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Anne Marie Waters – Justice for Chelsey

When I set out to look at the ‘grooming gang’ crime wave in the UK, I didn’t expect to find what I did. I didn’t expect to find a 21st century democratic society in which the rape of women and girls is thought far less important than political advertising. That is exactly what I found, and nothing’s changed.

At the weekend, I went to Sunderland to attend a rally in support of Chelsey Wright, a lovely young woman who reported that she had been raped by a group of migrants last year. She recalls going for a drink with her mum and a friend, then waking up in a room with a man she didn’t know. She was beaten black and blue and “DNA forensics yielded two semen samples, only one of which could be properly tested, as well as traces of the date rape drug Rohypnol in her blood.

Suspects were arrested. Then nothing. These men are now free, and Chelsey and her supporters are forced to initiate petitions and march through the streets to beg for justice – something that should automatically be hers.

Chelsey will now live with what happened to her, and she represents 1000s of women who live not only with violence and rape, but with the knowledge that authorities don’t seem to care much. Politicians don’t seem to care, feminist groups don’t seem to care, the justice system doesn’t seem to care. But many people do care and I will be with them as they make their voices heard.

I spoke to several people in Sunderland and Chelsey’s story is sadly not unique. Another woman told me that she too had been raped, and a second said she left her home town because gangs of men were known to be spending time outside local girls’ schools (something I’ve been told repeatedly is happening across the country) and she wanted to get her daughter away. I heard stories of women being assaulted throughout the town, and the only people that give a damn are the ordinary working people that have been abandoned by an internationalist-ideologue political class.

Let us be clear about what’s happening, not only in Britain but across Europe. For decades, the left-wing elite that has governed Europe has been utterly desperate for “diversity”. Diversity simply means importing people from desperately poor countries to create entire new swathes of people to provide the poverty that the Left relies on. Having imported a new voting bank, the Labour Party turned its back on the old: took them for granted and shifted their attention to ‘diversity’, pandering in particular to Muslims.

In what would protect their new voting bank from criticism – thereby keeping the borders open for more – the Left transformed the CPS and Police in to the Guardians of their political rhetoric, and not of the British people. Northumbria Police have issued a statement regarding Chelsey’s case. It concludes like this:

“It is disappointing that the victim is now having to endure a situation where the case she was involved in is being subjected to entirely misleading reporting, based on unfounded information, via social-media outlets.

This would seem to be a deliberate attempt to undermine the very strong community-cohesion that currently exists across the force area and we urge our communities to see it for what it is.”

What an extraordinary statement. It doesn’t explain what the misleading reporting is, but of course takes the opportunity to promote the multicultural utopia (I still can’t figure out why that is any concern of the police).

If they think there is nothing but fantastic ‘community cohesion’ in Sunderland, then they can’t be listening too closely to those at the sharp end of “diversity” i.e. the English working class.

The white English working class is being trampled on, and nobody is there for them or listening. They have had to watch while their home is transformed in to places they no longer recognize and where they are no longer safe. Mass immigration from countries the English have nothing in common with, and cannot relate to, has made them strangers in parts of their own country.

Who can these people vote for? Where is the political will to change this? Politicians just don’t understand the world the English working class now live in. Professional politicians spend their days talking about strategy and theory, the daily reality at the business end of their policies is never felt. Furthermore, most wouldn’t dare do anything as risky as openly support women like Chelsey.

UKIP would do well to step up to the plate, and if it really wants to make an impact and offer hope to the abandoned, it can promise to do something about this. It can promise to do something about the politically correct CPS, to get rid of the unjust political policing that emerged from the MacPherson inquiry, and to apply the law, without prejudice, without fear, without favour. That is what we need, and it’s both morally right and politically wise for a political party to aim towards providing it.



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  1. I have only recently found out about chelsey wright,her bravery and dignity will give hope to other women in a similar position to come forward and demand justice too.I would like to know if any solicitors have come forward to help and demand that her human rights not to be ignored, if not then you need to campaign for that to happen.I believe that there has been collusion involving government police cps and judiciary and media in cases like chelsey’s and paedophile grooming rape gangs that have been hushed up or downplayed.The above mentioned organisations need to be legally held accountable for the barbaric brutal rape and torture of British women and children for at least the last 20 years.Theresa may is personally responsible for every rape on British women and children by the predominantly muslim rape gangs that have been allowed to operate so freely.As home secretary then prime minister it would be impossible for her not to know about this especially since the sikh awareness society have been campaining about these rapes for 20 years and still these attacks on British women and children continue why? DON’T BRITISH WOMEN AND CHILDREN’S LIVES MATTER?

