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At the Cross-Roads

In a short while we as a party will be faced with what is, for us, a daunting task: the choice of a new leader. Given our recent experience of doing precisely this, not once but several times, we could be forgiven for approaching this task with more than just a modicum of perspicacity, for it is not a task where practice makes perfect.

The choice that lies ahead has been framed by some, and rightly so, in terms of the problems, threats and challenges that face us. But it is a choice that is bigger than this for it will not only decide if we are to survive as a political party but more importantly, if we are to survive as a people. To do that we need to select a leader who not only can deal with the challenges we face, but will also be personable and charismatic; someone who ordinary people, people not overly interested in politics, will vote for.

Nigel once famously asked: “Who are you?” That question, though not directed our way, might well have been. Is now not the time for us to ask “Who are we?” (as a people).

Are we not the people that brought a civilised, decent and just way of living to much of the world, that saw off tyranny in two horrendous wars? Are we not still that people? I for one believe we are.

Much has been said and written about UKIP being ‘controversial’ (or not).

Far less is being said about ‘religion’; and when it is it is generally directed in a negative way towards the invading hordes of what, in more normal times, would be described as illegal immigrants.

Of course such talk is muted and understandably so, as blatantly stating the blindingly obvious is now considered to be a ‘hate’ crime.

Out-of-control immigration, is to me, the biggest problem we face, as it adversely affects everyone. From the ‘free stuff’ working (and non-working) class voters who identify themselves as being Left, and who unknowingly face a dystopian future when the benefits system and NHS collapse through sheer weight of numbers –  to those, who the Left describe as being Right, those with money, properties, possessions, wives, daughters and sons to protect.

We know the problem. But what is the solution? More to the point, how do we rally the population to support and vote for its implementation when we’ve found it?

Could religion, the word they use, usually in a derogatory manner to imply that all ‘the faiths’ are the same, play a role for us?

We are at our core, at least culturally, a Christian people. In our modern, now largely secular world, Christianity has been artfully and surreptitiously undermined and subjugated by global socialists, Marxists et al, to the point where for many: all that is left of it is Christmas. However, notwithstanding that, we are still, officially, a Christian state.

I do understand that it would be considered gauche to promote Christianity at a political meeting in the same way it would be to promote UKIP at church. However, perhaps it’s time for any aspirant candidates who are Christians to say so. I for one would be more inclined to trust my vote with one who was. I also think Christian voters would be more inclined to vote for a Christian a leader and a party that was prepared to state openly that they would protect their rights. I’m not suggesting this would be easy, but it can be done. It worked for Trump.

Those who think Christians are all softies because they turn the other cheek should consider that some 300 years after riding to Jerusalem on a donkey and getting crucified for his troubles it was Jesus who, though not in the flesh, but in spirit, conquered the Roman Empire. Later it was Christian missionaries who spread his word around the globe, often at great risk to their lives. Christians are known to be hard-working, loyal and their moral courage is feared by those who lie, cheat and steal for a living or do unspeakable things to children. Christianity is a powerful force for good.

It has been reported that Poland has had little or no terrorism. Could this be the reason?

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30 Comments on At the Cross-Roads

  1. I agree that our society, our culture and our history has been intimately connected with Christianity. We certainly should not be ashamed of that.

    I aslo agree that having members make their faith more public could attract some Christian voters, but I fear that it could also annoy those who don’t want religion involved in politics.

    Here is a report about the comparative sizes of those who self identify as Christian and those who do not:

    “…NatCen’s British Social Attitudes survey as having no religion, referred to as “nones”, reached 48.5% in 2014, outnumbering the 43.8% who define themselves as Christian…” Source:

    There is also another point, that if criticising a specific religion isn’t it dangerous to do so as proponents of a competing religion because it could be seen as a religious conflict rather than a desire to enforce justice?

