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UKIP and Young Independence Will Have a Great Relationship Going Forward

February 21, 2018 // 9 Comments

This article was first published at Kipper Central and is republished with kind permission. I am extremely pleased with the NEC’s decision to appoint Gerard Batten as our interim leader, but before I talk about the future, I would like to address the recent events that we have gone through as a [...]

A Letter from a Previous UKIP Member

February 20, 2018 // 117 Comments

Dear Readers, As a previous member of UKIP, I am appalled at the current state and standing of the party.  I joined UKIP because I believed in its message that Britain would thrive outside the European  Union.  I also believed that UKIP would produce policies that would enable Britain to shake [...]

Open Letters to Members

February 12, 2018 // 15 Comments

[Ed: we re-publish this statements by Paula Walters with kind permission from Kipper Central, where it was first published.] I was always one of the NEC’s most vocal critics. Campaigning against a political elite, lording it over the rest of us.  My primary reason for standing in the NEC [...]

An Open Letter to Henry Bolton

February 6, 2018 // 63 Comments

Dear Henry, As you know I enthusiastically campaigned for you to become leader. I believed at the time that you had the right skill set to sort out the problems the Party faced at that time. I was, like many others frustrated by the seeming lack of progress in the first few months of your tenure as [...]

‘Combined Representation’ – Electoral Reform by Peter Scott

January 30, 2018 // 24 Comments

Nearly four million people voted for UKIP in the 2015 General Election, yet for all that party work and public support, we got only one MP. If the election had been run on the lines of ‘Combined Representation’, outlined below, 83 UKIP MPs would have been returned at Westminster – a powerful [...]

My Open Letter to the NEC

January 25, 2018 // 47 Comments

Dear NEC members – I wasn’t a fan of the NEC. I felt that too often they made bizarre decisions which defied common sense. There was a lack of transparency about how they arrived at those decisions, and the Minutes of the meetings were not easily available. Above all there was a lack of [...]


January 16, 2018 // 3 Comments

European Parliament supports amendments that will see “grotesque” fishing method outlawed, but only UKIP serious about leaving the CFP with Labour voting against leaving and Tories abstaining. UKIP fisheries spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has welcomed moves to ban the “grotesque” [...]

Sample Letters to the NEC – UPDATES!

January 11, 2018 // 16 Comments

Ed: Members have suggested that it would be a very good idea to send emails to the NEC members before their meeting on Thursday Jan 18th, making our feelings known. In support of that suggestion, below are the names of the NEC members, with a few sample letters to get you going. The format [...]

Statement by the Interim Chairman Paul Oakden

January 8, 2018 // 57 Comments

  At an NEC meeting today members discussed the recent press coverage of our Leader, Henry Bolton. Both the committee and the Leader understand the strength of feeling on this coverage and are keen to work collectively in finding a resolution that best protects the future prospects of UKIP. [...]

Killing the halal way

January 7, 2018 // 18 Comments

Ed: We have received this communication from Cllr Brian Silvester and, given the interest shown for this subject in UKIPD, we’re happy to publish it.   In December 2017 I raised a number of questions about halal slaughter in the UK with the Food Standards Agency. The FOI questions and [...]
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