  2. I have just read on AMW’s website that all but two of these vile rapists have now been released from prison, good to see that British justice has been enforced – NOT!

  3. Excellent article. With this and the tv drama about Rochdale, surely UKIP should get onboard with this topic, rather than “ban the burka”.

  4. I would love to know how these young girls are now, I hope they are okay and getting on with their lives despite these awful things that happened to them. I also help that they received all the counselling they needed and were not further let down by not getting it.

    Finally, I really hope that now we are all aware of the major failures of all the services apart from that brave lady working for sexual health in Rochdale, that we as a society can prevent it happening again. But in order to prevent it politicians and those in power have to recognize and admit that it is happening and tackle the community in which it occurs.

  5. Anne Marie:

    “UKIP would do well to step up to the plate..”

    Some hope, particularly when I read in the papers this morning,after a couple of days not having access, that Nuttall has put his foot in it again on at least two occasions. That on top of his comments in respect of your potential candidacy.

    UKIP is going nowhere until he resigns or is sacked.

    What I also find surprising is the seeming lack of any retaliation against the rapists. I know if my daughter were a victim then the potential downside of my dealing with them would simply not be a consideration. It should also be clear by now that the escape from justice of the rapists could only happen if the police were complicit.

    We have a great deal to do if we are to recover our country.

  6. Since this article was posted I’ve been struggling to find something useful to say, sometimes words fail me. I’ve ranted about this in some of the articles I’ve written, indeed it is the reason I started writing articles for UKIP Daily.

    Sometimes I get so furious that I think it’s better to just shut up in case I say something I’ll regret, I just dare not tell you what’s going through my mind. I can’t believe what my native country has become, when the pigs in our government and police, turn a blind eye to the rape and abuse of our women and children.

    • Well, I’ll say it, Flyer. Even though we don’t believe polls, UKIP are now on 2% in the one I saw.
      Go into any comment section if there is an article about UKIP and the comments are almost without exception things like ‘UKIP is finished’ and ‘has Paul Nuttall got time to lead UKIP, he’s so buy training to be an astronaut/saving children in Africa/ ‘and many many variations on ithat theme.
      Private Eye (which far back in the day I used to enjoy) has it right with their front page of the Party battlebuses this week – UKIP are clowns in a Noddy car.

      I am so angry that all our candidates are trying to fight under these circumstances. We expect negative press about UKIP, but tell me please, what isn’t accurate in any of the above.

      At a time in Britain’s history when it was essential to have a fearless leader pointing out that May won’t deliver Brexit, we are fighting with both hands tied behind our backs. Whether it is Muslim rape gangs, Islamisation or a Globalist Brexit, our country is in deep trouble. When I tell people to vote UKIP, people ask if I really believe in Nuttall as a credible PM – what can one say?

      I am past loyalty – I am extremely angry that we are in this situation, when we have talented people working their backsides off for Britain as UKIP candidates. In fact, we have talent all over UKIP – but nowhere in the Leadership cabal.

      • Some weeks ago Dee, Nigel said May, Corbyn, Fallon and Nuttall had 6 weeks to prove themselves.
        I believe he included Nuttall in this group advisedly.
        As in AA (Anonymous) the alkie has to reach his own bottom, I believe only June 11th will be UKIP`s actual bottom and will come the only realisation that we have to “cure” ourselves.
        I think it will involve scrapping the old party which has plainly served its purpose and run its course.
        Personally, I believe we will have to re-group around Nigel, who has sensibly put some distance between him and what is now a worn out party.
        Yes, you are correct there is endless talent here, but unfortunately I don`t believe it is ever going to be allowed to flourish here.
        Better to start afresh.
        n.b. our political base and raison d`etre is the EU, all our major political representation will cease in March 2019 we will have no voice in UK politics, The MSM or on the international stage.
        Time to start again with something shiny and brand new and no associations with previous shibboleths.
        If you think that`s too personal a view, you are maybe correct, but I am fed up with wading through continual mud, mediocracy and astonishing absence of enterprise.
        They talk of “Zombie” companies. Unfortunately,
        UKIP is an example of a “Zombie political party”

        • I might have said too, we are
          “Rebels without a cause”
          or at least. an apparent one that`s of any interest to our powers that be.

          • Roger, I think you have summed it up perfectly in the ‘zombie party’. Are we afraid to let go? We should go en bloc if the worst happens, we really can’t waste the talent and commitment within UKIP. As you say, the reckoning will be post election – meanwhile, our brave candidates plough on, against all the thousand cuts inflicted from the top.

