have known that for many years with the three main parties but feel so let down by UKIP. Nigel said the things I wanted to hear and as a UKIP member I was willing to do my bit, but then the speeches and probably the policies were toned down, to placate the MSM and the situation of poor leadership and lack of any straight forward policies has only deteriorated. What can I do for my family? It seems the only option is to sit down and await the fate that the Tories and their puppet masters have decided for us

      • Good question, DD. What’s the point of being, negative, suspicious and making gloomy forecasts?
        The reality is that there’s going to be an election and we need to look at the positives that can come out of it.
        What matters is that Brexit must not be delayed, hobbled and derailed by the likes of Corbyn, Farron, Clegg, Soubry, the SNP or any of the troglodytes that inhabit the HoC scheming about what they’ll do next to make leaving the EU as drawn out and difficult as possible. These contemptible people have been boasting about how they plan to use every trick in the book to bog things down and thwart Brexit.

        Now the PM has called their bluff and given the electorate a chance to send those whingeing Remainers a firm message: “STOP your attempts to turn back the clock and show respect for the voters’ democratic Referendum decision!”
        Imagine Blair, for example, with his £9m ‘Institute’ for reversing the Referendum decision: if there’s a landslide for T May, he’s going to look pretty silly for wasting his time and ill-gotten dosh on a loser. Gina Miller, still squawking somewhere in the background about legal challenges (yawn), might actually take the hint and go back where she came from, or even further.
        We need to save Brexit and have little choice but to trust May; that’s the way it is.

    • A big majority leaves May vulnerable to the charge of railroading the electorate since there is no effective opposition.

      A well-organised Banks party can offer considerable leverage without a single MP particularly over immigration. Like Erdogan, more power brings more blame when people are not happy. No alibis.

      I dismiss UKIP as not having the willingness to be radical when I think Banks is. But we’ll see.

  8. Approach Nigel on a shared leadership front, rerun in the Thanet by- election Get Farage in parliament, then sit back and enjoy.

    • Ogga1,

      I think this really has a good chance of working, I really wish Farage would do that, and I would rejoin UKIP as I think many others would but he must be joint leader and he could well win that Thanet seat.

      • If only Nigel would return as the only leader and to clean out the people at the top, surely people would have faith in UKIP again.

        • John,

          I think you are right but there is not enough time and Nigel seems reluctant to return.

          • Nigel is understandably reluctant to return while he will be still dealing with Nuttall, who, whether we like it or not, doesn’t support Nigel, Evans O’Flynn and the rest all queueing up to stab him in the back, and I don’t blame him one bit. Unfortunately Arron will be concentrating on Clacton and not on the Patriotic Alliance just now I fear, which would be a shame because like Ajax and John I see a very sad future ahead of us in the U.K.

  9. This is all pointing to being another referendum,the lab/lib/con coalition is still playing the old game and the same cast of fools are partaking, vote lab, keep ou tory ,vote tory keep out lab, there is NO DIFFERENCE, they
    were / are joined at the hip through their mass uncontrolled immigration ongoing policies.
    I joined UKIP and that is who will get my vote, let may first answer the Thanet and all other odious issues
    out standing but now coming to a head.

  10. Why is Labour apparently going to vote for suicide in the Commons? What will the Tory manifesto say?

  11. Viv, I agree with you that May’s move is ‘clever and astute’. And I would add ‘bold’.
    I think she knows that there are many more voters now who would vote for Brexit than on 23rd June, having seen the nastiness and arrogant threats from the rattled EU; plus many Remain voters have noted that all the dreadful things predicted by Cameron & Co didn’t happen, which probably makes them feel conned and annoyed.
    So, effectively she is giving them another chance to back Brexit without another referendum, especially now that we are this far down the road to getting out. We don’t need Remainers dragging us down by demanding things that maintain EU influence to the disadvantage of Britain (traitors that they are).
    May sees a chance to purge the Remainers in the House of Commons and reduce their influence in the House of Lords, as well as neutralise the irritating interference of ex-PMs such as Blair & Major. A landslide victory will shut them all up and what a relief that would be.
    UKIP is not in good shape for a General Election and I hope there will be some wise tactical decisions made as to who stands where. Perhaps some UKIP/Conservative co-operation is possible in order to inflict as massive a defeat as possible on the Lib Dems, SNP, Greens, Remainer Labour and Remainer Conservative candidates. After all, there are only one and a half truly pro-Brexit parties against the rest: UKIP 100% and the Cons about 50%?

