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UKIP fisheries spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has branded the Brexit transition deal a ”total betrayal,” saying, ”for fishermen there will be no Brexit, as the Tories have handed the EU even more power over their industry.”   Mr Hookem’s comments came after it was announced in a joint EU/UK press conference that the fishing industry would continue to be regulated by the EU throughout the transition period, with Britain only able to ‘consult’ on fishing rule changes.   Speaking from Brussels, Mr Hookem said the deal ”was a worst case scenario for fishers and coastal communities.”   Mr Hookem continued:...

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Put National Interest Above Party Division!

I am calling on all British MEPs to show some national unity to defeat EU measures which seek to legitimise and expand the role of electro-pulse fishing in British waters in the following letter, setting out how British fishing communities face oblivion in the face of expanded electro-pulse fishing efforts by Dutch vessels should the latest EU measures be passed by the European Parliament. Now is the time to put national interests above party divides. Dear colleagues, I am writing to you, not as a party or group spokesman. Instead, I am writing as someone determined to protect British...

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First Phase Brexit Deal is Remaining in the EU by Another Name

It was with growing amazement that I watched the British Prime Minister, Theresa “The Appeaser” May, disenfranchising 17.4 million British voters while announcing the first phase Brexit agreement in Brussels. With each word an overwhelmed Theresa the Appeaser uttered – all the while flanked by the pompously pleased EU chief negotiator, Michel Barnier – the Brexit voting public saw their dreams of an independent UK slipping away, as it emerged that Great Britain will be leaving the EU in name only. From the estimated £40bn ‘divorce’ settlement; the continuation of free movement for years to come and the pledge...

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Cash-starved and over-stretched: the UK’s Border Force

Photo Credit: The Office of Mike Hookem MEP, caption: Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire MEP, Mike Hookem, stands next to the Royal Navy training ship, HMS Archer, while on a visit to Grimsby fishing docks.   Theresa May’s Tory government is sowing the seeds of chaos to leave the EU in name only! Her Government said it was considering retiring two military landing ships; BAE Systems announced it was laying off thousands of workers in vital defence manufacturing roles, and a former Border Force chief claimed the service could be thrown into chaos without considerable recruitment. It looks very much to...

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Mike Hookem MEP – Theresa May forgot our fishermen

Is Theresa May set to continue Edward Heath’s betrayal of Britain’s fishing industry? Fishermen were betrayed by a Conservative Prime Minister in 1970 and it seems that without clarification, Theresa May could continue that trend. The Prime Minister made a wide-ranging speech setting out her aims and objectives for achieving Brexit, yet failed to mention the EU dominated fishing industry. Mrs May’s failure came despite many people in the industry believing they were ‘sold out’ and ‘betrayed’ by Conservative Prime Minister, Edward Heath when in 1970 he signed the UK up to the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), in a...

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