  7. Most of the Labour vote I’ve encountered can be summed up by the recent exchange in a local pub. Bloke works in business and area heavily dependent on nuclear. Worrying about Corbyn impact. Then he says,”but my grand-dad voted Labour, my dad voted Labour, …I’ll be voting Labour.” …!!

    Extraordinary thing is the Tory vote is being played by May. We know this. But the Old Labour socialist-utopia vote is also being played, by an old man who I don’t think has ever had a real job in his life but has done very well these last 40 years or so, keeping “the dream” alive.

    Going on telly tomoz. Sticking with Brexit & Farage & Referendum 2 disguised as an election.

  8. Mike FitzGerald // May 18, 2017 at 1:48 pm // Reply

    This behavior is endemic now across Western Europe in the areas affected by the deliberate and enforced mass-immigration against the will of the people. In Germany (where I live) the govts own figures (most likely under-reported) evidence in excess of 12 rapes and serious sexual assaults per day by immigrants of the North African/Arab origin. How many of these attack go unreported to the police is not known. Sweden in much worse. Norway is in the same boat. Our taxes are being used to pay for the wholesale importation of people who will not integrate and will destroy our society that they despise. Our state apparatus is clearly being used against us and no one in our Parliament gives a damn or is prepared to speak out against it.
    That AMW was not selected as PPC is highly questionable. Should I or any other of the UKIP PPCs be lucky enough to be elected I would welcome the chance to work with her and amplify her courageous stance on Islam and our ‘studiously’ inept systems that fail to enforce our laws in our country.

    • Post election, Mike, post General Election!

    • Mike,

      I do hope you win, but you say you live in Germany so how can you be standing here?

      • Mike FitzGerald // May 18, 2017 at 5:04 pm // Reply

        Hello Donald Duck,
        I stood in the 2010 & 2015 elections as well for UKIP. It is a simple matter of Electoral Law with states anyone with a British Or Commonwealth (surprised?) passport can stand. I fulfil all the legal requirements. So I commute to and from the UK to campaign, all out of my own tax paid pocket, with my Branch that I started. Were I ever to win I would move back immediately. I am English, this is English Law and has nothing whatsoever to do with the EU.

        • Well, I never knew that, I always thought you had to live in this country to stand for parliament even if you had a British passport, I am absolutely amazed!

          • From memory I think you have to be on the electoral register ( anywhere in the UK, not where you are standing ).

    • Mike G, I wish you all the best in your endeavour, and in your wish to work with Anne Marie, who is a great woman.

      The politicos who have allowed muslim sex maniac criminals into the countries (including this one) they are supposed to protect and defend, to assault, rape and murder girls and women, are guilty of abominable crimes: I would call them acts of treasonous terrorism.
      They should answer for their crimes in courts of law and be forced to give up and sell everything they have to compensate the victims of their careless stupidity, or their malicious intent – whatever it was that caused them to betray their own countrymen and women, especially the women. After that, life in prison is really too good for them, but we’re civilised people, unlike the barbarians the politico-scum let in at our gates.

      • Panmelia,

        I am not sure if you are aware but a Labour councillor gave a character reference for one of the Rochdale child rapists, he should now resign. Tommy Robinson and another guy went there to try and speak with him yesterday and got set upon by a group of muslim thugs trying to run them of the motorway in their cars. He has film of their number plates so it will be interesting to see if the police do anything about it, I think we can all guess what the likely outcome will be.

        Anyway, if you go to the Rebel website you can sign a petition asking for Mr. Hussain’s resignation, I have signed it. Also, Tommy is going to court on Monday on this ridiculous trumped up charge of false journalism or something like that. I hope lots of people turn out to support him.

  9. What will it take to make our politicians realise that allowing people to settle in our country who have a mass murdering rapist from the 7th Century as their role model is not a good idea. All that this insanity guarantees is that we get religiously inspired mass murder and a religiously inspired rape epidemic – because some of them are absolutely guaranteed to follow their hero’s appalling example. It really is madness and always has been.

    • They do know what they’ve done, Crosscop, the rape and violence is an unfortunate side issue which cannot be allowed to disrupt the aim of One World Government which seems, if you research it, to have been the aim of many Globalists for a long time. Violence is a necessary part of ensuring that the Sharia is followed without deviation and with perfect obedience, world wide, which is why it is being excused, enabled and pushed so hard, in my opinion. People are waking up, which is why it is becoming increasingly necessary to subvert democracy, the only peaceful weapon the people have. That seems to be what’s going on.

