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BREXIT Means BREXIT (in name only)

February 19, 2018 // 8 Comments

Politicians, civil servants and Eurocrats, economical with the truth as ever, if not actually disingenuous, are doing their best to create a Brexit in name only.  We are watching helplessly as Mrs May, Mr Davis and the Department for (not) Exiting the European Union (EU) carry on regardless. They [...]

Transition to Permanent EU Vassal State

February 8, 2018 // 14 Comments

The United Kingdom appears to be moving inexorably towards being a permanent European Union (EU) Vassal State. Recent speeches and other statements by Mrs May and Mr Davis point strongly to this being the most likely outcome from their handling of the Brexit (or Article 50) negotiations, and [...]

Short-changing the British people over Brexit

January 14, 2018 // 14 Comments

Are the British people being short-changed over Brexit by Mrs May, the Department for (not) Exiting the European Union (EU), the government generally, and Parliament (made up of supposedly knowledgeable and prudent representatives of the people)?  In the end the Brexit settlement achieved by Mrs [...]

Mrs May’s EU Vassal State

December 22, 2017 // 6 Comments

How much humiliation can Mrs May and Mr Davis take at the hands of our European Union (EU) overlords? When will the pain threshold get exceeded and the reality of the EU’s superior machinations kick in? It is now so obvious that the United Kingdom is to be made the latest example of what happens [...]

Causing Brexit Mayhem

December 7, 2017 // 5 Comments

Politicians generally don’t give much thought to managing risks associated with their policies. After all, risks are part of the downside of their policies (or ‘bright ideas’) and the territory of the opposition to be airbrushed or spun out of the narrative.  Whilst risks and their effective [...]

Politics versus practicalities of Brexit

November 12, 2017 // 5 Comments

Politicians do politics whilst people and businesses are usually forced by circumstances to do practicalities. When the two diverge or conflict on a particular subject, politics wins for the politician and practicalities of necessity takes priority for people and businesses. And, for completeness [...]

Sitting Duck Politics

September 15, 2017 // 46 Comments

At the last general election (2017), UKIP was effectively a sitting duck for attacks by the legacy parties and their fellow travellers in the main stream media.  Repeatedly, the message was that UKIP is a single issue party (campaigning to leave the European Union, the EU), and now that BREXIT is [...]

David Kurten for us: Curtains for the Political Status Quo

September 4, 2017 // 20 Comments

Can David Kurten (as leader) turn around UKIP’s dire fortunes to grow, win elections and challenge the TINOs (Tories in Name only), Labour (aka Champagne Socialists of Islington) and the EU/PC fanatical Lib Dems? I believe, based on what I’ve seen and heard so far, that David is our best hope. [...]

Trashing the Economy

September 1, 2017 // 3 Comments

Although trashing the economy (and future wealth creation prospects of the electorate) is a long term speciality of successive governments, this particular elephant in the room appears to be getting scant attention during the UKIP leadership race.  Although somewhat esoteric and boring, can we [...]

The Race to Lead UKIP to Greatness

August 22, 2017 // 8 Comments

To lose one leader within eighteen days is a tragedy. To lose another after a disastrous General Election sounds like carelessness. To lose yet another after five further years of going nowhere indicates the job is beyond the capabilities of mortal beings.  Yet mere mortals are the only beings [...]
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