    • Liberas, the only point I would make is that Britain was, before the Church Leaders became Cultural Marxists, a Christian country, so I think we can validly stand up for that. But the U.K. Laws are separate from our Religion, that is the point, a Religion that insists that it’s teachings become or subvert the Laws of any land is not a religion, it is a Political system – leaving aside the fact that if death results from leaving it, or even death threats, that makes it a cult and so not a valid religion either.

  2. Like I said before, it isn’t AMWs views that are the problem to the leaders, or Gerard Batten wouldn’t still be around and PW wouldn’t be a contender. It is who she associates with. Our financial donors will run a mile, party bankrupt, and NEC members in legal jeopardy. Please can anyone point to anything she has said that GB hasn’t (except he said 10 years earlier). Even Malcolm Pearson held similar views.

  3. Side issue – thanks to the Editorial folk for the most beautiful picture at the top of this article – one that truly shows this United Kingdom is worth fighting for.

  4. As President Trump asked, “Are we willing to shed our blood in defense of our Western culture?

    This should be the Rallying Cry for anyone who aspires to lead UKIP.

    • So agree, Rob C – but it seems that many who sadly are at the top, or at least directing UKIP would rather hide behind the sofa.
      Incidentally Anish has resigned from the NEC. He was forbidden from going on the Jon Gaunt show by ? and must have felt that it was a step too far?

  5. TPTB of UKIP are blind to the issue of Islam as evidenced by their attempts to discredit AMW. They must be removed if UKIP is to survive and act in support of native Brits against the enemies within. It would also be good for them to cooperate with others supporting that cause; we need a concerted effort not fragmentation.

    • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // July 13, 2017 at 5:42 pm // Reply

      Yes Jack these are the very same useless failures that have become the totally blind useful idiots of Islam.The self same people who were complicit with the gamekeeper Nutall who was a totally abysmal leader,whose lies about Hillsborough and everything else together with his appeasement of all Muslims,in that vile bloody Halal leaflet cost us such a massive loss of members and support with the General Public.Remember these are the self same people who kept on endorsing Nutall,even though many of us were asking him and his dullard advisors to do the right thing,and step down,on many many occasions I kept telling them all,including Nutall,if you cared about UKIP,and cared about the country you would all stand down,but they were so devoid of a backbone that none did resign.There was no one more vocal than me,in urging everyone to support Nutall,however his spectacular and disasterous defeat at Stoke
      changed everything,and when our dear friend,colleague and contributor Dee told me about that bloody Halal leaflet,I was incandescent with rage at Nutall and his dullard advisors.One of the worst of those losers to attack the brave and courageous Anne Marie is Jonathon Arnott,who is nothing more than a useless Muslim Appeaser,who
      I know helped write that bloody vile Halal leaflet.Jack the longer these faiures remain in charge,the sooner will be the demise of UKIP,are they too thick not to see that? Believe me the fire coming their way has only just started.

  6. Here is something very dark that has just come in that I believe has relevance here. It’s not something I have useful knowledge about but am aware of. It was at the back of my mind when writing this article. It is the very antithesis of Christian family values. In following the link you will discover that even the Church itself is vulnerable. There is also some evidence that for some of those involved it provides the motivation for their promotion of the migrant crisis. So unspeakable evil explains unexplainable madness.

  7. We may very well admire Polish solidarity in the face of a relatively sudden demand for them to take a flood of people from an alien religious culture. But we need to bear in mind that in Britain the local moslem population has been growing at a measured pace for decades, and for the first few of those years the overall numbers were tiny and to the average person in the street islam was a strange far away practice in those asian countries and nothing to do with us. And as we mostly all know Islam is more of a political ideology than a religion, though it is in practice both.

    I would strongly advise all senior officers and aspirants in our party to just do what we all know is necessary and support AMW or someone of similar guts and fortitude. And for the sake of all that’s holy, stop being so blessed paranoid about the media! What are we afraid of, are the MSM going to bash us up if we talk about Islam? I mean like with fists?? And so what if they do, what section of our potential support is going to be swayed by what THEY say? If you regularly watch/listen to interviews with reps from LibLabCon, they are being pulled apart whilst washing dirty linen in public with regularity. Instead of being amongst that group, whilst at the same time making their case, UKIP have decided to stay silent thus proving to people that yes we are a one issue party, our work is done.