    • Mike FitzGerald // May 18, 2017 at 2:01 pm // Reply

      Crosscop it is planned and deliberate. In Germany the state was buying up large old hotels and guesthouses for an expected influx of immigrants 5-6 years in advance of Merkel “mistakenly” opening the doors to Africa and the Middle-East. There was a new scheme asking for old bicycles before it happened sold on the basis it was a charity for homeless/unemployed to get some work experience doing them up. In fact they refurbished or bought hundreds of thousands of bikes ready for the planned influx. All the immigrants can get one for free along with everything else.
      Merkel, Schauble, Tusk, Blair et al have all received their Charlemagne Award plus a massive cash prize from the Koudenhove-Kalergi Organisation that exists to push mass immigration into Western Europe (since 1925). You should research this area closely. It is deliberate and please note Theresa May has immigration increase on her watch as Home Sec and has done nothing to stop it since being PM. Actions not words count here.

      • Mike G, I often wonder why there is no massive publicity with screaming scandal headlines in the papers about those recipients of the Charlemagne Award, revelations of what it’s for, the Organisation behind it and the white genocide aims of Koudenhove-Kalergi himself, a founding father of the EU. He was the half-Austrian, half-Japanese son of an Austrian aristocrat and had nothing but contempt for nations, nationality, borders, democracy, and the rights of ordinary people to live their own lives without interference from disgusting globalist manipulators such as himself.
        The man was a nightmare mishmash of Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mao, Pol Pot and Osama Bin Laden – so what the hell are these politicians doing receiving awards inspired by him, and why isn’t the MSM screaming blue murder over it?? I think we can guess …and that is yet another scandal.

  10. In the Koran the phrase “that which your right hand possess” is referring to slaves.
    In the Koran it is perfectly permissible for a Muslim man to have sex with his slaves, even if she is married it is not regarded as adultery.

    It accounts for Boko Haram capturing Christian girls. It accounts for ISIS capturing Yazidi and Christian girls and women for sex slaves.
    It accounts for the Muslim grooming gangs in the UK, who effectively own their victims using alcohol and drugs.
    It is curious that they think it acceptable to rape a drunk girl, but a Muslim checkout assistant cannot handle a bottle of wine.
    Many people disappear every year. How many are being imprisoned as sex slaves? The police should raid every Muslim property to check where these missing people have gone.

  11. Anne Marie, it is your honesty, sincerity and courage in confronting these unpleasant truths in our national interests publicly which frighten selectors to deselect you as a prospective MP; plus the fact that you do not impress as a sycophant they can exploit. KEEP IT UP!

    • Yes, I know; awaiting moderation for progression to disappearance!

      • I resent the constant harking about moderation, with the insinuation that we ‘disappear’ comments.
        There’s only a handful of duty editors who are also having to earn their living. They give up their time to make this place run. They are volunteers. They cannot be expected to sit at their PCs for 24/7 just to moderate the comment from some irate poster.
        This, your comment, was posted at 12.45 a.m. Do you seriously believe that UKIP Daily simply must have someone online all the time, just in case someone like you drops a comment post?
        Get real!

  12. GCE,

    Thank you for your post, all I can say is that we are trying to point out the obvious but some people refuse to see it. If they really want to see what we are talking about look up the violent rape and murder of Elin Krantz in Sweden.

    She was a beautiful young model who eschewed the benefits of multiculturism,
    but suffered a brutal death at the hands of one of the migrants she would have supported. You need to have a strong stomach to view the photos of how they found her and to be honest it made me feel sick to mine, but like the article points out I wonder if she was still feeling the same during the last fleeting moments, as she was having the life choked out of her?

    This unfortunately is the reality of importing people like this monster that committed this terrible crime, it is enough to make you weep but makes me incandescent with rage, and this has not even happened in my country yet.

  13. GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // May 17, 2017 at 8:10 pm // Reply
    Many thanks again to Anne Marie Waters,whom I have the greatest respect.
    Anne Marie who is always prepared to speak out about the greatest threat we face,
    today,and that is The Islamification of Britain.Anne Marie has great courage,and as we all know has been treated so very badly,she refuses to pander and appease Muslims,unlike others whom I could name,whom have become a hostage of the Islamist vote,who don’t even vote UKIP anyway,why has nothing been learnt since
    that dreadful pro Halal leaflet,and PN’s defeat at Stoke.
    Please see my first link,it was published here on October 13 2016 at 10:58 PM.
    My second comment,where I name:MAD COW MERKEL THE MOTHER OF ALL
    MIGRANTS,i thought was so appropriate,don’t you.
    My third and last link,I must thank Jack for writing,also many thanks to:
    DEE,DONALD DUCK and PANMELIA,you never fail to comment,you all really are an
    amazing and intelligent bunch,whom I have so much in common with.
    Thank you,Geoff.Elliott,UKIP RCT Branch Pontypridd.