  12. UKIP must not attempt to stand in every seat. It spreads the effort far too thinly.

    Lib Dem held seats must be the number 1 priority.

    Number 2 priority must be Labour remainer MP seats.

    The Conservatives have a manifesto promise to honour the referendum result. It may be wise to avoid inadvertently unseating Conservative MPs if that means letting in a Lib Dem or a Labour remainer.

    At this point the main risk is not getting Brexit at all rather than battling for a particular variety of Brexit. In effect this general election is a second referendum. At least at the grassroots level we campaigned alongside the Conservatives, putting aside party differences.

    UKIP must urgently reverse its current pro-Halal and pro-Kosher policy. Making the party distinctly different to the others can hugely help win in Labour seats. Traditional Labour voters are unhappy with the way their party is going, in particular the appeasement of Islam, and the associated abandonment of decent British values of equality, decency, and humane treatment of animals, none of which are on offer with increasing Islamisation.

    UKIP must reverse this inhumane policy right now, with the utmost urgency. It could help win many seats from Labour.

    • There must also be some possibility that the seat has a good chance from the % votes in previous elections, for example Cambridge, whatever the beliefs of the Labour MP there, it had one of the lowest English UKIP votes outside of London, whereas Thurrock, absolutely, and probably places in the North such as Rochdale where voters will want an alternative to the historically-unpalatable Tories

      • Brian, yes indeed. There is no point UKIP expending effort where there is no chance of either a UKIP win (preferably) or at least a Conservative win.

        In reality this is de facto a second referendum. Normal general election considerations do not apply.

        It makes for strange bedfellows. I cannot think of an example right now but if a constituency is held by Labour and only a Lib Dem has a chance of winning, then UKIP should not obstruct the Labour candidate by standing against them.

        Is anybody at the top of the party thinking strategically? A certainty of Brexit is the prize, NOT numbers of UKIP MPs.

    • Absolutely, why waste scarce campaigning resources fighting the party that is delivering Brexit when we can focus on seats where we stand a chance and have e.g come second to Labour or Lib Dems etc. Then, we’ll be increasing the Brexit majority. There’s no loss of face for a small party to do that, particularly faced with a snap election. Unless the Conservative has been unrepentantly Remain (and I can think one one), then we should not stand against Conservatives.

  13. UKIP caught with their pants down thinking that they had time on their hands whilst only thinking of local elections. Looks like they are finished and we must look for a different home.

    Hopefully I might be over to vote in person rahter than using my proxy; I certainly won’t be voting for UKIP this time.

    May is not to be trusted; we must wait and see what the election result brings for our EU exit (or not).

  14. I agree with Viv 100%; it is a very shrewd and smart move from Theresa May to call a General Election now to face down the criticism that she has no mandate. She’ll obviously win with a significantly increased majority (he says, ready to eat his words if it doesn’t happen).

    I have one question based on today’s media coverage, so far.

    Where is our Leader?

    • A mail was sent out by HQ to members today, ostensibly ALL members, but I and many others do not seem to be on the distribution list any more… except when it comes to begging mails/letters for funds….

  15. On 18 Apr 2017, at 12:56, UKIP Chairman Paul Oakden wrote: “This morning, Teresa May announced that there will be a General Election on the 8th of June. … by-elections that UKIP had a good chance of winning … the Labour Party is increasingly falling into disarray as it battles to regain control of itself from left wing, liberal elites”

    Is this the advice of Principal Special Advisor who once also believed he had a good chance of winning the Cambridge seat, and was then one of the worst (the worst?) performer in the previous general election we contested?

    I trust those who are pushing the party to the left will do the decent thing and bow out if our electoral performance in pursuit of this strategy is catastrophic.

    Our core vote is people who had not voted for years, because they had no one to vote for — no party who could be trusted to be honest and who stood for traditional British values rather than being a part of the social democratic consensus. Just look at turnout figures to see how large a block the non-voter is. Our core vote is not the envious and jealous Labour voter. Now that we have abandoned our core supporter by joining the social democratic consensus and by turning into the party of Pinocchio and Walter Mitty, how do we expect to win.

    • Nuttall can’t even spell the Prime Minister’s name correctly. He’s out of his depth. Only Farage can save UKIP from embarrassing defeat…at the hands of that weed Tim Farron.