    Sod the media! Let’s get out there and say what needs to be done to save our country. Shout it from the rooftops!

  8. With regard to islam, there are millions of peaceful mulsims, there is however no peaceful islam. we just have to stop going into denial about it. personally I feel that many cultural muslims would welcome seeing extremists deported if they are not UK nationals. just because I reject an ideology that has more in common with Nazism than many would care to admit, I do not consider myself racist, and nor do my Kurdish, Indian, and black friends consider me so.

    • Of course there are peaceful people from Muslim families and countries but “peaceful Muslim” is an oxymoron. If they attend a mosque and subscribe to what is taught there then they are anything but; they are just biding their time.

  9. Michael, I wish we were like Poland, firm in our convictions of faith, but sadly that boat has sailed. It may be that recent Polish history has meant they know what it’s like to come together under one banner – whereas we have been afflicted with uber-liberalism for much longer. Additionally, given the proclivities of many in both the main churches here which have only recently come fully to grisly prominence, as well as the woeful lack of Leadership, it could be a hard sell these days.

    However, all our values stem in essence, in my opinion, from the sturdy good sense of the yeomen of England going back centuries – we shouldn’t be ditching them in favor of some multicultural liberal tolerance of the intolerable in the name of diversity. The rot started, imo, under Blair and his new ‘Cool Britannia’ culture, which aimed to undermine all that was good about our own culture and, as intended, made many ashamed of what we were.

    We have to restore the Best of British values, as Anne Marie says, and enshrine them in a new constitution – the way we do that is to say unashamedly that we will restore the rule of British Law and rigorously enforce it. Imported ‘cultural practices’ the latest being acid attacks, must not be allowed and perpetrators must be made to feel the full weight of our British Law.
    That’s why we don’t know who we are any more. We aren’t allowed to complain when we see things happening that we just know in our hearts are wrong and aren’t British. We are called Little Englanders, xenophobes and racists if we try to speak out. One doesn’t have to be of any faith to know, inside ourselves, right from wrong, and I am completely sure that most of Britain would get behind a Leader that would see things our way.

    • Dee, I fully agree. As you say, ‘that boat has sailed’ helped along by the hot air in its sails from our ‘modernising’ ex-prime minister Blair. Although few would say this I also think ‘the troubles’ planted the seed in many minds that ‘religion’ was something to steer clear of. So much so that we Christians tend to keep a low profile so many might be surprised to learn that there are, in fact, still a lot of us in the UK, indeed our numbers appear to be growing.

      One of the reasons for this is that Church is a wonderful place where we can socialise as families and speak freely with others who share the same Christian family values, a place incidentally where many young people meet their future spouses. It may come as a shock to some to learn that at tea and coffee, after we’ve sung our songs and listened to the sermon, one hears much discussion about all sorts of things, but (and I’m sure this will annoy someone) not that much about Jesus!

      So no, I don’t expect to see Polish style Christian cum political rallies with banners flying high any time soon in the UK. Rather, methinks the Football Lads Alliance March is the way to go here!

      However, adopting a strong powerful stance that, at times and when appropriate, openly supports Christians and speaks up for Churches or criticises the government for not doing so would, I believe, encourage more Christians to vote for us in the next election, if adroitly delivered with the correct emphasis and would fly in the face of the weak, pandering, candles and teddy-bear vigils, which to my mind serve only to invite more of the same. I think it reasonable to assume that those who wish Christians harm don’t much care who does or doesn’t go to Church. To them we are all the same.

      Also, over time, a nuanced approach could prove more effective than a purely negative one and would be likely to have appeal that includes, but also extends beyond, our historic voter base.