    • Thanks Geoffrey, we know no one is more passionate than you are.

    • Thanks, Geoffrey, and don’t forget yourself as a committed protester against the islamisation of the UK that has been imposed on us by every government since the last war, ignoring our wishes and building up trouble for the future.
      Every voice raised in protest will eventually create a tipping point.

  14. Dee, I welcome anyone who wants to support our fight against islamisation of this country, but ask yourself who has the most to lose if the struggle fails? People of immigrant descent can return to their country of origin if the going gets tough, but these small islands are the only homeland we possess.
    So we either fight for it or abandon it and become rootless immigrants ourselves, encroaching on someone else’s territory. This whole migration business is like a lunatic game of musical chairs and we have to do everything, fight to the death if necessary, to make sure we’re not underdogs who lose the most precious thing in the world – our homeland.

    When push comes to shove, I reckon that it’ll be the true Brits only who will have to rely on themselves, just as we had to in the Battle of Britain and the Blitz.

    • Panmelia, it is my feeling that people who came here because they like the way we were, not the way we are going, will stay and fight for what they personally have built. What all these people urgently need, is a political voice! It’s the only reason I am still in UKIP, and why I am so concerned at the lack of leadership we have at the moment, and which must be addressed post GE, no matter what happens. Could I just point out that Dr Teck Khong is one of our best hopes as a UKIP MP.

      You can certainly expect white flight when British traitors who have amassed money for bringing our country down discover what they have turned our country into, if we lose.
      I agree that immigration is like a lunatic game of chairs, but people are waking up at last.
      Do people know that Tommy and Caolan were attacked last night by a Muslim gang who, after breaking their car windows chased them down the motorway and rammed their car until their own cars were so badly damaged they gave up. Tommy and Caolan are unhurt, but it was a near thing. They have the footage and will be putting it out on Rebel media. The police have taken statements, and have said they will look into it….
      Can I just plug these two dates for anyone who can go and support Tommy, Caolan, Tommy English Anne Marie and others
      March in Sunderland on 10th June, Justice for Chelsey
      March in Manchester on 11 th June Gays Against Sharia, organized by GAS led by Tommy English. We should support these guys with donations if we can’t march, the bigger and stronger the marches get, the more hope that we can beat this. It is especially heartening to see that the LGBT community have, some of them, finally woken up.

  15. There is one question I would like to ask Anne Marie which is ‘is this sort of abuse of grooming young white females unique to this country or is there evidence it is happening elsewhere as well?’ If the answer is there is no evidence of it happening elsewhere particularly in Europe where we here that cases of rape have gone through the roof, then why is that?

    • its endemic across europe Certainly in Germany – I discussed this with a lady in Berlin a few years ago.

  16. UKIP would be advised to steer itself well away from the sordid tales of the sweepings of bars & nightclubs as this would appear to be. It’s a matter for the individuals involved, the Police & Crown Prosecution Service, the Judiciary & the press to deal with (not a political party) which undoubtedly are more embraced of the facts than a group of religion baiters trying to whip up street mobs.

    • Ajax,

      I am afraid to say to you that you should be ashamed of yourself, you are an absolute disgrace, do us all a favour and please leave the party. Thank you.

      • @ DD
        You proposed it, I second the proposal.

        “Sweepings of bars and nightclubs”??! Who does Ajax think he is? Probably make a good sharia enforcer. Maybe he is one already.

    • We cannot abandon these people, Ajax.
      We just have to make sure we get our other concerns and policies, the real vote-winners, the airtime they deserve.

    • Disgusting comment.

  17. Remember the woman terrorist shot by police and who screamed “do not touch my body”, even though they were trying to help her?
    This is because of two reasons probably, the man may not touch the woman, but probably more so because the kuffir police etc are unaclean, as they are not muslim.

    Apart from antything else, I am fed up totally with these lousy hateful mongrels who are allowed to get away with so much. The police, social services, news media, politicians are scared of upsetting our Muslim communities for fear of being non PC. How much longer do we have to read of unlawful activities by Muslims referred to as Asians? This is defeatist totally. They should be called for what they are and represent, an ideology based on superior conquest by all and any means. Nuff said

    • Martin, if she’d blown her stupid self up, the unclean kuffir would have had to touch her body to pick bits of it up and deposit in a bin.