      • I spotted that (on the “party-wide”) mail I was sent by someone else. It does somewhat erode credibility

  16. Disappointed with Peter Whittle on “Daily Politics”: to score points against May he lent support to Sturgeon and SNP. In my book the SNP must never under any circumstances be given any credence,

  17. Darrell Goodliffe // April 18, 2017 at 1:00 pm // Reply

    Absolutely essential – UKIP must NOT stand everywhere. They should target a) Remain Conservatives and Labour – leave the rest.

    • Sound advice. Party leadership are you listening?

    • I agree totally, I really think it’d be a mistake to inadvertently cause upsets to any sitting Conservative in this parliamentary election (the County Council is a different matter). Just don’t do it. Get out of the way. Too much is at stake.Focus on defeating Labour and Lib Dems. Have about 40 target seats.

  18. Wow. I did not expect that.

    UKIP is hopelessly unready to fight a general election, but this isn’t really a general election. This is “referendum 2”. It’s an all out war between nationalists vs globalists for the future of Britain, and everyone knows it this time.

    We must frame it in that context and be clear that (with the exception of Clacton) UKIP and it’s supporters will act tactically to support Brexit. That’s our priority. It’s in no-one’s interest to make this tribal.

    Of course the boundary reforms haven’t gone through yet so the globalists will still have the technical advantage. And this also means no by-election in South Thanet so I doubt Nigel will stand there.

  19. Tory MPs who are Brexiteers – vote for them.
    Tory MPs who are Remainiacs vote UKIP or poss Labour as a tactical vote to get them out.
    LibDem MPs and seats where they are second to a tory Brexiteer then vote for the latter.
    Labour MPs who are Brexiteers such as Gisela Stuart then vote for them.
    Labour MPs who are Remainiacs and then whoever was sexond to them be it UKIP or tory then vote for them.
    In Scotland vote only for UKIP none of the other parties are Brexit friendly.
    In Wales vote only for tory candidates as UKIP is not strong enough now to defeat the PC and labour candidates.
    Target candidates like Soubry to defeat them by might and main – only a massive defeat for these traitors will send the clear message to Westminster and the MSM
    ( no I am not being over dramatic – this is Stage 2 leading on from the Referendum result)
    Contact newspapers and local radio and attend the hustings

    • I have already been out this morning posting leaflets for the County elections.
      I have said Vote UKIP for the local elections.
      Vote Tory for the General Election.

      It has never been acknowledged that Magpie May has not smashed and grabbed most of our policies, so we must have faith that she will now stick with them (she`s got no option really)

      You will realise I am speaking locally our Conservative MP was an all out Brexiteer and actually liaised with our campaign at the Referendum ( and “celebrated” with us.

      The reason why they should continue to vote UKIP at local elections is that we have got to get EU “THINK” out of the system – our children still think and probably are being taught they are `children of the EU`.
      That goes for local Government too

  20. UKIP is nowhere near being able to fight a GE in June. The party should forgo any temptation to further humiliate itself and focus instead on a longer term prize. The party has an active policy review underway set for roll out at Torquay. It should stick with that timetable.

    May, Hammond et al have shown themselves to be another tax and spend party (with added stealth taxes) and there will be a huge political space to fill for a party that will get the state of people’s backs. That is our longer term goal. Let Remainers vote tactically in June – they will because May has framed it is a Brexit election – and cause a certain amount of chaos possibly. May is a slick operator and the field is hers at present. Accept that and prepare for the next election when her tax and spend party can be better attacked.

    • “there will be a huge political space to fill for a party that will get the state of people’s backs.”

      This huge space is there right now, and has been all along. It is a massive open goal, which our professional footballers are very frustratingly refusing to score, preferring instead to turn back and run with the ball towards our own goal posts. Even though the penalty shot was all lined up for them by decades of hard work.

      • You are right. I meant to say, and should have said, there is a huge political space. The reference to the future was to the time when (I dream) UKIP will have radical policies worth promoting.

      • You always hit the nail on the head.
        It appears the party hierarchy welcomes only compatible sycophants, so, it responds by telling me that my inputs of unpleasant truths have been sent for moderation where they vanish.
        Prime Minister May’s tactical move exposes and confirms another weakness of UKIP’s Head Office – poor contingency planning due to poor intellectual sagacity.
        Another too true input for moderation?