      This should include promoting child protection, sound family values and drawing attention to the persecution of Christians at home and abroad. I would also suggest that we make it policy that since we are a Christian State Easter, Christmas and other Christian holidays will remain on our calendar.

      Finally, being boring never came up trumps in an election and staying on top of the news cycle is (almost) never a bad idea!

      Are all our aspirant candidates up to speed on Twitter?

    • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // July 13, 2017 at 6:31 pm // Reply

      Dee I too wish we were more like Poland,standing firm as Christians,unfortunately for us that time is long past.Europe tore down the structure of Christianity years ago.
      They did not understand that was the only thing that actually protected them.Now the Muslim Migrant hordes are upon us,what War Criminal Blair started with his planned inundation of those Aliens continued under David Halal is safe with me Cam-Moron,and still continues with Sharia May,who has allowed over 100 Sharia Courts to operate today in Britain.She really is so useless,everything that she has ever touched ends in failure,remember her promise to bring all Immigration down to tens of thousands,that was a total bare faced bloody lie.We are so stuffed full of so called economic migrants who don’t work,not that we’ve got any work for them,as we haven’t got any real proper jobs for our very own young people,anyway for years now migrants are unskilled,illiterate and unwanted,unneeded,and more to the point unchecked,so we don’t who the hell they are,believe me most who now come hate us and everything we stand for,they are hell bent on seeking our death and destruction,the latest bloody terrorist attacks prove that beyond doubt.Now Islam is on the rise and we are powerless to stop more migrants/Rapefugees from destroying us and our once great and former Christian country.Our Government now even protect all these Islamic Rapists,they even suppress the truth about the threat to all of us from that most perveted of Religions.We must win this religious War and send Islam back from whence they came,and there is only one person in UKIP and Britain who is both brave and courageous to stand up to all the losers who cannot see the danger that is within our country,and is prepared to speak the truth about all this insanity and madness,and that is the wonderful Anne Marie Waters.

  10. Islam is not a religion, it is an ideological cult.

    Although I was christened at birth, my family have never been religious, in the sense that they never went to church regularly.

    I’m happy to be an atheist, personally I feel that there should be no place for religion in the modern 21st century civilised Western world. If people want to practise their religious beliefs, they should do so in the privacy of their own homes or places of worship. Religious leaders should not be influencing politicians or party policies in order to get favours for their own religion.

    And this claim that Britain is a ‘Christian’ country is outdated and incorrect. All the criticisms of Islam could equally apply to the spread of Christianity throughout Europe in the past. I can just imagine the druids and pagans of the time having similar conversations about Christianity as we are having now about Islam!

    So Britain, we should be portraying ourselves as this modern 21st century civilised Western country, that doesn’t need religion for moral guidance. And I hope UKIP doesn’t fall into this ‘Christianity vs Islam’ trap.

    Just my opinion of course.

    • Europe and Christianity are inimically bound up over the last 1,000 years of history. Present day Europe allows freedom of belief without consequence. Whatever else happened in the past Christianity was a moral and ethical compass and helped to lighten the way despite its dark side. perhaps we should have kept the Old Pagan Norse Gods they would not have tolerated the gang rape of children in Rochdale and Rotherham, by now there would have been an ethnic cleansing. Hindus, Spiritualists, Taoists, (Zen) Buddhists, Jews, and Christians all believe they are the one true path but do not exert a savage penalty today for disagreeing or for apostasy.
      The RoP believes that their holy book(s) is/are infallible including that the world is flat and that we are at the End of Time when Gog and Magog will free themselves from the chains put on them by the penultimate prophet. As foretold by the last and greatest prophet.They firmly believe that all are born muslim but that some are in illusion and need an incentive to “revert” to the one true faith. The incentive can be physical or mental torment, taxation, or (threat of) death. Sharia law is the perfected way for all mankind and thus must be implemented. This includes the beating of women for alleged disobedience ( severe if necessary unlike the goat the donkey or the camel who are all allowed rights); and the stoning to death of a woman accused of adultery ( proof is not always required).
      Thus your ‘religions are all the same’ is bunkum. We have women priests in the CofE who are giving holy matrimony to two men whilst in Mosul such men were executed if RoP and burnt to death if not.
      Happy Days we live in..every week in England some child or woman disappears from the RoP “presumably” back for a holiday in PKland. Happy?