      Why do they elect to live among unclean kuffir instead of going to live in a muslim country where everyone’s as pure and islamic as it’s possible to be? We’re all completely fed up with them and their hateful (literally hateful) mad cult. I long to live to see the day when such zealots and their supporters have cleared off out of the UK for good.

  18. Thank you Anne Marie. Your moving article brings us back to the point of why we have a criminal justice system in the first place.

    What self-respecting father wouldn’t, when faced with such a situation, at the very least start to think about taking the law into his own hands? This looney left wing-nut, politically ‘correct’ kind of thinking that allows such an egregious injustice to pass is the beginning of a very steep slippery slope that has the potential to take us back to a barbarous time when life was brutish and short.

    A fair, competent criminal justice system is the very bedrock on which our modern halcyon civilisation stands.

    To stop this kind of nonsense we need an effective mechanism whereby victims of crime and their families are able to challenge decisions made by the Crown Prosecution Service. To be fair it needs to be available to all, not only to the rich or politically connected.

    An open goal for UKIP?

    • @ MK
      Your question about self-respecting fathers wanting to protect their daughters touches on another very sad aspect of the heinous crimes committed by the Pakistani rapist gangs polluting our country. Those fathers were emasculated by the law, their complaints being ignored and brushed aside. What man wouldn’t want to pummel the b******* who raped his daughter, but that’s illegal and the dad would end up in prison. If you are denied recourse to law and justice for years on end, what kind of guilt must these fathers and families have suffered, not being able to gain retribution, justice or protection for the girls? This situation is the great national scandal of our times and it needs a PUBLIC INQUIRY of the most rigorous kind. If one is going on, they are keeping it very quiet and we need something very LOUD, open and frank.

  19. Anne Marie, if they have found Rohypnol in her body and one testable semen sample, why isn’t that person under arrest and being questioned about the involvement of the others? Has the witness of her escape attempt been interviewed by the police? Why has the whole investigation of the case been botched and no justice done? I think we can guess.

    The statement of Northumbria Police is beyond belief, but it clearly reveals what their chief concern is: it’s not looking into the outrageous attack on a young, white, English woman in her own town in her own country by predatory men who should never have been allowed to set foot on our soil; nor is it protecting other young women by locking these men up and deporting them. No – their chief concern is to not to “undermine the very strong community-cohesion that currently exists across the force area”. In other words, “we don’t care what horrible sexual crimes against local girls and women take place as long as we can claim that there’s complete PC multicultural harmony on our patch, so we don’t want to disrupt that by arresting muslim sex fiends and have them accuse us of islamophobia”.

    The police want the public outrage, the petition, the march in Sunderland to be “seen for what it is”, ie: “let’s discredit it and hope it goes away”. We can clearly see the police muck-up for what IT is: a dereliction of duty so severe that heads must roll in the Sunderland cop-shop. It’s a waste of time presenting a petition to Vera Baird who is our former Labour MP, chucked out in 2010 because voters couldn’t stand her arrogance, aloofness and contempt for the locals for another minute. Better to go over her head to the Home Secretary. I have not seen any national TV coverage of this case so far (surprise?) but if it landed on the Home Secretary’s desk perhaps the meeja would overcome their multiculti delicacy and report yet another example of how muslim perverts behave toward white girls in our country and get away with it.

  20. SIZE 15CARBONFOOTPRINT // May 17, 2017 at 10:49 am // Reply

    Immigration, immigration, immigration ,UKIP must stop being shy of the main issue , that is the one that the entrenched left wing establishment fear the most , the usual screams of RACISTS ,FASCISTS , etc are starting to fall on deaf ears.
    If UKIP turn themselves into Labour by adopting their economic policies based on spite and envy then we might as well be Labour .

    • Where’s the logic, Size 15?
      Labour like immigration, we don’t. But millions of our potential supporters still like much of his economic and social mesdsage.
      Is UKIP really so dim and arrogant that we can’t draw the necessary conclusions?

    • Hear, hear s15CF. All immigration from muslim countries should be halted forthwith, along with migration from poor 3rd world countries that have no connections with the UK. But the idiots who rule us keep building the national funeral pyre.

  21. Well done, Anne Marie. We salute your bravery, and Chelsey’s.
    “Who can these people vote for?” and “UKIP would do well to step up to the plate”. Yes, but UKIP wil never be in a position to stop these outrages and all the other downsides of mass immigration unless and until we begin to harness the power of the working class in a great patriotic alliance in a new vision of national solidarity.
    Too many of us haven’t yet accepted that working people will not vote for what are essentially Tory economic policies which further entrench wealth and privilege.
    UKIP needs to be a lot cleverer and do some re-thinking.
    For anyone interested in how we could become a relevant force, see my articles on UKIP Daily.

