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Get the UK Out of the EU now!

September 5, 2016 // 7 Comments

The hypocrisy of our politicians knows no bounds. David Cameron. who said “he loves his country”, was given a standing ovation in parliament by the Conservative Party members when he finally resigned as Prime Minister. Yet he and his followers in the “remain” campaign comprehensively [...]

Why are we in the EU for trade?

June 12, 2016 // 1 Comment

One of the main reasons for being in the EU is quoted as being “for trade”. David Cameron keeps linking being in the EU with giving us “access to the EU’s single market”. This is distorting the facts and deception on his part as:- We do NOT have to be in the EU to trade with the EU1 We do [...]

Lies and Deceit – Part II

April 24, 2016 // 0 Comments

Page 7 What happens if we leave? “…10 or more years of uncertainty….” This has never been justified by the government. What is certain is that staying IN the EU will result in uncertainty for the rest of our lives because we have no control over EU decisions! “…less than 8% of EU [...]

Lies and deceit – Part I

April 23, 2016 // 1 Comment

The government leaflet urging us to vote to stay in the EU is full of lies and deceit designed to put Britain’s membership of the EU in a positive light.  Page 1:  An important decision for the UK “The UK has “secured” a special status in a reformed EU” Not true. Leading EU figures have [...]