  11. THE GREAT WAR aka First World War was of no value to the UK whatsoever.We should have ssat it out and saved a million men from pointless death and our Empire from neo bankruptcy. It brought about an unstable Europe and dragged us into the maelstrom of the 2WW.
    Germany would have walloped France and Russia would have signed a peace treaty a little unfavourable (eg loss of Finland and Baltic countries etc). Austria Hungary would have extended her territory. Serbia and Greece would have remained small but could later have joined Russia Bulgaria and others in a crusader war against the evil Ottoman Empire.
    From 1901 onwards Russia was undergoing massive reforms social and economic. By 1914 Russia had become the fourth biggest economy and poltical-military power on the planet (USA/Germany/UK). China would not have gone communist but would have followed the pattern of Russia to a modern state. Germany would not have entered a partnership with Japan and Italy would have stopped any dreams of power in Europe. The EU and the Kalergi plan would not have seen the light of day.
    Such are the unintended consequences of history.
    Now we need AMW to lead the Great Correction.
    We have 20 years to save our civilisation from extinction..every single day counts.

    • Another great post by citizenkain.
      And who was responsible for the outbreak of WW1. The ruling elite. An elite who do not have the interests of the ordinary people at heart. We have the same problem today with our ruling class.
      As AMW said in a recent speech we need to turn our attention to the mainstream parties and ruling class and take the fight to them and get them all out of power before they finish off the West.

    • Citizenkain, thank you for your comment which got me to thinking.

      An unconscionably wealthy man was once asked “When is a good time to buy?
      He replied, “When there’s blood running in the streets.”

      Anyone who has, as I have, tried their hand at speculating as a way of making money will soon have come to the realisation that it is not easy, unless you happen to know what’s going to happen next.

      However, those in the know, those that knew there would be ‘blood running in the streets’ because they were the ones who helped create the situation that made it happen, find it easy to make money. Lots of it.

      Today we see the signs all around us of it all happening again. Indeed, it began quite some time ago. Anyone remember ‘weapons of mass destruction?’

      Those that make their millions from the pain and suffering of millions are unconscionably evil. We certainly need to deal with the symptoms of the harm being inflicting on us as a first priority and it is entirely appropriate for us to do so in the political realm.

      But ultimately it is the root cause that needs to be dealt with.

      The cause is evil and only good can fight it.

      Prosaically put, yes, uncontrolled immigration is our biggest threat, but behind it lies its cause, a much bigger, more difficult challenge.

      A return to ethical governance.

      To do that I believe we need a balanced approach that is not only negative (that will get the attention of voters) but also positive, (that will get them to vote for us).

      Simply put, we need a leader who can ‘drain the swamp’.

      We need someone really good to do that.

      • Michael – unfortunately not only does it need someone really good, they need to be fearless and possibly willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country. It’s come to that I’m afraid

        • President Trump (blessings be upon him – yes I am now a convert though still worried for Christians in Syria if Deep State persuade him…) asked that very question in his Polish speech – are we willing to shed our blood to preserve our Western culture, John.