    • You keep saying working people will not vote for Tory economic policies. Well, you’ll remember, as it wasn’t that far back, that that they did in Copeland and let’s wait and see how other working communities vote on 8th June.

      Not long now for your predictions to be proved right or wrong.

      • Thomas
        They were mostly voting for Brexit, against Corbyn’s loony hostility to their nuclear industry, and for the Tories because we weren’t offering a viable alternative on the domestic front sufficient to distinguish ourselves from either Labour or the Tories.

        Yes, and I’ll keep saying it because someone has to keep telling UKIP there is a better way to get the public behind us – and it’s not through Tory-like policies.

      • PS
        What predictions?
        Can’t read much into the Labour vote – millions of patriotic Labour voters torn over immigration will nevertheless stick with Labour because of their economic programme.
        Votes we could be taking.

        • Is saying working people will not vote for Tory economic policies not a prediction?

          Copeland, apparently, was a one-off but, if you are correct, no other working community will vote Tory. So, we’ll find out in three weeks.

          As for whether your policies should be adopted, surely a political party should stick to the principles it believes in, not change them because it thinks it may get them more votes?

          You will know, from previous comments you have had on this forum, that your policies are not ones that most members (or at least the members that post on here) would be happy with. They would not want those policies whatever party was proposing them, so why should they want them for UKIP?

          Of course, I fully accept that the posters on here may only represent a tiny minority of the membership as a whole and that your proposals could well meet with the approval of the wider membership. Whenever (or, if ever) UKIP gets around to Direct Democracy this can be put to the test and then members can then either go along with what has been decided or leave the Party.

          • It’s as near a fact as makes no difference.
            Some Labour seats will clearly go Tory, but because of Brexit, not Tory economic policies (tho Mrs May’s soothing noises on some worker-friendly aspects will help them, no doubt).
            You ignore the fact that Farage himself changed the Party from its 1993 beginnings. All parties have to evolve to survive – and if we don’t start doing something different pretty soon we will disappear. Your more-of-the-same has no chance – where is the mass support that we need going to come from?
            I am offering an alternative view of both pragmatism and principle. The Party is not all Tory-minded, and I will continue to argue the case.

            What’s more important to you, Thomas – stopping immigration, or Nigel Farage’s Thatcherite economics? Because you can’t have both.
            That is the choice.

          • Thinnish FreeThinker // May 20, 2017 at 10:46 pm //

            Quercus is just a Labour mole. Ignore him.

  22. Colonies Cross // May 17, 2017 at 10:15 am // Reply

    What an excellent article Anne Marie, but can I pick you up on one thing?
    It isn’t just the white working class that is being trampled on, it’s the indigenous British culture, I have never forgotten or decried my roots but I have moved on from them and done quite well for myself. Although far from wealthy I am comfortable, I am also lucky to now live an “unenriched” part of the UK, but we know what is coming if someone doesn’t get a grip. The struggle is all around us, not just in the towns and cities but in rural areas as well. This is not criticism, I greatly admire you and your work. I fully support your efforts on behalf of the British people, many of whom feel just as I do.
    Keep up the good work.

    • I agree, despite what the “liberal” establishment claim, this is not an issue of race. It is a problem of two conflicting cultures. Multiculturalism, like many words used by the “liberal” left, is nothing of the sort. It is, in fact, nothing more than state sponsored apartheid – the state encourages those with different, conflicting values not to integrate with the majority culture, but to exist in separate “communities”.

      In other words, in any given area, what we have is monoculturalism – you have areas of one culture right along side areas of a different, conflicting, culture. In the UK this manifests itself as Western/British culture with isolated pockets of regressive Islamic culture, but it’s the same story across the West. It’s worth noting that just as Islam is not a race, those who are culturally western and British in their values and beliefs are not necessarily white British. At the risk of sounding happy clappy, it’s about your culture, beliefs and values, not your nationality or race.

      • @ GC
        Not an issue of race? Is it just a coincidence then, that all these muslim paedophiles, rapists, perverts and sex fiends pick on WHITE girls, the younger, the more vulnerable the better? Have you heard of any cases where they have ravaged and despoiled their own girls in their own communities? No, because they know what punishment would be in store for them if they touched any girl under the protection of her father, uncles, brothers etc, and it would have nothing to do with sitting having a chat with officers in an interview room.

