Author: Aidan Powlesland

MEPless and what to do about the NEC? – Part II

Ed~This is the second part of a two-part article. The first part was published on Wednesday and can be found here on UKIPDaily. I propose that any party officer working on areas covered by NEC functions report to the NEC member concerned, not the party chairmen or the leader. In this way, the NEC would evolve into something more like a board of directors able to lead in the realm of action thereby freeing the leader to focus on whatever he deems most important and insulate him from having to do any particular thing. This freeing of the resource...

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MEPless and what to do about the NEC? – Part I

In recent time our spokesmen have tended to be drawn from the ranks of our MEPs. MEPs, funded by European tax payers, have resources, particularly of time, to pursue the party’s ends. It made a certain sense in the pre-referendum era for our spokespeople to be MEPs. The NEC, by contrast, has been a purely voluntary and unpaid body and so it is natural that it has been accused of amateurism, not least as its lack of resource has compelled it to be very part-time. But money matters and the indirect resource of European taxpayers’ will soon be denied...

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Aidan Powlesland’s Statement for the Leadership Election

To recreate the buccaneering spirit of the first Elizabethan age and the dynamism of the early Victorian era vote for me. I will make us the party of wealth creation. We would use free markets to do this not because of their greater creativity and productivity but because we love freedom. The freedom of voluntary relationships, from which you can walk away, is a better model for society than any despotism of the few or the many. If you want to reform tax to create wealth you should vote for me. My UKIP would simplify tax and reduce the...

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HMS “Aerial”? – Part II

I have outlined how take-off and landing systems might work in some detail (see Part I) as they suggest a realistic squadron strength per aerial aircraft carrier of ten warplanes if F35Bs or F35Cs. Given that HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales cost £6.4 billion, the Ministry of Defence might be able to equip itself with fourteen ML86X aircraft carriers, able to house 40% more combat planes, for the same capital cost. This looks like a good deal to me. The aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has a standard operational air component of 36 (though it can...

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HMS “AERIAL”? – Part I

In June 1933 the United States Navy commissioned its second aerial aircraft carrier U.S.S. Macon. The primary tactical advantage of an aircraft carrier then, as now, was its ability to fight from over the horizon remaining undetected by the enemy even while delivering fatal blows against it. The top speed of a surface carrier like HMS Queen Elizabeth (which will start sea trials circa February 2017) will be 50 miles per hour. The top speed of an “aeroscraft” rigid airship in 2017 will be 125 miles per hour. For an enemy the difficulty, per unit of time, of hunting...

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