        • Quite true and immensely sad and disconcerting John Freeman.
          That is why I support AMW I think she recognizes with humility the extraordinary risk to her life her chosen path entails. The same is even more true of “National Hero” Tommy Robinson (no irony intended).If AMW is our Jeanne D’Arc then Tommy is Don Rodrigo de Vivar (aka El Cid Campeador). I utterly and firmly believe that both were born great both were also thrust into greatness and both will achieve great things. Before they die – and I pray for their safety – they will become famous in a way that the likes of Bours Nuttall Etheridge Coburn Crowther Oakden Duffy et al can only be simmeringly envious of. They are already better prepared for destiny than almost all members of the HoL and HoC. There is a natural genius about them reminiscent of both France’s Joan and Spain’s “El Cid” and just like them they are ordinary people living in extraordinary times.
          Believe me when I say it will become a privilege to have spoken to them and to have shaken their hands.
          And I do not mind in the least the scorn and ridicule these comments may create.

          • Previous challenges such as Roman or Norman invasions were a new ruling class taking over. A successful Nazi invasion would have been the same. The ordinary people survive just with new rulers.
            But the ordinary people are the target this time. And it is all of Western Europe. With pressure being applied to Eastern Europe. Also North America affected.
            The masterminds scheming against the people are our own elites who control all the institutions of state. So first the people need to elect patriotic governments in the major European nations. Just that is a huge challenge from where we are.

            challenge Greatest challenge. That much is certain.

          • Your words create no scorn from me, CK, I fully agree and thank heavens for Anne, Tommy and a new one who finds Leadership suddenly landing on his somewhat unwilling shoulders, Tommy English – Gays Against Sharia. What I find distressing and keeps me, literally, awake at night is that we are fighting our own dhimmi control freaks in our own Party who seem to actively relish stopping people from joining UKIP so that they can vote for Anne. Why? We need members, and those signing up are no doubt as committed as those who signed up to fight the EU – so why are they smeared and shut out, and stopped from having their say? It is more than embarrassing, it is utterly shameful.

          • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT // July 14, 2017 at 12:31 am //

            ck,may I congratulate you on your brilliant posts,they have given me such hope,for the future,not for myself or my wife,as our time will soon be upon us,but for our sons and their families,but especially all of our grandchildren and great grandchildren.I would also like to thank you for publically stating here on UKIP DAILY,your support for the wonderful Anne Marie Waters,and of course Tommy Robinson,I too know that they can achieve great things,and I also pray for their safety.The people you mention no longer care about the survival of UKIP,their unkind and spiteful remarks about Anne Marie,show how out of touch they all are,they no longer deserve to represent us anymore.Believe me,we now more than ever before need the brave and courageous Anne Marie to be our new leader,without her we are indeed finished,and there will also be no hope for our once great country.
            Yes ck the World and England face the greatest threat in their History,and that is being attacked from within by the Islamists who the traitors and failures have invited into our once safe and peaceful country.

      • Good article, but as someone else mentioned, islam is not a religion.

        islam is a violent supremacist totalitarian political ideology. We must never be afraid to call it what it is.

        I fully agree with your comment:

        “…The cause is evil and only good can fight it….”

        Yes, mass (muslim) immigration and the islamification of the UK is a vulgar and cruel burden being imposed on this country by evil doers.

        But, as you rightly point out, it is only a symptom of the deep rooted evil that has increasingly tightened its grip on the UK, and indeed on the West as a whole.

        The clear and immediate threat to us all is the culture and national identity replacement plan which is part of the frankfurt school.

        Driving out islam is critical to our survival as a nation.

        But if and when islam is banished from these shores, the evil doers will simply find some other way to pursue their depraved plans of creating a globalist single world government.

        And then we will be fighting yet another existential threat to the nation.

        Soon we will have to decide whether we want to continue fire fighting the symptoms of evil, or if we finally want to deal with the root cause.

        • I hope not, Lauren. The point is that at the present time the Globalists have been able and allowed to take root in our institutions. We didn’t realize what they were doing, because we were brought up to trust that a Government was pledged to look after it’s people, not destroy them. (Take a bow, President Orban)x! If democracy lasts long enough we can rid ourselves of these people now we know what their end game is. If, as I suspect, democracy is denied us, sadly there will be only one choice remaining. As President Trump asked, are we willing to shed our blood in defense of our Western culture?

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