        Islam isn’t a race but that doesn’t mean its adherents aren’t racist. The men are already brought up to believe that they are superior because they are muslims, superior because they are men, superior to the white race because most of them are kuffir – despised non-believers. In their own sexually-repressed culture with its grossly misogynistic attitudes, why not ‘seize by your right hand’ all the sexual slaves you can by any means (as the koran advises)? What better victims than white (inferior) British (inferior) kuffir (inferior) girls (inferior) and of course we can always pull the ‘scream islamophobia!’ trick if anyone objects.

        I’m afraid that you do sound happy-clappy because you try to ignore the fact that nationality is the bedrock of culture, beliefs and values for the MAJORITY of people in any country. That’s why it’s better on the whole for people to stay in their own country instead of going to a place where the culture, values etc are diametrically opposed to their own. Either they’ll be outsiders but quiet; or they’ll be outsiders, resentful, and decide to change the country to suit themselves, which is what muslims are already programmed by their religion to do.
        Uncontrolled, indiscriminate immigration has been and continues to be an unmitigated disaster for our country and we know who the culprits are that allowed it and go on defending it. A plague on all their houses!

        • It’s not about race. It’s about a so-called religion and the culture and beliefs of its adherents. Yes, they only attack white girls, but they are not attacking the girls because they are white, they are attacking them because they are not Muslim. They are attacking them because, in their warped minds, they believe the girls are fair game because they are not modestly attired. In the U.K. it just so happens that non-Muslims are predominantly white. This is a coincidence. In other countries, Muslims are raping and murdering other races, because they are non-Muslim.

          It’s a minor point in the scheme of things, but I think it’s important not to conflate Muslim with one race and non-Muslim with another race. To do so enables the usual suspects to scream “racist!” whenever anyone criticises Islam.

          • Gary, I absolutely agree that to my mind,this is about a particular culture that seeks to inflict itself, without hinderance, onto any girls, whatever their ethnicity, that, according to the teachings in the Koran are this culture’s right to take and enslave because of the way the girls behave, i.e. in the Western way not the Islamic way.
            They don’t only attack white girls.

          • GC, I NEVER conflate islam with race, quite the contrary, having pointed out that islam is not a race time and time again on ukip daily (again today on the ‘Battling with the Burkha’ page); therefore no one who criticises islam can or should be accused of racism.
            I’m saying that islam is intrinsically racist because, not only does it preach hatred of Jewish people, who consider themselves a race; but also Pakistani muslim rapist perverts are racist because they victimise white girls, not Afro-Caribbean girls, nor girls of their own race. They hate the white British they live among and, being criminals, pick on their white kuffir girl children (triple-despised) to use as sex slaves, despoil and traumatise.
            You may say that is only my opinion, but it’s every bit as valid as yours and has much evidence to support it besides.

        • Panmelia, I could be wrong because I haven’t researched this in detail, but I am fairly sure that the Sikh community had trouble with their young girls also being groomed, raped and trafficked. The difference, I think, is that Sikhs set up their own information for their girls, and also stood together against what was happening, obviously more effective than British parents, who relied, erroneously, on British Law Officers.
          I do hope we don’t now get a tedious essay from Ajax – but I’m taking the risk!

      • I so agree, Gary, with that particular comment. ‘those who are culturally Western and British in their values are not necessarily white British’.
        I have absolutely no ‘white guilt’- it is not why I think all skin colors are welcome as long as they subscribe to British values and believe in Britain. People may have other belief systems, and as long as they don’t seek to impose them on others there isn’t, to my mind any problem at all. In fact, all those who join us indigenous Brits in the fight against the Islamisation of our lovely country are most welcome.
        The fact that ‘white British’ are eventually going to be a minority is just that, a fact. What do those who are so exercised about this want to do? We cannot, I’m afraid, turn the clock back, it is not ‘happy clappy’ to recognise,that, Gary, you should give no apology for recognizing that fact.

        It is far more worrying that some think that only ‘white British’ will have a problem with Islamisation. We should join the fight together, all who want to retain the British values that make it possible for us all to live together. Only under Islam are no other cultures permitted. Unfortunately our ‘tolerance’ is now being used against us by the one culture that brooks no opposition to its outdated laws and practices.

        Immigration must be stopped simply because we cannot cope or afford it, and because we need to start looking after our own, whoever they are. Immigration must also be stopped in order for us to address and deal with the fact that many Muslims have not been willing to integrate and have chosen to separate themselves both from our law and our British values, and have been allowed to do so in the mistaken belief that their choice too is multi- Cultural, when in fact it is monocultural.

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