    • I agree, Stout. With our current chaotic shambolic Leadership, I cannot see how we can get a coherent Policy platform together, and who have we got who will stand, and win? No-one knows whether we are for or against Halal and all the rest, whether we support bible-burning idiots, (at the moment we do apparently) are we leftish, rightish or patriotic – the only thing we might stand on is Brexit, full and complete.
      I expect I am wasting my breath, but I would put in a plea that if we ever expect to be a credible party again, please can we think about getting rid of our current clueless cabal – on every occasion, from Stoke to Carswell to the Bible-burning candidate, our present Leader has failed to lead. He has obviously taken bad advice, or he has used his own judgement. Either way it has been catastrophic. After this election there will be time for UKIP to really get itself together and arise like a Phoenix from,the ashes, with a Direct Democracy membership and hopefully a better Leader – maybe a complete unknown, a fresh face with a fresh and patriotic approach.
      But one thing I do agree with Stout on, we will be humiliated, unless Nigel returns to lead, but why would he, with the current Del Boy Chairman and followers?

      • The problem is that the party is currently funded by Alan Bown almost exclusively. He is, I learn from a reliable source, close to Bickley and a supporter of Suzanne Evans. That means O’Flynn/Evans remain influential and so the centrist/leftist pull in the party continues. In short, we are going nowhere.

        • Ah, Stout, all becomes clear. Let’s hope the said Mr Bown has deep pockets, because I think membership is at rock bottom. It will take a miracle…

      • Dee, I think if you look past the deliberately misleading/unverified (because it’s UKIP) headlines you will find he didn’t burn a bible as Christians know it but a ‘Hebrew-language New Testament’ which had been ‘placed’ in his synagogue. Since the Jews do not acknowledge the New Testament you may understand his actions.

        • William,

          No, I still think it was a pretty stupid thing to do particularly if you want to become a future mayor, imagine if Sadiq Khan had done something similar.

          • William Kane // April 18, 2017 at 7:30 pm //

            Well I liken it to coming across an English version of the Koran(sp) being left in church. That would really get my hackles up. The disturbing thing is the reporting and lurid headlines without checking the facts

          • But William, even if I came across a Koran in our Church, I wouldn’t dream of doing anything but (probably keeping it for reference!) or picking it up and quietly dropping it in the nearest bin. Why would one do anything else? Even if one wasn’t standing for a responsible office?

          • William Kane // April 19, 2017 at 7:32 am //

            This started off as trying to explain that it wasn’t a bible as we understand it because a lot of people did think that. Burning or simply removing is immaterial. his crass action was putting it on social media. I wasn’t excusing that or our ‘leadership’ reaction.

          • Anyway William, whatever! I didn’t mean to take my frustrations out on you – let’s all have a good laugh at Panmelias pithy bomb comment and forget it!

        • William, I don’t care which particular religious tract or book it was, to burn any of them and put up photos on social media is not becoming to anyone aspiring to public office. So I don’t understand his actions, which were undignified and completely, to my mind, inappropriate. He should have instantly have been removed as a UKIP representative. But of course we’re so politically correct these days we can’t see the wood for the trees.

          • So William are you saying you would take the English worded Koran outside, burn it, and then put it on social media with a stupid caption underneath it? And still think you are suitable to become mayor?

          • You’re right, Dee. Rabbi Odze must feel more than a little insecure about his congregation’s faith if he got so worked up about a Hebrew-English version of the New Testament in the synagogue, left there by former Jews according to him. (I was never in any doubt about what it was). I don’t suppose most of them would have known it was there if he hadn’t made such a fuss. And seeing as Odze lives in a Christian country and sees Christian churches every day as well as being aware of Christian festivals such as Easter, his obvious repulsion at the thought of a New Testament is rather worrying and a bit offensive really, especially as he
            must have been hoping that some of those awful people who believe in Christian values would vote for him to be Mayor. I certainly wouldn’t vote for him after that petty outburst of rage, fire and publicity-seeking, and it’s not too late for UKIP to change their candidate.
            As for causing offence by leaving a koran in a Christian church, I think people might be fairly relaxed about a mere book and just glad that it wasn’t tied to a bomb.

          • Panmelia,

            Sorry, but your reply to William did make me chuckle.

        • William, it is irrelevant what language it is in, if it is the New Testament it is still the Bible.
          Quietly putting it into a bin would be what any sane person would do with an unwanted book.
          Does the daft candidate not think there are any Christians in Manchester? Not a very sensible way to canvass for their votes.
          Why has UKIP made excuses for his totally unacceptable actions?

  21. If voters look at the party leaders, who are they likely to vote for? May; Corbyn; Farron or Nuttall?

    Personally I would walk a hundred miles to vote for a party led by the likes of Nigel, making the effort to walk up the road for any of the above including Nuttall ain’t worth the effort. I suspect all talk and no action May will easily talk her way to a big majority.

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